AST 2421 - Blue Star City, a Noble Young Man with Perspective and Background

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2421 - Blue Star City, a Noble Young Man with Perspective and Background

It was common to see some forces from the Nine Continents here and it seemed not so extraordinary anymore. Yet they were from the branches or even the sub-units of the branches, just like the branches of the franchise shops in his past life.

The Ice Star Nation was a super majestic force in the Nine Star Domain. Rumor had it that each of the nine stars in the sky of Nine Star Domain was guarded a certain force. It was said that the Ice Star Nation was guarded by the Ice Star among the nine stars.

As for the way of guarding, it was said that there was a special place in the Ice Star Nation called the Ice Star Divine Hall. That place seemed to open every hundred years, and one would be protected by the Ice Star after entering. The type of providence depended on one’s fortune. The Ice Star Divine Hall was definitely controlled by the Ice Star Nation.

Once entering the Ice Star Divine Hall, one would get a unique ability at once. The resistance of ice attributes would increase by twenty percent and the speed of training ice attribute techniques would increase by twenty percent.

This ability was actually great, as ice and fire were incompatible. A strong ice attribute could resist fire. The five elements favoured and resisted one another. When the discrepancy was huge, it could reverse the resistance. For example, water could extinguish fire, but fire could vaporize water. A pail of water could extinguish a small furnace but it could not put out a large field of fire.

This was only one providence of the Ice Star to the Ice Star Nation, and it was said that there were more. As for the exact details, only very few people knew them.

Qing Shui did not expect to be in a Nation as strong as this once he arrived. There were nine stars in the sky, and if he was not mistaken there would be nine forces which were guarded by nine stars respectively. These nine forces should be the strongest forces in the Nine Star Domain.

This was just an assumption; the ones who received providence were not necessarily the strongest ones. There was an exception in everything.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way, we are chasing a thief…”

Qing Shui and the gang just finished their meals and while walking on the street, a group of people was rushing and yelling ahead of them.

Qing Shui and the rest had no reason to find trouble, so they gave way to them. A group of men riding on large demonic beasts rushed towards them from nearby.

“Mother!” A little girl was heard yelling.

Many people gave way, but a little girl around four or five years old tripped and fell. Huge demonic beasts were about to step on her.

“Ah, Niu Niu……” a woman cried, her voice was sharp, full of unwillingness and despair.

Just as Qing Shui was about to move, Shen Huang threw the huge demonic beast away with one palm move. If the demonic beast had not been flung away, the little girl would have died even with ten lives.

Shen Huang carried the little girl.

“Stupid woman, you are seeking death!” The young man who fell from the demonic beast screamed in rage.

After screaming, he looked at Shen Huang with dazzlement in his eyes.  Though Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan were wearing rain hats, their body figures were unable to be concealed. The young man was stunned looking at Shen Huang’s figure.

“Young master, do we act? Shall we catch all of them?” a perverted-looking man whispered.

Qing Shui only looked at this young man now. He looked young and handsome but his eyes were frivolous and he dressed luxuriously. Yet, he looked a bit messy now that he had just fallen from the demonic beast.

His strength was only at Xiantian level, which could be said to be a useless man.

“Thank you miss, Niu Niu, quick, thank your life’s saviour,” The woman carried the little girl from Shen Huang’s hands and said hastily.

“No worries, anyone would help in such a situation,” Shen Huang smiled slightly. Even though she was wearing a rain hat, her wonderful voice made people feel it was a saint’s melody.

“Thank you, fairy elder sister!” The little girl forgot her previous frightening moment and said happily.

“Such a smart little girl,” Shen Huang said and patted her head gently. While doing that, she instilled something in the girl’s mind as a cultivation gift for her.

“You killed my demonic beast and hurt me, account for the consequences,” The young man approached them, but his eyes were only focused on Shen Huang.

“You're riding the demonic beast and running around in this busy market. If we didn't come out, this little girl would have died. You still have the audacity to deal with us. Are you shameless?” Shen Huang watched the young man while wearing the rain hat and said in an unpleasant way.

“Haha, I will do whatever I want in Blue Star City. It is not a big deal to kill someone; it almost happens every day. Who are you? You have to know your limits before stopping me,” the young man smirked indifferently.

“I wonder how you want to deal with us then?” Qing Shui smiled and stood beside Shen Huang.

In this Nine Star Domain, be it a city or the Ice Star Nation, he did not take it seriously. This was just a foppish young man. It was not an issue even if he had a strong background.

“She hit me, so she will be the compensation,” The young man pointed at Shen Huang.

Qing Shui squinted. He watched this young man who did not know his limits. “Do you know how to write the word ‘Die’?”

“You want to kill me, haha, did you guys hear that, he wants to kill me.” The young man laughed while facing the men beside him.

“Hahaha, Young Master, they are a bunch of fools. Young Master, how do you think we should handle them?” The perverted-looking guy laughed out loud too.

Qing Shui wondered why the young man had such confidence. As a Xiantian warrior, he should not be so clueless. Qing Shui looked at the people around him and finally found an elder among them.

The elder looked extremely ordinary, and his aura was obscure, so Qing Shui took a little bit of effort to sense it. The elder was surprisingly at the Great Perfection Cave Realm.

Though Qing Shui left the Forsaken Heaven Region and his strength was much greater than the Great Perfection Cave Realm, it did not mean that the Great Perfection Cave Realm was not powerful. In the Upper Three Regions, the Cave Realm was still the mainstream. After all, there were only several tens of men from the top sects who had achieved the Nurture God Realm. There were so many people in a sect, perhaps a hundred thousand, a million or more.

This was just an approximation. If it was an empire or a nation, the population size was uncountable. It could only be a long strand of numbers.

The elder was shocked to see Qing Shui looking at him too. He stepped forward and said to Qing Shui and the others, “His father is the lord of the Blue Star City, his mother is the daughter of the Ice Emperor in the Ice Star Nation.”

Qing Shui understood the reason behind the young man’s confidence now.

The elder said to the young man, “Young Master, don’t act brutally. They are not ordinary men.”

The elder’s voice was soft, but Qing Shui could hear him clearly.

“Elder Ge, could they be stronger than you?” The young man frowned. The strongest man he had was the elder. His mother pampered him so much and the lord could not afford to go against his mother. Otherwise, it was such a waste for this strong warrior to protect him.

“Powerful. He could kill me instantly,” the elder had a strong sense. He was astonished by Qing Shui's terrifying strength. He was so young but so powerful. He must be from a strong and daunting force. Not even the royal members of the Ice Emperor were as excellent as him.

The young man was soaked in cold sweat. He was foppish but not a fool. Furthermore, he did not want to die. He said to a man beside him, “We scared the mother and her daughter just now. Give them the Qing Yuan courtyard in the southwest, then give them a thousand dollars to cool down.”

A middle-aged man nodded, “Alright, Young Master!”

The young man looked at Qing Shui, “Sir, it was my fault previously, you are right. I'm sorry, you can kill me if you are unsatisfied.”

Qing Shui's eyes brightened. This young man was cunning and had a profound background. Previously, he did a very wrong thing to ask for a strong warrior’s woman. If Qing Shui had wanted to deal with him, he could’ve ended up in an ugly  situation and even lose his life.

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