AST 2419 - The Middle Three Regions' Dominator Bai Tian Was Defeated

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2419 - The Middle Three Regions' Dominator Bai Tian Was Defeated

The City Lord Manor had been in the hands of the Bai Clan over the years. This man was a great talent in the Bai Clan and went by the name of Bai Tian. He wasn't the Middle Three Regions' dominator in the past, but he had snatched this position.

Regardless if it was in the Lower Three Regions or the Middle Three Regions, the dominators wouldn't remain unchanged. Anyone who was stronger than the current one could seize the position, and be given the rights and privileges enjoyed by the people on this position. They would obtain some precious things which could let the dominator's strength be passed down.

Therefore, it wasn't that easy to be able to snatch this position and it went to show that Bai Tian was very strong.

"Young man, you're really not bad. Given time, your future will be unlimited. Bai Tian said seriously.

"I already said, there's no need to flaunt your age and seniority. It seems that this habit is very hard to change for you!" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Haha, then take a few more attacks from me."

After saying that, Bai Tian's caves appeared behind him.

He didn't have ten caves—he had nine. However, his caves were all green in color, filled with a powerful vitality. Qing Shui's eyes lit up. To think that this man was able to unleash the strength of the Nurture God Realm here. Although it was only at the first level of the Nurture God Realm, his current realm had surpassed that of Qing Shui's.

"I've seen through the regulations in the Forsaken Heaven Region and thus I'm able to unleash the strength at the first level of the Nurture God Realm. Therefore, in the Forsaken Heaven Region, it can be said that I can use my realm to suppress my opponents." Bai Tian's powerful aura surged.

Qing Shui wasn't worried. He had the Emperor Qi's Pellet—the Emperor's Dao. Therefore, he no longer would be suppressed by the opponent's realm. If it wasn't because of the Emperor's Dao and that his Emperor Qi's Pellet had gone through a change, it was very likely that he might have fallen today.

Realm suppression was very terrifying. The suppression between the Cave Realm and the Nurture God Realm was quite frightening. The strength that Bai Tian displayed previously had already proven that. If Qing Shui didn't have the Divine Weapon Flying Sword's reduction effect, he would have been dealt a serious injury with that hit. This was even taking into account that his body was a lot stronger than ordinary cultivators. Otherwise, that one hit would have taken Qing Shui's life.

If one was suppressed by realm, then it was likely that the person would be dealt an instant kill.

"Have another taste of my fist." Bai Tian charged out once again toward Qing Shui. After suppressing Qing Shui with his realm, he unleashed his spiritual pressure. This time around, he had the feeling that he would at least be able to deal Qing Shui some serious injuries.


After this one strike, he discovered that things were still different from before. Right now, Bai Tian seemed as if he had just seen something unbelievable. He looked at the smiling Qing Shui, unable to accept this at all.

"You've managed to get away from some of the world's regulations, but the path I take is the Emperor's Dao. I won't be suppressed by the difference in realms." Qing Shui didn't hide this and said outright.

"It's no wonder!" Bai Tian understood. However, he didn't know how he should continue the fight from here. His absolute power was because he had seen through part of the Heavenly Dao, and thus was able to use stronger power compared to others which was how he became the Middle Three Regions' dominator.

He was an exception in the Middle Three Regions, a loophole, a bug [1]...

However, he was unable to take down this young man even with this. He wasn't just able to suppress the opponent with his realm. In fact, he had already unleashed the strength at the first level of the Nurture God Realm. This allowed him to use over two times the powers that others could use.

The limits to the powers other people could use was ten trillion dao force, but he was able to use twenty trillion dao force.

If he used realm suppression, other people would probably only be left with five trillion dao force. It would be an easy feat for one with a strength of twenty trillion dao force to deal an instant kill against another with five trillion dao force. Even if he couldn't use his realm to suppress his opponents, he should also be able to defeat his opponent easily with the twofold strength difference.

However, he was unable to do so despite being currently in such a situation.

After Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi weakened the opponent's strength by twenty percent added on to the Divine Weapon Flying Sword's reduction effect, the attacking prowess that landed on Qing Shui was less than ten trillion dao.

From the beginning, Qing Shui had felt that Bai Tian's attacks were very strong. He had thought that the latter had a damage increment effect. It was only now that he knew the latter had found some loophole with the Heavenly Dao.

If it wasn't because of Qing Shui's Emperor's Might Brilliant Dao, even with the weakening and reduction effect, he wouldn't be able to fight against Bai Tian.

Bai Tian didn't call out the demonic beasts in the caves, and could only use the first level of the Nurture God Realm. He was unable to do anything to this young man's ability to withstand damages and knew that it'd be useless even if he were to call out his demonic beasts. At the first level of the Nurture God Realm, the demonic beasts were a lot weaker compared to him. It would only be at a later phase for it be possible for the demonic beasts to surpass one's own strength.

At this moment, Qing Shui said to Bai Tian, "Take two attacks from me as well."

Qing Shui then struck out with a Stellar Transposition directly.

A silvery white glow that was like the Milky Way and the setting sun gushed out.


A crisp sound rang out as this hit struck onto Bai Tian's body directly, causing his face to turn pale and a hint of blood to trickle out from his mouth. Qing Shui had in fact only reduced twenty percent of Bai Tian's defense. Under a normal situation, it would be very hard for Qing Shui's attacks to break through Bai Tian's defense. However, the Stellar Transposition could completely bypass the opponent's defense.

Despite so, Bai Tian's body was also strong enough and had only withstood some light injuries. Now, his countenance changed even more.

In the Forsaken Heaven Region, no one other than himself could unleash a force above ten trillion dao force. No one could utilize powers that surpassed that of the Cave Realm. Therefore, with his current defense and his own endurance, he was unafraid of any attacks. This was how he was able to become the Forsaken Heaven Region's dominator.

However, to think that he had been injured. That attack was very terrifying. If they weren't in the Forsaken Heaven Region, he felt that he could have been instantly killed...

Qing Shui knew that he wasn't able to kill that man after using the Stellar Transposition. However, he still had other trumps up his sleeves like the Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm in his Central Palace Blood Essence Pool. This thing should be able to kill Bai Tian. This was Qing Shui's final trump, and he would usually not use it unless he was in a situation that forced him to.

At this moment, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared in his hand. The three-inch silver rustic sword emitted a holy and sharp glow. This small three-inch sword could be said to be pocket-sized, but no one who saw it would dare to underestimate it.

Bai Tian's countenance changed and he looked at Qing Shui, "Why don't we talk this over?"

Qing Shui smiled, "Go ahead!"

"As they said, if there's no discord, there’s no concord. I can't do anything to you and you won't be staying here. Therefore, there's no point for the two of us to fight it out to the bitter death. What do you think?" Bai Tian looked at Qing Shui.

"If I were to kill you, there'd be two possibilities. Moreover, I won't receive any harm," Qing Shui said decisively.

Bai Tian was astonished and he looked at Qing Shui, feeling that Qing Shui wasn't joking. He then said, "What conditions do you have? I can help you accomplish them. They say that even the King would need to have a beggar as a friend. I'm at least better than a beggar, right? Why don't we become friends?"

"I killed your son. This is an irreconcilable feud," Qing Shui said.

"Humans must learn to move forward. The dead have passed on and this is his life. We should turn hostility into friendship. Many people requite evil with good. I have a friend, or rather, a brother, who had once killed one of my sons who was a good-for-nothing. I can kill this person as well, but I admire his character. Till today, we're still brothers," Bai Tian said calmly.

Qing Shui naturally wouldn't believe Bai Tian's words. However, now that things had come down to this, Qing Shui actually didn't have any plans to kill Bai Tian anymore. After all, this man was the Middle Three Regions' dominator. Qing Shui hadn't thought of wanting to become the Middle Three Regions' dominator either. There was a moment when he had thought about this previously, but in the end, he still shook his head.

If he wanted to become a dominator, he might as well be the Upper Three Regions' dominator...

[1] Referring to the case of a software bug.

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