AST 2401 - Old Immortal Su, Guidance

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2401 - Old Immortal Su, Guidance

Qing Shui didn't say how he did this, since there were things that didn't need to be said. He kept his ten caves and landed.

Su Xianjun undoubtedly lost. Anyone could tell that he had completely lost and there were no questions about this. However, Su Xianjun was still frozen still. Qing Shui's appearance dealt him quite a significant blow. Anyone else would dealt a much greater blow if they were in his shoes.

Su Chun's eyes gleamed. Qing Shui's appearance opened a brand new door for him. But he wasn't the only one. Luan Luan's received an even greater enlightenment. She regained her senses after very long, as if she had thought through a lot of things.

This was experience. Seeing experts exchanging blows could allow one to receive great enlightenment and it could even change one's life.

Su Xianjun smiled bitterly. It was considered good that he could smile. After all, he was Zhongyuan City's City Lord. For an expert like this to appear in his city was something which could threaten the Su Clan's status. Therefore, it was impossible for him to not harbor any ideas.

"There's no need to cry over your loss, right?" Qing Shui looked at Su Xianjun and said, smiling.

Su Xianjun's strength was undeniable. Regardless of the type of Caves, cultivators who could reach ten Caves were definitely geniuses amongst geniuses and their futures were inestimable. After all, the Cave Realm was a foundation and having ten Caves could decide whether one was strong or weak at the Nurture God Realm in the later phase.

Of course, it was impossible to reach the Nurture God Realm in Zhongyuan City.

"That's not the case. It's just that I have no idea how many days it will take for me to recover from this blow. I feel that I'm not the strongest in Zhongyuan City, but I had never imagined that there would be someone who could defeat me in the way that you did. I hadn't expected that a demonic existence like you would really appear. Comparisons really drive people crazy."

"Alright, a true man must face up to reality. It'll open up a door for you. There are many people who are stronger than me and the only way to do things is to keep on getting stronger. There's still a jar of Tyrant Wine left. Let's go and drink it," Qing Shui smiled and said.

Su Xianjun wasn't really in any mood to drink anymore, but what Qing Shui said was right. He was a strong man and it was impossible for him to become an overlord if he limited his progress and was unable to move forward. Cultivating was like sailing against the currents, where one would decline if they didn't advance since other people continued making progress. Between people of the same battle prowess, there might be moves that could instantly kill the opponent if they were to engage in a fight. The would also be differences in techniques, killing prowess, Divine Artifact's techniques, or demonic beasts.

The Su Clan had dominated over Zhongyuan City in the past. They were still such an existence now, but Qing Shui's appearance made him aware that the Su Clan and he himself had been too satisfied with their current situation. For example, it had been very long since he had made any progress. He thought that he had already reached the peak and it would be very difficult for him to be able to increase his battle prowess. He would need a fortuitous encounter.

However, it was only after meeting Qing Shui that he realized that their differences were so great. In a situation where he was dealt a great blow, a fierce battle will was lit up in him.

This time around, neither side mentioned anything about the marriage between Luan Luan and Su Chun. Qing Shui's goal had been reached. It was still early in his test of Su Chun.

Qing Shui's side was very calm and didn't make any move, just like they did in the past. However, the Su Clan was different. It was a great deal to the Su Clan for someone like Qing Shui to appear.

The moment Su Xianjun returned to the Su Clan, he went to look for his grandfather directly, the man who was the strongest existence in the Su Clan. In Zhongyuan City, the old man's nickname was Old Immortal Su.

It was apparent from his name what kind of existence this old man was. Not just anyone would dare to use the term immortal in their nickname.


The old man was in a corner of the Su Clan, where one would have to pass through a quiet passageway. There were few who could go there, with the exception of the Old Master's few direct descendants. Right now, the old man was practicing his fist arts slowly, just like how the elderly in Qing Shui's previous life practiced Taichi. That slowness didn't reflect anything extraordinary, but instead, made one feel that this fist technique was very lousy.

"Mmmm. Why do you have time to come here?" The old man didn't stop but asked casually.

"I met a person. I had no means of retaliating at all. In all, I wasn't able to exchange ten blows with him." Su Xianjun continued to say, feeling a little embarrassed. He felt that if Qing Shui wanted to kill him, it might not have taken him even three attacks...

The old man suddenly stopped what he was doing. He knew well how strong his grandson was and even he himself was unable to defeat this grandson within ten moves. They might not even be able to decide a victor between them even if they exchanged 50 moves. After all, there were the Heavenly Laws in the Forsaken Heaven Region and most people were suppressed to be on the same level. In such a situation, the decisive factors would be their backgrounds, fortuitous encounters, as well as extraordinary techniques.

"Are you sure that you aren't joking?" The old man said seriously as he looked at Su Xianjun.

"I'm very sure. I just came back from a fight with him. It's too great a blow." Su Xianjun said dejectedly.

"Even if that's the case, there's still no reason for you to be such a wimp. If you're a man, then stick out your chest," The old man said directly.

"Yes, Grandfather!" Su Xianjun puffed out his chest.

"Alright, tell me who this person is. I'm sure you should have some understanding of him by now." The old man was very calm and collected. It wasn't that he didn't believe what Su Xianjun said. It was more that he had lived to such an old age and had seen many things in life. He had even encountered people in Zhongyuan City in the past who could defeat him easily.

Therefore, he didn't really find Su Xianjun's words hard to accept. However, when such a person appeared, it was best to become friends with the person and even in the worst case scenario, they mustn't become enemies.

"Do you know that Chun`er likes a girl called Luan Luan?" Su Xianjun said.

"Mmm, I know. She came with Chun`er to see me before. Could it be related to her?" The old man asked curiously.

"He is Luan Luan's father," Su Xianjun looked at the old man and said.

The old man was slightly stunned and he hesitated for a moment before smiling. "This is a good thing. A person like him won't stay in the Forsaken Heaven Region. He'll definitely head up to the Upper Three Regions. Therefore, there's no need to worry about Zhongyuan City. We must make use of this opportunity. Chun`er's talent and other aspects aren't bad. Place more focus on nurturing him."

Su Xianjun naturally knew what the old man meant. He smiled and nodded, "I understand, Grandfather."

"How is his character?" the old man asked.

"Although I haven't had much interaction with him, I feel that he is very kind and isn't an extreme person. He's is carefree, polite and his cultivation realm is very high. He isn't arrogant and seems to be a person who is easy to get along with." Su Xianjun said.

"Do you know why he has come to Zhongyuan City?"

"He said that he's passing through. It might be because of Luan Luan that he's staying for a while. He's going to put Chun`er to a test regarding the matter between Luan Luan and him."

"No matter what the test is, let Chun`er work hard to complete it to the best of his abilities," the old man said solemnly.

Su Xianjun understood this as well. Luan Luan wasn't an ordinary person and if she were to become husband and wife with Su Chun in the future, she would be of a great help to Su Chun. Moreover, Luan Luan had an extremely powerful father. This would be an absolutely powerful backing for them. Su Chun might be able to bring the Su Clan to higher grounds in the future.

Qing Shui spent his time studying fist arts, but spent more time teaching Luan Luan. After all, he had time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate and thus left the rest of his time for Luan Luan.

Su Chun would come every few days to learn from Qing Shui as well. Qing Shui didn't object to this, which made Su Chun very excited. After learning from Qing Shui for a few days, he realized that he went through a tremendous change. This was what it meant when the guidance from an expert would be equivalent to one's hard work in training for a decade. This saying wasn't an exaggeration and was also the reason why renowned teachers were able to produce great students.

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