AST 2367 - A Heaven Healing Stone

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2367 - A Heaven Healing Stone

“Oh, what’s that?” Qing Shui saw an interesting item in one of the caverns that had already been searched.

The most important thing about this stone cave was that it had already been searched by the people from Demon Gate. A bright smile appeared on Qing Shui’s face as he laughed and told Hao Tian and the rest, “Come! Let's go in and take a look. Maybe some people’s eyesight just isn’t good.” 

Qing Shui entered it and he immediately noticed the thing which was right under the wall. Many people would actually break some walls of the caverns, but they wouldn’t waste their time breaking all the walls if they couldn’t sense any aura. There was just no chance for a treasure to appear. 

But Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision was exceptional. Although he saw that there was something below the wall, it didn’t exude an aura. Treasures would normally have a unique aura, like how most natural treasures had a natural air about them.


Qing Shui punched a hole in the wall and slowly removed some of the broken stone. A stone trough could be seen. The trough itself wasn’t big, with a clean interior. This was a secret compartment with a hidden lock box. It was ancient with an exquisite purple design.

Goldfinger and the rest were still around and as they saw the box, their mood was immediately put down. To have missed out on something was annoying, not to mention if there was actually a good item inside. However, with the Priest around, they simply couldn’t raise any objections.

“Haha, this is really something good. Heaven has eyes, robbers never prosper; to who it belongs, it will eventually go.”

“Why are you showing off now? It may turn out to just be an empty box or some child’s diaper. Don’t treat it like it’s some treasure when you haven’t seen what’s inside!” Someone from Demon Gate taunted.

“You’re just jealous and envious, haha!” Hao Tian ability to retort was not bad. 

Qing Shui took out the box and opened it right away. There was no need to flaunt one’s treasures, but Qing Shui knew that this object had no aura. Even if it was an average item, at least it would stop people from constantly being jealous of them.

As the box opened, it looked like a regular rock the size of a fist. The only special thing about it was that it wasn’t special at all…


Everyone from the Demon Gate couldn’t help but laugh while Goldfinger asked provocatively, “What kind of treasure is this?”

“This is a miracle rock!” Qing Shui said after hesitating. 

Everyone else was dumbfounded. Qing Shui’s expression just now pretty much confirmed that it was just a stone. At least its uses were not known to Qing Shui. To put it bluntly, it was a stone that no one would bother picking up anywhere else.

“Indeed. That really is a miracle rock,” Demon King laughed as he nodded, feeling happy in his heart.

“A miracle rock, a real miracle rock!”

“I also have one. Look at its unique shape! It’s like a turtle.”

“Why don’t you bring that one up and say that it looks like a chicken?” Hao Tian laughed as he pointed towards a stone not far away. The weirdly-shaped stone indeed looked like a chicken. 

Goldfinger’s expression was unsightly as he looked at Hao Tian. He was the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King but always referred to himself as an eagle or simply as Goldfinger Demon King, without the ‘fowl’. Although many fowl were exceedingly powerful demonic beasts, it was just too much of an embarrassment to call themselves a chicken.

Qing Shui, ignoring the commotion, was genuinely happy and excited, as it was really a miracle rock. It was an absolute treasure called the Heaven Healing Stone.

Obviously, it couldn’t really heal the heavens but it could help with enlightenment in terms of techniques.

It could take a heaven-defying technique to an even greater level.

Even at the peak, it could help one move a step higher, but the success rate was around 80% or so.

This stone’s existence was simply ridiculous. It was too rare, and only a few had even heard of it. Qing Shui only knew of it due to the Heavenly Vision Technique, but there were books made in the ancient era that called it the Immortal Ascension Stone instead.

The name aptly described the power of the Heaven Healing Stone. Allowing peak martial artists to reach a new step beyond perfection was a qualitative change that would cause unimaginable growth in martial artists. This was the origin of its name, and its effects justified such a name.

But obviously, the stone only had an effect on certain people and it would be wasteful to be used by someone who had yet to reach a high level of perfection in terms of their skills. It wouldn’t be worth it to use it on weak martial artists either.

Other than the effect on skills, the stone could also make significant improvements on one’s cultivation. It could allow one to reach the limit, or surpass it. For example, if Qing Shui wanted to use the stone to break into the Ten Caves realm, then it would be highly possible. If he wanted to use it to break into the Eleven Caves realm instead then the possibility of that was simply too minuscule.                

Qing Shui really wanted to use it to break through to the Ten Caves and then enter the next realm. Qing Shui would then be the absolute strongest in the Middle Three Regions, with the qualifications to ascend to the Upper Three Regions.

Qing Shui stayed silent as he kept the Heaven Healing Stone when Priest Purewood laughed, “Mr.Qing is so lucky!” 

Qing Shui’s was briefly startled, “What do you mean?”

“You have strong cultivation and many beautiful women by your side, but most importantly, you have a very good fortune. You will definitely become a force to be reckoned with one day,” Priest Purewood said smilingly as if he did not mean it. 

Qing Shui sensed that Priest Purewood had managed to tell that it was a Heaven Healing Stone. He began to be warier, as there was definitely a need to guard against others, especially with the Priest’s cultivation at the apex of Chaos City.

“Hope your blessings come to fruition,” Qing Shui lightly laughed as he replied. 

Voices coming from people who discovered something could still be heard. Of course, there were many who understood the principle of not revealing one’s gains and treasures, so they silently profited.

The stone walls were pretty much all destroyed after Qing Shui’s actions just now. There were even people who dug three inches into the ground and managed to discover many treasures. Those who did find something all looked at Qing Shui thankfully. 

The whole place became a ruin in less than a day and people started moving forward. Priest Purewood found Qing Shui and spoke to him a straightforward manner not long after everyone started moving. He wanted to ask Qing Shui to lend him a helping hand in trying to kill the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards later. 

Qing Shui nodded, “No problem, but I also have a request in return. I wonder if you can agree to it.”

Qing Shui was just worrying about how he was going to say it but things turned out to be in his favor. It was not a bad idea to build a friendship with the priest.

“Of course, just say it. I will definitely help you if I am able to.” Priest Purewood nodded. He also wished to establish a good relationship with Qing Shui because he felt that Qing Shui had endless potential and would definitely go higher than he himself could.

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