AST 2345 - Fifth Young Master of Bailan City

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2345 - Fifth Young Master of Bailan City 

This Divine Weapon Stone was very big and most importantly, the quality was good. It was natural that Qing Shui wanted it too. In just a while, the price became 12 million.

“13 million!” Fifth Young Master spoke again this time.

Nobody said a word this time. While the Divine Weapon Stone was nice, the failure rate was too high. Once failed, the weapon or armor would be lost. A bad item needed not to be upgraded and a good item one could not bear to lose.

The Divine Weapon Stone was of little value but with a high failure rate. There were still some items that could increase the success rate. Once succeeding, it could bring the weapon or armor to another level. That one level was very crucial.

Hence, some people would fight for it. There were many who could afford it, but many of them stopped offering when the Fifth Young Master spoke again. Now that many were aware that the Fifth Young Master was annoyed, they reckoned they would be hated by the Fifth Young Master if he lost in the bidding again.

The Fifth Young Master of the Dukes which belonged the largest force in Bailan City. Hence, many people gave up since there was no need to offend him just for a Divine Weapon Stone.

“13 million once, 13 million twice, 13 million……”

“20 million!” At that time, Qing Shui spoke again, helplessly.

This time, a lot of the audience appeared interested. It was fair to have an unbiased competition here. One should not oppress others with his identity. Otherwise, how could the auction go on? No one would bring his items for auction here again if it were so. It would be better to just sell it with the starting price.

Usually, when a big shot wanted something, they would come to the auction. Many people were wary of their identities, but they would offer reasonable prices directly. Hence, the rest would not continue bidding and the seller would not suffer any loss. That showed the manner of the big shot as well.

Hearing Qing Shui speak, people felt that he was here to disgrace the Fifth Young Master. The first time could be a coincidence, but this time, Qing Shui remained silent initially. Later on, nobody else was competing but he spoke out. Besides, he gave a big sum of money that had surpassed the Fifth Young Master’s offer greatly.

The Fifth Young Master was in deep grief. Did he lack any money? Uncontrollable anger arose as he redirected his evil eyes towards Qing Shui. The Fifth Young Master was the popular man in Bailan City. It was unknown why he did not head to the room but occupied a small piece of land to show his precious status.

At that moment, many people noticed his angry face which was disfigured. This was a shameful moment. He had never been humiliated like this before.

“20 million once, 20 million twice, 20 million……”

“40 million!” The Fifth Young Master said just before the bid ended.

This time, everyone could see that the Fifth Young Master wanted to fight for his dignity. In fact, he thought the price would not exceed 20 million. Now, he couldn't care less. He would be depressed if he did not win against this man.

Qing Shui frowned. It was upsetting to meet a situation like this. The Fifth Young Master was probably insane. Even if Qing Shui increased the price by another 20 million, the opponent probably would still not give up easily. It was pointless then.

Still, Qing Shui wanted this Divine Weapon Stone a lot. Though he was unsure of the number of Divine Weapon Crystals he could use, around 200 of them should be fine judging from its size.

However, since he met someone crazy, Qing Shui definitely did not want to follow the insanity. He remained quiet upon hearing the Fifth Young Master.

“40 million once, 40 million twice, 40 million thrice! Congratulations to this gentleman for winning the Divine Weapon Stone.”

The Fifth Young Master obtained the Divine Weapon Stone but he could not sense the slightest joy. He kept feeling uneasy. It was as if he had swallowed a frog. He kept silent with a cold face.

The next item was revealed. It was something even more depressing to the Fifth Young Master. This was another Divine Weapon Stone and it was one and a half times bigger than the previous one…

“This is a larger Divine Weapon Stone than the previous one, starting at 10 million, each increment should not be less than 1 million. The bid begins now!” The old auctioneer said.

“11 million!” Qing Shui said softly.

Many people backed off as Qing Shui spoke. This man had competed with the Fifth Young Master. Still, there were people who went for it.

“15 million!”

The previous one was about 15 million at its normal price then this one should be around 30 million at its normal price.

The previous one was sold at 40 million to the Fifth Young Master. In that case, this one would probably be around 70 million. Of course, the previous one was a special case, not meant to be used for a rough price estimation.

“30 million!” Qing Shui said once again.

“40 million!” The Fifth Young Master said at the moment.

“50 million! If someone offers a higher price, I will concede.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

However, nobody said a single word. The Fifth Young Master did not want it even for 40 million. He only wanted to annoy Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not care about the price. He could sell some Constitution Nurturing pills in the worst scenario. Hence, 50 million was not considered expensive.

There were a few good items next, two of them were weapons with the price of more than 100 million. There were many wealthy men in this Bailan City apparently. Still, the price was worth paying for. It could increase a lot of battle strength after getting the items.

The Divine Weapon Stone that Qing Shui got could use 300 Divine Weapon Crystals, it was good. However, he had no Divine Square Cauldron so he could not upgrade the realm of Divine Weapon Flying Sword at present.

Qing Shui stopped getting other items after that and the auction soon was finished. After checking out, he left the auction house and headed to the nearby resthouse. He was going to stay overnight here. Perhaps he would stay in this Bailan City for several days.

Before Qing Shui reached the resthouse, he was stopped by a few men.

“Brother, you're not bad. Nobody has ever bullied me, Lan Xi, like this. Why did you go against me?”

The one who stopped Qing Shui was the Fifth Young Master, who was staring daggers at Qing Shui now. Qing Shui thought the Fifth Young Master was good-looking and bright when they first met. Although he looked slightly lusty, it stopped right there and Qing Shui did not feel bad about him. Yet, now that Qing Shui took a good look at his eyes, Qing Shui realized that he was too narrow-minded and could not go far.

“The auction house did the auction fair and square. If the others are forbidden to bid once somebody asks for it, what is the meaning of an auction? Besides, why would I go against you? Who are you anyway? I don't even know you.” Qing Shui asked in return.

Qing Shui's statement was obvious, implying that the Fifth Young Master was nothing and Qing Shui had no reason to fight with him. Qing Shui did not say it clearly but that was what he implied.

The Fifth Young Master’s eyes became more gruesome, “Nobody has ever been so gullible in Bailan City.”

Qing Shui smirked, “There will be people like you everywhere. Well of course, life will be tasteless without people like you. You're descendants of the Duke, right?”

The Fifth Young Master was about to get angry, but he said, “Yes. Why, are you afraid? It's too late now!”

“Hah, so sad. If there's no Dukedom, what would you be in Bailan City? Have you thought about it?” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“This is none of your business and your assumption is nonsense. Luck is also a strength. It is my strength to be born as a descendant of the Duke. Haven't you heard that some people are born to own more than what a lot of men struggle their entire lives to get? It is useless to envy or get jealous.” The Fifth Young Master added in disdain.

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