AST 2408 - Shameless Moves Toward Tantai Lingyan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2408 - Shameless Moves Toward Tantai Lingyan

"If you really wish to receive a beating, I won't mind beating you up."

Tantai Lingyan got to know many things from the old turtle. Otherwise, she wouldn't have met Qing Shui given her character, nor would she allow herself to be pestered by Qing Shui for so long. 

In fact, Qing Shui had noticed this as well. This was also why he was acting so unrestrained. This made him feel that his chances were still quite high.

"If we really were to fight, it's not for certain who'd be the one beating up the other. Why don't we give it a try? If you can't defeat me, don't cry when you get beaten by me," said Qing Shui teasingly.

Tantai Lingyan dashed toward Qing Shui in a flash, slapping her beautiful hand at him.

Floating Cloud Palm!

When Qing Shui saw her attack, this was the feeling he got. However, he wasn't fully certain if it was really the Floating Cloud Palm. This palm technique was graceful and flowy as if no force had been exerted. Actually, this palm technique contained the profoundness of Taichi and the concept of Yin and Yang.

It didn't appear to be fast but was actually very fast. Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless. Who knew when this woman would have the sudden urge to kill him...


Qing Shui's and Tantai Lingyan's hands came into contact but neither of them moved. Tantai Lingyan's arm bent slightly, and her body was slippery like that of a fish. She once again slapped toward Qing Shui's left shoulder.

This time around, Qing Shui didn't move.


Tantai Lingyan's palm slapped onto Qing Shui's shoulder, but Qing Shui's resistance to attacks was still very strong. Despite so, this palm attack still felt very painful, even with the Divine Weapon Flying Sword's offsetting effect. This showed how powerful her palm technique was. It definitely had the ability to deepen the damage dealt.

Qing Shui had this plotted out to grasp the moment when Tantai Lingyan hit him on his shoulder. This time around, Tantai Lingyan hadn't thought of actually hitting Qing Shui; thus, she was a little shocked to have hit him.

At almost the same time, Qing Shui hands wrapped around Tantai Lingyan, encasing her arms within his.

His embrace was firm.

"Lingyan, it has been very long since I've hugged you. I miss you a lot." Qing Shui was very skillful in the way he hugged Tantai Lingyan, just like a roly-poly toy with a hint of Taichi in it.

When Tantai Lingyan struggled, Qing Shui would move while borrowing her force. Tantai Lingyan was very shocked; to think that she hadn't been able to get away from this guy’s grip even after multiple struggling attempts. She felt very uneasy being hugged by him and now had the urge to kill the guy.

Qing Shui's words made Tantai Lingyan even more anxious and she said angrily, "You hoodlum! Let go of me!"

"I won't. I'm hugging my woman," Qing Shui said shamelessly.

"Do you believe me when I said that I'd kill you?" Tantai Lingyan was anxious.

"If you continue to speak so stubbornly, I'll continue to hug you like this and take a walk around the Forsaken Heaven City." Qing Shui wasn't angry.

"You're a bastard." Tantai Lingyan decided not to struggle and just looked at Qing Shui coldly.

"I told you that you aren't my opponent, but you didn't believe me." Qing Shui acted like a shameless person who was proud of himself.

"Do you really think that you'll be able to do anything to me like this?" Tantai Lingyan activated all her caves after saying this. There were ten caves...

Qing Shui was stunned once again. When were there so many people with ten caves? However, at the thought of how Tantai Lingyan had the Demon Saint Blood in her, it wasn't strange for her to have ten caves. However, Qing Shui still found it a little strange to see that her caves weren't golden. Nevertheless, they weren't of an ordinary color, as they had a tinge of jade.

Right now, the caves were seething with a purple aura and nothing could be seen clearly. At this moment, Tantai Lingyan said, "Each of the existences inside won't be weaker than you. Under such a situation, how many of these would you be able to fend off?"

Qing Shui regained his senses and continued to smile. "What's so special about having ten caves? I have them too."

Qing Shui opened the ten caves behind him. They shone with a shimmering golden light and had a huge visual impact. Even Tantai Lingyan was stunned for a short moment despite knowing that this man wasn't a simple character. After all, he was able to use such a simple means to have her under control momentarily.

There wasn't a hint of a gap when she was being hugged by this man. Her chest was squeezed against his. This wasn't all, his legs were also tightly entangled with hers...

"Are you going to let go?" Tantai Lingyan said once again.

"I'll let go, but you have to promise me one condition," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"You bastard. I'll kill you immediately!" After Tantai Lingyan said this, a low roar rang out from the caves. It was a suppressed terrifying voice.

"As long as you dare to let those things out, I'll kiss you. I'll even touch you. My mouth and hands are very fast." Qing Shui looked at Tantai Lingyan and smacked his lips together.

Tantai Lingyan's beautiful eyes opened wide. This guy was really shameless, he overturned everything that she knew. No man had ever done this to her before. Which guy she had met in her life wasn't one who would be very polite toward her, showing her only his best side? This guy was the only one who seemed to be unafraid of anything and wasn't scared that he would be killed by her.

"What condition? If you dare to be overboard, I won't agree to it. If you were to dare take liberties with me, I'd chop you up into pieces." Tantai Lingyan backed off all of a sudden.

She might not have noticed this herself, but Qing Shui knew. When he saw this, he felt happy. This was an improvement.

"Why don't you kiss me and I'll let go? You're my wife, so it's not overboard to ask you to give me a kiss. In the past, we often kissed and you were always the one to take the initiative. There was once when I didn't allow you to kiss me, and you ended up beating me up! You even pulled off all my clothes!"

"Scram! Shut up!" Tantai Lingyan's face flushed red. This guy was really unrestrained in words and dared to say anything. She didn't have any recollection of this memory and had no idea if what Qing Shui said was the truth. She just felt that it wasn't. But if she had been his wife in the past, then they would have done everything, and kissing wasn't something overboard...

"What I said is the truth..."

"Even if it is, you aren't allowed to say it..."

Qing Shui secretly smiled inwardly. This woman was very smart. After all, she was an incorruptible lady now and didn't even remember the event with the crystal coffin. Therefore, she could be said to be like a blank piece of paper in the area of love and skinship.

"Then have you agreed to my condition?" Qing Shui asked in anticipation.

"Dream on. Change it to something else." Tantai Lingyan turned her head, didn’t dare look into this guy's anticipating gaze.

Tantai Lingyan's gaze had always been cold. However, she realized that her killing gaze was useless when used against this guy. He didn't appear anxious at all. Even when he acted shamelessly earlier, he didn't seem to feel uneasy and appeared very sincere.

"When I first met you, it was in a very unique place. The place was very beautiful and was underwater. You were poisoned and sealed up in a beautiful crystal coffin. I was the one to save you and woke you up. Back then, you forced yourself on me and I became yours since then. After that, you almost killed me, leaving after having taken advantage of me. Why don't you pay me back now? My pure body was taken by you."

This time around, Tantai Lingyan was completely speechless. She had no way of stopping him from carrying on talking, and she was also feeling completely messed up after hearing his words.

"You're not talking. I know that you feel guilty. I don't blame you since I look so lovable. Even you had bad intents after seeing me, it's totally understandable..."

"Can you be even more shameless? Let go of me. Otherwise, I'll fight it out with you." Tantai Lingyan was unable to take it anymore. If she were to let this guy continue spouting rubbish, she had no idea what else he would say.

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