Chapter: 854

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 854 - Spirit Channeling Jade, Liu-Li Pregnant

“In the future, when you cultivate, I will provide the medicinal pills. As for your cultivation path, you choose it yourself. Ten years later, if you still want to follow me, then come to the Heavenly Palace in Greencloud Continent to look for me!”

Qing Shui said after assisting Chi Ao and Chi Feng in awakening their potentials.

Before the two of them could say anything, Qing Shui continued, “Don’t say anything now, just do your best to practise the things I have taught you. Now, I will teach you two sets of fist techniques. Remember to practise.”

The Taichi Fist cultivated a tranquil heart and resolved the baleful aura in their bodies. This way, they would not be corrupted by it, turning into killing machines.

Earlier, he mentioned that they have to get strong, this was not simple to do at all. If they were able to reach such heights within ten years, to rely on that baleful aura in their bodies to reach that level, then Qing Shui would be able to push them to even further heights.

On this night, there were many people who did not rest. They stayed up the entire night to familiarize themselves with the Tiger Form and feel the strength in their bodies. They were so excited that they could not contain themselves. They even wanted to go out to the mountains and fight with the mountain boars and tigers. At the moment, when their strength was increasing, especially the moment when they were practising the Tiger Form, they felt an unexplainable delight.

However, Qing Shui returned to his room, then entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

While it was only a day for others, even if they did not eat or sleep, it was just 24 hours, it was different for Qing Shui. He had a lot of time. However, he cultivated too many things.

He had to accumulate experience for everything. Like refining medicine or breaking through in his techniques, it was the result of accumulating experience. The more he practised, the more familiar he would be. Only by continually practising and accumulating experience, could he discover the intricacies of the techniques and breakthrough to new realms.

When he came out of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it was already late at night. When Qing Shui came out of the room to the outside. He could see could see two figures dancing in the moonlight, practising the Tiger Form.

The village chief himself was not far off, overseeing Chi Ao and Chi Feng. Qing Shui slowly walked over. When the village chief saw Qing Shui, he said happily, “Why are you not resting sir?”

“I can’t sleep, so I came out to talk a walk. Why are you not resting?”

Qing Shui knew the reason but he still asked anyway. He knew that the village chief was worried about Chi Ao and Chi Feng. Although, they were not his grandchildren, after raising them for twenty-odd years, it was no different than if they were his own grandchildren.

“I could not sleep either. Hmm, I forgot something. Sir, please wait for me here for a bit.” The old village chief seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

Qing Shui nodded his head and agreed. He did not know why did the old village chief suddenly left.

After about ten breaths of time, he heard the sound of footsteps. When Qing Shui turned his head to look, he was stunned. He saw the village chief carrying a bluish-green jade that was about the size of an infant. The jade had a simple beauty to it, its color was not garish.

What a huge piece of jade!

Qing Shui was astonished but what he noticed later made him even more astonished. The appearance of this jade as well as the Spiritual Energy it gave off caused him to think of a particular item.

Spirit Channeling Jade!

“This was passed down by my ancestors. They obtained it long ago in jade mountain. It seems like something good. It's a pity that we do not know what is it used for. When placed in a room, it will keep the room fresh and clean, making one’s mood feel especially good. I hope sir would not dislike this. There are no other better things here that I can repay sir with.” The old village chief handed the jade over to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui hesitated for abit. He could tell that the village chief really wanted him to have it, Qing Shui himself wanted it too. However, he could not just take it for nothing. Thus, he did not say anything else and received it. After that, he immediately took out a Xiantian Golden Pellet. He did not want to owe the old man anything. That piece of jade was definitely not an ordinary item. He could feel it when he received it.

“Senior, this thing can allow you to strengthen your body. Eat it, I’ll help you adjust to it,” Qing Shui said as he threw the jade into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The old man did not reject it and immediately swallowed that pretty medicinal pill. Everyone in Jade Mountain Village already knew how strong this youth’s pills were.

The old man sat crossed-legged there as Qing Shui used the Gold Needles to protect his pulse and important meridians, allowing the huge energy to circulate a cycle. Very soon, a layer of black filth was exuded from the old man’s body.

Xiantian cultivators had all experienced marrow cleansing. This was the difference between Xiantian and Houtian.

The old man opened his eyes and stared at Qing Shui dumbfoundedly. When he noticed the stink on his body, he quickly apologized and went to take a shower. With his peak Houtian cultivation, he knew what was going on. Furthermore, now, he was a Xiantian cultivator.

In the past, becoming a Xiantian was just a wishful dream from him. Now, he actually had broken through to Xiantian.

Very soon, the old man changed his set of clothes. His previously old and fragile figure seemed to have turned slightly younger. There was now a glow on his face and a look of satisfaction in his eyes.

“Sir has given this old man too much. You have helped me achieved the biggest dream I had when I was young,” the old village chief said gratefully.

“You have already became a Xiantian cultivator. You should be able to see the talent that Chi Ao and Chi Feng have. I have a few things here that I want you to give to them in future. I am going to leave now.” Qing Shui handed over many beast parchments to the old man.

“You are leaving now?” The old man said bewilderedly.

“Mn. Yes, I’m leaving. You will guide the people here in their cultivation. Remember to remind them to not antagonize the strong Demonic Beasts. It is no problem if a group of people working together deal with a wild beast. Do not be greedy. I believe that you will be able to help them to understand.” Qing Shui smiled at the old man.

“Don’t worry, the people in this mountain village are the best at being satisfied with what they have.”

“Please say goodbye to them on my behalf. If I have the opportunity to in the future, I will come here again.” Qing Shui waved his hands as he floated into the air. Suddenly a huge fiery red bird appeared in mid-air.

Qing Shui got onto the Fire Bird. The huge red wings flapped and disappeared from their view very soon.

“That’s Uncle!”

“Uncle left!’

“Teacher left!”


Qing Shui held a huge piece of jade in his hands. It looked like a huge symbol of power and good fortune. In his memories, the Spirit Channeling Jade had a very great origin. It was a piece of five colored divine stone that was left behind after Nuwa repaired the heavens. After that, an incredibly strong divine monkey was born from it…...

Qing Shui did not know if the piece of jade in his arms was similar but it was not like that five colored divine stone. It did not have five colors…...

He looked at it with the Heavenly Vision Technique while he felt a complicated emotion.

Spirit Channeling Jade!

It was a famous and precious jade. It was the Jade Heart of the huge Jade Mountain. It had some miraculous powers. It could increase ten percent of his overall speed. It currently was only in its first grade, that was its basic level of power.

Qing Shui remembered that the Spirit Channeling Jade can gain experience and level up. Its effect was to raise his overall speed. It was similar to the effect he saw but even stronger.

Increasing his overall speed, that should refered to his Demonic Beast’s speed, medicinal herbs and all his other supplementary techniques……

At this moment, Qing Shui did not know what to say, he had just obtained the Spirit Gathering Lamp not too long ago. Now, he actually obtained the Spirit Channeling Jade.

“Jade Mountain Village……”

Qing Shui suddenly thought about when the old village chief mentioned that this used to be a very famous jade mountain. He said that they obtained it from the Jade Mountain and this Spirit Channeling Jade was its Jade Heart. Could all this be true?

However, the jade mountain now looked like a stone mountain. Could it be because the Jade Heart was gone?

The Jade Heart was the foundation of the jade mountain. Around the Jade Heart were Jade Marrows and Jade Essence. There was no need to mention the preciousness of Gold Essence, Jade Essence was similar. The Jade Marrow was more precious than Jade Essence. As for the Jade Heart, it was even more so.

Looking at the Spirit Channeling Jade, its state was very good. When he held it in his hands, it felt like it weighed hundreds of pounds. As a peak Houtian cultivator, it was natural that he was able to move it around.

In his memories, these magic treasures were split into Grade One Magic Treasures, Grade Two Magic Treasures and Grade Three Magic Treasures. Although it was not necessary that a Grade Three Magic Treasure would be stronger than a Grade One Magic Treasure, the Grade Three Magic Treasure would normally have more abilities. Of course, the effect would be stronger as well. The abilities of a Grade One Magic Treasure was more restrictive too. Like the Soulshake bell can only be used against Demonic Beasts and the Spirit Gathering Lamp increased the damage of Demonic Beast’s skills.

However, in the World of the Nine Continents, all of these might be different. Furthermore, these Magic Treasures were not differentiated by Grades. Only by level and the abilities that it carried.

The Spirit Channeling Jade has a strong Spiritual Energy, perhaps that is why it could have such an effect, Qing Shui thought before he tempered it once then threw it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Since he tempered it once outside, he would not be able to temper it inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for one day.

A treasure like the Spirit Channeling Jade was of immeasurable value to Qing Shui. With the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui would be able to save a lot of time. It could help Qing Shui and his Demonic Beasts to raise their speed. When its level is increased, its effects will be even greater.

Nine Continents Steps Effect!

The second day Qing Shui arrived here, he had already used the Nine Continents Steps Effect once. He would keep his one remaining opportunity to use it at night. In case he ran into any danger, he could use it to save his life.

After flying for two hours, Qing Shui went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for two hours before continuing on his journey. By the time it was morning, he could already see the figure of the city.

With another Nine Continents Steps Effect, he should arrive at the outskirts.

He felt the abundant Spiritual Qi of Eastern Victory Divine Continent. The Spiritual Qi of Eastern Victory Divine Continent was much higher than that of other continents. One of the characteristics of this continent was that the vegetation here was particularly dense.

Qing Shui did not stop. His target was in the east. The more he headed to the east, the more abundant the Spiritual Qi was. The powers in the east were also stronger because the Spiritual Qi was more abundant. It was more suitable for cultivation, thus, the strong powers gathered in the east.



Greencloud Continent, Heavenly Palace, Qing Clan.

“Liu-Li, you must be satisfied now. You are about to become a mother.” Canghai Mingyue looked at Huoyun Liu-Li, who already had a small bump on her belly.

“This rascal left for so long and has not returned yet,” Huoyun Liu-li Said happily, her pretty face had an additional elegance to it.

Right now, she was being very careful. It had taken a long time for her to get pregnant, causing her to feel that it was very precious. This was the child of her and Qing Shui. She wanted to see her child being born soon.

“He does this often, you don’t have to worry about him. The number of people who are able to hurt him are few. I only worry that he went to the Central Continent or somewhere further,” Canghai Mingyue said calmly.


The two young fellows ran in. In half a year’s time, these two young children had changed greatly. After a while, another two young fellows came in—Qing Ming and Qing Yan.

The four little fellows were as exquisite as porcelaine dolls. They were incomparably pretty.

“Elder Sister, Look at how pretty these few fellows are. I’m afraid that I will give birth to an ugly child.”

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