Chapter: 861

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 861 - Demon Refiners Mu Clan

The capital of the Eastern God Country!

“Second younger brother, third younger brother, my house is just ahead. Let’s go inside and we’ll have a drink together,” said Dong Yan as he looked toward Sun Yan and Qing Shui.

Qing Shui and Sun Yan naturally accepted Dong Yan’s offer. They could tell how strong the Dong Clan was by the impressiveness of the luxurious manor far ahead. The Dong Residence stood out very easily as it was the only magnificent residence amongst the neighboring residences.

There was a Golden Eyed Tiger Hawk Beast standing firmly at the foot of the Dong Clan’s entrance door, which quickly flew up and disappeared to the horizon as the three of them approached the entrance. At the same time, a young man guarding the entrance came forward and greeted Dong Yan.

“Young master, you’re back!” The young man smiled as he greeted Dong Yan.

“Yes. Is everything alright at home?” Dong Yan passed through the entrance and looked at the courtyard of the manor.

“Yes, everything’s fine.”

“Alright, go back to your post. Second younger brother, third younger brother, let’s go inside.” A grin was plastered on Dong Yan’s face as he led Sun Yan and Qing Shui into the manor of the Dong Clan.

There were no facilities that a clan of nobility would lack as they had all the necessary furnishings of a proper home. The members of the Dong Clan were all equipped with a set of basic martial skills, including the servants of the household. In a pavilion nearby, there was an old man performing swordplay all by himself.

His movements were slow, much like an elementary swordsman practicing his sword moves. However, Qing Shui was shocked when he noticed the similarity between the old man’s swordplay and the Taichi Sword moves - these two had different approaches but with the same goal. The old man’s swordplay wasn’t as perfect as the Taichi Sword, albeit with the same concept of sword circle form - the sword could distinguish between yin and yang, further becoming the Four Emblems, which would generate the Eight Trigrams…….

Of course, the old man was in the lowest cultivation realm, which could mean that he had just learned the rudiments of the martial arts. However, Qing Shui was silently admiring the superb state of the old man as he already possessed the ways of ‘Taichi’. Indeed, the sea of knowledge knows no boundaries. This old man may be the pioneer of ‘Taichi’ in the World of the Nine Continents - at least from Qing Shui’s point of view.

The world of martial arts knew no limits, as everything stemmed from the ancestral foundations. Most logic behind each martial art had a connection to one another as they was more than one way to perform martial art techniques. If one technique had the same concept as another, countless other techniques would essentially be connected. Only a few could reach a full comprehension of the limitless form of the martial arts in this world.

Dong Yan approached the old man until the distance between them was about 50 meters. He then observed the old man performing his swordplay, along with Qing Shui and Sun Yan. Qing Shui, on the other hand, was more enthusiastic as he observed the old man’s movements and forms of the swordplay.

He could pick out the faults in the old man’s swordplay down to the miniscule details, which was basically the entire form of the swordplay. Qing Shui knew that they weren’t exactly mistakes per se but a form of trial and error. The old man was cultivating more on his mental state than the form itself.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn had passed, the old man finally stopped his swordplay and turned to look at Dong Yan and his company. He showed an amiable smile and said, “We have guests, I see. How could you make them wait for so long?”

“Grandpa, they are my sworn brothers. Second younger brother and third younger brother, this is my grandfather,” Dong Yan smiled and made a short introduction to one another.

“Greetings old man!”

The old man lit up and laughed when he heard his grandson’s addresses to the two young men. He knew his grandson too well - he would only recognize extraordinary people, not those with ordinary background as his sworn brothers.

“Alright, since you are Yan`er’s sworn brothers, we are family. Come, let’s go inside the house and sit down.” The old man showed a kind smile and proceeded to lead them into a living room nearby.

When the news of Dong Yan’s return spread inside the household, a group of people came to see him. Qing Shui could tell the importance of Dong Yan in the Dong Clan, almost like he was treated as an important successor to the Dong Clan.

After knowing the relationship between Dong Yan, Sun Yan and Qing Shui, the members of the Dong Clan were surprised and asked a few questions to the handsome friends. Those who could be called “brothers” to Dong Yan should never be taken lightly.

After a few polite chats, most of them quickly left the room and let them be. Introductions had been made, so it would be disrespectful to Dong Yan and his friends if they stayed any longer.

“Grandpa, do you know any clans that possess a Sky Penetrating Grass of 5,000 Years or above?” Dong Yan asked his grandfather after the other members of the Dong Clan had left. Only three of them and the old man were left in the living room, sitting down opposite to one another.

Qing Shui couldn’t quite tell what the old man was thinking exactly.

“Sky Penetrating Grass?” The old man cocked his head at Qing Shui and Sun Yan.

“Old man, it is I who need the Sky Penetrating Grass,” Qing Shui smiled.

“Young fellow, you have a good physique and an extraordinary spiritual energy - the attributes of an alchemist. In the future, you might have a boundless breakthrough toward your spiritual energy,” the old man’s eyes lit up as he spoke with a dazzling expression.

Around the same time, Qing Shui was staring at the old man’s pale white eyebrows of a foot long and his facial hair. Normally, one would be able to judge the lifespan of a man based on the length of their eyebrows, instead of the length of the hair on the head.

Just like this old man, foot long eyebrows meant that he was at least 500 years old or more. Qing Shui had an impression of unfathomable wisdom akin to a bottomless lake from the old man.

The Dong Clan must be quite powerful to be able to maintain a high position in the capital of the Eastern God Country. Qing Shui revealed a smile to the old man and replied, “That was quite insightful, old man. I will count on your blessings to see whether that will happen in the future.”

“Haha, yes, you will certainly reach a breakthrough.”

“The one from Sun Clan of the Yun City, you will become the pillar of support for the Sun Clan in 20 years.” The old man gave a merciful smile at Sun Yan. He felt quite elated to know that his grandson had met such good friends this time around.

The old man was part of the first generation of the Dong Clan. The current clan head was from the second generation and Dong Yan was part of the third generation, as well as the youngest amongst the third generation of the Dong Clan. Some members of the fourth generation were even older than him by a few years.

“The Sky Penetrating Grass is too valuable to be sold in the market and no one will boast about possessing one to the public. Ultimately, you have to find the herb yourself. 5,000 Years Sky Penetrating Grass is rare and scarce in number. It will be very difficult to find one,” the old man said to Qing Shui.

“I understand. Which is why I have decided to try my luck in the Sky Penetrating Mountains,” Qing Shui replied with a kind smile.

“The Sky Penetrating Mountains will be your best bet but know that the Sky Penetrating Grass will grow in the deeper parts of the mountains, which are essentially the most dangerous areas in the mountains. Based on your current ability, you will need to think of various ways to protect yourself from such risk in order to survive.” The old man furrowed his brows as he gave a caution to Qing Shui.

“I know. But the Sky Penetrating Grass is very important to me. I will be extra careful in the mountains,” Qing Shui replied, remembering that he still had a few tricks up his sleeves to evade dire situations.

“Grandpa, I have decided to allow third younger brother and members of the Mu Clan to go into the Sky Penetrating Mountains. That way, everyone will be able to look after each other,” Dong Yan spoke to the old man attentively.

“That’s good. Talk to the Mu Clan when the time comes. Wait, forget it. Let me talk to the Mu Clan myself.” The old man hesitated a moment before continuing.

Qing Shui was glad when the old man offered to talk things out with the Mu Clan himself.


After a meal together, Dong Yan brought Sun Yan and Qing Shui outside to have a walk around. Qing Shui was already informed that he would be travelling with the Mu Clan, a well-known powerful clan in the city.

“Brother, why do the Mu Clan still go to the Sky Penetrating Mountain often despite being extremely strong?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“The Mu Clan is a powerful family clan of demon refiners. They are required to go into the Sky Penetrating Mountain to seek rare demonic beasts for the purpose of refining them. Sometimes, they are required to find some medicinal herbs to aid in their skills,” Dong Yan explained with a smile. Qing Shui had always found his smile a bit odd sometimes.

“Demon refiners clan?” Qing Shui gave a perplexed look at Dong Yan.

“Being a demon refiner is a powerful job. Their main purpose is to acquire some magical crystalloids from refining demons, which can bring forth a powerful ability for martial warriors. They can also refine the demons into Crimson Pellets of abundant essence. The crystals and medicinal pellets are extremely valuable, especially the Crimson Pellets, which can significantly boost a demonic beast’s cultivation or increase the speed of cultivation of a human being simply by holding the pellet in their hands.”

That was good news. He had finally found a group of demon refiners to join his quest into the Sky Penetrating Mountains. The Spiritual Qi in the Eastern Victory Divine Continent was abundant and most eccentric warriors of various skills would be found gaining experience and proficiency with a high success rate.

Qing Shui wasn’t concerned about the fact that he was an amateur in demon refining, because he would never lose to anyone else. Even though his demon refining skills were learned through trial and error, his success rate of refinement was incomprehensible.

He had heard about sects that specialized in demon refining before but he didn’t think he would be meeting with one so soon and on top of that, the Mu Clan was also a well-known family clan in the Eastern Victory Divine Continent.

Each continent had their own cultures and architectural structures. The Eastern God Country was located at the eastern location of the World of the Nine Continents, which explained the ancient construction of the buildings and structures he had seen in this city. Additionally, the front entrance of each building would have two stone sculptures depicting a beast, either large or small. Some of the sculptures depicted lions and some were statues of kirins. The sculptures were of different sizes but all of them represented an auspicious sign as well as a protection symbol to the family and clan.

Heaven Stepping Road!

This was a famous wide road of the capital of the Eastern God Country, which was comparable to the Martial God Street in the capital of the Southern Country. The wide street was surrounded with enormously tall buildings, which were a sign of power in this part of the capital.

“Second younger brother, I forgot to ask you. Do you have something to do in the capital?” Dong Yan stopped his tracks and faced Sun Yan to ask his question.

Qing Shui was shocked. Even though he had thoughts of concern for others he did not act upon them like Dong Yan did. He turned to face Sun Yan too when Dong Yan asked him the question.

“I want to go into the Sky Penetrating Mountains too but I’m just trying my luck. My senior requires a Peach of Immortality to extend his lifespan,” said Sun Yan as he gave a faint laugh.

Dong Yan wrinkled a frown in his forehead and said, “Although the reason for entering the Sky Penetrating Mountains for a Peach of Immortality was a bit feebler than to find the Sky Penetrating Grass, that was still a realistic goal. I didn’t quite expect you to go into the mountains to find such heavenly treasures.”

“Can’t the seniors of the clan use other ways to increase their lifespan?” said Dong Yan after pondering for a while.

“Actually, no one in the clan wants me to go. If they knew about this, they would never let me go. It will be my grandfather’s birthday in a few days, so I want to do something for him. He has already reached his age limit, so the other common medicinal pills that can increase his lifespan won’t work on him anymore,” Sun Yan forced a smile as he explained his situation.

“I commend your devotion to your family, second younger brother. But don’t hope too much for the Peach of Immortality. Prepare another gift as a backup, just in case!” said Dong Yan as he considered Sun Yan’s options.

No one in their right mind would sell off an item that could increase one’s lifespan by 50 years. Even though this type of item could not compare with the Sky Penetrating Grass, it was still an invaluable treasure.

“Second brother, let me prepare the Peach of Immortality for you. I have been keeping one all this time after I was lucky enough to procure the fruit back in the Greencloud Continent.” Qing Shui gave an assuring smile at Sun Yan.

“This won’t do. It’s too valuable.” Sun Yan immediately declined.

“There are many valuable things in the world but this is useless to me. We are brothers, so please take it.” Qing Shui revealed a smile as he took out a brocade box and handed it to Sun Yan.

At that moment, Dong Yan was stunned. There was indeed such a precious thing in this world and he had seen it with his eyes. The third younger brother was gracious enough to offer the Peach of Immortality without the slightest hesitation.

In fact, the Peach of Immortality was really not a big deal to Qing Shui as he still had ample time to collect more in the future. Giving one to Sun Yan didn’t matter much to him, because he would do anything in his power to help his sworn brothers in a predicament.

“Take it. Consider this a favor owed to third younger brother. Next time, you must run to third younger brother’s side should he need your help in the future,” Dong Yan chuckled with delight.

“I will!” Sun Yan received the brocade box and replied with a serious tone.

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