Chapter: 990

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 990 - Shall I Kill You as a Warning?

Sooner or later, he would have to go to war with Lion King Ridge. If Northern Sacred Lu Continent or any of the other powers wanted to participate as well, Qing Shui would not mind. But during this time, it would take up to three years for Qing Clan’s strength to increase. At the minimum, they would at least have enough to protect themselves. Of course, the strength of the members of the General Manor could also be increased. If the members of the General Manor could be stronger, then no one would harm the Greencloud Continent.

The only thing that attracted the other Guardian Clans to travel to Greencloud Continent would be the Sacred Land of Panacea. Every continent would have at least one Sacred Land but many were probably undiscovered. Each Sacred Land had a different opening time frame. The one belonging to Greencloud continent opens once every 300 years. It was also well hidden, even the Guardian Clans did not know much. Who knew who would want to benefit from it? Therefore, many did not wish to disclose anything. The only problem was that the cycle was too long, if one person could enter it twice in their lifetime it would already be a miracle.

Every time a person entered, they would receive huge benefits. Not only was it equivalent to one year’s worth of harsh cultivation, but those who cultivate any kind of martial arts would receive a special comprehension. There were other chances of finding panacea herbs or Spirit Fruit. Even near the border, there would be many spiritual items, it all depended on the person’s luck.

How the Northern Sacred Lu Continent’s Guardian Clan found out about the Sacred Land of the Greencloud Continent was a mystery. Qing Shui did not know the reason, nor did he know whether other people were aware of this.

Qing Shui felt that if people knew the existence of a Sacred Land of Panacea and when it opened, then they would use whatever means possible to enter it. Whether it be a martial artist or a normal person, they would still try to find a way. This was an opportunity of a lifetime that could change destiny. Even if, they choose to not to do anything in that day, they could still absorb the Spiritual Qi. This could result in a breakthrough or an increase in lifespan. If they had any internal injuries, it could also heal faster.

This was not something that everyone would know since knowing was not considered a good thing. The knowledge of this secret would bring the calamity of murder towards them. After a moment, Qing Shui did not want to think about it anymore. This was an opportunity that only appeared once every 300 years. Qing Shui’s goal was to allow everybody in the Qing Clan to go. Some members of the Heavenly Palace would enter as well.

The Sacred Land of Panacea was not a place that people could just come and go. It was a dangerous place that was opened for only a short window of time. If in one day, the people that had entered did not leave, then they would be stuck for 300 years. While there had been people that had wanted to stay in there for 300 years and come out invincible, the result was that these insane people never came out.

Qing Shui thought about how he had the Nine Continent Steps, which should enable him to reap many benefits from the Sacred Land of Panacea. The reason was that many did not dare to go too deeply into the Sacred Land since those that had gone have never been met a good end.

During the night, Qing Shui informed the rest of the Qing Clan of his thoughts. Zhu Qing, Qing Qing, Elder Ge and several outstanding members of Heavenly Palace would be going as well.

The next day, everybody rode the flying beast towards General Country. There was plenty of time.

The Sacred Land of Panacea’s border had a limited amount of treasures. The more people that entered, the less there will be left. The two Clans from the Northern Sacred Lu Continent were obviously trying to monopolize the opportunity. The opening only occurred once every 300 years, if they only relied on the strength of the General Manor it would not be enough. This was the Greencloud Continent, if anything happened on their own turf, the members of the General Manor would suicide.

General Manor was compelled by the circumstances to seek help from the Qing Clan. Qing Shui knew that in such a short amount of time, there was not a better alternative than his clan. He believed that Ji Yunlang must have seen through something previously, else he would not have sent someone to bring gifts to Yan City. At that time, he knew that they both resided in Greencloud Continent. If it came down to it, he could rely on them for help.

Towards the action of the two clans from the Northern Sacred Lu Continent, Qing Shui did not feel it was right or wrong. This world was the embodiment of survival of the fittest. However, because one of the parties belonged to the Guardian Clan of the Northern Sacred Lu Continent, he held a biased view. Somehow, it just felt like it was related to Lion King Ridge, thus it felt like a bad omen.

After that, Qing Shui told them to not to talk about it. The children did not know what was going on, however, those that knew were elated. The first step was to get rid of the two clans from the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. This made many people’s heart unsettled, of course, that included members of Qing Clan.

Regarding Qing Shui’s current strength, they were not even certain how strong he had gotten. Yiye Jiange’s emotions were a mess. She could already tell that although this Guardian Clan’s strength may only be a fraction of those from the Lion King Ridge, it was still formidable. Now, Qing Shui wished to battle both clans at once…

A line of people landed directly a few paces from the General Manor. Ji Yunlang came from a distance to receive them. Since they had so many people, Qing Shui decided to lodge at a nearby hotel. But he could not persuade Ji Yunlang, so everyone ended up resting in the General Manor.

Qing Shui made himself at home. Although Ji Clan was not small in number, it seems that Ji Clan had already prepared for their arrival. They left enough rooms and the surroundings and views were all the best.

That day, the General Manor had prepared a banquet to welcome Qing Shui and the rest of Qing Clan. Given how many people were there, everyone was separated into several tables. Everyone was bustling with noise and excitement while eating and drinking. They all talked about their normal daily life.

Qing Shui’s table did not have many people but it included Ji Yunlang, Qing Shui, Elder Ge, and an elder from Ji Clan. With a strength of 3000 stars was Ji Clan’s number two, Ji Yunlang. He looked at the youngster known as Qing Shui and internally admired him. This monster would cause people to jaw drop anywhere they went.

Even though Qing Shui did not carry a weapon, the elder could feel that Qing Shui was in possession of some very strong weapons. The pressure that he felt from Qing Shui gave the elder the sensation that he was looking at a bottomless pit. At the same time, it also felt like Qing Shui had never cultivated before. In the end, the elder eliminated the second possibility and concluded that Qing Shui had concealed his strength.

“Qing Shui, older brother seems to be unsettled, you are a genius, where there’s life there’s hope. If you have an accident I would not know how to apologize to your family,” Ji Yunlang said to Qing Shui while looking at the surrounding Qing Clan members.

“Be at ease older brother. I am not a rash person or else I would have been dead long ago,” Qing Shui said smilingly. Even if it was more dangerous, Qing Shui had a trump card. Central Palace blood fountain’s Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm. Compared to when he had first tamed it, its strength had already grown by several folds.

“That’s good then. Those people think too highly of themselves. The two clans arriving to clearly establish a monopoly on the Sacred Land,” Ji Yunlang said in anger.

“People should not be too greedy. This time, they would not only get very little. I won’t mind allowing them to arrive all high and mighty and leave with their tails between their legs,” Qing Shui said with a smile. With the current mood, Qing Shui did not want to discuss anything related to killing. He did not want to disturb the atmosphere but whether he kills or not was uncertain. Qing Shui had never gone soft on anyone that he had wanted to get rid of.

“Hey, last time there shouldn’t have been anyone that would have known, nor do we know how Beiming Clan and Wan Clan found out. They have arrived one month in advance. I had gone to their side to visit, and they left me with one line. They told the General Manor to not act blindly without thinking. They said that they had something important to do that relied on the Sacred Land of Panacea…” Ji Yunlang said while his hands shook.

He was a wise man, knowing that starting a fight was never a good thing. General Manor could not leave them alone, yet had to leave begrudgingly. Maybe it was because there were no powers on Greencloud Continent that could strike fear into the hearts of the two clans. Thus, they did not react to Ji Yunlang leaving. If he had gone to other continents to seek help, by the time Ji Yunlang had returned, the two clans would have already left Greencloud Continent. Thus, they were waiting here until the seal was released.


Central Star Building!

This was the center of General Country was also located in Jun City. Central Star building had been fully reserved. Although many people voiced their displeasure, after two of them had been killed, nobody dared to utter a word on the matter.

A high level Martial Saint martial artist was killed instantly, this was the strength of the opposition.

“Brother Beiming, these people need to be aware that there are some people that they can’t afford offend.”

At this time, in a room inside the Central Star Building, two elderly men were drinking wine. The man to the north dressed in white but his hair was black aside from the white hair on his temples. His eyes were filled with vigor, with a straight nose and firm brows. He gave off a feeling that was pleasing to the eye and his charm could even cause other men to take a second look.

On the opposite side was a man dressed in crimson with black hair that was scattered at will. His eyes were sharp like an eagle’s. He had an aquiline nose and thick brows that were white as snow. At a glance, he gave off the feeling that one should not bother about trifles and it was even a bit strange.

“Brother Wan, what are the elderly men doing? Do you think that anyone would show up to stop us?” The handsome old man spoke with a smile.

“Hehe, so what if they come to stop us? With the two of us, who on the Greencloud Continent could stop us? This time, we must go inside there to find the rare ingredients required to break through to Grade Two Martial Emperor.”

“In such a large Greencloud Continent, is there no Guardian Clan?” Beiming Jiannan paused for a bit and voiced.

“Haha, did you forget that old fart that showed up a couple days ago? Seemed like he was from the General Manor. That is the Guardian Clan of Greencloud Continent. Compared to the two of us, they are quite weak. I do not expect them to come stop us.”

“Are you not worried about something they concealed? I feel like we are missing something. Though Greencloud Continent is not strong, it is still a continent,” Beiming Jiannan said with a worried expression.

“Alright brother Beiming, since things have already become like this, if Greencloud Continent had concealed strength they would have already appeared. If they do not appear now, they probably will not appear,” Wan Shang said as though it did not matter.

“Well, let’s not think about it anymore. Drink, if the sky is about to fall, there are several elders that will hold it up.”

“Yes, we can think like that. Drink!”


“Old Wan, I feel as though I can’t find a peace of mind,” a white haired old man with a healthy complexion said to the other elderly man with white hair and a blushed face.

“Haha, what is there to fear? As if there was anyone stronger than us in Greencloud Continent. In these five continents, are there any that surpass us in strength?” the elderly man with a blushed face said.

The two elderly men who were past their seventies were emitting a strong vitality and their whole bodies gave off a restrained aura. It was like a normal elderly person that had not trained in martial arts kind. It was like they were without an edge, like a smoothly rounded pebble.

“Old Wan, don’t let them kill the innocent blindly. We are at such an age, there are some things we have seen through,” the white haired old man with a healthy complexion said while sighing.

“Old, really getting old. Back then killing people was like blinking our eyes. For matters like this, we should only kill several people. Killing a couple as a warning would reduce our troubles later on,” the elderly man called Old Wan said calmly.

The other elderly person sighed.

However, at this time, a voice had reached their ears.

“You killing one person as a warning could ruin an entire family, how about I kill one of you as a warning?”

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