Chapter: 931

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 931 - Gu Song Dies, Powerful Poison Physique, Sacred Venom Jade Art

Poison weapon!

When Qing Shui saw that poison weapon, he was shocked but he calmed himself down quickly. That poison weapon was much worse off, as compared to his Poison Dragon Dagger. It could only be considered the weakest poison weapon.

The main thing to a poison weapon was that it must have a poison core, a tempered poison core. Only a weapon which had a poison core could be called a poison weapon. One's Qi of Xiantian could pass through the poison core, stimulating its poison nature, causing one's attack to be poisonous by nature.

Gu Song activated his poison weapon. That black aura was a clear indication to other people that it was a poison weapon and that this was an open and aboveboard battle. He then stomped down hard with both legs.

A faint black aura spread out and he slashed toward Mu Lang with in mid-air.

Mu Lang circulated his abilities to its peak and the Violet Jade Pendant he was holding let out a cooling aura which circulated in his body, causing his mind to be very much awake.

Reverse Chop of the Weeping Willow!

Mu Lang's body suddenly inclined forward as his thin sword slashed out toward Gu Song as if it was a fine sword net. The Duality Steps allowed him to instantly reach a spot which Gu Song would find hard to reach.

Poison Jade Sword!

Gu Song suddenly twisted his body weirdly, the longsword in his hand exuded a great black glow and slashed against Mu Lang's sword net.

Ding ding...

A crisp sound rang out as the two of them retreated quickly. Gu Song first retreated before dashing out toward Mu Lang fiercely. Right now, the fight had already escalated into the air.

Mu Lang was pushed back from the impact and a hint of black aura was seen on him, as he kept up with his fighting stance. Right now, Mu Lang's heart was in turmoil. He realized that his body had become stiff and when such a situation happened in battle, it could be fatal.

He knew that this was the effect of the opponent's poison Qi. Right now, Gu Song swung his black sword and pounced toward Mu Lang, his sword piercing toward Mu Lang's throat.

"Lad, you dare?!" An old man from the Mu Clan let out a loud bellow and was about to step up.

After all, this was a wedding banquet, but the people from Poison Mountain Stockade had wanted to deal a fatal blow. Mu Lang held an important role in the Mu Clan. In such an arena battle, other people were not allowed to step up to stop it, regardless who the person was. This was unless the person who interfered was one who could dominate the rest of the people. However, the participants on the arena could admit their loss since it was not a battle to the death. However, one could only count themselves unlucky if they were to be killed if they didn't throw in the flag. It was normal for accidents to happen.

The old man was stopped by a few other old men.

Mu Qing looked toward Qing Shui who didn't show any changes to his expression and then turned her gaze toward the arena. Gu Song's expression was very twisted and he said, "It's not too late to admit your loss."

His voice was very loud, clearly letting the others hear. It was because he knew that Mu Lang could neither move nor talk.

"Brother Mu really has a strong backbone. Then let's just fight it out! We'll leave our lives to fate!" With that, he suddenly accelerated and dashed out toward Mu Lang.

Mu Lang's consciousness was very clear, but he couldn't move. He looked at the longsword that was thrust toward him, but was not able to say a single word. At that moment, he was not afraid of death. If he could kill this sly guy, he would have no regrets even if he were to die.

"Channel your Qi of Xiantian into the Violet Jade Pendant and recite the Violetjade Pureheart!” Just then, Qing Shui's voice rang out next to Mu Lang.

When Mu Lang heard Qing Shui's voice, the feeling was as if a drowning person had managed to grab a life buoy.

He followed Qing Shui's instructions without any hesitation and true enough, he managed to regain control over his body. Before he moved, Qing Shui's voice rang out once again.

"Use the Duality Steps' Duality Tornado to advance, then use Brushing Willow Slaughter!"

Hearing Qing Shui's instructions, Mu Lang did as instructed without any hesitation.

With a flash, he managed to dodge that incoming longsword just in the nick of time.

Brushing Willow Slaughter!

A killing move in the Brushing Willow Sword Art!


The crisp sound of a throat being slash rang out. When Mu Lang knew that he could move, he had wanted to kill his opponent. When he heard Qing Shui's words, he didn't care if he could kill but trusted what Qing Shui had said without any hesitation.

When he saw Gu Song collapsing, he felt very happy. It was because he knew that Qing Shui also wanted to kill him. This was for the best.

"It was a moment of life and death and I wasn't able to hold back in time. Life and death are decreed by fate. I'm very sorry." Mu Lang cupped his hands together and said apologetically.

Silence filled the place. The situation at that point was very dangerous, but for some reason Mu Lang could suddenly move. However, seeing that the Poison Mountain Stockade's Young Master was killed, many people still felt very happy.

This was the case especially for the Mu Clan. Earlier, they had known that the Young Master from the Poison Mountain Stockade had wanted to kill Mu Lang and now, he had managed to turn the tables back on him. The prowess of that last move even caused everyone's eyes to light up.

This time around, it was very quiet, with no one saying a word. The people from the Poison Mountain Stockade glared at the young man on the arena in fury, but there was nothing they could do. Very quickly, two members from the Poison Mountain Stockade went up to retrieve Gu Song's corpse.

Gu Wu sat at the side, his fist clenched tightly. He suddenly stood up like a huge black eagle. A faint layer of black fog started to surround his body, causing others to be unable to see his face clearly.

Poison Mountain Stockade's martial madman!

People started to talk within themselves. Many people knew of this guy from the Poison Mountain Stockade. After all, he had claimed the limelight for himself when he wiped out an entire aristocrat clan. He was said to be the top expert amongst the younger generations.

The people from the Poison Mountain Stockade were feeling very grim. Everything was dependent on Gu Wu who was now on the arena. If Gu Wu could hang on, then Poison Mountain Stockade would still have hope. If anything were to happen to him, then Poison Mountain Stockade would have to lay low and live their lives in the future...

"Are you ready?" Gu Wu looked at Mu Lang and said softly. It had been a while since he had fought. He looked at the surroundings and squinted his eyes slightly.

"Qing`er, I'll go up and take a look. You can go have a rest at where Sister Yu is at."

"Qing Shui..."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

This was the big day for him and Mu Qing. He didn't wish for there to be any accidents or unhappiness. Therefore, he decided to step up himself. The opponent was a little eerie and even he felt a little uneasy.

It was fortunate that his spirit energy had attained a breakthrough. Otherwise, he would really have to deploy other means.

"Let me have a go! Brother Mu, you must be tired too, go take a break!" Qing Shui suddenly appeared before Mu Lang.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui had used the Nine Palace Steps to head up to the arena.

Qing Shui's movement caused many people to draw in a breath of cold air. If Qing Shui were to launch a sudden attack, how many of them would be able to dodge the attack? Many people were wondering if they themselves would be able to dodge.

Mu Lang looked at Qing Shui gratefully and left the arena. Qing Shui looked at the guy, his Nature Energy circulating automatically. The same went for his Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers.

The other thing was that his other techniques were also circulating to the limits and also initiated his expert level Focused Concentration.

Yu He was also looking at Qing Shui, feeling worried. She had no idea what level Qing Shui had attained, but she knew that that guy from Poison Mountain Stockade was very strong.

"Sister Yu, you're very worried for Qing Shui," Mu Qing looked at Yu He's expression and said softly.

Yu He shivered, smiled and looked at Mu Qing, "We came from the same place and had even partnered up to manage a restaurant before. He was also the one who had cured my grandfather's injuries. He calls me Sister Yu."

"Haha, Sister Yu, you're thinking too far. He has a few wives and I'm only one of them. For a guy like him, no one is able to keep him for herself." Mu Qing thought of how he had repeatedly emphasized that he already has wives and there was still that drawing. She really wanted to have a look at what the other women in his life looked like.

She even heard that he already has children...

"Sister Yu is old!" Yu He smiled, shook her head and said.

"Sister Yu isn't old. You still have great elegance and talent. Even my heart beats quicker when I see a mature beauty like Sister Yu. Didn't you see the gazes from the people around you? They can't wait to devour you," Mu Qing smiled and said.

"So even the domineering and dignified Miss Mu will say something like this." Yu He smiled and blinked at Mu Qing. The mature lady's cuteness caused even Mu Qing to be stunned. However, she flushed up and hadn't even had a chance to say anything when the fight on the arena had already started.

Gu Wu reached out his right hand and a gush of black Qi spewed out, turning into what seemed to be a material longsword. It was flashing with a heart throbbing aura that seemed to be like black flames.

Qing Shui brought out his Violet Star Thunder God. No matter how weak his opponent was, he planned to do his best to deal with him. He hadn't expected this guy to have an inborn poison physique and this made him gave the thought of using poison.

He felt that even the Five-Colored Poison might not be that effective. There were many amazing and strange people in the world of the nine continents. Although he had felt that his cultivation realm was considered to be not bad or rather, quite good amongst the younger generation, he hadn't ever thought of the possibility that there were no youngsters who would be able to surpass him.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui leaped up and in an instant, reached behind Gu Wu and smashed down with his hammer.


A ripple appeared behind Gu Wu and then it shattered, as if it had hit against a barrier. Then, Gu Wu's "black sword" thrust toward Qing Shui at great speed.

The strong stench caused him to feel nauseous and Qing Shui leaped away, stopping his breath.

Poison Qi!

To think that he had such a treasure with him that could protect himself. To think Gu Wu had managed to stop his Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt attack.

The hammer's damaging prowess was very strong but it was slightly slower. Moreover, Qing Shui's Nine Palace Steps was best matched with agility and thus, after over ten rounds of exchanges with Gu Wu, he changed to his Violet Jade Sword.

"It seems like I'll need to forge my Big Dipper Sword."

Basic Sword Techniques!

Nature Energy!

Qing Shui channeled his Nature Energy onto the Violet Jade Sword!

Brilliant violet light from the Violet Jade Sword surged up, however, the pressure was getting increasingly stronger. When it swung out, it was as if it brought along with it the powers of Heaven and Earth.


Gu Wu was pushed back and Qing Shui quickly retreated as well. The Nature Energy, together with the Violetjade Pureheart, was able to barely push back Gu Wu's poison Qi.

"Inborn Poison Physique is truly powerful!"

He knew why the Poison Mountain Stockade dared to act like such a big shot here now. With just this ordinary attack, as long as he were to come into contact with the opponent, most early Martial Emperor wouldn't be able to accept this.

He was filled with poison all over. However, it was a pity that such a heaven-defying existence was a strong contender against the Heart of Seven Orifices. It also had a fatal flaw—short lifespan.

Gu Wu was also astonished. He had initially thought that it would be an easy feat to deal with this fellow. He hadn't expected for his opponent to be able to withstand his Sacred Venom Jade Art. Furthermore, he had sensed that the pure Qi of Heaven and Earth his opponent had was a power that could go against all evil. It was fortunate that his Sacred Venom Jade Art wasn't something ordinarily evil and poison could deal with. However, a large part of it was still being pushed back.

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