AST 2372 - Increase In Strength, Forsaken Heaven Region’s Peach Blossom City Lord

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2372 - Increase In Strength, Forsaken Heaven Region’s Peach Blossom City Lord

It was originally thought that the gold refinement of the tenth cave would require some time, but it turned out to already be golden when it was opened. Maybe this was one of the tenth cave’s peculiarities. It was actually not that shocking that it was golden since it was the tenth cave. It would actually be weird if it was not extraordinary.

Furthermore, the tenth cave was significantly more powerful compared to the previous nine caves, and Qing Shui felt that it had another unique aspect to it, but did not know of it then.

Qing Shui transferred the Golden Primordial bear’s spirit into the tenth cave.

There was still time so Qing Shui cleaned himself up and checked his own abilities.

The opening of the tenth cave allowed his abilities to undergo a radical change.

Qing Shui’s strength was now at three hundred billion Dao.

He also had three trillion Dao of defensive strength, which was actually his offensive power multiplied by ten.

The Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda of Defense had added twenty percent more defense, so Qing Shui’s defense reached 3.6 trillion Dao.

The Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda of Violence and the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda had increased yet another three hundred billion Dao worth of parrying power, allowing Qing Shui to have 3.9 trillion Dao of defense power.

Qing Shui’s Divine Soldier Soaring Blade provided 5.4 billion more Dao of defensive power, allowing it to nearly reach 4 trillion Dao.

Including the Battle God Halo, the Formation’s unique attributes, and Area Dominance, as well as his Battle Techniques and other unique attributes, Qing Shui was close to the 10 trillion Dao mark.

This power left Qing Shui speechless. This was the power that came with opening the tenth cave. Compared to before, his power had practically doubled, and this was not even including the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade’s weakening power. The only thing that left Qing Shui feeling awkward was his attack power.

Though his attack power was pretty good, his Berserk Dragon Fist could reach 6 trillion Dao of destructive power as of then, which was relatively powerful. His killer move was still Stellar Transposition. Both that and his flying swords had destructive power, but it was a different type compared to Stellar Transposition. Qing Shui felt Stellar Transposition was wilder.

To fight, one had to get hit, or in a sense, be able to take hits. Qing Shui definitely had the ability for it. He could be beaten up for half a day and still be fine. Qing Shui’s attacks were also decent. Even without Stellar Transposition, he still had Berserk Dragon Fist and his Combination Killer technique. Qing Shui now wanted to try to integrate the Berserk Dragon Fist into his Combination Killer technique to form a true Sure Kill technique.

It was almost time, so Qing Shui exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was already day time and quite a few people had already found remote areas to do their morning exercises.

After exiting the cave, Qing Shui realized the two women were gone. Actually, most people in the Divine Palace were gone which was quite normal, given this was the time for morning practice.

At this moment, Hao Tian hurried to Qing Shui in a panic, “Qing Shui, this isn’t good! The two sister-in-laws have been attacked!”

Qing Shui froze upon hearing this. He saw Hao Tian’s disheveled figure and said, “Take me there.”

Qing Shui did not say much, nor asked anything else. Getting there was the most important thing right now.

They were not far from the two women and arrived very quickly.

“Peach Blossom City lord, I’m leading my group this time. Give me some face, would you? No one wants trouble here,” Priest Purewood said with a ghastly look on his face, standing in front of the two women.

On the opposite side were a hundred men. Those in front were mostly middle-aged, some older and some younger. The frontmost person was a composed and handsome man. He did not look as old as the middle-aged bunch and looked more mature than the younger ones.

He was holding onto a folding fan and dressed in a pale blue star shirt. He was handsome beyond comparison with a sense of heroic spirit. He smiled at Priest Purewood, “I would like to give you some face, but then who would give me some in return? These two women are coming with me. Since I have met such beautiful women, I need to have them, even if it means risking my life.”

“Everyone says the Peach Blossom City lord likes beautiful women the most. As long as he likes a woman, he will stop at nothing to get her. It doesn’t matter whose woman she is, or whether she is married. As long as he fancies her, he must get her at all costs.” Someone said excitedly.

“Peach Blossom City lord... Haven’t I heard of him before?” Someone said uncertainly.

“Peach Blossom City from the Forsaken Heaven Domain, one of the top ten cities in the Domain. Don’t be fooled by how young he looks. It is only because his cultivation and talent are far too exceptional, allowing him to look young for a long time. So much so that he’d still look the same 300 years later.”

“This is a monster from the Forsaken Heaven Domain. Looks like the Priest’s reputation won’t be good enough.” Someone sighed.



Priest Purewood’s expression was extremely ugly as he looked at the Peach Blossom City Lord’s group. He did not expect to meet them in this divine area, much less having them see Qing Shui’s two women. With the City Lord’s personality, he would only be cowed by absolute strength.

But the Peach Blossom City lord’s power was far too immense. There were not many who were stronger than him in the Demonic King’s domain. Though Chaos city was special, it was nearly impossible to find someone who could keep the City lord under control. Even the Chaos city lord may not be able to, not to mention the fact that he hadn’t even come.

“There’s no point in risking your life, for anyone who tries to have my women, I’ll make sure they will stop being men.” Qing Shui had arrived and quickly walked to the side of the two women.

“Thank you, priest, for your help. If you ever need me, you can just ask. I will not decline,” Qing Shui gave his thanks to Priest Purewood.

“I didn’t help with much. They wouldn’t give me any face,” Purewood said bitterly.

Priestwood the senior priest was a special figure in Chaos Cty. Even the City lord would give him face. Unfortunately, the enemy was the Peach Blossom City lord who was not very interested in the people of the Demonic King’s domain. In fact, he did not care about them at all.

“Either way, you have helped me and that is enough. Since those people don’t belong to the Demonic King’s domain, it’s good that they court death here. Be careful of failing in this easy task and dying as a result.” Qing Shui laughed.

“How fortunate for you that they are your women. Sadly I met them late, and allowed you to pick these two beauties. Oh, how unfortunate! How about this? I’ll give you a chance to get lost now, they belong to me and I won’t kill you! What do you think?” The Peach Blossom City lord said, leering at the two women before staring at Qing Shui.

That was true idiocy. Though that might be what Qing Shui was thinking, the other people did not feel that it was idiotic at all, but rather that it was tyrannical and overbearing. Since he was stronger, the Peach Blossom City lord had done this many times and no one found it idiotic. It just felt like bullying at most.

“How could your mother be so irresponsible and give birth to a human waste like yourself? Someone should have drowned you in a toilet once you were born. What a dumb cunt, being an eyesore out here.” Qing Shui hurled insults with no hesitation whatsoever.

Qing Shui felt that the Peach Blossom City Lord was extremely disgusting with no moral code and only liked to philander around. Most importantly, he imposed himself onto Qing Shui’s women. Qing Shui would feel uncomfortable without giving him some flak.

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