Chapter: 977

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 977 - Ji Clan's Old Ancestor, An Old Monster With A Strength of 4,000 Stars

With a single stomp, everyone was stunned. Even the three ladies looked at Qing Shui in astonishment. Although they knew that Qing Shui was very strong, they still felt a bit of shock. That kick was just too powerful.

The people from the other side all had their mouths wide-agape, unable to accept this scene.

The few old men Zu Sui had brought with him were now looking at Qing Shui with stunned expressions. They had never expected that this seemingly handsome young man would be so powerful. To be able to kill Third Master Zu, Zu Sui, with one kick... just how strong was he?

Qing Shui could easily sense his opponent's level, but his opponents couldn't sense his. Usually, cultivators would be able to sense each other's level, but they wouldn't be able to do so accurately. Even if they sensed that the other party was powerful, it was just a rough idea. They won't be able to accurately judge how the other party compared to themselves.

Only those with a sharp spiritual sense would be able to clearly tell. People with strong spirit energy would also be able to do the same. If one's spirit sense wasn't powerful enough, as long as the opponent didn't exude a powerful enough aura, one wouldn't be able to sense their opponent’s power accurately.

Otherwise, if cultivators were able to sense each other's abilities from just their auras, there wouldn't be any need for them to fight anymore. Only people like Qing Shui with a sharp spiritual sense and powerful spirit energy would be able to sense the existence of people who were stronger than him.

These old men opposite him were Peak Martial Saints and were definitely powerful existences. This was because on the surface, there weren't any Martial Saints in Greencloud Continent. However, he now knew that it was only appearances, and in the dark, there were even hidden clans in the Greencloud Continent. Even the General Manor in General Country was a powerful existence.

"Who's the one in-charge of General Manor? I don't wish to kill too many people, get the person-in-charge to come talk to me." Qing Shui said to his opponents. Compared to him, they were really weak. They had no power over the current Qing Clan.

An old man left quickly and Qing Shui didn't stop him.

"You, tell me about the things in General Manor!" Qing Shui pointed to a short and fat old man and said.

"Yes, yes..." The short and fat old man was trembling slightly. This young man was able to kill Zu Sui with a single kick. If Qing Shui were to land an attack on him, he would definitely die.

"General Manor is formed by three clans. Zu Clan is one of them, and there are another two clans, Tie Clan and Ji Clan. General Manor is primarily headed by Ji Clan. In comparison, Tie Clan and Zu Clan are much weaker." The short and fat old man looked at Qing Shui and said slowly.

"Why is General Manor headed by three clans?"

"Is the power held by one of the clans or do they hold power together?"

"On the surface, it's like all three clans share the power," the short and fat old man quickly said.

"Then in the dark, it’s not true?"

Hearing Qing Shui's words, the short and fat old man said, "In the past, General Manor's head had three kids. Ji Clan is General Manor's orthodox lineage."

"Tie Clan and Zu Clan were formed by the foster children of Ji Clan in the past. Their ancestral teachings were that all three brothers had to collaboratively lead General Manor and if anything were to happen, they must discuss it together."

This made Qing Shui feel very strange. Why were the Ji Clan's ancestral teachings like that? By right, in those days, foster children were unable to call the shots, even if they were together with blood descendants. But why did the Ji Clan want their two foster children to lead the clan together with their blood descendant?

"Could it be so that they could restrict each other?" Qing Shui was puzzled.

"What kind of people are in Zu Clan?" Qing Shui didn't care if the old man was speaking the truth. He just treated this as a means to waste time.

"Third Master Zu is from the second generation. There's an older generation above him and I'm not sure if there are any others from the previous generation." The short and fat old man said carefully.

"What about Tie Clan and Ji Clan?"

The short and fat old man didn't dare to withhold any information. His life was in Qing Shui's hand so he said, "Tie Clan and Zu Clan are about the same. I'm not sure about Ji Clan."

Qing Shui sat there, tapping lightly on the armrest of the chair. General Manor's Ji Clan, was at least a secluded clan and it should be the same for Zu Clan and Tie Clan. It was no wonder that Zu Yanglong dared to be so arrogant. It wasn't only in General Country, he would have the rights to be arrogant even in Greencloud Continent.

However, there should have been seniors who had warned him not to leave General Country. Usually, no one in General Country would resist him, and even if anything were to happen, they would be able to arrive within a short period of time to take care of the situation. General Manor was still quite confident of their abilities.

Qing Shui didn't wish for there to be any delays to his journey, nor did he think of killing all of these people completely. Of course, it would also be dependant on how the other party reacted. If they didn't know what's good for them, he wouldn't mind killing them.

After 30 minutes, a series of footsteps rang out and more than ten people came up. This time around, Qing Shui locked his gaze on the old man in the lead.

Early Martial Emperor!

Qing Shui was astonished as well. One really couldn't judge based on appearances alone. It seemed like it wasn't that the people from the other continents didn't wish to dominate here, but actually they couldn't do so. There was no need for powerful cultivators or clans to come to Greencloud Continent to dominate. And if people of mediocre abilities were to come, they would die an unknown death.

Qing Shui was stunned. He looked at the old man in the lead who wore white clothes. The old man had snow white hair, beard, long brows, and his eyes appeared very upright.

"You guys must be from Heavenly Palace. Let me apologize on behalf of General Manor for offending you guys." The old man in the lead bowed and said to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was stunned by the old man's sudden action, and so were the other people from General Manor. These people were from Heavenly Palace... Right now, news of Heavenly Palace had spread very far, especially about that young Patriarch they had.

Zu Yanglong looked at Qing Shui in a daze. He probably felt like dying now. He hadn't expected to come across someone from Heavenly Palace. Heavenly Palace was one of those groups his clan had warned him not to offend.

Why did his grandfather suddenly attacked them? Was it out of fury or was it negligence...?

Zu Yanglong had completely lost all hope. His cultivation was gone and his grandfather was dead. This time around, with the trouble he had gotten into the Ji Clan would probably not let him go either.

"You're able to call the shots?" Qing Shui looked at the old man and asked calmly.

"I am Ji Wutong. I'm here to represent General Manor to have a talk with you. I'll definitely let you be satisfied." The old man looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

"Oh. This General Inn belongs to General Manor right? Have it torn down tomorrow." Qing Shui looked at General Inn and then at the old man before speaking.

Ji Wutong's mouth twitched, "Mister, do you think that we can look for another means..."

"These few people drugged me and held evil intentions for my women. What do you think I should do?" Qing Shui's powerful spirit energy pressured Ji Wutong.

Ji Wutong was an Early Martial Emperor. Putting aside the fact that his abilities were a far cry from Qing Shui's, even when Qing Shui was still at his level, his spirit energy had far surpassed Ji Wutong. Right now, Ji Wutong was immobilized by the pressure from Qing Shui's spirit energy.

Ji Wutong was stunned. He had initially thought that this young man was also an Early Martial Emperor or only a Peak Martial Emperor. After all, Qing Shui was far too young. Unknowingly, a layer of perspiration appeared on his face.

Because Heavenly Palace was Greencloud Continent's greatest sect and also because Zu Yanglong was the one who was in the wrong he apologized since he wanted to settle this problem peacefully. Additionally, the General Manor had always kept a low profile.

Suddenly, Qing Shui withdrew his aura. The old man wiped the sweat from his forehead and said to the people behind him, "Bring these few back and punish them according to the clan's rules!"

"Elder Ji, kill me!"

Zu Yanglong was brought away amidst his loud cries. Even Zu Sui's corpse was taken away. Ji Wutong then carefully said in a soft voice to Qing Shui, "Mister, do you still have any other instructions?"

"Oh, you think that this is sufficient?" Qing Shui's lifted his brows and looked towards the old man.

Ji Wutong now bore a great hatred towards Zu Clan for offending such a powerful person. They really didn't know any better. To think that they dared to have evil intentions on this guy's women. They truly deserved death. The women of powerful people could not be touched. He knew that things wouldn't be solved so easily and just the mere thought of this caused his face to fall.

"No, no, please go ahead. I'll promise you anything." Ji Wutong knew that no matter what was to happen, he would have to accommodate this young man's wishes.

"How many other members of Zu Clan are there in General Manor?" Qing Shui asked.

Ji Wutong's body trembled slightly before he said, "Over a hundred!"

"But Zu Sui is ranked third and there are only two people in his branch. He's dead, and now, Zu Yanglong is crippled as well."

"Tell me why the General Manor still exists in such a poor Greencloud Continent?" Qing Shui stared at Ji Wutong and asked softly.

"Let me answer your question!"

At that moment, a voice rang out. It was clear as if the person was right next to him. However, Qing Shui knew that the person was still over 1,000 li away from him. However, within three breaths of time, an old man walked out from the staircase. He had black hair, a white beard, white brows, and his gaze appeared kind yet intelligent. He wore white clothes and a double-headed dragon cane hang on his arm. When Qing Shui saw that old man, he abruptly stood up, his aura raised to its maximum.

Unknowingly, the Violet Star Thunder God was already in his hands. He took a step forward and stood before the three ladies.

To think General Manor had such an old monster to support them...

4,000 stars...

Qing Shui was mainly worried about the people behind him and was also astonished by the old man's cultivation. This was the strongest person Qing Shui had come across and it was in Greencloud Continent. How could he not be astonished?

"Old Ancestor!"


"You guys can leave. I'm sure that Qing Shui will not stop you. No one is allowed to come in." The old man's voice was calm and amiable, it could even calm their erratic heartbeats.

"Qing Shui, we'll leave you to chat with this old sir and we'll head back first!" Canghai Mingyue smiled and said to Qing Shui.

"Alright!" Qing Shui nodded.

The three ladies greeted the old man, and seeing that he didn't mean any harm, they went back. It was because they knew that even if they were to start fighting, there was nothing they could do to help. Their presence would only cause Qing Shui to be distracted.

The old man found a seat and sat down. "The youngsters these days are really formidable. This old man doesn't feel that he is your opponent."

"Sir, you're too humble. Your appearance had given me a big shock. To think that there's still an existence as powerful as yourself in Greencloud Continent." Qing Shui sat down gradually, not letting go of his Violet Star Thunder God. The double-headed dragon cane was the old man's weapon!

"Lad, there's no need to be nervous. I had never thought of starting a fight. Let me answer your question from earlier. I've never expected that Greencloud Continent could nurture such a demonic character like yourself. I'm heartened to see this. It's really the blessing of Greencloud Continent!"

Qing Shui was a bit puzzled, but he didn't say a word and just quietly listened. Qing Shui didn't know this old man's name. However, it didn’t matter if he knew his name or not. A name was just a designation, an address!

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