Chapter: 998

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 998 - Luan Luan’s formidable beast, Leaving the Sacred Land of Panacea

Having high growth was very important. Fundamentally, beasts can grow infinitely. Just like how a human’s strength fundamentally could grow infinitely, only bottlenecks would prevent many from advancing to the next stage. This was also the case for many beasts. Beasts with high growth could easily surpass bottlenecks and hurdles, becoming formidable beasts.

“Little Darling, this Spirit Deer will become formidable in the future.” Qing Shui was happy. This was the first-time Qing Shui saw a tamer with a beast greater than one thousand stars.

The strength of his strongest beast was the Five-Headed Demonic Spider that was barely seven hundred stars. Even though he had experienced many battles, he had not seen a formidable Beast Tamer. His own daughter was actually a very strong Beast Tamer.

“Daddy, coming here turned a huge profit!” Luan Luan said happily.

Continuing to search some more, the Spirit Deer joyfully followed Luan Luan around. Qing Shui smiled while looking at Luan Luan and said, “Darling, for beasts with approximately the same strength as the Spirit Deer, given your remaining spirit energy, how many do you think you can tame?”

Luan Luan thought for a bit, “I can still tame four or five more!”

Hearing that answer, Qing Shui stood there in shock. The Heart of Seven Orifices was too mighty. Luan Luan’s actual strength compared to the Spirit Deer was light years away. In a normal situation, a typical person would never be able to tame it.

Taming beasts required spirit energy to communicate. It was taming relying on spirit alone. Thus, a typical Beast Tamer would have a large reserve of spirit energy. Their beasts typically would not have high spirit energy, however there are exceptions but only very few. Taming beasts that were stronger than themselves was considered the pride of the Beast Tamer. Beast Tamers were formidable compared to their peers of the same level because they could legitimately win by numbers.

If they have high energy and luck, then they could tame beasts that were many times stronger than themselves. They could also tame many beasts that were about the same strength as they were.

People like Luan Luan would only appear once every thousand years. Luan Luan’s spirit energy was decent but her level was not one that could tame beasts of this level. She still relied on the help of the Heart of Seven Orifices. Other people would require at least a thousand stars to tame the Spirit Deer but Luan Luan only required a thousandth of the same strength to achieve this feat.

What kind of idea was this?

She was an innate Beast Tamer. Sooner or later, she will be one of the strongest Beast Tamers. Thereafter, Qing Shui spent the rest of his time by Luan Luan’s side to help her tame beasts. Qing Shui also wanted to observe Luan Luan’s changes.

One day was the equivalent of cultivating for a full year. Qing Shui did not know when Luan Luan reached the strength of almost one star. Peak Martial Saint! It was only natural for Luan Luan given her innate ability and the equivalent of one year of cultivation. She had already been a Grade Nine Marital Saint before they started anyways.

Luan Luan successfully tamed four more beasts. It could be said to be a large harvest. One of them was two thousand two hundred stars powered Golden Jiao King.

After seeing the beast, Qing Shui thought about giving Luan Luan a hand in taming. Though Luan Luan could be considered as the weakest Peak Martial Saint, she still had many beasts by her side. In particular, Spirit Deer had the strength of one thousand two hundred stars and had already awakened the Blood of Spirit Beasts. In addition, there were ten Earth Devouring Mice and three other thousand star strength beasts.

Qing Shui thought about the Golden Jiao King from Sky Penetrating Mountains. It was about the same in strength. The first time he was cornered until he had to retreat. Once he had enough power, it ran away. Thinking back, that feeling was pretty good.

This Golden Jiao King was not the same one from Sky Penetrating Mountains. There was not just one Golden Jiao King. Golden Jiao King was not the Emperor of Golden Jiaos. They were beasts that were so formidable that people called them Golden Jiao Kings. They do not have underlings.

Golden Jiao King was the last beast that Luan Luan tamed. The first one was Spirit Deer, the second one was Mystic-Armored Ice Ox, the third and fourth ones were a pair of Silver Armored Beast; a spirit type beast.

Mystic-Armored Ice Ox was a giant. Towering at thirty meters tall with a length of a hundred meters. Its entire body was ice blue. Its strength was close to two thousand stars. Though the Mystic-Armored Ice Ox was powerful, its spirit energy and spirit intelligence was not anything special. Spirit Deer cheered Luan Luan on. Adding the temptation of pellets, taming the Mystic-Armored Ice Ox was basically a success. This felt overly smooth for Luan Luan.

Only when meeting the Golden Jiao King had there been a small battle. Spirit Deer’s heavy strike was effective but the strongest one was the Mystic-Armored Ice Ox. This giant was not inferior against the Golden Jiao King. The overpowering defense could stand toe-to-toe with the Golden Jiao King. In terms of attack, its snow breath had effects of slow and ice, given that it was a variant; rumor had it that it carried the blood of Azure Ox.

Azure Ox was a beast of legends!

Qing Shui had secretly used Emperor’s Qi on the Golden Jiao King. In the end, Golden Jiao King fell at the combined forces of Mystic-Armored Ice Ox and Spirit Deer. After much effort, Luan Luan communicated with the Golden Jiao King for a long time before it would follow obediently.

Golden Jiao King’s formidability could not be questioned. However, Golden Jiao King’s obedience did not feel practical in any sense. Even though he could instantly kill the Golden Jiao King in his current form, Luan Luan was only at the strength of one star. Being able to tame a two thousand two hundred star beast and other beasts at that…

If Luan Luan broke through to Martial Emperor, then she would be the weakest Martial Emperor. The beasts before were all tamed with such ease, Luan Luan’s strength would only become a defiance to the natural order. It was no wonder that her ancestors were able to annihilate a large sect before they reached forty years of age.

At this rate, in ten years Luan Luan would become a frightening existence. He was not sure whether this ability would be on par with Lion King’s Ridge, since Qing Shui did not know the actual strength of this super sect.

Qing Shui felt the auras the beasts Luan Luan brought. He was not sure how many she could bring but it was definitely a sight to see. However, she would not tame too many but many beasts would obey her.

Right now, she had five beasts at the strength of Martial Emperor. Seeing Qing Shui, Luan Luan was overjoyed. She knew she could tame high leveled beasts but did not think it was going to be this high…

Time was almost up. Qing Shui and Luan Luan went back to the entrance area. Though Luan Luan could barely tame one more with her remaining spirit energy. After asking, Qing Shui understood that Luan Luan could tame many beasts, it was only tenfold that of a typical Beast Tamer’s amount but the key point was that she could tame beasts with strength many times stronger than she was.

Whether fifty, five thousand stars beasts could take on Lion King’s Ridge, Qing Shui thought while walking. In the end, he shook his head, he did not want to think about it anymore. To complete this, he needed more than just one person.

Returning to the area near the entrance of the Sacred Land of Panacea, he discovered everyone was around. However, Qing Shui’s sharp spiritual sense felt that General Manor was missing several people. However, this was a normal sight. Qing Shui did not ask too much. Ji Yunlang happily smiled at Qing Shui and said, “About thirty minutes left, let’s wait a bit, any gains?”

“Pretty good, what about you guys?” Qing Shui asked.

“Haha, we were alright. It was mainly for people in the family to come here to gain an equivalent of a year’s worth of cultivation. Especially when they can have some enlightenment in this day. It would be beneficial in the long run,” Ji Yunlang said with a relaxed smile.

The halo just up ahead began to activate, Ji Yunlang said while smiling to the others, “The seal is about to activate again, everyone hurry up and leave.”

Roar … …

Suddenly a faint roar could be heard from a distance. It was oppressive and loud which could shake a person’s soul. Ji Yunlang could only express shock as he looked at a shocked Qing Shui.

“Run! Everyone hurry up and get out!” Ji Yunlang was shocked but calmed down immediately. Even if they were formidable beasts, they still would not enter the area within ten miles of the safety zone.

Qing Shui could hear that the noise belonged to the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent. His beasts were already retrieved into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and Luan Luan’s beasts were retrieved in the Beast Token.

Soon, everyone had left the Sacred Land of Panacea. Within fifteen minutes, the ripple got more violent then quickly restored it to how it was before. A familiar repelling pressure reappeared again.

Leaving through the cave entrance, there was nobody outside since it was quite hidden. After travelling for some distance, Qing Shui and Ji Yunlang said their goodbyes. Ji Yunlang invited Qing Shui and crew to stay at his place for several more days but Qing Shui excused himself with a smile.

“Brother, if you have time come to the Continent’s Capital,” Qing Shui told Ji Yunlang as he stepped onto the Fire Bird’s back.

“Ok, I will definitely be there later.”


Qing Shui felt this visit to the Sacred Land of Panacea had been valuable. Although General Manor used this as a means to seek help from him, Qing Shui was still thankful to the General Manor from the bottom of his heart. After coming to a better understanding, he felt that General Manor was worth being friends with.

On the back of the Fire Bird, Qing Shui began to observe the changes with the people close to him. A year’s worth of cultivation could result in no changes in some people but for others it could result in huge gains.

Zhu Qing and Qing Qing spent the day resting. Their ability was not high, nor was their innate skill. However, their strength still increased a little. What was important was that they felt comfortable throughout their bodies. This was also beneficial to the child inside their growing baby bumps.

The person with the greatest change was naturally Luan Luan. The benefits that Luan Luan received out weighted everyone else. Even without today, Luan Luan would eventually excel by leaps and bounds. However, in tonight’s events, the gains were huge. It was like comparing a person using their lifetime to earn a million dollars against a person who only used one year to earn a million dollars and stopped working for money. The difference was in the interest.

In addition, the younger children had the greatest change after spending time cultivating in the Sacred Land. Basically, the experience was equivalent to the effect of one enlightenment.

Currently, each of them had an excited expression on their face. All of them surrounded Qing Shui talking about things. Qing Yu was laying in Qing Shui’s embrace while eating fruit.

Qing Shui was sitting on the back of the Fire Bird. He held Qing Yu on one side and Qi Yan on the other side. The others sat beside Qing Shui. Qing Shui had a look of satisfaction.

Luan Luan was chatting about something with Yiye Jiange. She seemed to be full of joy and excitement.

Zhu Qing glanced over at Qing Shui several times. Seeing Qing Yu’s reaction on her own baby bump, she could not help but smile.

When they left, it was exactly at noon. Not long after just exiting General Country, the day had already turned to night. Though they were in the wilderness, they decided to camp at a spacious area. Right now, Luan Luan felt that the worries on Qing Shui’s chest had become a little lighter.

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