Chapter: 872

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 872 - Lotus Inheritance, Di Chen

The sudden resplendent silvery light momentarily made the surrounding people sluggish. Such an intense halo. The brighter the halo signified the better one’s innate talent was, and the suitability for training. One’s accomplishments in the future would also be greater.

Although Di Chen was enveloped within the light, her mind was very clear. An enormous and exquisite energy radiated from the Lotus Platform and flowed into her body. Being recognized as the owner of the Lotus Platform Was only a kind of qualification, the true inheritance wasn’t here.

Only by passing this Lotus Platform, which was indicated by the halo of light, would one be able to obtain the true inheritance. The stronger the light, the more qualified an individual was.

However, they never imagined that Di Chen would unexpectedly obtained this energy from the Lotus Platform. Furthermore, this energy was very strong and a few old people had already discovered that Di Chen’s strength was increasing frantically.

Although her strength had increased at a rapid pace, there wasn’t any hint of violence detected. It was the purest kind of energy and it could directly assimilate into her body. This made everyone present thoroughly stupefied.

The Lotus platform was a treasure from the Lotus Realm but it was unable to be moved. It’s considered a symbol of the Lotus Realm, but there had never been anyone who could obtain power from it.

Actually, it was recorded in ancient texts within the Lotus Realm that the Lotus Platform was a spiritual item. If it truly recognizes an owner, that individual would definitely gain great benefits. Those benefits might even be better than the Lotus inheritance!

Di Chen’s emotions were in a mess. She could only feel her strength rapidly increasing, so much that she couldn’t even tell how much her strength had risen. However, she knew that this power exceeded her own by far too much.

At the beginning, she felt slightly flustered because being a cultivator, she knew that an overly fast increase in one’s strength wasn’t a good thing. Mingyue Gelou was a perfect example of this. For one’s cultivation to bear fruit, every level had to be built properly. Only with solid foundations could one reach loftier heights.

However, she quickly discovered that this energy was very special. Although there was a huge amount, it was very easy to absorb and was docile like water. The energy immediately circulated and was quickly absorbed and altering every part of her body.

Most crucially, she didn’t need to do anything. Within the light, she was unable to sense what was happening outside. At the same time, those on the outside could only sense the massive spiritual energy fluctuations within the white light.

The Lotus Realm’s old female master was shocked but also ecstatic. She was reaching the end of her lifespan. Although the Lotus platform had recognized an owner and there would be someone taking over to lead the Lotus Realm, she was still very unassured. Even with the assistance of the elders, she still couldn’t feel at ease. The Lotus Realm’s leader had to be dignified, moral and have top notch inner qualities. Furthermore, the leader’s cultivation needed to shock people or at the very least, their aptitude needed to be perfect.

Although the Lotus Realm was a Sacred Land and very strong, there were powers that were similar in strength with the Lotus Realm. Therefore, they couldn’t be free of worries, internal strife and foreign aggression.

As time slowly ticked by, Di Chen’s master looked at her disciple who was within that silvery light on the Lotus platform. She felt happiness within her heart but also felt an indescribable feeling, as though she had let down Di Chen. However, when she remembered that Di Chen would need to possess formidable strength for her path ahead, she felt that the current circumstances were good enough.

After persisting for almost an incense stick’s worth of time, the light started to gradually rescinded and Di Chen’s figure gradually became distinct. When Di Chen appeared in front of everyone once again, all of them were stupefied.

Beautiful, previously Di Chen was already exceedingly beautiful. However, there was now an additional immortal aura around her. This aura gave off a special feeling, causing people to forget to even breathe.

This was due to the effects of the Lotus Platform. Her aura gave off the feeling of an immortal lotus. This was the genuine false immortal. As no one believed that there were true immortals, she appeared to be a false immortal that had descended from Heaven.

“I announce that Di Chen will be the 198th generation leader of our Lotus Realm!”

At this moment the old lady walked up and announced. There wasn’t a single person who had a surprised expression. Almost everyone appeared to be happy. Of course there were those that were unhappy, including that seductive woman.

The most unhappy person would be her. If Di Chen hadn’t appeared, she would definitely have become the leader of the Lotus Realm. Among her generation, regardless of intelligence, appearance and cultivation, even though she wasn’t the strongest in all aspects, overall she was definitely ranked in the top five. However, Di Chen’s appearance forcibly pushed her out of the running and just like that, an enormous opportunity for her was lost.

Her gaze was filled with bitter resentment as stared at the goddess-like woman on the platform, incomparable hatred manifesting within her heart.

Di Chen’s gaze, intentionally or otherwise, looked toward that seductive woman. The previous surrounding aura clearly entered her mind, she could roughly gauge what the others were thinking from from their emotion fluctuations.

This was a strange feeling. Furthermore, the strength of the Xiantian Qi circulating in her body made her feel that she could perhaps defeat everyone present. This was the feeling of true power.

Her body already possessed powerful strength, however she was still unfamiliar with this power or rather she couldn’t believe it. She looked around with a calm gaze. Those matchless beautiful eyes made the seductive woman feel extreme fear, as though she was laid bare.

The seductive woman felt as if her thoughts were seen through and became more and more afraid. Di Chen’s aura was incredibly powerful...

After awhile, Di Chen withdrew her gaze and slowly walked down the Lotus platform.

“This is the insignia of the Lotus Realm’s leader. These are the keys and passes. Also, you need to go and accept the Lotus inheritance and train in seclusion for three years,” said the old woman with a smile as she handed the insignia to Di Chen.

“Secluded training for three years?” asked Di Chen in shock.

“Yes, you are currently unable to completely display the power hidden within your body. You need to train in the consummate arts of the Lotus Realm. Only the Lotus Realm’s leader is allowed to train in it,” replied the old woman.


“Chen`er, go. As long as you’re strong, everything is possible,” at this moment, Jiwu walked over and spoke to Di Chen gently with a smile.

At this moment, Di Chen seemed to realise something, however she did not fully understand it. She bowed towards the old woman, took the insignia and then bowed towards Jiwu. After that, she left with the old woman.

The old woman brought Di Chen to a place that only those with the insignia could enter. This was a hidden place, which felt like it was underground. This was the sacred grounds of the Lotus Realm and the inner area of the ‘Divine Lotus’ from the legends.

This time, Di Chen entered the place by herself without the old woman. Upon entering, Di Chen discovered that it was a small space that was empty. Advancing was like climbing a spiral staircase. The surroundings were wooden and most importantly, this place had a mysterious aura.

She remembered the old woman’s words, sitting in the middle after walking in. The middle was right below a gigantic hanging dark green branch. This was the inner area of the Lotus Realm’s Divine Lotus. While training here, she would obtain the Divine Lotus’ inheritance and remold her body.

“There is a staircase inside. After going up, you can train in the ‘Divine Lotus Arts’. Under normal circumstances, you would reach small success stage after three years. At that time, you can exit. These three years will be three years of thorough change. The Spiritual Qi that has been accumulated for hundreds of years within the divine lotus will be absorbed by you.”


After it faintly hurt for awhile, the pain in Qing Shui’s chest disappeared. The pain lasted for approximately an incense stick’s worth of time. After inspecting that there weren’t any problems with his internal organs, he stopped thinking about it.

Training! Refining!

He had given enough to that lady, which should make up for her losses. Regardless of who it was, Qing Shui didn’t like letting the other party suffer a loss, especially when she was helping him.

Both the Spirit Gathering Lamp and the Spirit Channeling Jade were upgraded. However, the Spirit Gathering Lamp’s degree of progress had slowed down. Currently, it had reached the fifth grade, its realm soared through the clouds.

The current Spirit Gathering Lamp was already incomparably powerful. Qing Shui tested it and found that its might had increased by approximately a fold. Originally, he had assumed that increasing a stage would lead to 10% increase. However, he later noticed that while it got harder and harder to upgrade it by a stage, the might gained from each upgrade was incomparably strong.

This was good. The might and the killing power of the Thunderous Beast and the Fire Bird had doubled. Unfortunately, there were no changes to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. In the future, the Spirit Gathering Lamp’s realm would require a huge amount of time to refine.

The upgrading of the Spirit Channeling Jade seemed much harder than the other treasures. However, the results were also a lot stronger. This greatly increased Qing Shui’s anticipation for the day that these items became powerful existences.

On the second day, Qing Shui had woken up very early and practised his slow and strange fist techniques as usual. Qing Shui’s Taichi Fists had already surpassed the realm of ‘intent over stance’. They now truly seemed to be at the Heavenly Grade realm. Although every fist was slow, it gave people a feeling of astonishment. If the Dong Family ancestor were to see this, he would definitely be gobsmacked as this feeling and intent was what he had pursued.

After he finished his morning training routine, Qing Shui finally took note of the lady who was standing not far away. Actually, he had already noticed her when she had arrived, but he did not want to stop till his morning training had finished.

She seemed to have a lot of things on her mind but she ended up keeping her silence. Looking at Qing Shui with a smile, she said, “Can you teach me how to cook?”

Among the things Qing Shui had given her were many spices. He had even written various recipes for her. These items were absolutely priceless.

“You cook, I’ll watch,” replied Qing Shui with a smile.

“Okay. You cook for the rest while I cook for myself. If it’s not delicious, others would laugh at me. I’ll eat what I cook. Even if it’s not nice I’ll not have any complaints,” said the lady after thinking.

This lady could unexpected say such cute words...

Just like that, Qing Shui cooked for the rest. There was no other way. These were good people and they loved to eat. This could be considered as expressing his thanks to the lady.

Even beautiful women needed to eat and liked to eat delicious food. By nature, humans desired for food and sex. Eating was one of the most important things in life. No matter how important something was, it definitely wasn’t as important as eating.

This lady was no exception. With the best spices, even the food that the lady made was pretty good. In most circumstances, when one ate the food they made themselves, one would feel that it's more delicious. Qing Shui had given her a lot of spices since he still had a lot of spices stored in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Only a small amount of spices were used at each time and the amount he gave her was enough for the lady to use for many years.

After eating, everyone continued on their way. As before, Qing Shui and the lady were still grouped together as they headed towards the depths.

In half a month, they had already reached 30,000 li deep. They had obtained quite a few things and had escaped numerous times from hordes of huge demonic beasts. Fortunately, they were able to barely avoid the beasts. However, it was already slightly pushing it. He heard from the lady that beyond 50,000 li into the cave, they could only repel the beast hordes if they got too close and it was impossible to hide. Therefore they definitely had to always have a positional advantage. Otherwise it would be extremely dangerous.

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