AST 2374 - Peach Blossom City's Despicable City Lord, God Killing Pill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2374 - Peach Blossom City's Despicable City Lord, God Killing Pill 

Dragon-capturing Hands!

Qing Shui performed the Dragon-capturing Hands and attempted to grab one of the huge demonic beasts.

A huge dragon that seemed as if it was material pounced toward the giant on the opposite side. Qing Shui's Dragon-capturing Hands would become bigger in size when its target was big, and would be small if its target was small. Right now, his Dragon-capturing Hands were gigantic, even more so compared to the creature on the opposite side.

Qing Shui could sense that the demonic beast on the opposite site was trembling. As per its name, the use of the Dragon-capturing Hands was to capture dragons. Putting aside whether it would work or not, it also meant that this technique was very powerful. Faced against this, demonic beasts that had the dragon bloodline would naturally feel fear. It was an instinctive terror.


Great Buddha Imprint!

After Qing Shui used the Dragon-capturing Hands to suppress it, he then slapped out a Great Buddha Imprint. The huge golden imprint pressed down with a heavy weight, as if it was a huge mountain range.

Many of Qing Shui's current techniques could be integrated with the Berserk Dragon Fist's powers. Therefore, the prowess of this technique was very powerful. He suppressed the gigantic monster's body bluntly. Divine areas were very mysterious. The earth seemed to have a kind of mysterious power and there weren't deep craters smashed into it. He had no idea if it was due to the earth's density or some other reasons. It could be a combination of both.

Roar roar!

Dragon Emperor Critical Strike!

Qing Shui's movement was like lightning, as if he were a berserk dragon, charging out toward the huge demonic beast that was just about to stand up. He landed a punch that was glimmering with golden light onto one of the demonic beast's thick legs.


A loud bone-cracking sound rang out, along with a painful roar. Next, the huge body fell down toward the ground, like a collapsing mountain.

The Dragon Slaying Beast kept on darting between the two demonic beasts. The two demonic beasts had gotten their speed slowed down by Qing Shui and got struck with several bloody holes in their massive bodies by the Dragon Slaying Beast. Blood was flowing out profusely.

Qing Shui had stopped attacking. He looked at the City Lord whose countenance no longer looked as at ease as before. "What other things do you have? Just bring them all out. Otherwise, you'll have regrets if you were to die later."

"Good. You're good, kid. I've really underestimated you." The Peach Blossom City's City Lord recovered his calmness and his gaze flickered.

"Don't be thinking of trying to pull any dirty tricks on me. Otherwise, I'll make sure that everything you have will disappear." Qing Shui knew that this guy was up to no good. This was also something he was most worried about.

"You talk big. Come and give it a try." As the Peach Blossom City's City Lord said this, his figure disappeared, then the next moment, he took a formation of three squares [1], zooming toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui looked with his Heavenly Vision Technique and could tell which was a phantom image and which was the actual form. However, he hadn't charged out far away from Qing Shui when his silhouette suddenly disappeared and reappeared right next to the two ladies. He then grabbed them with each of his hands. The two ladies were rendered unable to move.

Everything happened too quickly and Qing Shui didn't even have the time to perform a Stellar Transposition. This City Lord was equipped with assassination skills and he might have other secret techniques that could let his speed become faster than it was before Qing Shui had reduced it.

"Let them go. You're a person of status and yet, you do such despicable things? Aren't you afraid to be laughed at when word spreads out?" Qing Shui had the strong impulse to kill the City Lord, but he could only calm himself down.

"I don't really care if people laugh at me. Those who did have already died. As long as I can achieve my goals, the method used isn't important. What I want to see are the results," The Peach Blossom City's City Lord said honestly.

Qing Shui was forced to take this person seriously. He was a lunatic, but it was also people like those who were the most difficult to deal with. It was because there was nothing that people like them wouldn't do.

"What great beauties. Do you think I should kill them or keep them alive?" Two sharp daggers appeared in the hands of the Peach Blossom City' City Lord and held them at the two ladies' throats. A hint of red blood was already seeping out from their tender necks.

Qing Shui's heart ached and he restrained himself, "Let them go and I'll let you guys off."

"Haha, I think you're the one who hasn't understood the situation. Do I need you to let me go? If you dare to move, I'll kill them. Do you dare to move? Do you? Yes, I'm trying to agitate you and push you to a corner. So, do you?" The City Lord seemed confident that he now had Qing Shui in his grasp.

"Speak up. What do you want before you let them off?"  Qing Shui knew that it wouldn't be so easy to settle things now.

A small, exquisite looking bottle flew toward Qing Shui, "Take in its content and I'll let them go."

"Qing Shui, don't eat it. If something were to happen to you, all of us would be doomed. He's a person without any principles," Shen Huang said.

"Haha, beauty, I'm very jealous of him!" The City Lord looked at Shen Huang with scorching greed in his eyes.

Although his gaze was scorching, he didn't do anything that was overboard. He was also afraid to push Qing Shui too far. If that were to happen, it would really end up with a fight to the bitter death. This wasn't something that he hoped to see.

"How can I believe you? If I were to take this and you don't release them then won't I be left with no more chips to negotiate with?" Although Qing Shui had remarkable abilities, he didn't dare to randomly take medicinal pills. It was true that he had an immunity to many poisons, but it didn't mean that there was no poison that could kill him. There were still many things in the world that could kill him through poison.

"This medicine will only act up 15 minutes after you've taken it. As long as you've taken it, I'll release them immediately." The Peach Blossom City's City Lord seemed to really hope that Qing Shui would eat it.

"If I don't eat it, you won't dare to act recklessly, but if I were to eat it, I'll get trampled on easily." Qing Shui frowned.

"Do you think you have a choice? There's a limit to my patience. If you don't eat it, I'll take off one piece of their clothes after every 15 minutes. Of course, you can also choose for us to fight it out. You should understand that with my overall strength, I can shake your people off easily. It's hard to say who will turn out victorious between us." The City Lord chuckled.

"Alright, I'll eat it. I hope that you can honor your words. Otherwise, I'll have my means of killing you within 15 minutes." Qing Shui hesitated a little before deciding to give it a try.

"Of course. Don't worry. After you've taken it, I'll definitely agree to your request." The City Lord was now very excited.

Qing Shui opened the medicine bottle. There was a snow white medicinal pill inside it that emitted a light fragrance. Anyone who saw it would think that it was some miraculous medicine. After a slight hesitation, he put it straight into his mouth. It melted the moment it entered his mouth and without being able to stop it, it entered Qing Shui's body.

Qing Shui was taken by surprise. However, he now lifted his head and looked at the City Lord, "Let them go."

"You have my word."

Two more medicinal pills appeared in the City Lord's hands and he swiftly fed them to the two ladies. He then left rapidly, returning to the side where his people were at, leaving behind a series of proud laughter.

The two ladies immediately recovered their movement and returned next to Qing Shui, saying, "Qing Shui, why are you so foolish? What should we do now?"

"This is the God Killing Pill. There's no antidote to it but it won't kill a person either. It'll make a person's cultivation drop to Xiantian and never be able to advance ever again. It's useless even if your body is immune to various types of poison. Legend has it that even gods can't be saved if they were to eat this medicinal pill." At that moment, the Peach Blossom City's City Lord joyfully explained the medicine.

"Even if there is really such a great medicinal pill, you aren't worthy of possessing it. You must have found someone else to help you refine this!" Qing Shui continued to say calmly.

"Why yes, I did find a powerful Alchemist. The prescription is real and I've found many people to try it out. The effects are genuine as well." The heart of the Peach Blossom City's City Lord skipped a beat but he still said confidently.

[1] Bears a resemblance to the Chinese character 品

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