Chapter: 929

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 929 - Wedding, She Is The Mistress of Silken Web Ridge

On the first day of New Year, basically all of the influential figures in the capital city had received invitation cards from the Mu Clan in just a day.

Godly Sword Clan!

The Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan was reading the invitation card in his hand. The expression on his face was tranquil, but it gradually turned grave. Recalling the things that Qing Shui had said and done before, he silently made a decision in his heart.


Two middle-aged men came in very quickly. One of them was the guard at the entrance that was addressed as ‘Brother Hui’ by that youth. The other one hurriedly bowed when he saw the Old Ancestor. “What is your order, Old Ancestor?”

“Get the Clan’s Head and the few Vice Clan’s Heads here. Tell them I have an important matter to discuss with them,” the Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan spoke very slowly, yet his speech had an indescribable rhythm to it.

“Right away!”

In about 15 minutes, eight elderly men stood at the entrance of the door. However, all of them appeared to be extremely healthy and strong despite their age.

“Come in!” The old man’s voice rang out!

The eight elderly men entered in a straight line, with the Godly Sword Clan’s Head leading. The elderly man stood tall and straight. The fish tattoo covering his body, the gold sabre that he carried and the silver attire that he was dressed in caused him to appear intensely oppressive.

The other seven men were all clad in brown robes but they were all exuding a powerful aura. If outsiders were here, they would definitely sigh in amazement at the glamorous inner structure of the Godly Sword Clan. Although the Sky Prison Sect had eight sovereigns, they were of a different caliber than the eight here. On top of that, these men were overseen by an Old Ancestor.

“Old Ancestor!”

The eight elderly men bowed to the Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan. The respect in their eyes came from the bottom of their hearts. The Godly Sword Clan was able to attain their current position thanks to this old man before them. With the old man in the Godly Sword Clan, their position of being the overlord in the capital city would not waver.

“Alright, take a seat everyone!” The old man waved casually.

There were nine tutor chairs in the room. The Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan was sitting on one while there were eight of them across from him. Everyone slowly sat down. They knew that the Old Ancestor had an important matter to discuss with them for him to summon all of them here.

“I believe all of you already know about us, the Godly Sword Clan, forming an alliance with the Mu Clan, right?” The old man spoke slowly.

“Yes!” The leading old man, who was dressed in the silver robes with fish tattoo and gold sabre, answered.

“What are your opinions?” The Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan continued asking.

“This youth is very powerful, he definitely won’t be a person of no particular talent in the future. The Mu Clan couldn’t make him stay. Don’t you think that forming an alliance with them is not entirely worth it?” The elderly man pointed out after thinking.

“How about you?” The Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan asked the third elderly man, who was sitting across from him.

“With the rumors going on out there and the things that have happened, I have a feeling that this youth takes friendship very seriously. On top of that, the Mu Clan also seems to be studying on formation techniques and they were able to break the Sky Prison Sabre Formation of the Sky Prison Sect. I have a hunch that the Mu Clan will surpass the Sky Prison Sect very soon. Perhaps they are still inferior to the Godly Sword Clan right now, but it’s very hard to say the same in the future. With the unstable situations that are going to arise everywhere, joining forces with the Mu Clan is also a good thing. That Spirit Gathering Formation will benefit us,” the elderly man answered slowly.

“Hahaha. I am relieved to hear that from you. As long as all of you maintain the same vigor, we, the Godly Sword Clan will definitely be safe. The younger generation needs to be cultivated vigorously. I am here to inform you all today that we are attending the wedding reception tomorrow together.”

The rest were startled, but very quickly nodded their heads!


Other than spending time with Mu Qing, Qing Shui was studying formation techniques. The formation techniques stemmed from combined attacks. For instance, if a few people joined hands they would be able to amplify the effects several times. All the battle groups in the World of the Nine Continents had combined assaults and troop formations. But they had merely scratched the tip of an iceberg and those couldn’t really be truly considered as real formation techniques.

The formation techniques that Qing Shui used required the energies of Heaven and Earth, which were the five elements of the Eight Trigrams and the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. The wonders of nature were boundless. Qing Shui was able to barely use it, yet he wasn’t able to thoroughly study it.

Just like the Nine Palace Steps and the Nine Palace Position’s miraculous leap. Just this step would be able to block countless people outside the entrance. No one was able to jump over it. Besides, there shouldn’t be many who knew about the Nine Palace Position, so there should be even fewer who had thought about jumping over the Nine Palace Position.

Qing Shui lay down in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, thinking about the wedding reception tomorrow. He knew that the traditions here were quite similar to the Hundred Miles City. There would be a wedding arena and guests could even challenge the groom and bride. Of course, the groom and bride could turn down the challenge, but it was very rare for someone to challenge the newly weds.

However, Qing Shui had a feeling that it would be very difficult to predict what would happen tomorrow. He wasn’t really worried about it. If something happened, then he would just settle everything here before he left.


It was the second day of New Year and the joyous celebration had just started. For the Mu Clan, today was a day with two joyous events. It was still early in the morning and the guests had already turned up one after another, carrying generous congratulatory gifts with them.

Many people from the Mu Clan stood at the big entrance to greet the guests.

After about an hour!

A group of about a hundred people was coming from afar. Mu Fengyang welcomed them with a smile as soon as he saw them. It was the Godly Sword Clan. The Old Ancestor and the other eight elderly men had come. This was quite an honor.

“Old Master, you are here. Please come inside. Big brothers, please come inside too.” Mu Fengyang was also a junior in the presence of the old man.

The congratulatory gifts were carried inside from behind them. “No need to mind us, go entertain the others!” The old man chuckled.

“Old Master, you’ve come all the way here.” Qing Shui and Mu Qing came out too. They were startled when they saw the old man and the others, but immediately gave them a smile.

“Qing Shui is marrying the Mu Clan’s lass. How can I not come?” The old man laughed heartily.

The Dongfang Aristocrat Clan had arrived!

The Yin Clan had arrived!

Quite a number of guests came in one after another. They were all influential figures in the capital city. Qing Shui didn’t see that Yin Yuanjiao from the Yin Clan. The people of the Yin Clan were very courteous and respectful.

Qing Shui didn’t really have any reaction. The Yin Clan was no longer capable of causing any troubles now. If they still couldn’t tell chalk from cheese, they were going to perish sooner or later. The disparity between the Yin Clan and Mu Clan was even greater now.

There were some familiar faces among the Dongfang Aristocrat Clan, so Qing Shui immediately sent Dong Yan and Sun Yan to entertain them……

The Silken Web Ridge had arrived!

The Poison Mountain Stockade had arrived!

Qing Shui was also startled when he heard these two names. For them to come together, it seemed like it was going to be lively today. The Sky Prison Sect had perished. Otherwise, they would definitely be standing together with those two.

The Silken Web Ridge was a powerful force from the capital city. They could be both good and evil but were slightly better than the Poison Mountain Stockade. The members of the Silken Web Ridge were all women. Their weapons were whips and they cultivated charm techniques. At the same time, they were also proficient in poison and were skilled in hidden weapons. A sect that could be involved with the Poison Mountain Stockade would not be a simple sect.

When Qing Shui saw their troops, he was also shocked. The number of people from the Godly Sword Clan that came earlier was already considered as quite a lot to Qing Shui. The only ones that went in were the Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan and the other eight elderly men. The rest remained here to stand guard. This immediately let the others know the relationship between the Mu Clan and the Godly Sword Clan.

There were 400 people from the Poison Mountain Stockade and the Silken Web Ridge. The Silken Web Ridge had fewer people, probably less than a hundred of them. However, each and everyone of them were young ladies with an alluring body figure. Standing together, they were like a cluster of flowers, causing many people to stare in awe.

Qing Shui was shocked when he saw their leader…..

He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes. How could she be here? On top of that, she was the leading woman of the Silken Web Ridge.

Yu He!

That stunning beauty that led them turned out to be Yu He.


After Yu He left the Hundred Flowers Valley with the others, they returned to the Hundred Miles City and subsequently caught wind of Qing Shui’s journey towards the Eastern Victory Divine Continent. The Silken Web Ridge of the Eastern Victory Divine Continent happened to be one of the strongholds of the Hundred Flowers Valley.

The Hundred Flowers Granny wanted everyone to know of the Hundred Flowers Valley’s existence, so the Hundred Flowers Valley had strongholds in the Greencloud Continent, Central Continent, Eastern Victory Divine Continent, Southern Viewing Continent and Northern Sacred Lu Continent.

When she knew that Qing Shui had gone to the Eastern Victory Divine Continent, she hurried there too. She had now attained the large success stage of the [ Hundred Flowers Secret Technique ] and felt that she was worthy enough stand before him. She could be of help to him now instead of being a burden.

It was just one day before New Year by the time she arrived here. She heard much news about Qing Shui but didn’t manage to find him in time. She was elated at the thought of meeting Qing Shui. She could finally see him again after she had stubbornly refused him back then. She was hoping to give him a surprise here at the Eastern Victory Continent, but she didn’t expect to receive an invitation card on the very next day...

Once again seeing that apathetic face of her dreams, Yu He realized that it had become a little unfamiliar to her after such a long time. He was no longer that young man who only wanted to take advantage of her. He had grown up into a mature man.

“Sister Yu!”

Qing Shui called out in surprise. He was truly very surprised. He briskly walked towards her, while Yu He stared blankly at the man before her and seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Her beautiful autumn-like eyes were a little moist.

Qing Shui was staring at Yu He. He was also extremely shocked in his heart. Just what had happened for a Xiantian cultivator to reach such heights?


Qing Shui tried jogging his memory. All of a sudden he realized that he seemed to have not seen her for many years. It had indeed been many years. Back then he wasn’t even 20 years old yet, but now he was about to be 32 years old...

He felt that Yu He strength was somewhat indistinct. It was giving off a dangerous aura, to the point that he thought she would be able to instantly kill an early Martial Emperor cultivator. Her temperament had changed a lot over time. She was like a big sister of the next door neighbor back then, but now she was like a capable woman with a high position. She even had the aura of a sect’s sovereign and she was still as hardworking as she was before...

“Qing Shui, today is your big day. Sister Yu is here to congratulate you!” Yu He said with a smile. Her smile was like a hundred of flowers blooming.

Qing Shui had a lot of doubts but he couldn’t ask her right now, so he laughed at Mu Qing who was beside her. “I knew Sister Yu from more than ten years ago. Why don’t you show her the way in?”

“Sister Yu, let us go in and have a nice talk!” Mu Qing smiled at Yu He.

Her sudden appearance puzzled many around them. No one expected Qing Shui to have such relation with the leader of the Silken Web Ridge. Among all, the Poison Mountain Stockade had the most unpleasant expression on their faces.

Gu Song clenched his fists tightly. Mu Qing had gone over to the other side. He was stunned when he laid his eyes on the new Mistress of the Silken Web Ridge, who had just arrived two days ago. But he didn’t have the guts to be involved with her. He knew that this beauty was a femme fatale and one would probably not know how he had died at her hands. He had a feeling that his plans were going to be ruined today and threw a glance at the ancient thing that was frowning beside him.

If even the Silken Web Ridge got involved with the Mu Clan and the Godly Sword Clan, then the Poison Mountain Stockade would be in a precarious position.

This turn of events had wavered the objectives of Poison Mountain Stockade’s visit. Many knew that the Mu Clan had made the right move in the wedding now. They would definitely be able to accomplish great things in times to come. The happiest of all was naturally the Mu Clan.

At first, the Mu Clan was still a little worried after seeing the formation of the Poison Mountain Stockade and the Silken Web Ridge. After all, these two sects that had joined together were still very powerful and it was impossible to guard against their methods of doing things.

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