AST 2392 Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance, Shameless Flaunting

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2392 – Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance, Shameless Flaunting

There was just an interlude, but Qing Shui was on high alert against the Poison Wolf King who hid in the dark,

He had heard from the woman at the Divine Rain Sect that her senior, the Poison Wolf King, was especially formidable in the area of poisons. While Qing Shui had great knowledge towards the topic, it didn’t mean he didn’t fear it.

Qing Shui didn’t interrogate the previous Wolf King for information about the Poison Wolf King, as he didn’t deem it necessary. After all, his level of strength now was drastically different than from the past. Qing Shui was confident in going up against the Poison Wolf King, but he didn’t know where they would meet.

Forsaken Earth Region’s city!

It was the third day of Qing Shui and his company’s arrival to the city.

They settled down in an inn. From the Exploding Arrow Battle God, they were aware of a Demon Gate in this region and the lack of a Divine Palace. However, this didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any Battle Gods in sight. Moreover, the Demon Gate might be strong, but they were not City Lords, and neither were they rulers of an empire.

This was the Northern Ocean Empire, a powerful empire. Since an imperial city was also a region’s city, the Northern Ocean Empire was the Forsaken Earth Region’s strongest existence.

The inn where they stayed for the past three days was the region city’s best inn, the Northern Ocean Inn!

It was said that the Northern Ocean Inn was founded by a nobleman, an aristocrat who could stay in the empire.

Most aristocrats and others of similar standing stayed far away from the Imperial City.

All this was of little interest to Qing Shui. He had no intentions of expanding in this area, but he did want to seek out more information of the Demon Gate’s status. For example, which powerful warriors had the closest relations with the Demon Gate in this area.

Checking out the extent of might these warriors attained was also a way to probe the strength of this area.

“Qing Shui, I just received news regarding the Sect Leader of this Demon Gate.” Nuo Lan spoke up at the sight of Qing Shui.

“Oh. Let me hear it.” The reason for Qing Shui’s stay in this region city was the Demon Gate. Otherwise, he would have proceeded directly to the Forsaken Heaven Region.

“The identity of this Demon Gate’s Sect Leader will shock you. She’s a Culinary Demon King, nicknamed The Culinary Empress. She has great cultivation, along with equally impressive culinary skills. She is also proficient in poison and other mystifying techniques.

“For example, she can complement ingredients together and present something which seems perfectly normal when in fact, the dish is laced with fatal poison or could make someone lose certain abilities.”

Nuo Lan’s words did surprise Qing Shui. Regardless of Demon Kings or Battle Gods, they came from all walks of life. However, these Demon Kings belonged to the non-combat type. Qing Shui had some information about the Culinary Demon King, the Tailor Demon King and others from his inheritance memory. Even if they were Demon Kings, they wouldn’t be able to train.

“Interesting. I must have a look.” Qing Shui smiled.

“This Culinary Demon King has opened an inn in the region city, named the Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance.” Nuo Lan mirrored his smile.

“Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance… what an exaggerated name. No scent can travel a thousand miles, regardless of how fragrant it is.”

“Is this considered an exaggeration? There are others named Ten Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance, yet you say that no scent can travel that far.” Nuo Lan seemed to grow curious.

“I have a spice named thyme which I know wouldn’t reach a hundred miles despite the claims. However, it would be able to reach thirty miles. It’s among the things I’ve given you and the best spice I have ever seen.” Qing Shui spoke the truth. Regarding the existence of the Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance, he hadn’t seen it for himself but who could say it didn’t exist in this mysterious world?

With nothing more to do in the afternoon, Qing Shui left. He had identified the location of the Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance and decided to pay a visit, as well as to check out what sort of person the leader of Demon Gate was.

Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance!

The scent from the Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance didn’t drift that far but its aroma was strong. One would be able to pick it up from a great distance away. It permeated the area with its fragrance, a thickness that one wouldn’t grow sick of, and a truly decent scent when it came to cuisine.

The effect of the smells from the Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance only permeated a kilometer away, but even this distance implied a strong aroma from what was inside.

The scent wasn’t constant. There were only a few dishes’ scent which drifted in the wind and into the distance, but didn’t smell that strongly within the several miles circumference.

The Thousand Miles Waft of Fragrance wasn’t a huge inn. It was five levels high, about a hundred thousand square meters per level, and three hundred meters in both width and length. Such an inn wasn’t considered huge in the Nine Continents. Considering the Demon Gate’s abilities in this region city, this was a small establishment.

A few beast carriages were parked at the plaza in front. Most of them were dragon-type beasts, with some ancient beasts and such. The people who visited the inn were reputable; riches wouldn’t be enough for you here, as abilities were the most important.

Two neat rows of serving ladies stood by the entrance, each as pretty as the next. They weren’t beauties who could bring down a nation, but there was no doubt that they were the cream of the crop.

The women were uniformed in their working attire; a low-cut top with a cape, slender waists and an enchanting snow-white skin. Their perky chests lined up when seen from afar, like peaks of a mountain range.

They wore shorts below, flaunting snow-white legs with thighs as skinny as their calves. Their legs were long and straight, and their feet were bare. A long roll of red carpet extended for miles.

People who visited weren’t just normal folk, and most didn’t have a single smudge on them. In here, the men loved to stuff banknotes down the valleys of the women’s chests, taking in their warm and exquisite feeling.

Coquettish sounds from the women were ceaseless. While these women were touched by the guests, none of them went overboard. For example, no one would take them away to play. They restricted themselves to taking advantage while stuffing the notes.


The women at the entrance bowed when Qing Shui approached the entrance. The visual impact of it gave men great satisfaction. Even Qing Shui was shaken a little by the image. There were twenty-five beauties wearing sexy attire in each row, fifty in total.

Qing Shui didn’t lack money, but he wasn’t that affected to the point of taking it out. His wives were even more beautiful than them, and he didn’t have to stoop to such a point.

“Don’t come if you have no money,” An arrogant voice rang out. A young man was stuffing a note in the chest of one of the women.

No man here would give money to every women present. Usually, they would pick out one who appealed to them the most and seize the opportunity to touch them…

Qing Shui didn’t feel a need to fight with the man over a sentence. He didn’t spare any feelings towards a person like that and didn’t even spare a glance.

Qing Shui’s silence was deemed as a weakness for the other party said as he laughed, satisfied with himself, “Are you going to let these women bow to you for nothing? You have failed as a man if you’ve reached this stage.”

Qing Shui didn’t expect the man to continue. He smiled and replied, “There were fifty women who bowed to you earlier yet you only paid one. Did those forty-nine others bow to you for nothing? Do you know men like you are the most disgusting of all? There’s a saying about the pot calling the kettle black, but you’re even worse than that. The most shameless people are those who have the cheek to flaunt their shamelessness.”

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