AST 2324 Return of the Divine Rain Sect

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2324 – Return of the Divine Rain Sect

Qing Shui didn’t take the risk of letting them go and directly annihilated the two Demon King Inheritors.

After looting the place, he left. The place looked untouched as though nothing had happened. But all of a sudden, a great fire had taken over and burned the place clean.

The weather was great with a clear, cloudless sky. There was a hint of freshness in the atmosphere. Qing Shui took in a few satisfied breaths and proceeded back to the Chi Clan with the Massacre Battle God, the Violet Battle God, and the Speed Battle God in tow.

The three of them were stunned when they saw the Mighty Strength Battle God, the Mighty Spear Battle God, the Golden Roc Battle God, and the others. Thereafter, glee filled them as they exchanged greetings. All of them were in disbelief when they found out that the scrawny man was a Massacre Battle God.

No matter how strong he was, they hadn’t expected a Massacre Battle God to take on such an appearance.

“He may be weak now, but his seal has yet to be undone. Once that happens, his strength would increase explosively, as will his physique,” Qing Shui could decipher the thoughts in their minds and decided to explain.

“Oh, so that’s the case. You said his physique would change too? Will it be a huge difference from his current self?” Hao Tian asked, intrigued by the information.

“It won’t be much. For example, his height may not change and neither would the length of his limbs. However, he wouldn’t be this skinny. You’ll know when you see it.” With a smile, Qing Shui held out the Golden Needles.

“I’ll lift the seal on you. Let’s have a celebratory meal after that to congratulate you on joining the Divine Palace,” Qing Shui said to the Massacre Battle God.

The process wasn’t quick by any means but it wasn’t slow either. It took less than two hours. In that time, Qing Shui went through a complex procedure of pressurizing the seal until it was finally dispelled.

The Massacre Battle God felt something akin to a gust of wind flowing through his body, as well as a surge of energy filling him up as it went. Muscles began to form where his skin wrapped around his bones. It was as though his skin and flesh had been regenerated. The sight was shocking.

In about ten minutes, the bamboo-thin, scrawny man from before was now toned and muscular. His appearance changed as well; he became much taller than before. With his muscles, he was no longer skinny, his muscles made him look slender instead.

Especially his pair of arms; they seemed to be as long as his legs.

“Your strength should have more than doubled now. However, that’s not your greatest potential yet. To reach your maximum potential, I estimate you’ll need another month or so,” Qing Shui informed the Massacre Battle God.

“Hm. I can feel it too. I will save the courteous words, but I’ll remember it in my heart,” Massacre Battle God replied sincerely.

In all honesty, the others wanted to give the Massacre Battle God a little pinch and touch as well. After all, he seemed to have completely transformed into another person. Even the Violet Battle God and the Speed Battle God were curious.

Thereafter, Qing Shui assisted the Speed Battle God in luring out his hidden capabilities. There were also some restrictions within the body of unique inheritors; this was a type of balance. Many would be able to unravel them by themselves while others required external help. While they weren’t difficult, they had to find a strong warrior to do so, or they might never be able to unravel them in their lifetime.

The assistance towards the Speed Battle God was done in a shorter time, about fifteen minutes. The Speed Battle God could feel his speed increasing immensely and held much gratitude towards Qing Shui’s abilities in his heart.

Following that, they introduced the people present. Most of them were from the Divine Palace, as well as people from the Chi Clan, including the Chi Yang couple and others.

Fragrant wine, a scrumptious meal, and the company of brothers—all of them stayed until late at night before dispersing.

Qing Shui returned to the small courtyard with the two women. As though he had been devouring without being able to taste, Qing Shui headed to their rooms. Only Qing Shui would know how delicious it was; the moment it had happened for the first time, subsequent times were much easier to come by. The two women could feel it too as they welcomed Qing Shui’s assault with delicate moans.

Like the fluff of clouds soaring upon great waves, the feeling of undulation captivated them.

Qing Shui was like a ferocious beast, assaulting the beautiful existence beneath him tirelessly. He immersed in the feeling and forgot about everything else. His eyes locked onto their gorgeous expressions; they were filled with the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment.

The charming sounds floated from those sensual lips. Their blurry eyes were tinted with shyness and glee. Qing Shui was unable to restrain himself as a hand hugged her neck and another palmed against her perky butt.

Qing Shui held Shen Huang in his embrace as she suspended in midair in a reclined position. Her arms were tangled around his neck.


There were no movements in the next few days. Qing Shui wasn’t flustered either. He had the strength and peace of mind; he wasn’t worried about their return but he knew that someone would definitely come. After all, an elder from the Divine Rain Sect had been killed. Someone should be paying them a visit soon.

On the third day, they were visited by two people wearing violet gold, the cloudrain attire. There was a layer of a hazy shadow on them. As they approached, a vague pressure seemed to shroud the area.

They looked like middle-aged men, elegant and noble-like when they approached the entrance to the Qing Clan as though they were royalty by birth.

They had a great aura, and many were subconsciously attracted by it. The two of them were like miniature suns.

Qing Shui and the others had realized this as well. In fact, they had been paying attention to it all this time. Hence, they headed towards the entrance as well. Though there were formations in place, they weren’t activated.

Qing Shui sized up the two men across him. He could see them clearly, unlike the others who would see them as a blur. They looked like middle-aged men, but Qing Shui could tell that they were old, much older than their appearances seemed to indicate.

“You are the one who killed Elder Ye!” one of the men said with a smile.

“I would like to know the purpose of your visit. If you’re here to seek a fight, then let’s not waste our breath and proceed on with it,” Qing Shui replied with a smile of his own.

“Young lad, don’t be so hot-tempered. Perhaps Elder Ye and the others were wrong. We are here to discuss the matter; I wonder what do you think about it?” The man seemed calm and didn’t seem to bother about the Divine Rain Sect’s reputation.

Qing Shui broke into a smile after a moment’s surprise. “Please, come in.”

“What a decent formation!” The man on the right complimented.

“Brother Ye Lu, you’re a master of formations. What do you think of it?” The man on the left continued the conversation.

“The formation itself is superior, but they must have complemented it with treasures. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this powerful,” The man known as Ye Lu laughed.

Qing Shui was inwardly startled by this. The man was exceptionally sensitive to formations. This was a crucial prerequisite to being a formation master.

Chi Yang and his wife, as well as the others didn’t know how to greet the two men from the Divine Rain Sect and looked blankly.

“Greetings, clan head of the Chi Clan. With such a friend, I’m sure your Chi Clan is destined for success,” The man on the left smiled at the couple as he greeted.

“Greetings. Thank you for your auspicious words.” Chi Yang was inwardly surprised as well.

Qing Shui headed into the living room with the married couple and their two guests, while the others stayed outside.

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