Chapter: 937

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 937 - Kill, Nature Energy Pellet, Sixth Grade Mental State akin to that of immovable mountains

Qing Shui did not feel anything, he originally did not want to kill anyone. Seeing that the surrounding people feared these men, Qing Shui decided to make a move. Consider it cleaning up the place or perhaps he and Yu He leaving a mark here.

After getting rid of these people, after they left, there would be a new tyrant soon. It was just a matter of time. However, this would warn them that there was someone stronger than them. That there are hidden experts hidden in the city, strong enough to kill them.

“Kid, you must be a foreigner!” A loud and clear voice came from the man on the left. Even as he was speaking, his gaze did not leave Yu He even for a moment.

“What you do want?” Qing Shui looked at the group of people across him. He wanted to see if they still had any conscience left.

“This is Ancient Mountain City, we are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you could say that we are a very isolated city. The two of you are not dressed like the locals here. I wonder what you are here to do. Speaking of which, our Brotherhood of Steel is quite lucky,” the man smiled and said in a forthright manner.

“Lucky?” Qing Shui burst out in laughter. Yu He looked at Qing Shui with a slight smile.

The two men may be a little thoughtless but they still noticed something. Most regular people would have already panicked. However, their opponents did not show any signs of anxiousness. In fact, they were looking at them as though they were looking at a bunch of clowns.

“Leave the lady behind as well as all the money on you and I will leave you a path to live.” That man knew that now that things have gotten this far, he had to do what he hafd to do. Furthermore, the earlier situation was just his own guesswork.

Qing Shui looked that the two peak Xiantian across from him. The rest of them were only in the Houtain realm. There were only two Martial Commanders among them, the rest were Martial Generals. Looks like these two men were the peak cultivators around here.

“Are you afraid of death?” Qing Shui looked at the two men across him and said suddenly.

Qing Shui’s words were very sudden but they were serious. Many of the surrounding people seemed to have felt something. They felt that this youth was very special because he did not seem afraid at all.

“If we are afraid of death then we would not be in this line of work. How funny! The life we live is one of bloodshed.” The other man laughed out loud. Seeing that Qing Shui did not take any action and had just spoken, he felt that Qing Shui was just bragging.

Qing Shui smiled and used a great pressure to pressure that man. This was the Roc's Might that he had been cultivating recently. He pressured him without restraint.



Qing Shui felt that the Niwan Palace in the opponent’s brain exploded. He vomited a mouthful of blood and died. This result had surprised Qing Shui was well.

Earlier, he could feel the Gold Pearl in his Niwan Palace rotating faster, the Yin-Yang Image was also spinning faster. Under the guidance of the Nature Energy, the majestic spirit energy pressured that man.

There was a vast difference in their strengths. Before the opponent’s Niwan Palace had opened, it exploded. The Niwan Palace was very important to a person. It is the heart of the brain. After it exploded, it would lead to brain death. Even if they did not die, they would become a vegetable. Furthermore, not only did Qing Shui’s pressure explode the opponent’s Niwan Palace, he had ruptured all his organs.

At first, Qing Shui was astonished, then he was pleasantly surprised. However, there was no change to his expression. Yu He was not surprised because with Qing Shui’s level of abilities, it was not surprising that he could kill a Xiantian with just his pressure. However, she was not aware that Qing Shui had exploded his Niwan Palace. According to rumors, only spiritual attacks could destroy the opponents Niwan Palace. Yu He thought that Qing Shui had ruptured all of the opponents organs.

When one of the Tu Clan brothers suddenly died, there was a temporary silence. The remaining man opened his mouth in shock as he stared at his now dead brother. He did not understand what was going on at the moment, he did not even believe that it was done by the youth in front of him.

All of that man’s subordinates turned pale, they all wished to flee. Qing Shui shook his head, these men were useless but there was no need to keep these people alive.

“It’s your turn, it’s a good thing that you do not fear death.” Qing Shui’s words sounded like a demonic curse.

When the man heard Qing Shui’s words, he turned pale. He trembled as he looked at Qing Shui. At this moment, he found out that death was actually very scary. Before this, he had been the one to control the life and death of others. Seeing others tremble before him, it gave him a sense of satisfaction. He never thought that such a day would come for him.

“Big Brother, I do not wish to die. Can you let me go? I can do anything, I will give you everything……”

There was a black line on Qing Shui’s forehead. He directly waved his hand and killed the remaining Tu Clan brother. Then his figure flashed by and rushed into the group of subordinates. He waved his hands and there were many miserable shrieks. This time, he did not kill anyone but he crippled all their originally abysmal cultivations. Although their cultivations were no good earlier, they were still able to beat down tens of ordinary man.

After he defeated them, Qing Shui did not linger, nor did he care about the change in everyone's gazes. When he left with Yu He, the crowd automatically opened up a path for him. Even after he had gone a distance, he could still hear their cheers.

“Although these people were not strong, the trouble they caused was significant. Just killing them was already letting them off easy. As for the others, after being crippled, they would lose all their power,” Yu he laughed loudly.

“Mn. However, soon there will be new villains to replace the Tu Clan brothers.” Qing Shui shook his head helplessly.

Yu He was stunned for a bit, then she laughed, “Indeed, it is impossible to eradicate all these villains. In front of benefits and greed, lives were secondary, they are worth fighting for.”

QIng Shui stared blankly for awhile before smiling, “Elder Sister Yu is right, I am a greedy person too. There are few who are not affected by greed, what do you think?”

Yu He stared blankly for a while as she blushed. Earlier she said that in order to persuade Qing Shui to not go to the ancient relic. She did not expect Qing Shui to retort that he was greedy too.

Yu he looked at Qing Shui, she wondered if he knew that his greed was very simple, however, only he could fulfill his own greed……

“Elder Sister Yu, it’s no longer early, let us go and find someplace to rest. We still have to continue on our journey tomorrow.” Qing Shui looked at the slightly shy Yu He beside him. She did not know why did she suddenly became shy.

“Alright!” Yu He liked speaking to Qing Shui like this, it felt like they were husband and wife.

They walked by many streets. However, everyone was talking about the demise of the Tu Clan Brothers and the destruction of the Brotherhood of Steel. Most of them were talking about this in a very excited manner.

After walking past another two streets, maybe because it was night or maybe Qing Shui’s actions were too fast, there were not many discussions about what just happened. However, this might change after a while. Thus, the two of them quickly looked for an inn and got two rooms that were across from each other.

Many people were breathtaken at Yu He’s charm but they did not say anything. The waiters at the inn brought Qing Shui and Yu He to their rooms and then left.

“Goodnight!” Yu He waved her hands at Qing Shui before going into her room.


Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

All the way until the late night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui had used the Roc’s Might for the first time in Ancient Mountain City. He discovered that it was not just a simple pressure, it could be said that it was a spiritual attack.

After practicing the Roc’s Might, Qing Shui started to practice the Buddha's True Eyes. This was a true spiritual attack but because of its current realm, it was useless. However, it should still be quite effective in dealing with Xiantians. He could only do his best to practice it and see how it went in the future.

A Mysterious Fruit had matured, the other still required some time. The time of maturity of the two Mysterious Fruits was very different. The chances of success of these things were too low and they were too precious. It was fortunate that his odds were pretty good so far when he consumed them, it could be said that they were pretty high.

Feeling excited, Qing Shui ate it.

The Mysterious Fruit was also known as the fate fruit. There were great benefits that could not be felt. Qing Shui was looking forward to it. Although even time he tried it it was a success, he was still afraid of failure.

Suddenly a certain energy surged from his Dantian unexpectedly. Qing Shui was very happy, he knew that at least he had gained some benefits from this. He just did not know what it was. The energy pervaded his entire body. A profound calm caused Qing Shui to be astonished. It was a kind of aura that had the pressure of Mount Tai. It flowed along the meridians of his body and circulated once before going to the Dantian. When he felt the Qi of the State of Immovable as Mountains throb, he knew that the State of Immovable as Mountains was leveling up.

The Mysterious Fruit had improved the State of Immovable as Mountains. Qing Shui was not sure about how he felt. It had succeeded at least. However, he was not as happy as he was when the Nature Energy had improved. However, there was no point in thinking about this. Not only had this improved his overall abilities, it improved his aura as well. It should have its own strength.


That energy merged directly with the Qi of State of Immovable as Mountains. The Qi of the State of Immovable as Mountains exploded apart, then condensed, then rotated, then exploded again, then condensed again…

Suddenly, the ball of Qi from the Nature Energy also gave off a golden glow. The Jindan in his Dantian also spun rapidly. Following that, the ball of Qi of the Emperor's Qi also started to spin. In that instant, Qing Shui discovered that there seemed to be a great wave in his Dantian, causing Qing Shui’s complexation to change.

He felt that his body was filled with an explosive energy. However, he was not in any pain. He just felt unsettled. He discovered that he had no control over what happened in his Dantian.


Suddenly there was a crisp sound. Qing Shui was astonished to discover that the Grade Seven Nature Energy Qi ball had turned into a small pellet. It was smaller than a BB pellet but it was larger than a soybean.

Nature Energy turning into a pellet…...

Qing Shui was stunned, the Nature Energy that had turned into a pellet reached the Small Perfection Stage . This caused Qing Shui to feel that the Nature Energy in his body had turned manyfold more plentiful, its might had also increased. However, its effect of increasing ability did not change. Even so, its ability to resist poison and evil had a heaven-changing change.

Righteous energy of Heaven and Earth, Nature Energy!

The joy from this incident was indescribable. He had never expected that the State of Immovable as Mountains could affect the Nature Energy like this. Looking at the continuously spinning Emperor's Qi and the ball of Qi of the State of Immovable as Mountains, Qing Shui felt full of anticipation.

The Jindan in his Dantian was rapidly spinning. What led Qing Shui to be astonished was that it was slowly getting stronger. The strengthening of his Jindan was an increase of his abilities, it was a direct increase of his abilities…...


The State of Immovable as Mountains ball of Qi condensed into a pellet, it was an earthen-yellow about the size of a soybean.


Sixth Grade State of Immovable as Mountains!

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