Chapter: 984

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 984 - She Sees Beyond the Secular World of Mortals

Qing Shui could tell that Zhu Qing was a bit nervous. Seeing the expression she had when she presented her gifts to the children, Qing Shui’s heart throbbed. He realized that she loved children. It was not just a pretense. Especially the expression in her eyes, she was sparkling with joy when she held Qing Yu in her arms.

Qing Yu was one of the younger ones, but she was also the bossiest. However, as long as there was a nice toy to play with, she would comply. Right now Zhu Qing was holding several toys, so she was close with Zhu Qing. But when she took the toy, or if she disliked the toy, she would immediately run back to Huoyun Liu-Li’s side.

Zhu Qing and Qing Yi had greeted each other already. Yiye Jiange had already told Qing Yi some things about Zhu Qing, so she did not know what to say. However, Zhu Qing had relaxed and no longer seemed to be nervous.


A month passed by in a flash. Within this month, Qing Shui and Zhu Qing’s wedding ceremony had been held. Qing Clan gained an extra member and Qing Yi was beaming with joy. Seeing the scene of her son being surrounded by all these stunning beauties left Qing Yi somewhat confused and somewhat fearing that this was all a dream.

Although she only had one son, she had already gotten several grandchildren. Even though Luan Luan spent her childhood years elsewhere, her talent was incomparable. Given her closeness with Qing Shui, despite knowing that she was not his biological daughter, it was as though she was his daughter regardless.

Yu Chang was different; she had been with the Qing Clan since she was little. Now that Mingyue Gelou had Qing Ming, nobody brought this topic up. Yu Chang had also never asked, so Qing Shui was uncertain if Yu Chang knew her origins.

Mingyue Gelou was Qing Shui’s woman, and Qing Ming was the child of Qing Shui and Mingyue Gelou. That was enough. Even the conservative mountain village had accepted this. In comparison, Qing Clan was more open, especially Qing Shui.

Yu Chang was very happy. Having Qing Shui as a father made her rejoice. She tried desperately to avoid thinking about the blurry memories that had started to appear from time to time.

In a month’s time, Qing Clan’s strength and abilities had increased rapidly. It was the same as before. Qing Shui had left behind Medicinal Pills and what not. On top of that, they had cultivated continuously but the growth from this month was actually incomparable.

Medicinal Pills and several foods had already helped them grow by a bit. Thanks to the effects of Spirit Gathering Formation, Qing Shui’s instruction, the Acupuncture Constitution Nurturing technique and the Wondrous Fruit, the children were able to set a strong foundation.

Qing Yu was too young to train, but that little girl was greedy and had already eaten two Wondrous Fruit. This incident left Huoyun Liu-Li speechless. Qing Shui was the one at fault here. Even though he was spoiling the children, he should not have wasted the Wondrous Fruit. There were not many left in storage due to their relatively short life cycle. Nonetheless, knowing that there will be more descendants for the Qing Clan, they could not afford to waste anymore.

Members of Qing Clan must cultivate Nine Palace Steps and formations every day. This training was a shortcut to change Qing Clan. Other than Qing Yu, everyone would spend time cultivating during the day. During this time, Qing Shui was especially strict.

Guo Polu and Qingqing had been residing in Qing Clan for the past month without returning home even once. This month had been tough for Guo Polu, but his perseverance had paid off because he excelled in strength. His talent was alright. Qing Shui spent quite some time instructing him. He was Qingqing’s man so this was a way to allow him and Guo Clan to take a big step forward.


Lotus Mirror of the Sacred Land!

Di Chen finally came out of seclusion. After this period, the strength that she had inherited was enough to make her fear herself. She felt that her old self was nothing but a newborn child compared to her current self.

Her heart was calm, to the point that it caused her to feel fear. She realized that nothing could cause her heart to feel unsettled, nor was there a person who could cause a ripple in her heart anymore.

She thought of Di Clan, and also Qing Clan, especially Qing Shui. Everything that had happened in the past was vivid in her mind, but the feelings attached to those experience could no longer be felt.

Her heart was steady like a boulder and it was like her heart had frozen like ice. She knew that women of the Lotus Mirror could not marry. If they were to marry, they would have to leave the Lotus Mirror first. Hypothetically, even if she was no longer a member of the Lotus Mirror, she would be able to understand why her master did what she had.

However, she was now the Master of Lotus Mirror. If regular members of Lotus Mirror could not marry, how could the master? Suddenly, she felt as though marriage was repulsive. Everything had lost its emotional resonance with her heart.

She disliked this feeling, but this was the reality now. She could not explain the reason behind it, but the love she once had was not merely changed, it had also completely disappeared.

Three years of seclusion cultivation, three years of enlightenment. Di Chen could only smile bitterly. If she had known that it would turn out like this, she would not have chosen to inherit the Lotus.

Now that she was at the peak of the Lotus, she could see much farther, but she had never felt so confused.


Di Chen turned around. It was her master. Her master was no longer young so it was not her fault. The World of the Nine Continents was a battleground of strength and ability. Master had wished for Di Chen to become stronger. Following the traditional way of inheritance, she was given a rare opportunity. The fact that she had absorbed all the energy from Sacred Lotus Platform made her strongest in the history of those who had inherited the Lotus. In addition, she had secluded herself to cultivate. She had now reached a realm that could strike fear into people’s heart.

“Master, why are you here?“ Di Chen asked with a smile.

Her master sighed. Although Di Chen was smiling, there were no emotions behind it. It had been her own selfishness and now she could only feel regret. Chen`er should not have cultivated to such a realm at her young age. This was disadvantageous, since Di Chen would not have had enough experience, nor the perseverance. Her master feared that Di Chen would not be able to handle it.

“Chen`er, your realm has risen. Is there anything you want to do? Otherwise, this may not go down well.” The elder spoke with concern.

“Master, what do you think I should do?” Di Chen said calmly as she looked at the elder.

“Let your heart be worried and concerned about something. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you have something to be concerned about.” Elder said to Di Chen with confirmation.

“Something of concern… …”

Di Chen stood there blankly. She understood what her master had said, but how would she worry? In the past, she had only thought of him, and could not wait to just rush to his side. But now, that impulse had completely disappeared. It was a strange change. Just like how someone used to only think about a person, but now that person had turned into an insignificant pedestrian.

“Master, please take care of this place. Also, please train the next Master of Lotus Mirror.” Di Chen said after thinking for a bit.

The elder understood what she meant. Having reached such a high realm, Di Chen was no longer fit to be the Master of Lotus Mirror. The elder nodded, and looked towards Di Chen, “You should go and find that person, he should be able to help you.”

Di Chen understood that her master was speaking of Qing Shui, but she shook her head, and passed a letter to the elder, “Master, can you please give this to Qing Shui? I want to go travel by myself.”

“You want to go to the other four continents?” the elderly asked with a shivering voice.

“En, I want to go see it for myself. I think I can find myself there,” Di Chen said calmly. Her voice was monotone, as though going to the other four continents was as easy as turning her hand.

The elder understood that once Di Chen decided on something, she would not change. The elder accepted the letter with a sigh. Meanwhile, Di Chen had already disappeared from the Lotus Peak.


In a flash, twenty days had already passed. Qing Shui and members of Qing Clan spent every day with fulfillment. Their increased strength brought smiles of satisfaction and hope.

Di Qing, Canghai Mingyue… Everyone had grown in strength. Qing Shui’s cultivation, other than morning practice, had been conducted in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. His time in the morning was spent instructing members of Qing Clan.

Qing Shui would be busy every day. On top of training, he also taught several of his women to cook soups like Bone Strengthening Soup, Tiger Bone Soup, Qi Nourishment Soup, Vital Essence Soup, Elute Meridian Soup…

These had all learned something new from Qing Shui’s culinary arts. There were so many varieties of ‘soup’. This made Qing Shui smile. If he wanted to open a soup shop, its business would be booming.

The only problem was that the ingredients for the soup required ingredients such as strong beasts and high quality medicinal herbs. The most important thing about these soups were the ingredients. If he didn’t have the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and wasn’t strong enough, these soups could not be made.

Everything happens for a reason, as though a plan had already been arranged. Every day, Qing Shui had to craft materials in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and accumulated it. These soups could not be eaten every day, but several soups could be rotated.

He then taught others how to make them and Qing Shui would observe on the side. He wanted the people around him to learn how to make these soups, because he would not be by their side all of the time.

For example, if he wanted to go to the other four continents, which member of the Qing Clan could accompany him? Now that he was still here, he wanted to them to master a way to increase their strength.

Suddenly, a bird appeared from the distance. Once Qing Shui saw the bird, he immediately went directly towards it. His body instantly arrived just before the bird, since he knew this bird. Di Chen had left riding this same bird before.


Qing Shui was disappointed when he did not see Di Chen, but he still smiled.

“Chen`er told me to give this to you.”

A letter floated toward Qing Shui, along with the voice of an elder.

Qing Shui collected the letter and looked towards the elder. The elder nodded and Qing Shui opened the letter.

“Qing Shui, once you have read this letter I would have already left. Please don’t come to find me, because you won’t be able to. Even I don’t know where I am going. I did not know that a rise in my strength would make me no longer miss you. The entire world stopped being as nice as it used to feel. I want to go find what I lost. Please wait until the day I show up in front of you. Sorry Qing Shui, please forgive me… …”

Qing Shui’s hands were shaking. He sharply glared at Di Chen’s master. A strong pressure was emitted, although it was not directed towards anyone.

“What’s going on? What’s going on…” Qing Shui said coldly.

“She absorbed the energy from the Sacred Lotus Platform. Her realm and strength rose too fast. She has seen through the secular world of mortals,” the elder said with bitterness. She had never thought that the strength of this young man would be so frightening, looks like he would be the only one who could save Di Chen.

Hearing the elder’s words, Qing Shui blanked out. Saw through the secular world? Chen`er had already reached such a high realm. In the World of the Nine Continents, the only ones to surpass such a realm were old masters that were stronger than Ji Yunlang.

She had not entered the secular world yet had already left it… …

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