AST 2370 - Poison Lotus Vine, Killing the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2370 - Poison Lotus Vine, Killing the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King

The eggs were brightly colored, with different types of patterns on it, all in various colors. Each egg was around the size of a grown adult. There were at least a few hundred eggs. The situation in the Nine continents made Qing Shui very troubled. Many demonic beasts were hatched from eggs, and these beasts were not birds.

Qing Shui was not very interested in nurturing these eggs. After all, it was just a field of Terrestrial Tarantulas. He had his mind on something else. There had to be more useful resources in this massive area.

Poison Lotus Vines!

Qing Shui found the stem of a dark red vine at the Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula King’s resting place. There were 7 purple lotus flowers blooming atop the stem, extremely beautiful, somehow extremely mysterious and strange at the same time.

Qing Shui’s eyes sparkled as such an item would come along with a certain poison or a certain poison beast, both of which were extremely valuable. Furthermore, they were especially valuable in terms of cultivation. He transplanted it to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal without hesitation.

“Qing Shui, there is a token here.” 

Qing Shui had just transplanted the Poison Lotus Vine when he heard Shen Huang’s voice. 

Qing Shui walked over and Shen Huang passed Qing Shui a purple token, roughly the width of a palm and a foot in length. There was a life-like, golden spider carved into the face on top while the back had a ‘13’ on it.

“The Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula King had said that he was the Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula Emperor’s offspring. It seems like he wasn’t lying. This token should be proof of that. However, what does the ‘13’ represent? Is it ‘13’ children or grandchildren?” Qing Shui thought about it then said.

“That’s not what matters. If what you said was true, we have to be careful from now on. An Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula Emperor’s capabilities are nothing to look down upon. It has terrifying strength, and innumerable offspring,” Shen Huang said, looking at the token as her eyebrows creased. 

“Don’t worry. This is just one of the Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula Emperor’s many offsprings. An Emperor beast has too many of them. Some offsprings dying off here and there is perfectly normal. You must know that even the Emperor beast wouldn’t bother counting. Furthermore, there are many powerful sects in the Nine Continents, each of them capable of matching up to Emperor beasts.” Qing Shui was not too worried about this.

After flipping through the entire area, Qing Shui didn’t find many items that brought him delight. The Ancient Terrestrial Tarantula King itself was the most valuable thing that he had gotten, as it would allow him to concoct a Blood Strengthening Pill.

The smell here was indeed unpleasant, and Qing Shui was very troubled. It was such a strong demonic beast, with intelligence to boot. Why would it let its lair smell so bad…

He brought the two women out and noticed a few people at the cave’s entrance. One of the leaders was the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King.

“You three must be in a special mood to be so interested in hunting,” The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King said, looking at Qing Shui and the two women. He looked at the two women with uncontrollable avarice.

Qing Shui creased his brows, and bluntly said, “Did you just eat shit? Why does your mouth stink so bad.”

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King was stunned for a second. His previous statement was slightly overboard, but he did not expect such a blunt statement from Qing Shui. A moment of ferocity flashed past his eyes, “Young boy, being too flamboyant and cocky will get you killed.”

“By you? Do you really believe that I can’t kill you instantly?” Qing Shui said very indifferently.

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King clenched his fist slightly, causing that golden finger to emit a flash. Then, he suddenly dashed toward Qing Shui, “I really can’t believe it. Why don’t you show me?”

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King’s figure flashed past quickly. That golden finger was at least 5 feet long as a huge surge of energy concentrated on the finger. An intense streak of gold rays as fast as lightning suddenly shot out toward Qing Shui.

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King had devoted his life to this golden finger. With such a dangerous attack and lightning speed, no one could dodge. This attack had a powerful armor-piercing effect, which allowed it to cause serious damage to any opponents.

Other than the golden finger, his strongest ability would be the Demon Fowl transformation.

This Demon Fowl transformation was part of the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King’s inheritance. The transformation was a type of movement technique, complementing the golden finger technique perfectly.

Qing Shui still maintained combat-ready status, and was at the peak of his strength. The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King’s attack was simply too fast. Qing Shui could not afford to be careless. He directly willed the Nine Continents’ Mountain appearance.


Art of Pursuing, Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui had already used his Heavenly Vision technique, as well as both weakening abilities together. Now the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King looked like a snail. Since Qing Shui had bragged that he would instantly kill his opponent, he would take it seriously. It was better to resolve matters now since they would fight eventually. Also, Qing Shui realized that the Fire Nation’s Demon Gate wasn’t like the Nine Continent’s Demon Gate, and he wasn’t that excited about victory.

Buddha Diamond Seal!

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King obliterated the Nine Continent Mountain, and rushed toward Qing Shui once again. His speed was halved by Qing Shui, which shocked him. He actually did not know that Qing Shui did not lower it by half, since there was still his Heavenly Vision technique.

The magnificent golden rays from the golden finger shot toward Qing Shui and at that moment, the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King was glowing with golden rays, carrying a mystical force. A gigantic silhouette of a Golden Fowl appeared overlapping his body, and the golden finger was merely a claw of the Golden Fowl’s silhouette.

A sharp scream, and the sky filled with a chain of explosions before the cruel laughter of the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King could be heard.

Qing Shui felt as though his body had been bound together and become immeasurably heavy. His senses seemed to have become sluggish as well.

This was the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King’s killer technique. When the strength gap wasn’t that bad, this technique was unstoppable, as his attack power and speed was absolutely supreme. This technique was a clear example of “quick and vicious”.

Unfortunately, he was facing off against Qing Shui, who could halve his speed again and again. One could only see the trace of Qing Shui dodging the golden finger.

Just as the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King realized that he would not be able to keep up with Qing Shui’s speed, a shadow of a fist landed on him.

Gouging strike!

Stellar Transposition!


Buddha Bright Seal!

Mountain Push Stance!

In the last move, the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King was squashed beyond recognition, as though a mountain had just rolled over him, dead beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The Gouging Strike with the Stellar Transportation had severely injured the Goldfinger Fowl Demon King. The following Buddha Bright Seal continued to make him dizzy, preventing him from dodging the Mountain Push Stance that came after. There was nothing he could do but get squashed to death.

The Goldfinger Fowl Demon King was the Fire Nation’s Demon Gate’s leader and had brought more than a dozen experts this time. However, Qing Shui had completely annihilated him. This left the rest paralyzed with fear, as it was extremely likely that they would die as witnesses.

Qing Shui looked at the men and asked, “Do you want to do it or do we have to take action?”

Everyone had to take responsibility for their own choices. They had to consider, weighing the consequences and be accountable for them.

“Everyone, hurry up and escape! If we run we’ll be fine.” Someone shouted, but nobody moved, for fear of being the first target. Eventually, there were two who started running.

Flying Sabre!

Qing Shui had used his own hidden weapon, in addition to the Liu clan’s Hidden Weapon technique, killing those two instantly.

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