Chapter: 864

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 864 - Heading toward Sky Penetrating Mountains

“Third brother has married quite early but a man having three or four wives is very common. However, it would seem a little difficult for Miss Mu and other women to share the same man. This miracle will be for third brother to create. I await the future,” Dong Yan said with a slight mischievous smile.

“I truly don’t have any interest now!” replied Qing Shui as he shook his head. What he said was the truth. This woman was very beautiful, not the least bit inferior to the women in the Portraits of Beauty.

In fact, from the start Qing Shui had never assumed that the girls within the Portraits of Beauty were the twelve most beautiful. However, they absolutely had the best skeletal structures, outstanding spirit and had divine bodies. After all, the World of the Nine Continents was incomparably vast and the number of humans living in it could not be counted.

Dong Yan did not continue saying anything as this kind of matter was unpredictable. What’s more, he was unable to act naturally in front of this woman.

Between a man and a woman, if one party feels inferior in any aspect, there would basically not be anything happening unless the opposite party takes the initiative. However, that was seemingly impossible, as there was no one who would love a person who would feel inferior in front of one’s self.

Qing Shui did not have any feelings for the woman after standing in front of her. At least he did not feel inferior, as he did not have any ulterior motives. Therefore he was able to continue being magnanimous and open-hearted.

“Okay, they’re here,” Dong Yan said as he pointed towards big miss Mu and a group of people.

Qing Shui looked over to see approximately twenty incoming people. The majority were old people and leading them was big miss Mu dressed in a phoenix dress. Her beautiful hair was tied up high in the air as usual, with a white jade hairpin in it, making her appear even more noble.

Faintly rocking while she walked, her gait appeared to give off the feeling of walking on air. Her entire being gave off the feeling of superiority, with a noble and grand feeling rushing into their eyes. This was a superior elegance that came from the deepest level of her.

This was a woman that made even Dong Yan feel inferior.

“I’m ready,” the lady said softly.

“Yes, I’m prepared too,” Qing Shui replied with a smile.

“I’ll have to trouble Miss Mu then,” said Dong Yan toward eldest Miss Mu.

The lady nodded her head before whispering, “Then let us get going.”

“Okay. Be careful and have a safe journey. Take care,” said Dong Yan to Qing Shui and eldest Miss Mu with a smile.

“Thanks!” the lady replied with a smile.

“Big brother, let’s have a drink after I return,” Qing Shui said to Dong Yan while waving his hand.


Among the twenty people, Qing Shui and big miss Mu were the only young people. There were two middle aged refined males among the rest, who were uncles of the Mu Family girl. From the looks of it, a man at eighty years of age truly was at the peak of his charm.

The rest were all old people. Without a single movement on his face, Qing Shui was able to sense that all of them were at least Peak Martial Saint experts.

There were two old ladies among them, while the rest were old men.

Everyone was riding alone on their flying mounts. Before setting off, the Mu family girl had said that if the situation became irreversible, the more people who are able to escape the better it would be. There was no need to prove one’s loyalty, as long as the Mu Family was able to preserve as much strength as possible.

Qing Shui knew about the situation she was talking about. This was similar to the situation the Cheng Family had faced when met with the “Golden Jiao King” in circumstances where they couldn’t escape total annihilation; whoever could escape should escape, even sacrificing one’s life to give others the chance to escape.

The lady’s mount was a golden Luan. Qing Shui summoned his own Fire Bird. The Fire Bird was known as a red Luan within the World of the Nine Continents and was also called the Fiery Luan. They were considered the same species of demonic beast and the only difference between them was the element they possessed.

Di Chen’s mount was a Blue Luan. It was said that the Luan was the offspring of the phoenix, possessing the bloodline of the phoenix within its body. Looking at the Golden Luan which was not a bit inferior to his Firebird, Qing Shui still felt that his Firebird was more formidable...

When the Mu Family girl saw Qing Shui’s Firebird, she was flabbergasted for a moment. There were not many of this kind of mutated beast. Furthermore, the Luan was comparatively intelligent, thus wanting to subdue it with brute strength was impossible.

The demonic beast mounts of the remaining people were similarly very strong, with eagles, falcons and other feathery birds. All of them were fundamentally built for speed and endurance. Even if their attack power was insufficient they still needed to have speed and endurance.

The twenty some gigantic flying demonic beasts flew towards the east in an earth-shattering manner. It was a spectacular sight, as after all each demonic beast was very large. With their wings spread out, they were akin to a cloud, added with distance between them when they spread out, they looked as if they could cover the skies and envelop the earth.

This was the Eastern God Country, also considered a prefectoral region of the Eastern Victory Divine Continent. After all they were connected together and this it was difficult to separate clearly. This place was already the most eastern part and only needed a three day journey to reach the Sky Penetrating Mountains.

A three day journey wasn’t a short distance but that was normal. The Sky Penetrating Mountains were filled with all kinds of dangers and they could not be too near to the city. Therefore the city was quite a distance away from it to ensure its safety.

On the way, the members of the Mu Family were regularly thrown into disorder. It was fortunate that Qing Shui’s Firebird was a pretty good mount. Its intelligence was extremely high and in fact was a cut above the Mu Family girl’s Golden Luan.

Although Qing Shui had not given it any heavenly treasures for a very long time, the Spiritual Qi within the Realm of the Violet Immortal was much thicker than on the outside, even the Eastern Victory Divine Continent was unable to compare with it.

The Firebird’s strength had already reached approximated nine thousand countries but was still much more weaker than the Lightning Beast. The Lightning Beast was like an “assassin” to Qing Shui and was used for a single target kill. Even when collaborating with him, it would also be used for single target kills.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was able to attack multiple targets. The Mighty Elephant Stomp was very formidable, however this was the Sky Penetrating Mountains. With a killing power of less than nine stars, the Mighty Elephant Stomp would be barely enough in coping with the strong demonic beasts present here.

Therefore Qing Shui had upgraded the Lightning Beast, as strong demonic beasts that could threaten such a large group of people would generally not appear in a large group, the possibility of beasts appearing alone was the largest. Therefore, the usefulness of the Lightning Beast here would be immeasurable.

Very quickly they had arrived at the city walls. The walls here were even higher than those of the continent's capital and were also very hard and stable. This was built to withstand beastial tides. Although demonic beasts of Martial Saint Stage and above were able to fly, there were many more demonic beasts that were below Martial Saint Stage and they were not possible to be fully killed off.

On top of the tall city walls were strong mechanical bows. This kind of bow required the energy of one’s inner core to operate them. The arrows they launched were coated with strong poisons or made with the bones of strong demonic beasts, thus their might was rather strong.

Flying past this city, they were met with a large swampland, with numerous pathways branching from the central path. This gigantic swampland was a natural barrier for the city, however it was a pity that it could not block flying demonic beasts.

The Mu Family girl led the group as they flew towards their destination with ease. Flying behind her was Qing Shui and his Firebird. Looking at the figure on the back of the Golden Luan, he could only sigh as he thought, was it a good or bad thing for this woman to be have such great strength?

The lady within the crystal coffin was undeniably stronger than this lady. However, Qing Shui would avoid even thinking about that lady even in his subconscious mind. He did not know why either.

Although he had woken her up and even helped her dispel the poison in her body, he had taken away her most precious thing. At that time it was already very fortunate she didn’t kill him. However, Qing Shui still felt that he fell slightly short of making it up to her. He had left without turning his head then in fear of his life and also for his pitiful pride.

There was no one else to blame when you have a good heart and did bad thing. That matter with Yun Duan made up for the pain in Qing Shui’s heart, making him feel slightly better. He was unable to be unaffected by his feelings. Therefore, he had currently put in some effort to avoid being entangled in any new relationships. However the world was full of variables and fate makes fun of people.

On the back of the Fire Bird, Qing Shui daydreamed due to the abundant free time. Just like that they had flown for an entire day. Even Demonic Beasts needed to stop to rest for a while, the energy consumption when flying quickly was very high.

Once they left the city, there was still a very long distance to the Sky Penetrating Mountains, which was basically no man’s land. However no one could be certain that there were no villages or hidden families living in this region.

The skies had already turned dark. This was a vast and expansive wilderness and one could not see the end of it. The ground below their feet was strewn with weeds and one could see a ten metre tall stone slope not far from where they landed, looking especially clean. Everyone started to walk over there, as it was best to pitch tents there if they were to have a rest.

Putting away their mounts, they walked towards that stone slope. This time Qing Shui saw the Mu Family girl walking without her feet touching the ground.

At the top of the stone slope was a flat surface that was not big, looking glossy and clean. Not only was it enough for them to pitch their tents there, it gave them a vantage point to have an endless view of their surroundings. A distance not far from them was a stream, its gurgling noises ringing clearly.

Qing Shui pitched his own tent, while the others also pitched theirs. Qing Shui’s actions were very quick, however when he brought out a bed, it made everyone gawk…

One had to know that everyone present had Interspatial Silk Sachets, however most of them were not capable of fitting such a big bed in them. Today there were only two present, with the Mu Family girl having a similarly powerful Interspatial tool.

It was considered very common for a Martial Saint and above to have a Interspatial Silk Sachet. However this did not mean that a Interspatial Silk Sachet was not precious, just that the higher grade Interspatial Tools were more precious.

After pitching the tents, everyone went to rest and eat. If there were wild beasts in their surroundings, they would eat some wild game, if not they would eat the food they have brought along.

Looking at his surroundings, Qing Shui started walking towards small stream.

“What are you doing?” the Mu Family girl who had coincidentally looked at Qing Shui asked.

Hearing her words, Shui gawked. Never did he imagine that she would ask about him. Actually, even the lady did not know why did she acted out so suddenly. After all, there was still no danger around here. In addition he was only going to leave for a moment, it wasn’t necessary for her to ask in such an urgent manner. Furthermore, he still had some urgent business to settle…

“I’m going to find something to eat. It’s alright. There isn’t any danger around here,” Qing Shui said as he looked at the girl who was currently feeling slightly unnatural.

“Let’s go together then!” added the girl immediately.

Qing Shui knew the other party was concealing something or perhaps she was worried about him.


The two of them proceeded to walk toward the small stream not far from there.

The old people and the two middle aged men of the Mu Family were astonished for a while upon seeing this happen. This was the first time they had seen their young miss standing alone with a man…

“Third uncle, seventh uncle, I’ll go prepare something to eat,” a middle aged man said to two of the old men in the lead.

“They’ve already left. Just let them go. Miss hasn’t taken any action yet,” said an interested old man.

Qing Shui and the Mu Family girl walked over to the little stream. The grass growing on the ground impeded their movements, resulting in them walking very slowly. When they had arrived here, they had all been sitting on their individual mounts, thus there was not much interaction between them.

Although it could be considered that they had interacted a few times in the city, this was the first time they were together by themselves.

Until now Qing Shui still did not know the name of the girl and only knew her as the big miss of the Mu Family.

“How many times have you been to the Sky Penetrating Mountains?” Qing Shui asked softly after walking a distance. With the two of them keeping silent, the atmosphere was slightly stifling.

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