Chapter: 835

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 835 - Killing Hu Wenlong In An Instant, Pounding Heart

It was like a tiger's descent from a mountain, no one could withstand the pressure!

Caught unaware, Hu Wenlong was forced to take a step back after facing Qing Shui's pressure. This made him extremely astonished and he felt that he had lost his reputation.

The young man opposite him was only a Xiantian...

"That's not right!" Hu Wenlong squinted his eyes. It was because up to now, he still could only sense that this young man was at a Xiantian level. However, he was able to push Hu Wenlong back one step. Even if Hu Wenlong had let his guard down earlier, he was still not one whom a Xiantian cultivator would be able to push back just with aura alone.

"Moreover, if he's a Xiantian cultivator, I'd be able to crush him just by pressure alone. However, it seems like he's able to ignore my pressure?" Hu Wenlong was still extremely astonished.

He felt that Qing Shui was not such an expert, not at his young age. Then it must be because the young man could ignore other people's pressure or had even cultivated some special mental martial technique.

There was a kind of powerful person in the world of the nine continents. This kind of person had a powerful spirit energy and cultivated Five Element Art or some technique which increased one's attacks via spirit energy.

Five Element Art was a type of technique where one cultivated the five elements, just like Qing Shui's primordial flames. Such techniques was related to one's powerful spirit energy and usually, most of these people would become alchemists, forgers and beast tamers.

Another job one could take was to be a "Spiritualist". This job had a higher requirement for one's spirit energy as compared to the cultivation of Five Element Art or other jobs such as alchemists, Forgerss and beast tamers. They do not perform alchemy, do not forge weapons, nor do they tame beasts. They only kill.

"Spiritualist" kill without showing a drop of blood nor do they use blades. They rely on their powerful spirit energy, through cultivating unique spirit energy attacking techniques, directly attacking one's brain and soul, unbeknownst to anyone.

These people were very terrifying but they had very weak physiques. They would have no other way out if they came across people with powerful spirit energy. Usually, they would have people to guard them. Although they were extremely good at killing people, they were also easily killed.

It was tens of times more difficult to become a powerful "Spiritualist" than to become a powerful cultivator. It was because the talent required of the Spiritualist was much harsher and even the cultivation techniques they used were extremely unique and rare. There were many people who had powerful spirit energy but did not have the techniques to attack with their spirit energy and thus missed out on the chance to become a "Spiritualist".

Martial arts cultivators trained their "body" and "Qi". Although their spirit energy would increase as their bodies become more powerful, such increases were slow and gradual. Martial arts cultivators of the same level would usually not have a big difference in terms of their spirit energy.

They were unlike Qing Shui who had the Yin-Yang Image and Nature Energy!

Nature Energy could power up the user's spirit energy cultivation but was not able to allow one to better unleash one's spirit energy to perform attacks.

It was like the Ancient Strengthening Technique which increased Qing Shui's cultivation level. However, it required various battle techniques such as the Sword of the Sixth Wave, Basic Sword Techniques, Combination Sword Technique and the hidden weapons to bring about stronger destructive forces.

The same went for attacks with spirit energy. Qing Shui's Nature Energy and Yin-Yang Image were comparable to his Ancient Strengthening Technique but Qing Shui's primordial flames could only be considered a type of the Five Element Art and was not a technique which allowed him to attack with his spirit energy.

The old man was worried that Qing Shui was the type of person who cultivated techniques to attack others with their spirit energy. After all, while those people appeared to be very weak, they could easily kill their targets and could even kill people who appeared to be much stronger than themselves.

"Young lad, come to our Hu Wei Adventurer Guild. I'll give you the position of an Elder," Hu Wenlong looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

Qing Shui had thought that the other party could not wait to kill him but to think that he was trying to pull him to his side. Moreover, it seemed that the offer was not small.

It was a pity that even if he were to give the entire Hu Wei Adventurer Guild to him, he would not be interested. Moreover, it was hard to tell if this was a trick.

Qing Shui's expression did not change, as if he was thinking.

"I'll not just give you the position of an Elder, I'll also give you a manor, twenty beautiful maids, two thousand gold and jewellery..."

Seeing that Qing Shui was deep in thought, Hu Wenlong continued.

Qing Shui had not expected that Hu Wenlong was one who would actively bribe people. It might be because of Hu Wenlong's status. This position of Elder was still very significant. Twenty beautiful maids would also be a great temptation for lecherous people. And the two thousand gold and jewellery... Status, money and beauties... all of them had been taken into consideration.

"If I want the entire Hu Wei Adventurer Guild, would you give it to me?" Qing Shui lifted his head and asked Hu Wenlong calmly. He wanted to make a fool out of Hu Wenlong, wanted to make him angry.

"How dare you! To think that you don't appreciate the goodwill of somebody else. You don't know any better!" Hu Wenlong bellowed furiously.

"How dare I?"

"Haha, wait till I flatten the entire Hu Wei Adventurer Guild, you'll know if I dare to do so or not." Qing Shui continued to look at Hu Wenlong calmly. Qing Shui had not given a hoot for the Hu Wei Adventurer Guild but he was still very careful when dealing with them.

"Grand Elder, I'll go kill him." A middle-aged man behind Hu Wenlong said in a soft voice.

Hu Wenlong nodded. It was only his suspicions that Qing Shui was a Spiritualist. After all, Spiritualist were too rare and thus he wanted to take this opportunity to test it out.

The middle-aged man drew out his longsword and pounced toward Qing Shui without a second word.

His leap was very unique, appearing to be slow but was in fact very fast. The longsword in his hand brought about a pitch black after image as it swept out toward Qing Shui, immediately making the air in the area cooler by a few degrees.

Qing Shui shook his head, not retreating but instead, advancing forward. He launched out his right hand at great speed, hitting against the man's throat.


The sound of his throat being torn apart rang out and the man eyes popped out in disbelief right in front of Qing Shui.

This time around, Hu Wenlong was truly astonished. He felt that this young man's abilities were no weaker than his own.

Qing Shui turned to look at Yun Duan who was in a slight daze. "Trust me, while I might not be able to bring you great wealth, I can give you the life that you want."

Yun Duan looked at Qing Shui in a daze. At this moment, it was as if something warm was flowing in her heart, giving new life to her entire body.

Qing Shui looked at Yun Duan and smiled before he turned back to look at Hu Wenlong. He then charged out like an agile leopard.

His aura and martial techniques were all circulated to the peak and the Big Dipper Sword and Thunder God appeared quickly in his hands. He wanted to give this Hu Wei Adventurer Guild a strong last blow.

Qing Shui sensed that Hu Wenlong's abilities were about four and a half stars. In Heavenly Beast City, this was already considered relatively powerful. What Qing Shui wanted to do when he dashed over, was to deal the fatal blow.

Sword of Sixth Wave!

Qing Shui did not weaken the opponent since there was no need to. When their abilities were about the same, the Sword of Sixth Wave could kill his opponent instantly. Moreover, this old man's abilities were not as strong as when he was in his peak.

Ding ding ding...

Sharp sounds of meal collisions rang out. A faint smile appeared on Qing Shui's face while the look on Hu Wenlong's was one of disbelief and desperation. He had not expected himself to be killed even in his dreams. Moreover, it was at the hands of such a young man.

The short moment was like a hundred years and he was devoured by darkness.

It was absolutely quiet in the surroundings, without a hint of sound. They could even hear the sound of breathing. Everyone forgot what they were supposed to do.

Dead! instantly killed!

"My eyes haven't played any tricks on me, right? Hu Wenlong was instantly killed by a young man?" Someone rubbed their eyes so hard that they had turned red as he spoke in disbelief.

"Who is this young man? He seems to have a very good relationship with Miss Yun Duan."

"That's right. Could he be Miss Yun Duan's lover?"

"It's hard to say. Hu Yunlong was dreaming of getting his hands on Miss Yun Duan despite his old age. This is great. Hu Wei Adventurer Guild is probably goners now."


The commotion in the surroundings grew increasingly louder. There were people who were happy, there were people who were aggrieved. However, most of the people were wearing a gloating expression. Right now, the people who were the happiest were the people from Cloud Adventurer Guild.

Yun Duan stood there and watched in a daze. She could not believe that everything she saw was true. Yun Peng smiled with her face flushed red. The beautiful married lady stood there, tears flowing out of her eyes. Those were tears of happiness. She knew that her daughter no longer had to go through a hard life anymore.

Yun Chi, Yun Yang, Yun Tong and the others were also extremely excited. Only Yun Xiao was gloomy. He had broken out in cold sweat. If it was not for Yun Duan, eldest brother would probably have been killed by that guy...

"Hahaha, heaven has eyes!" The man who was called 3rd brother earlier broke out into laughter. The old men next to him were also overjoyed.

The elderly men who were opposite them, having ran away from Cloud Adventurer Guild to join Hu Wei Adventurer Guild, now had pale faces. In the blink of an eye, not only were their reputations ruined but everything they owned, including their lives, were going to be lost soon.

"Heavens, you've finally done something right for once. Old Master's decision back then was right. Miss was one was born for great things. The Cloud Adventurer Guild will definitely grow," the old man said, with tears of happiness flowing.

His words also sent out a message toward the people around them. Yun Duan was their hope. Yun Duan had the help of a great person and Cloud Adventurer Guild would become stronger. No one would be able to come offend them easily.

Just as Qing Shui was about to kill the rest of the people, Yun Duan immediately spoke out, "Qing Shui, let them go."

Qing Shui stopped and without saying a word, broke into a faint smile.

"They belonged to our Cloud Adventurer Guild in the past and have done great work for us. They also have big families to care for."

"We'll do as you say," Qing Shui smiled and said. Seeing that a hint of her hair was brushing against his face from the wind, giving him a tingling feeling, he naturally helped her put her hair in place.

Yun Duan could not help but take one step back, a faint red blush appeared on her face. "Thank you!"

At this moment, the other old men from earlier walked over and bowed to Qing Shui. However, Qing Shui quickly helped them up. He could not stand to accept such a bow from them.

"Your martial techniques are very strong. Let us give you our thanks."

"I'm very, very good friends with Miss Yun Duan. Her problems are mine. You guys don't have to do this. I'm doing this willingly," Qing Shui spoke out his heart felt thoughts.

When Yun Duan heard Qing Shui emphasizing that they were very, very good friends, she could not help but panic a little. She lifted her head to see Qing Shui smiling at her and quickly turned away. Her heart was pounding very quickly. Although they had had the closest skinship previously, it was an accident. It was only now that her heart was pounding very quickly...

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