AST 2398 Luan Luan’s Issue, Su Clan’s Clan Head

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2398 – Luan Luan’s Issue, Su Clan’s Clan Head

Su Chun was still very worried. He felt as though the man in front of him could feel his thoughts as well; there was no other reason his attitude would change otherwise. Su Chun’s feelings were all over the place. He liked Luan Luan and felt he would go insane if she were to leave.

Su Chun replied cautiously to Qing Shui’s question. He knew that speaking about his background might achieve the opposite result than desired. He wasn’t any second-generation forefather to his clan either, and couldn’t play to that strength. Looking at Qing Shui, he spoke slowly. “I like Luan Luan very much. My cultivation is barely enough to be compatible and I’m not a saint, but I am not a bad person. I don’t have other women. I only want Luan Luan as my wife. I will work hard. As long as I live, I won’t let Luan Luan suffer.”

Qing Shui watched Su Chun. “What kind of guarantee do you have? If I’m a bad person, what do you have to protect her?”

Su Chun knew that his abilities were drastically lacking in comparison to Qing Shui’s, Perhaps it’d be difficult to even strike. However, they had a generation between them and so he didn’t feel that depressed.

“I’m not much older than you. Did you think you wouldn’t be any weaker than me once you’re at my age?” Qing Shui continued.

Qing Shui’s observation skills were still sharp. He continued when he observed Su Chun’s surprise. “Such thinking will make you a good-for-nothing forever. You think you’re a genius but you’re far from it. Forget about the rest. My daughter is much stronger than you even though you’re over ten years older. Once she reaches your age, she will have no issues casting you down ten streets.”

Qing Shui continued his attack with the truth.

Su Chun knew it too. Luan Luan’s innate abilities far surpassed his, but she was also someone he liked, so he wasn’t jealous. Rather, he felt fortunate and had even satisfied his own desire of conquering, feeling as if it became part of his own.

“Senior, I…”

Beads of cold sweat covered Su Chun’s face from panic. Marrying Luan Luan didn’t seem as easy now. He used to be content with his current abilities. He would improve gradually with time and become Zhongyuan City’s top warrior. Now, though, he was being described as a nobody by Qing Shui’s words.

“I’m not attacking you. You’re young yet you have no ambitions, which is the scariest. My daughter won’t marry a good-for-nothing. She has the freedom to decide her own marriage, but I will not let her marry a good-for-nothing. Even if the person is a common man with a strong character, I wouldn’t object. Not only are your abilities unacceptable, with that attitude, I think you’re even more useless.” Qing Shui retracted his suppression after he was done.

“Father!” Luan Luan stood alongside Qing Shui.

“Little Girl, you’re not young. If you insist on it, I won’t object. As long as it’s someone you like, I’ll support you.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Since I’ve let Father check, I’ll listen to you.” Su Chun’s attitude had relaxed during this period. “Nobody’s perfect. Father, would you give him another chance?” Luan Luan asked gently.

Qing Shui might have said a lot, but he didn’t actually object to them. Hence, at her words, he nodded. “I can give you another chance.”

“Please tell, Senior,” Su Chun answered agitatedly.

“I have a set of movement techniques. I’ll give you three months’ time. I hope you’ll be able to practice it to an extent I’ll be satisfied with,” Qing Shui said after some thought.

The technique Qing Shui passed down was Windwhisk Willow. When he taught it, Luan Luan followed suit in learning as well.

Su Chun was a smart man. He understood Qing Shui’s intentions and knew that he didn’t object. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said so much and taught him the technique. Su Chun hadn’t mastered it but he knew that the technique was not inferior to a minor Divine grade. The idea of learning a Divine grade technique left him agitated. Where did the man come from to have such a terrifying technique to give out?

He knew this was all for Luan Luan. Watching Luan Luan who was like a goddess among men, Su Chun felt as though this was the fortune he reaped from a previous life. However, he knew that he had to work hard now to please this man. The latter wasn’t warm, but he hoped for himself to stand at the peak as well. If he had Luan Luan in the future but her abilities surpassed his by too much, he felt that others may look down on him for it too.

Su Chun left!

Qing Shui smiled at Luan Luan.

“Thank you, Father!” Luan Luan said happily.

“Why the formality? That kid is decent. He’s almost compatible with my daughter.” Qing Shui smiled.

Luan Luan smiled in embarrassment.

After a chat with Luan Luan, Qing Shui got to know that Su Chun was the City Lord, Su Clan’s fifth generation disciple. He was ranked eighth in the clan, and was well respected in the Su Clan. Su Chun was the direct descendant of the Su Clan.

The Su Clan was Zhongyuan City’s City Lord Manor, and the strongest in the city as there were two strong warriors in the Su Clan. They were a mystical existence within the Cave Realm, unmatched within it. This was also why the Su Clan had such powerful influence over Zhongyuan City.


City Lord Manor!

The City Lord Manor was to the north of Zhongyuan City, in the most central position. The mountains of Zhongyuan lined the place and the huge City Lord Manor of the Su Clan was built nearby.

The Su Clan was Zhongyuan City’s ruler. The number of people in the clan was high, with many members. There were many members even by just counting direct descendants alone and it was one of the reasons for their strength. There was nothing to worry about. It was only natural to say ‘the more the merrier’; increasing the probability of producing gifted people and being able to tide through inevitable deaths.

Su Chun knocked on the door to the study room at that moment.

“Come in!” A dignified voice rang out.

One couldn’t decipher age from the voice alone, but it was charming.

Su Chun pushed the door open and stepped in. The study room was huge, stretching a few hundred meters in length. The shelves on all four walls were lined with books. There was an enormous table and chair not far away from the door, where a refined man was currently sitting, reading a book.

“Father!” Su Chun greeted softly.

“Chun’er, have a seat. I can tell you have something to say.” The man spoke casually while he lifted his head and looked at Su Chun.

“That father… Luan Luan’s father came to Zhongyuan City.” Su Chun smiled.

“Your girlfriend’s father. Hm, how did the talk go? Do you need me to help you settle this marriage?” The man smiled as he watched his son. Among his sons, the one in front of him might not be the strongest, but he was his favorite. There were few who could keep their conscience, and only this son of his was able to. He might not be the strongest now, but he would definitely be the one to bring the Su Clan to another level in the future.

“Father, I want to invite you to have a look. Luan Luan’s father isn’t simple. Just by his spiritual pressure, he could immobilize me,” Su Chun recalled and said.

In Zhongyuan City, powers were all restricted to the Cave Realm and there were only a few who would be able to suppress Su Chun with just that, which was why the man was very surprised to hear it. His expression became more severe as well. “Let’s go. Let’s pay this future father-in-law of yours a visit.”

“Father, you’re not planning on fighting him, are you?” Su Chun hesitated before speaking.

“Haha, don’t worry. I won’t ruin things for you.” The man smiled.

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