AST 2352 - Curing Poisoning, This Woman Can Apparently Blush.

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2352 - Curing Poisoning, This Woman Can Apparently Blush.

Nalan Qing didn’t know why she had complete faith in Qing Shui, but after her father agreed, she felt extremely happy. She looked over at Qing Shui, signaling that he could start the procedure to treat the poisoning.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and walked over, “The Divinity Scattering Powder works as its name suggests. Even a divine individual could be reduced to a commoner. The powder is not fatal, but it will cause a decline in one’s power. The most severe case is when bones start to scatter and you just become a cripple.”

“Young man, you had already said that this poison has no cure. How would you be able to treat me?” The Water Emperor smiled.

Qing Shui admired the Water Emperor’s calm demeanor. If it were other people that realized they were poisoned by the Divinity Scattering Powder, it would be impossible to remain this calm. Death itself was not as fearsome as waiting for it.

For warriors, becoming a good-for-nothing waste was a fate worse than death.

“The Water Emperor’s breadth of mind is very wide. Your calmness in this situation already shows that you’re transcendent,” Qing Shui sincerely said.

“I am not free and unrestrained. I am just accepting fate. If recovery is impossible then I can only accept this. It is useless to live in fear. Won’t it be better to spend the remaining days wisely?” The Water Emperor smiled warmly.

“I understand your point, but few can accomplish this.” Qing Shui had already started to feel his pulse.

The Water Emperor’s poisoning was serious and his strength had been slashed down to 3 trillion Daos, a testament of his already powerful strength.

The Sky-Obstructing Crow had once said that he could enter the fourth Domain. Yet, it would be a fruitless endeavor. At the peak of the emperor’s power, his strength had exceeded 4 trillion Daos.

“The Water Emperor is really strong. It’s no wonder that they would team up to overthrow you. At your prime, you would have crushed them,” Qing Shui said, astonished. 

“You can see my strength?” The Water Emperor was stunned. 

“Your current strength is around 3 trillion Daos. I don’t know if it’s because of your skills or other treasures, but your body can delay the process of decay.” Qing Shui retracted his hand. 

“It seems like I really underestimated you,” The Water Emperor said in shock. 

“I don’t know where your strength stands in the Demon King Domain. Is it convenient for you to tell me?” Qing Shui curiously questioned. 

“There is no point in hiding this. The strongest has around 4.5 trillion Daos of strength, apart from some Guardian Beasts.” 

It was more or less what Qing Shui had guessed. He assumed that there weren’t any surpassing 5 trillion Daos. He could crush the entire domain with the Divine Battle Puppet and probably even deal with the Guardian Beasts with the help of some supplementary techniques.

“I know that you don’t fully trust me as of now. If required to gain your trust, we can have a battle. I can easily and quickly defeat you. This should prove to you how I can know that you were poisoned,” Qing Shui grinned and said. 

Upon hearing what Qing Shui said, the Water Emperor could feel Qing Shui’s sincerity. Even though his strength was diminishing, his vision and wisdom were still there. Originally, he had felt Qing Shui’s strength, but it quickly became indiscernible.

Such a situation showed that the strength displayed previously was fake. The youth was already a genius with such strength, and for it to be faked proved that this man was simply a devilish genius.

“That is not necessary. I trust you.” The Water Emperor continued.

Qing Shui did not insist on it. He had never cured anyone with Divinity Scattering Powder poisoning before, but he had experience on curing poisoning of the Black Ice Divine Worm. As such, he already had a breakthrough in nullifying poisons. The inconvenience of doing so to those infected by Divine Scattering Powder was that the medicine was required to be injected into every part of the body.

But to Qing Shui, all these weren’t too big of a problem.

Sealing his veins with a golden needle, he gave the emperor a Bone Cleansing Pill and an Impurities Washing Pill, which cleaned up all the excess impurities and toxins.

Following that, the golden needle was used to clean his blood. 

This process looked simple, but other than this, Qing Shui really couldn’t do much, especially because every part of the body had to go through the treatment. Otherwise, all efforts would be wasted. Additionally, the treatment had to be done inside out to expel everything while sealing the bits that couldn’t be expelled.

Time passed slowly as the Water Emperor turned a shade of grey. The poison in his body had risen to the surface of his skin. Tiny drops of perspiration had already dotted Qing Shui’s face. Nalan Qing naturally took out her handkerchief and wiped his sweat off. 

Though this action seemed natural, Qing Shui was touched by her warmth, especially when her warm little hand touched his face. A wave of indescribable emotions rushed through Qing Shui’s heart. Nalan Qing herself was taken aback by her own gesture as a new feeling rose up in her.

Grey droplets were removed drop by drop using the golden needle. Things like these hardly had any smell. With every drop of grey substance removed, the Water Emperor’s skin color returned to normal. At the same time, his strength was also being slowly restored. 

A whole half hour later, Qing Shui didn’t speak after storing the needles. The Water Emperor could tell that he had fully recovered, but still couldn’t accept it. He had never even hoped to be cured, and yet here he was, perfectly healthy.

Nalan Qing handed a cup of water to Qing Shui, saying, “Drink up!”

Qing Shui took the cup in his hands and laughed. This woman did not ask her father how he was doing first, but instead, poured water for him. Such an action expressed that she was concerned about him; she would not directly ask him how he was feeling. 

Then she looked at the Water Emperor to ask, “Father, how are you feeling?”

“I can’t believe it, but I’m perfectly fine. You have to take your chance with this sort of genius.” the Water Emperor looked a lot more relaxed. Seeing her hand him a cup of water, he understood his daughter best. Though it was related to curing him, such initiative was not easy for her, as he missed out on seeing her wipe his sweat.

What was more surprising was that he knew that they lived together. Of course, he also knew that Qing Shui and his daughter lived in separate rooms, but living together already meant a lot of things.

“Dad, what rubbish are you spouting? You seem fine now. Thank you, Qing Shui!” Nalan Qing said happily, looking at Qing Shui’s direction.

The Water Emperor had a wave of warmth in his heart. It was not that he didn’t love her previously; because of his body condition, he couldn’t do much. It was also for her safety. Now that everything is fine, he, as a father, could finally heave a sigh of relief. The hardships that he kept repressed these few years were indescribable.

“Water Emperor, I don’t know who else has been poisoned. I can only treat three people a day,” Qing Shui said after thinking for a bit.

“Qing Shui, you must be tired today. Wait till you are fully rested,” Nalan Qing lightly suggested. 

“My daughter is right,” the Water Emperor smiled. 

Nalan Qing’s face reddened a bit, this was her first brush with vulnerability around Qing Shui. There was the matter of her father, and also some inexplicable feeling.

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