Chapter: 847

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 847 - Passive Treasure, Spirit Gathering Lamp

A few more items were quickly auctioned out. There was not much competition and thus they were sold off very quickly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the next item on the list is a mysterious item. Even our client is not aware what the item is but he nonetheless entrusted it to our Emperor City Auction Hall to put it up for auction. Our professional appraisers have appraised it to be an ancient item. We'll reveal a little bit more information. The client comes from a major clan and we trust that he would probably not bring rubbish here to put up for auction. Alright, we'll start accepting bids. The lowest bid will be one gold tael, nothing lower." The auctioneer took off the cloth on the table and said.

When Qing Shui saw that item on the table, he was stunned. It was a dark green ancient lamp-shaped object that appeared very old and tattered. However, at this moment, Qing Shui wanted to call out its name.

Spirit Gathering Lamp!

Qing Shui could clearly remember the effect of the Spirit Gathering Lamp. If one were to equip it in battle, it could randomly increase the spiritual energy of all the holder’s summoned demonic beasts until the battle ended.

Qing Shui could even sense the rippling spiritual energy on it. Although it was not very strong, he could sense it clearly. Yet, he was confused why no one had been able to use it.

He did not know its actual effect either.

He suddenly thought of Magic Treasures. Such treasures were categorized into active and passive types. The active types were those like Qing Shui's Demon Binding Ropes and Soulshake Bell. To be useful, Qing Shui had to hold them in his hands and directly use it against the target.

The other type of magic treasure was the passive type, like this Spirit Gathering Lamp. Passive treasures were only effective when placed in a specific location. For example, small-scale items like gemstones could be hung at the waist, around the neck, or embedded into weapons or clothes. There was no need to specially control them and their effect would take place automatically, like passive battle techniques.

Looking at the one meter long Spirit Gathering Lamp on the auction table, Qing Shui knew this was a good item for beast tamers. However, ordinary people would never carry such an item in battle, as they did not know its value or purpose.

Since they were not aware of its use, the lamp would be useless. Moreover, Qing Shui could sense that this Spirit Gathering Lamp's grade was definitely not high. Therefore, even if someone were to really hold and use it, he would not sense any obvious effects.

Qing Shui could sense that there were too many restrictions to this item. Firstly, one would need to temper this Spirit Gathering Lamp to a higher grade. Next, one must have demonic beasts at the level of his Fire Bird and Thunderous Beast for the lamp to be useful.

Another thing Qing Shui was concerned about whether the item had the same effect as the Spirit Gathering Lamp he recalled. Who would come in possession of such a Magic Treasure?

If it really was a Magic Treasure, it should also have some effect when held. However, who would hold such an unwieldy item during battle? Many cultivators would carry weapons in both hands or a weapon in one and a shield in another...

Since the Spirit Gathering Lamp was so big, it was impossible to carry it easily. Therefore, even if it was put up for auction today, no one knew what use it had. Therefore, the greatest value of this item was as an antique collectible.

However, Qing Shui thought of his Fire Bird, Thunderous Beast and other beasts. He didn't know if the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's skills like the Diamond Sword Qi and the Mighty Elephant Stomp would be affected by the Spirit Gathering Lamp.

However, the attacks of the Thunderous Beast and Fire Bird would definitely be affected by the Spirit Gathering Lamp. Of course, this assumed that this “Spirit Gathering Lamp” was the Spirit Gathering Lamp he knew of. Therefore, Qing Shui was hell-bent on getting his hands on this Spirit Gathering Lamp.

"Two gold taels!"

"Three gold taels!"


As Qing Shui was in deep thought, people had started calling out their bids. Most were from rich merchants who merely wanted to have it as a collectible.

"Five thousand gold taels!" Suddenly, a cold voice not far from Qing Shui rang out.

The bids were increasing by one or two or at most by ten taels on the first storey, but the total had not even increased to four hundred gold taels. The person on the second storey may not have been able to hold it in anymore and just shouted out a massive bid to shut everyone up.

There was an unspoken rule in the place. If someone from the second storey called out a bid, those on the first storey would not continue. It was the same this time. No one from the second storey called out any bids either.

"Number 378 from upstairs has called a bid of 5,000 gold taels. Are there any higher bids?" The auctioneer waited for a while before calling out.

"Brother, do you know who that number 378 is?" Qing Shui asked Tang Wude.

"Those who come to the second storey are those who do not wish to have their identities revealed, so no one knows. Of course, you will be able to find out if you pay attention when they leave, unless they try to conceal themselves. Why, Qing Shui, you're also interested on getting your hands on that weird item?" Tang Wude smiled and said.

"That's right. I hope to win that item." Qing Shui cut to the chase and said directly.

"Alright, I'll help you!" Tang Wude smiled and said.

"Brother, I'll do it myself. I'm afraid that I’ll only bring you trouble." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Haha, Qing Shui, you've underestimated your brother and the Tang Manor. Although the Tang Manor isn't overly powerful, most people would show some respect to the Tang Manor in this Continent's Capital. You can bid for it, but the money must be paid by me." Tang Wude smiled and said.

"With brother's words, I'm relieved. I won’t stand on ceremony then."

It was then that the auctioneer spoke up once again, "Calling 5,000 gold taels thrice! If there's no higher bidder, then the bid will be closed!"

"10,000 taels!"

Qing Shui's voice rang out. Although it was not loud, it was heard clearly.

"10,000 taels,10,000 taels! Room 215 has bid 10,000 taels!" The auctioneer's voice was very encouraging.

The auctioneer continued to repeat a few times, as if fearing that other people were not aware of the current bid. He then asked if there was anyone who was going to call a higher bid. He even repeated that the person who had put up the item for auction was from a great clan.

"20,000 taels!"

A cold snort rang out.

Hearing the voice, Qing Shui thought that it would be someone who was more senior, likely an old man. However, the person who called out the bid sounded younger.

"Acting blindly without a care for death!" Hearing that cold snort, Tang Wude casually replied. Although his voice was very soft, the other party would definitely be able to hear it.

"50,000 taels!" Qing Shui had plenty of money in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Even if he needed to spend even more money, he was confident in beating the other party. However, he had not expected that after Tang Wude had spoke, the other party had fallen silent.

The other party probably recognized Tang Wude's identity. Although it was slightly overbearing to pressure others with his status, the other party had tried to do the same earlier. Some auctioneers would even make use of the competitions between such aristocrat clans to earn a pile of money.

50,000 taels calling once!

50,000 taels calling twice!

50,000 taels calling thrice!


Qing Shui eventually spent 50,000 gold taels to get his hands on this item, but the one who paid was Tang Wude. To many people, this was a prodigal act. To the auctioneer, it was an achievement he was proud of, to be able to auction out an item at 50,000 gold taels from a starting bid of one gold tael. This was the most unexpected event in his auctioning life, but as an auctioneer, this was a glorious achievement.

Qing Shui was not interested in the remaining items. A relatively powerful weapon, the Rainbow Sword, was sold off at a whopping price. To the people here, money was nothing. It was the item that had the least worth.

There were also some medicinal pills and other miscellaneous items that needed to be exchanged for items of similar value or there were specific requirements for the item to be traded for. For example, this could mean using ten medicinal pills to exchange for eight medicinal pills of the same grade. For such an auction, the auctioneer hall would request a certain amount of administrative fees.

Until the auction was over, Qing Shui didn't speak another word and went to collect the Spirit Gathering Lamp with Tang Wude. The items bidded on during the auction would be sent to the private rooms after the auction was over.

Qing Shui picked up the Spirit Gathering Lamp. It was quite heavy, but it gave the feeling of being a lamp and bell at the same time.

"Qing Shui, do you recognize this item?" Tang Wude watched as Qing Shui fiddled with this item. To him, this was something that was useless and worth one gold tael.

"I don't. But for some reason, I quite like it and wanted to have it." Qing Shui smiled and said. There was no need to say the truth in some cases. Sometimes, saying white lies were for the better good.

He kept it in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

The moment he tossed it in, Qing Shui sensed a strange feeling, as if his connection with the few demonic beasts in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had gotten stronger. His heart could not help but skip a beat as he thought of one possibility.

When the Spirit Gathering Lamp had been placed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it had been the equivalent of putting in a Magic Treasure.

Heading out with Tang Wude, Qing Shui planned to study this Spirit Gathering Lamp closely later. Compared to active Magic Treasures, Qing Shui felt that passive Magic Treasures were also exceptionally powerful. They were like passive battle techniques and Qing Shui liked them just as much.


"Brother, I'm heading off!" Qing Shui didn't stay for lunch.

"I won't stop you then. Be careful on your way. You'll be able to arrive at the Eastern Victory Divine Continent if you continue to head east. Remember what I told you, don't be rash. The Sky Penetrating Mountains are extremely dangerous and with your current cultivation level, you'll only be able to stay around the borders. Before you enter, you must be extremely careful." Tang Wude reminded Qing Shui.

"I will" Qing Shui waved and went up the Fire Bird. Tang Wude's silhouette grew increasingly smaller as he flew away.


"Young Master, that young man has flown to the east alone." A young man from the Wan Clan ran into the courtyard, reporting to a man who was drinking wine together with a coquettish lady.


The man was in his thirties or slightly older. He appeared very sharp and capable. His bright eyes lit up, and with his slightly bent hawklike nose, he gave off a vicious feeling. However, he could still be considered handsome.

"That's right. By the looks of it, he seems to be heading for the Eastern Victory Divine Continent."

"Lad, since you've made me, Wan Liankun, lose my pride just for a broken antique, I'll make you pay with your life. Call 4th Elder, 6th Elder, 7th Elder, 9th Elder and the others over. Keep an eye on that young man, don't lose sight of him," the young man said quickly.


Qing Shui slowly flew toward the east. At the start, he flew at a very stable speed as he checked out the scenery below. He had no plan to descend since Tang Wude had said that there wouldn't be any Sky Penetrating Grass here. It was something that he would not be able to get his hands on through purchasing or trading with items. Therefore, what he had to do now was rush to the Eastern Victory Divine Continent and try his luck in the Sky Penetrating Mountains.

Even though he had arrived in the Central Continent City, Qing Shui didn't head to Cold Ice City to visit Hai Dongqing. He didn't know if she was fine or whether she would really be waiting for him as she said she would.

In the end, Qing Shui shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He could think about it in the future. As he was just about to leave using the Nine Continents Steps, he sensed that, not far away, there were a few flying demonic beasts tailing him.

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