Chapter 110: Reparations (1)


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Chapter 110: Reparations (1)

Xu Yangyi’s eyes were set firmly on the map. Even after no less than ten minutes, he was unable to come to a certain resolution. If this was the lotus sea, it was tantamount to traversing upon the back of a terrible monster once he entered!

No… perhaps it wasn’t a monster, nothing more than a mere oddity of the natural world, and yet… this was a thought that even he didn’t believe! That lotus sea concealed a great secret… Xu Yangyi could only confirm one point; a place able to bring about the Eternal Alchemy Canon absolutely wasn’t ordinary. But in the same vein, great secret was accompanied by great peril!

Most importantly, what did this map represent? A lotus, a blazing expanse, and a pavilion. What was the relation between this map and all the lotuses that simultaneously ignited at the original time of his departure? And the connection that existed with the pavilion from where the Eternal Alchemy Canon emerged? Once this though revealed itself, it seemed to station itself within his mind, simply incapable of being banished.

“No.” After awhile, he inhaled deeply and firmly shook his head. “If that demon form really is a demon… there’s no way I’m ready to go. All there’ll be is certain death!”

“My advantage is that only I have prior knowledge about that terrible demon down there before I set out. But even so, I still can’t go there by myself…” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes. “I need… my own team.”

“True elites… At the minimum, they can’t be too far off from myself. If too many people go there, it’s bound to agitate that colossal demon. Only a couple elites have the chance to explore this secret.” In mere wink, he firmed his thoughts. He was simply unable to let any item related to the Eternal Alchemy Canon slip by. Before Jadewave’s death, he seemed to unravel the secret, but in truth, an even greater secret was torn open. Nonetheless, all that Xu Yangyi saw was this mere corner.

Who did this Emperor Armament belong to? Who had slain the emperor? Before the emperor had died, who used the Xuan-Yuan Sword to traverse thousands of kilometers to attack him from above the Forbidden City? Why had the Emperor Armament ended up in his hands?

If this wasn’t made clear one day in the future, there would be blemish in his heart. The longer things continued, this mystery was bound to form a heart devil. 

“I was there for so long, but that demon didn’t even react. Perhaps it… doesn’t know at all…”

“Its reaction is pretty slow… to the extent that I suspect that it’s in a kind of dormant state…” He carefully recalled each detail from back then. “That demon only woke up when all the lotus flowers ignited. This is impossible. If it’s a thousand-meter demon form…” Xu Yangyi laughed wryly, “How could it only be Nascent Soul…?”

“Maybe the instant I entered I had already been discovered.” His gaze twinkled, but it was only this. This enigma would only unfold when Xu Yangyi possessed a sliver of an opportunity to enter the lotus sea—and if this map marked an entrance. However… he clenched his teeth, rolling the sheepskin scroll with some vexation and hot-temperedness. This sheepskin scroll… was ruined. 

It marked many places in the center, the entrance the sole missing piece! He didn’t know where to enter!

“No rush…” In his heart, he admonished himself once again. “This shortcoming demonstrates that my destiny isn’t enough. Why bother climbing a tree to catch a fish?” [1]

“Right now, the most important… is to continue cultivating the Eternal Alchemy Canon. There’s already a faint stirring from the Vermilion Bird Fire…” he continued pondering. “Upgrading my privileges requires an S-rank mission. Ten missions will take too long… I need my own team.” He looked towards the sheepskin scroll, the odd wooden sword in his hand. “Before I haven’t obtained the entrance… I can make good preparations at the very least.”

Li Zongyuan. Xu Yangyi was of the pragmatic faction and also of the diligent faction. With his thoughts determined, he wouldn’t hesitate for too long by any inkling or consideration. He immediately called out through his spiritual sense. 

In the End of Days, qi was meager and sparse, but it appeared that commodities were still in abundance. Nonetheless, the highest realm had already been inhibited to Core Formation. The excavation and opening of any ancient, hidden treasure was a major and influential matter for the cultivation world. Concerning opportunity and destiny, there existed none who were willing to cede it. 

I’m present, Mr. Xu. Li Zongyuan’s voice promptly rang out. After the journey of the Four Great Joint Pools, he practically venerated Xu Yangyi.

Invite Cheng Jianfeng and Zhou Tingting to come at once.

Less than ten minutes later, two people were standing in front of Xu Yangyi. He didn’t say anything but rather sat down on a swivel chair, sizing the two people up without so much as a ripple in demeanor. Cheng Jianfeng couldn’t be considered his demon familiar, and Zhou Tingting moreover wasn’t his servant. Nonetheless, he was indeed their master. 

“This half year has been exhausting for everyone.” He smiled. “No need to refrain yourselves. Take a seat.” 

The duo dared not sit. In the past, they had only been respectful, but presently, it had been replaced with more than a sliver of dread. They had long since held speculations about Xu Yangyi’s strength, but who would’ve anticipated that he would be able to behead a God Ming successor? And then conferred as the commander of an A-rank legion upon his return? In addition to also being endorsed by a great power, said to be a promise from several years ago?

The account name of “HL-01” was unexpectedly true!

Zhou Tingting no longer dared to speak as familiarly as in the past. Cheng Jianfeng moreover didn’t even venture to raise his head. No matter whether it was a God Ming successor, the commander of an A-rank legion, or a few tons of spirit stones, all were far, far too distant from themselves, leaving these two cultivators who had left their little county town ignorant as to what attitude to use in facing Xu Yangyi. 

Xu Yangyi paid no mind whether or not they sat down and laughed. “Later on, if you’re willing, hand in two forms to the Featherwood Guard. You can use the legion’s spirit stones for your own cultivation.”

“Yes… Huh?” The pair responded customarily, but in the next second they jerked their heads up as if they were pricked by a needle. They looked at Xu Yangyi in shock.

“W-We can join the Xingtian Legion?” Zhou Tingting asked, her voice shaky. Her breathing was rushed, the excitement in her heart pushing down on her reverence towards Xu Yangyi in an instant.

“Y-You don’t want elites? The very best?” Cheng Jianfeng was so animated that he even tightly pursed his lips. Never had he imagined that he would actually be able to join the Xingtian Legion!

They were idle in their business; naturally they knew of how many people were waiting on these numbered positions! Of the amount of cultivation clans that had come delivering gifts if only for one of these spots! Yet they didn’t even require examination and were directly inducted!

Could this be said to be the plentiful shade beneath a great tree? [2]

Xu Yangyi couldn’t be regarded as a great tree. At the very least, he didn’t believe his current self to be one. It just happened to be that whether good or bad, they were also his people. In this half-year, he had cultivated diligently but also given them the cold shoulder. If he wanted others to remain unswerving even in the face of death and the earth’s collapse, he had to get them to see that there existed a future in following him.

Elites were important, but his own people were more important. 

“Naturally, who I let in is my business.” Xu Yangyi laughed, “What? Don’t you want to?”

The duo glanced at each other and immediately cupped their fists, wild with joy. “We’re willing! Of course we are!”

“Zhou Tingting will join to study as a treasure inspection expert. Cheng Jianfeng…” Xu Yangyi glanced at Cheng Jianfeng, a tad awkward. He didn’t understand the other’s specialties at all, merely having a slight impression of Zhou Tingting’s virtually encyclopedic knowledge.

“I-I wish to enter recon!” Cheng Jianfeng smelled the sweetness and knew he had to take his cue, immediately bowing.

“Alright.” Xu Yangyi stood up. “In addition, I have to remind you guys. Your positions are in no way fixed.” The intention was evident. If they performed poorly and couldn’t capture the opportunity he had granted, they were not to blame him. 

“Yes!” Their faces were slightly flushed, and they promptly responded, their voices bright. 

Xu Yangyi waved his hand, and the duo immediately understood to collect themselves and leave. Li Zongyuan chuckled at the side. “As expected, Master is sentimental and righteous. Those two can’t be considered exceptional, yet Master entrusted them with heavy responsibility…”

“Stuff your praises.” Xu Yangyi said apathetically, “As a so-called genius, I was admittedly born outstanding, but…” He laughed somewhat ruefully, “If you’re not alive at the end, you don’t have the qualifications to call yourself a genius.”

“Master is lofty in vision.” Li Zongyuan said self-mockingly. “It is I that is slow-witted.”

Xu Yangyi was disinclined to care for such a low-grade flattering technique. Swiping the top of his ring, he took two kinds of items and placed them in Li Zongyuan’s hand.

“Find someone appropriate and discover which era these things came from. The more precise, the better.”

Li Zongyuan lowered his head and took a glance. It was that little box and the sheepskin scroll. “Yes, Master, when do you desire it?”

“The sooner, the better.” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes. Jadewave had said quite clearly that the “designs” that surrounded the little box would “solve” its secret. The sole Animus Armament brought about in 5,000 years, what secret did it conceal?

Don’t think of the rest… He inhaled deeply and pacified his thoughts. Right now, his thousand leads came to countless ends, all connected to the Animus Armament, seemingly winding round like clouds and mists. It wasn’t in his interest to obstinately pursue this unraveling but rather act to do so when the opportunity presented itself. First of all, cultivating the Eternal Alchemy Canon was his primary business!

The Fire Manipulation Art had already been cultivated. Presently, he had ample time and plentiful resources to assail the next few junctures! Placing the medicines, forming the pill, and congealing the pill… As these three major steps came to his mind, his heart became home to an incomparable burning ardor. THIS was a pill-concocting art already lost the world.

“Huff…” Xu Yangyi took a deep breath, planning on asking Li Zongyuan whether the high-grade Spirit Focusing Formation in the cultivation room was engraved for use. Nonetheless, his cell phone suddenly began to ring.

“Commander.” Peony’s voice echoed out from the side of the phone. “Tomorrow morning’s advance interview has already been set up for you with Huayi Broadcasting Corp. The Chinese government’s side has already made coordination and also requested your timely attendance. This is for the press conference questions and your response.”

A folder of materials was placed on Xu Yangyi’s hand. He picked it up and looked at it for a minute, breaking into laughter. “I’m going to have to cooperate with an entertainment company?”

“This is the best method, Commander.” Peony laughed. “What you’ve caused this time has shocked no less than Foundation Establishment cultivators, the blooming of a Red Spider Lily and a spirit treasure fountain. These events were truly witnessed by over a hundred people and have also been circulating on Youku and the other video websites. Commander, you might be unaware, but the entire internet is buzzing right now. As the perpetrator, according to the cultivation world’s laws, it’s necessary that you cooperate with the regional government to smooth out the effects.”[3]

“So an entertainment company was chosen?” Xu Yangyi read while he asked.

“Yes, Huayi Broadcasting Corp is one of China’s few major television and movie companies. Originally, there was also the Qin Imperial Court’s Dynasty Entertainment available, but Huayi Broadcasting happened to have a cast and crew shooting a movie nearby. Does Commander have any questions?”

“None,” Xu Yangyi sighed. So many questions… really did make someone bothered and ill-tempered… 

Meanwhile, in a hotel, a handsome man furiously threw down a script. “Why?! It was so hard to get this chance! Why is he the male lead?! Who does he think he is?! I’ve never heard of him!”

“Zheng, calm down and don’t bug out; no worries.” A middle-aged man at his side was also anxious, his brows dripping with sweat. “This was a notification issued by the provincial broadcasting office. The company can’t do anything, either. Furthermore, it’s not a news conference, anyways, it’s nothin’ more than answering reporter questions. It’s not even a few journalist, it ain’t something big…”

“Bullshit it’s nothing big!” A ghastly rage filled Zheng Song’s belly. He’d never heard of this Xu Yangyi before! Who was this?! In any case, he had made his first public performance seven years ago until he simmered up to this position. He’d been the male lead of this film. What was the meaning of suddenly informing him in this approaching interview that a male lead had been added? Why did he even have to get ready and join this guy?

1. “Climb a tree to catch a fish.” Is such a thing possible? Of course not. Xu Yangyi is referring to the futility of the situation.

2. If unclear, this means to get benefits from an influential person. The influential person being the tree.

3. Youku is a Chinese video hosting website

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