Chapter 159: Generous Greeting Gifts


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Chapter 159: Generous Greeting Gifts

“At Greenwall Mountain…” Ancientpine’s gaze sunk into his memories. “As I was on a spirit journey, I passed by the Celestial Master Cave which Master Zhang Tian once resided… At that time, I was a spiritual-sense avatar on an outing. In front of the gate, there was an old Daoist sweeping the floor, but he glanced at me…” he paused and said after a long time, “That glance caused me to recuperate for a year.”

What? Xu Yangyi looked at Daomaster Ancientpine in shock and called Jadewave’s words to mind: If Nascent Soul still exists in this world, they are bound to be among the several great sects!

“On the day you soon reach Foundation Establishment…” Ancientpine said indifferently, “After Foundation Establishment, you will then understand what it is that we are guarding…”

Xu Yangyi believed this to be the end of their business, but Daomaster Ancientpine quietly said again, “In addition… pertaining that sixty-forty business…”

This was the true execution of will!

Xu Yangyi smelled the sweetness and took his cue. He immediately clasped his hands and said, “I understand Master-Ancestor’s intention, but Junior isn’t fooling you that the pill master has to be waited on to make a large batch of medicinal pills. At the minimum, it’ll still take five years.”

“Five years, eh…” Daomaster Ancientpine mumbled to himself for a brief moment. “A passing turn of the eye… I can wait.”

“Besides…” Xu Yangyi stifled the pulsating flash in his eyes. “The pill master’s status is special, and his enemies are rather many, so…”

“Disciple…” Daomaster Ancientpine pressed close to him, brimming with smiles, and stared into his eyes without so much as blinking. In front of Xu Yangyi was Ancientpine’s eyes, a pitch-black expanse like ink and without pupil. The other’s voice carried the utmost bewitchment. “Are you telling me that the pill master is honestly not you?”

“So long as it is you, I am capable of giving you whatever you desire. I… am even ready to assist you in forging the Grand Dao of Core Formation…”

Xu Yangyi’s eyes were absent of any change. He only felt regret and envy, sighing deeply, “I’ll have to disappoint, Master-Ancestor.”

Two people and four eyes matched against each other. After a full several seconds, Daomaster Ancientpine shifted his gaze and laughed calmly, “I asked without much thought.”

Xu Yangyi’s palm was already covered in cold sweat. Before he had the power to defend himself, he absolutely couldn’t reveal to anyone the pill master’s identity. This was because he had already witnessed with his own eyes how frenzied the Dao of Pills was.

“In that case… how about letting me eliminate his so-called enemies?” Using a voice that was gentle and mild like clouds and winds, Daomaster Ancientpine smiled.

“Master-Ancestor.” Xu Yangyi hung his head and cupped his hands. “Disciple had once thought this as well, but this is his path.”

“So that’s how it is, eh…” Daomaster Ancientpine nodded. “Never mind it… What is his realm?”

“Late-stage Qi Condensation,” Xu Yangyi answered prudently. He was in no way willing to draw a connection between that invisible identity and himself. It was out of the question for the two parties to even be at the same middle-stage cultivation.

Daomaster Ancientpine’s hand grabbed at the void, and a small and delicate brocaded pouch appeared in his hand. “What I have here are a few magik artifacts I used in the past. I have long since forgotten their grade. After I was able to use magik treasures, I haven’t needed them since, but as for the magik artifact I carried, I especially offered sacrifices to refine it. It possesses considerable mysticism. For protecting the self and killing foes, it is not lacking in either. A drop of blood and it will recognize a master. Originally, I was planning on giving it to the disciple I was most proud of to use… but that’s all. It can be considered as me giving him his greeting gift, yes?”

He studied Xu Yangyi with seemingly deep meaning. “Its strongest advantage is that it can be used in both the middle and late stage.”

“Middle stage?” Xu Yangyi appeared to ask respectfully, “Isn’t it only at the late stage that magik artifacts can be used?”

“It is truly not like so,” Ancestor Ancientpine laughed. “At the late stage, it is merely a thread. A magik artifact draws on the spiritual force in a cultivator’s body. If a middle-stage cultivator’s spiritual force reaches standard, an artifact can be used in the same manner.”

Xu Yangyi received the brocaded pouch. His last thought was also set free. Ancestor Floatingcloud had retreated once again, yet he had borrowed power to do so. It was by the great power of the Dao of Pills that caused Floatingcloud to suck in his hatred and depart. Now, he paid respects under Ancestor Ancientpine. Floatingcloud absolutely dared not take action against him in the light of day or without schemes.

And yet, even if Floatingcloud didn’t act, the few below him in the darkness would in no way stop for rest. However, this auction had another objective. It was in order to take on the Danxia Temple excursion.

Recruiting people required the Xingtian Legion’s prestige. Entering one of the Eight Great Deadlands—even if it was the surroundings—still demanded expensive formations, medicinal pills, and the support of emergency equipment. This was an astronomical figure.

Finally, this mission was also related to him unlocking the SS-rank and SSS-rank demons database. Although he could presently ask Daomaster Ancientpine for it, a Core Formation ancestor wouldn’t want for such a disciple that stretched out his hand for any matter.

For his own hatred, it was only natural that he himself took revenge. Yet this mission… was the best opportunity for these killers to move into action! Thus, he braved the immense risk of asking his master-ancestor for a life-saving item.
An item dispensed by Core Formation was in no way ordinary!

“Furthermore…” Daomaster Ancientpine’s silhouette slowly wafted through the air, and a jade slip unhurriedly flew over. “This is the gift I give to you for joining the sect. From the year’s end, every two years, I arrange a great lecture for disciples at the Featherwood Guard headquarters. Moreover, every ten years, there is a martial assembly between the disciples of the Core Formation masters… Don’t disappoint me… Lastly, if you ordinarily have important or private matters, you may contact me yourself.”

Ancientpine’s figure was already dissipating, unseen. Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply but didn’t immediately open the brocaded pouch. Instead, he returned to the entrance of the Golden Dipper Hall straightaway.

After Xu Yangyi had vanished for five minutes, Daomaster Ancientpine’s faint sigh then drifted in the air. “This child… His nature is truly unlike an inexperienced middle-stage Qi Condensation…”

“To my surprise, he didn’t open the jade slip and brocaded pouch I gave… If he’s the pill master, he surely must be in a rush to take a look what I bestowed upon him right now. The instant he opens the brocaded pouch I gave to the pill master will confirm his identity… A better friend also wouldn’t possibly cross decency and open someone else’s item… unless he himself is the pill master!”

“But… to my surprise, he didn’t? Is he enduring this enticement or… is he truly not the pill master?” After several seconds of pause, a chuckle was heard. “Forget it… Whether or not he is, my harvest this time is bountiful. As for whether or not he’s the pill master in the end… Someday, there will naturally be an opportunity to understand…”

A voice that seemed to mumble to itself faded away in the night sky.

Xu Yangyi returned to his office. Not a single person was seen. His scorching gaze fell on the brocaded pouch, and he breathed in deeply a few times. He then gently opened it. In a flash, black armor leaped out with a bang. It was entirely pitch-black and modeled in a style similar to Tang armor. Only the helmet was slightly different, simply a devilish mask.

“This armor is named Shadowlumen.” At this moment, a voice without any emotion directly surfaced in his mind. “It can resist three full-powered blows of a late-stage Qi Condensation cultivator. Later, it can transform into a shadow kept in a cultivator’s dantian. Spirit stones can be use to restore it. A cultivator will not die and this armor will not be exterminated. It also holds This Dao Master’s divine ability: Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment.”

Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment!

The light of Xu Yangyi’s eyes burned luminously. He had seen this move at the auction, shadow weapons flooding like water in all directions unimpeded! Deathless and inextinguishable! Ultimately, they transformed into two tremendous dragons! Forcibly crossing a move with Ancestor Floatingcloud!

“Truly a supreme-grade magik artifact…” Xu Yangyi took a long sigh. After his conversation with Ancestor Ancientpine, he knew that a magik artifact absorbed the spiritual force of one’s own body, and the application standard depended on this amount of qi. It wasn’t fixed on the late stage of Qi Condensation at all.

As for this magik artifact, it gathered attack and defense from head to toe. It could be said to be supreme amidst the supreme! Even he, who didn’t frequently watch cultivation news, understood that this magik artifact perhaps held a price without market. A Core Formation master had offered sacrifices to refine this artifact. It could only appear in those apex clans or on the body of a Core Formation ancestor’s direct descendant.

It was just that even if his middle-stage qi sea was richer, Xu Yangyi was afraid he could still only use it once at most. Moreover, his might was very far from matching Ancestor Ancientpine’s dispense.

He forced himself to shift his sight away because there were two other magik artifacts in the brocaded pouch. One was merely a swallow-puppet, the size of a palm. At the same time he picked up the swallow, the voice rang out again.

“The Chasing Skylark. Its speed far surpasses a common late-stage Qi Condensation magik artifact, even a match for a few low-level magik treasures. However, where there is gain there is loss. This item’s defense is extremely frail. Be careful using it.”

Xu Yangyi slightly nodded. In all likelihood, it was an item usable in Qi Condensation. At Qi Condensation, a cultivator wasn’t capable of flight, so once struck down, it was truly possible that one would fall to their own death.

The final item was a guandao. It even imitated the style of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

“Falling Moon.” The voice echoed. “It contains my divine ability: Shadow Prison.”
“This divine ability is engraved with an attack-time mobilization. An opponent confined in the shadow prison cannot break its fold. A directional attack.”
It was preinstalled with GPS? Xu Yangyi laughed. Sure enough, this gift deserved to be called a Core Formation spending. Regardless of any one of these items, they were in no way simply confined to single-style functions. Each style supplemented the other functions.
“If these items are put forth…. they truly are invaluable…” Xu Yangyi had already decided to next have these magik artifacts recognize a master. Afterwards, his gaze fell on the final jade slip. His expression grew cautious.

If said, the last few items were magik artifacts that Daomaster Ancientpine was able to use the most when he was still a Qi Condensation cultivator. In that case, this jade slip was his personally custom-made artifact!

It was brought forth from Daomaster Ancientpine’s intimate arcane effort and realm, the item most suited to him! This was the most generous present among greeting gifts!

Xu Yangyi slowly opened it and only took two glances, gasping coldly! “Smelting God’s Treasure Mirror!” He carefully continued to look. After an hour, even he was unable to restrain a deep sigh of relief!

This was an auxiliary magik art. However, it was indeed an extremely useful magik art! Following one’s advancement in cultivation… this art could take two, three, or even many more divine abilities and fuse them into a single move!

He immediately thought of his only two present divine abilities. Azure Dragon Seeks Cauldron’s inch of power and the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus’s explosion! As for the remaining two styles of pill congealing and pill forming, he still didn’t have the time to study them.

If… these two sides were able to fuse together, the power…

His gaze flashed, and he pushed down the expectation of his heart. This was because the aforementioned explained quite clearly that Qi Condensation could fuse two divine abilities, Foundation Establishment, three; and Core Formation… four!

His heart, moments ago fervent, settled down.

“My divine abilities are still too few… If the efficacy of the Smelting God’s Treasure Mirror is so miraculous, the most important is how to pair my divine abilities!”

Finally… his gaze fell upon the jade slip’s last line. Ancientpine’s voice echoed again.

“Because this art is badly ruined, only Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment arcane efforts can be used. The Core Formation masters searched all around, but there was no gain. Even so, I reaped a tremendous deal. I have relied on this divine ability many times to attack my foes. It can even be said to be one of the auxiliary divine abilities that I am proud of.”

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