AST 2381 Primordial Bloodline, Ultimate Journey

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2381 – Primordial Bloodline, Ultimate Journey

Three months had passed in the blink of an eye. Qing Shui and Nalan Qing’s marriage had also taken place. However, not long after, Nalan Qing left a note stating that she’d be leaving for a while and for him not to worry. It was a trip which the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard had insisted on.

Qing Shui didn’t worry either since she was accompanied by the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard was formidable and had increased its strength tremendously with the help of medicinal pills after it became Nalan Qing’s pet. Furthermore, Nalan Qing’s strength wasn’t anything to scoff at either. Qing Shui gave her several protective items which would protect her even in the Upper Three Regions. Those strong warriors wouldn’t be able to touch her as they pleased.

Qing Shui’s demonic beasts weren’t the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard’s match either, with a huge discrepancy between them. However, he had been refining a few dozen Blood Strengthening Pills during this period, most of them attained through miraculous effort. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had the strongest blood now, reaching 51% primordial bloodline when it had only been a little more than 20% before.

51% was a critical point. The Primordial bloodline was said to be one of the strongest. Now that the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s power had grown exponentially, its disposition was no longer like in the past.

Its entire body was evolving subtly.

Primordial Dragon Elephant!

The Primordial Dragon Elephant they saw now was no longer the secondary bloodline of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant from before. Now, the latter had vanished, leaving only the Primordial Dragon Elephant.

This was caused by the change in the Dragon Elephant’s blood.

Perhaps the most outstanding change that happened to the Primordial Dragon Elephant was its abilities; it was now practically capable of turning Heaven and Earth upside down. This made Qing Shui believe more firmly in his own thoughts, which was to strengthen the blood of his demonic beasts. This was just fundamental for them, as the innate talent and skills all came from the purity of their blood.

The Dragon Elephant’s power rose from the ashes on the ground, reaching 5 trillion Dao.

The Primordial Dragon Elephant had likewise experienced some changes to its appearance. It still retained its golden color, but the scales were gone. Now it was gold-plated smooth skin. It didn’t increase in size; on the contrary, it seemed smaller than before.

The Primordial Dragon Elephant was about fifty meters in length but looked extremely skilled with some of its abilities going through significant changes. It had a reduction in functions, but it was completely different from before.

Primordial Dragon Elephant (51% primordial bloodline).

Primordial bloodline was the origin of the Primordial Dragon Elephant’s powers. It reduced the overall damage to its body by 20%. Increasing 20% of its own attacks while negating 30% of any adverse effects to its body. There was a 30% increase in its elemental resistance alongside the three-fold recovery on its vitality. Additionally, its defense and toughness soared by 30%, also increasing the speed and evasion by 50%. The primordial bloodline’s purity had to break through a certain threshold before the abilities could be upgraded.

Qing Shui saw a glimpse of the Primordial Divine Beast’s power and knew that the Primordial Dragon Elephant had grown stronger. This primordial bloodline was simply terrifying.

Before, the Primordial Dragon Elephant had only borne the so-called primordial bloodline essence in its body and couldn’t have been counted as having the primordial bloodline. Thanks to Qing Shui, its primordial bloodline essence seemed to have increased by a lot, reaching a certain threshold. This phenomenon had caused a transformation in the Primordial Dragon Elephant’s might and appearance.

It had had approximately 20% of primordial bloodline before, and that amount could only be called as blood essence. Now that it had reached over 51%, it could be addressed as the legitimate primordial bloodline. Hence, it was only natural that its powers had transformed.

Besides the primordial bloodline, Primordial Dragon Elephant’s battle techniques had slight changes as well.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp (Grand Perfection Stage): The aggressive attacks upon the ground have a certain probability in causing vertigo, causing numbness in its targets, hindering their movements.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Able to take a leap within five kilometers in an instant.

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: Attack a single target in an instant. This attack increases the penetration power and critical rate, with a small probability in bypassing defense.

Primordial Flames: Primordial Flames under the Dragon Elephant’s feet would bring about a 30% chance of breaking through armor, increasing its speed in the air at the same time.

Primordial Body: Can attack any types of existences, increasing its body’s resistance at the same time.

Qing Shui heaved a breath of relief. This was the result after consuming nearly thirty Blood Strengthening Pills, and it had distanced itself greatly from Dark Phoenix, Diamond White Tiger King, and Dragon Spider. Even the Black Ice Divine Worms wouldn’t be a match to the Primordial Dragon Elephant now.

Among Qing Shui’s demonic beasts, the Dragon Slaying Beast had a decent amount of primordial bloodline. After all, it had eaten almost half of the Primordial Golden Bear’s heart and primordial bloodline Awakening Pills, which had awoken the Dragon Slaying Beast’s primordial bloodline. With time, the beast’s primordial bloodline had reached to a shocking 15%.

The other demonic beasts weren’t of primordial bloodline, and Qing Shui had no intention of changing it for now. After all, not just any beasts could possess the primordial bloodline.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was an exception because it had devoured the Primordial Boar, while the Dragon Slaying Beast had feasted on the Primordial Golden Bear’s heart.

Qing Shui refined several primordial bloodline Awakening Pills then gave them to his own demonic beasts. However, as time passed, the primordial bloodline they gained from it was gradually disappearing. Now, he understood this aspect of it. Changes in blood couldn’t be judged upon first awakening. He must also consider the fusing rate between the beast’s blood and primordial bloodline.

Qing Shui gave the remaining Blood Strengthening Pills to Dragon Spider, as it was the only one left among his demonic beasts which fit the criteria. However, Dragon Spider only had 1% primordial bloodline in it as of now.

1% was like a seedling and crucial. However, Dragon Spider had been awoken to 1% at that time, and it remained that way until now. This meant that she had a chance of purifying its bloodline, though it was hard to say to what extent.

The rest of the demonic beasts had none of the primordial bloodline left after their initial awakening. It was said that they might transform if they could reach the bottom line of 10% purity, but awakening usually only resulted in 1% of purity before one could find a way to increase it. But even in this case, a year’s time was needed before they could start to increase it.

Unless one was like the Primordial Dragon Elephant which had devoured a primordial bloodline demonic beast. However, this way possessed more dangers and risks. It would also seem a bit wasteful and inefficient. For example, devouring a beast with 15% primordial bloodline would perhaps only increase the primordial bloodline by 5%.

All in all, it was all up to chance. The prime example was the Dragon Spider which retained 1% of primordial bloodline even after a year.

Having consumed the pills, the Dragon Spider showed off her absorption abilities which made Qing Shui drop his jaw. The remaining twenty pills had increased its bloodline by 20% on top of its initial 1% from the awakening. This meant that it had reached 21% of primordial bloodline. This was a critical point. The difference between 21% and 20% was drastic, just like the difference between the Lower Three Regions and the Middle Three Regions.

Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider (21% primordial bloodline).

Dragon Spider’s appearance had some changes as well. It was still silver-white in color without much changes to its size. However, its body seemed smooth as jade even though it didn’t have an outer shell anymore. Its defense was even more terrifying now.

The nine dragon heads were all silver-white, save for the middle one which was gold. It looked domineering yet beautiful, exuding a strong Spiritual Pressure.

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