AST 2319 - Peaceful and Prosperous Times, Shen Huang

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2319 - Peaceful and Prosperous Times, Shen Huang

Beihuang Fan was in the prime of her youth, with her beauty and body already matured. Her skin was bouncy and exquisite... smooth and tender... and it exuded a natural fragrance. This was the greatest scent in the world.

Although she was still a virgin, she was older than Qing Shui. Her experience in life, her disposition, and her figure... all of them were extremely beautiful. She had what young inexperienced ladies had, but also had what matured ladies had as well.

Even though Qing Shui was used to seeing beautiful ladies, he could not help but have a strong sense of yearning, especially in this situation where his blood was boiling. He pressed his body down heavily and once again enjoyed the ecstatical kiss that inebriated him.


This time around, the feeling that Beihuang Fan felt was more intense than earlier, several times so. This was because she was completely naked at the moment and that ecstatical feeling made her body feel increasingly heated up. A hint of hesitation could be seen on her face, resisting a bit. After all, she was still a virgin.

Qing Shui once again sucked on the pearls at the tip of her peaks, causing Beihuang Fan to shiver non-stop. She felt as though her soul was going to fly away. This impact made her feel like a small boat in the middle of the ocean, bobbing up and down rhythmically. After all, earlier on, it was through clothes. But now, it was done directly.

Beihuang Fan felt both embarrassed and overwhelmed by the impact at the same time. She cursed inwardly, wondering why this rascal seemed to be so obsessed by her nipples. She then thought back on how this guy had grabbed her ‘there’ on their first encounter. He seemed to be fixated on that spot as well...

That place was a woman's sensitive spot to begin with, and many women were very sensitive there. Beihuang Fan was no exception. Biologically, she was already mature and also had desires. Moreover, Qing Shui had already lit up a fire in her with his hands. She wasn't a little girl who didn't know anything. At this moment, she also embraced Qing Shui instinctively.

She slowly started to stick out her plentiful peaks and responded to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was very agitated right now. It was extremely hot for a goddess-like woman like her to do such actions, then Qing Shui answered with his hands going wild around her peaks and valleys.

Unknowingly, Qing Shui's clothes had also disappeared. On the peak of their surging desires, he then found his way to her moist flowerpath, completely entering without being too domineering. It was tight and smooth; that overwhelming feeling made Qing Shui's soul want to leave his body.

"Ahh~ Mmmm~"

Qing Shui felt that he had pierced through her ‘barrier’ and stopped his thrust on her sweet spot. While staying inside her, he kissed Beihuang Fan incessantly, his hands gently stroking her voluptuous body. This little pain was actually nothing for such a strong woman. It only made her frown a little. After all, every cultivator had been through a lot of pain and this little pain was something that even ordinary people could stand, let along powerful cultivators.

When the time came, Qing Shui started to stir the blossom slowly and rhythmically. Beihuang Fan gradually started to let out bewitching moans. Her moans kept on stimulating Qing Shui. Knowing that Beihuang Fan had gotten used to it, Qing Shui took her to the next level—wilder than a raging fire! Miss Fan grabbed onto Qing Shui like never before, wrapping her limbs tight around this ‘beastman’.

Although this was their first, Beihuang Fan had experienced ecstasy before. Only this time around, the feeling was even more intense since it was the real deal. Right now, she was experiencing a great spiritual and physical clash, as well as the joy of becoming a woman.

"Mmmmm~ Qing Shui!"

Beihuang Fan felt that she was soaring higher and higher as if she were in the midst of raging waves. This was only her first lovemaking but she already felt as if she had been brought to the nine heavens.

"Be good, call your husband!"

Beihuang Fan knew what husband[1] meant. She had called him this in the past as well.

"Husband!" Beihuang Fan's cry was very alluring, agitating Qing Shui to no end. His manhood turned as solid as diamond.

This feeling of exhilaration gushed forth like raging torrents, letting her put down many of the reservations she usually held. Her heart and soul were entangled with Qing Shui, tightly knitted together.

"Husband, this feels amazing!"

"Mmmm, I'm really going to die!"

Beihuang Fan's subconscious cries made Qing Shui feel an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. Beihuang Fan had always been a woman with a unique personality. However, he hadn't expected that a goddess would also have such a charming and alluring side to her. 

Having past the almighty storm, she arrived on cloud nine. It was a satisfaction that couldn't be described by words. She knew there was no way that she could leave this man anymore.

After an unknown period of time, the goddess fell completely limp, laying in Qing Shui's embrace. The flush on her face hadn't receded, and her eyes were filled with an alluring charm. Her beautiful body was glowing with satisfaction. At the thought of what she had mumbled subconsciously earlier, she felt really embarrassed.

When Qing Shui saw this feminine side to her, he felt an indescribable sense of accomplishment. She laid on Qing Shui, her snow-white peaks landing right where Qing Shui's chin was at. Her twin peaks emitted a wonderful fragrance, causing Qing Shui to gnaw on them greedily...

The ecstatical battle from earlier gave both of them a tremendous sense of satisfaction. This was especially so for Beihuang Fan who had ust experienced an unprecedented level of satisfaction. She finally released what had been accumulated in her for several decades.

Neither of them spoke and both of them silently enjoyed the lingering glow after having reached the climax. They had been satisfied spiritually, and even their strength had increased by a huge margin.

Beihuang Fan didn't ask. She hadn't expected the rubbish book that Qing Shui had shown her previously—which the images were still clear in her mind—to be real. She hadn't expected that after becoming his, her strength had increased explosively by about 40%. This was unbelievable.

Beihuang Fan's strength now reached close to 11 trillion Dao Force. This wasn't just it. Her essence, Qi, and spirit seemed to have gone through a change, as if her body had been optimized.

In the end, Beihuang Fan chased Qing Shui away when she was feeling sleepy. Although she didn't say it clearly, her intentions were clear. He should head to Shen Huang's place now.

Qing Shui really wanted to give her a complete night, but Beihuang Fan said, "Fan`er understands. Alright, go look for sister Huang now. Be good!"

Qing Shui looked at this woman who was smiling beautifully. He kissed her for a while before he left.

Shen Huang hadn't slept. The two ladies' room were next to each other and it was hard for Shen Huang not to hear everything. After all, the sounds that the two of them made weren't soft.

The moment Qing Shui entered Shen Huang's blankets, a heated body went into his arms. This left him stunned. He hadn't expected this Young Miss to be so agitated as well.

Qing Shui masterfully removed her clothes. Seeing her beautiful body that didn't lose out to Beihuang Fan's in the least, it made Qing Shui turn into a wolf again; luckily, his Nine Yang Golden Body could give him support in this regard. Shen Huang, whose clothes had been removed, laid facing down, feeling embarrassed. She buried her face into the bedsheets.

She had a fair and beautiful skin. With her beautiful back and slender waist, it contrasted with the beautiful curves leading to her well-rounded butt. The fragrance she emitted made Qing Shui unable to hold himself back as he kissed her round butt.

Shen Huang's body stiffened and she turned to embrace Qing Shui. Very soon, alluring voices continued to ring out until dawn broke. Wearing a satisfied expression, Beihuang Fan fell asleep.

[1] Referring to the modern way of calling husband (Lau Gong).

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