Chapter 173: Eight Outer Sects (1)


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Chapter 173: The Eight Outer Sects (1) 

“I still have a small matter to inquire.” In the room, Zhao Wuye did his best not to be awkward. “Fellow Daoist is a cultivator of Mingshui Province, yes?”

Xu Yangyi swept an eye over him and said indifferently, “Correct.”

“In that case… your connections in Mingshui Province are also pretty good?”

“They’re okay.”

Zhao Wuye inhaled deeply and spread the widest possible smile on his face. “I am unsure… but is Fellow Daoist familiar with the Xingtian Legion’s Commander Xu?”

Xu Yangyi was dazed. This sensation… was somewhat queer. “Are you looking for him for business?” he asked, cool and collected.

Zhao Wuye gritted his teeth. “To be honest, the Zhao Clan has a descendant with natural Netherpierce Eyes. In this deadland journey, the Zhao Clan is also bringing him. His aptitude is uncommon and to leave him in the Zhao Clan is a true waste of talent. I want… to have Commander Xu take a look…”

The crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth slightly perked up. “Why don’t you go find him in person?”

Zhao Wuye’s complexion was faintly red. “Commander Xu is a noble man who is busy with his work. Me and him… really aren’t familiar…” He was embarrassed to say that he’d went today yet hadn’t dared to go up.

Xu Yangyi studied him with seemingly deeply meaning and eventually chuckled. “In fact, you and him have some destiny.” Not waiting for Zhao Wuye to react, he laughed as he walked closer to the other. “Fellow Daoist Zhao, how ‘bout I show you a magic trick?”

Once he worked together with the Zhao Clan, his identity as Xu Yangyi was bound to be exposed. It would be better to let them know in advance and also give them a good strike of the alarm. He didn’t want them thinking he was a loner and come up with a few ideas that shouldn’t be raised.

The cultivation world… always ignored the issue of life and death in a secret realm.

“Oh?” Zhao Wuye was somewhat unable to make sense of these words. Where was the logic in what Xu Yangyi had said? However, his confusion lasted for less than three seconds. On the fourth second, he saw to his shock… that the man before his eyes began to turn young and his stature even started growing taller. The shape of his face and build also started to transform!

After a second, he was immediately dumbfounded, his eyes wide and mouth foolish. He felt both his legs weaken a bit!

“Fellow Daoist Zhao.” Xu Yangyi, who had returned to his original appearance, chuckled and clasped his hands. “I did say that our predestined fate is not shallow.”

Thump! Zhao Wuye’s buttocks landed on the sofa, his eyes were wide like a copper bell and his mouth hung so wide that a chicken egg could be squeezed in. He simply dared not believe in everything before his eyes! He was itching to walk forward and forcefully pinch Xu Yangyi’s face to see whether or not this was still the Thousand Illusions!

The person… he’d originally crossed hands with… was that monster from today? The opponent… he’d even wanted to capture back then? Inter him to a permanent silence and seize the treasure? This time, the Zhao Clan was working together with the Xingtian Legion? The figure… he’d made a request to see was done in said person’s presence?

In a flash, the emotions in his heart were terribly complex and excited, originating from the formidability of the partner that the Zhao Clan was working with now! Breaching the endless honeycomb wall and advancing a step further to the deadland’s true entrance was imminent!

Once… the Zhao Clan stealthily excavated a passage to the deadland below, perhaps a tiny little leak from Danxia Temple… would still be enough to allow the Zhao Clan to become a first-rate clan!

His awkwardness came from the fact that the person he’d requested was right in front of him. Zhao Wuye had obviously went to the recruitment today yet didn’t risk going on stage.

His vigilance stemmed from the Xingtian Legion’s battle lineup… He had personally observed the Xingtian Legion’s recruitment ceremony. Not to mention the other freaks, merely Xu Yangyi and his apprentice-brother—two disciples of a Core Formation master—were absolutely not something that the Zhao Clan could provoke!

This time, from the instant Xu Yangyi revealed his true face, the post-descent leadership role had already been noiselessly settled.

“What?” Xu Yangyi sat down straightforwardly, enjoying the changes of Zhao Wuye’s face with full interest. “Fellow Daoist Zhao, didn’t you want to find me?”

The expression on Zhao Wuye’s face went from shock to hesitation and then to a sincere smile that piled up high on his face, multicolored and gorgeously brilliant, all in no more than a second. In the next second, Zhao Wuye burst into hearty laughter and cupped his hands. “So I was in the presence of Fellow Daoist Xu, it is an honor to meet you at last! A true honor I have long looked forward to!”

The laughter was a bit stiff, and Xu Yangyi smiled, inwardly guessing if it was a Core Formation master, Zhao Wuye’s laughter at this moment would be akin to a spring sun turning into snowfall, a fierce whirlwind of acting.

Really, there sure is an advantage to living so long, eh… Face thickness can’t be tempered through worldly affairs or be learned...

Yet at this moment, the three people in front of the surveillance monitor were even more sluggish than Zhao Wuye! They were only mortals; how could a real shapeshifter like this be met?!

“This… is an immortal master?” The young lord’s gaze was like fire, watching the screen with a burning heat. Even though his remarks were already of enormous power in Beisan Province’s underworld, a single word worth nine cauldrons, he still felt his heart smolder fervently regarding such supernatural power that transcended human sense. At the same time, he was dripping with cold sweat! [1]

“Immortal master… It’s an immortal master! This is a real immortal master!” An elderly man was so excited that his beard shook in turmoil. “Young Master Lin, by no means is this like those bragging, swindling so-called immortal masters from before! This is a real immortal!”

The young lord didn’t speak. He long since delivered those bragging swindlers to a desolate countryside area.

In the room, Xu Yangyi laughed and nodded. “Zhao Ziqi, huh…”

Zhao Wuye’s gaze became even more fiery, impatiently looking at Xu Yangyi! The opportunity of the Xingtian Legion was right in front of his eyes! 

Xu Yangyi had the appetite to deliberately keep Zhao Wuye in suspense for a few seconds until the forced smile on the other’s face was soon unable to persevere. He then chuckled deplorably, “If his display at Danxia Temple this time isn’t bad, I’ll let him in, alright?”

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist!!!” Zhao Wuye took a long and deep sigh in his heart. For the first time, he wholeheartedly bowed to the floor.

“In that case, I’ll see you in three months.” Xu Yangyi laughed. “I hope the Zhao Clan doesn’t disappoint me.”

“We certainly won’t betray Fellow Daoist’s great expectations!”

Xu Yangyi laughed as he pushed open the door, yet his smile grew frosty. At the door, there were five or six tall men in black suits standing. Their faces were grave and stern, and upon seeing Zhao Wuye and Xu Yangyi come out, they bowed deeply. “Immortal Masters, the Young Lord had us wait here respectfully.”

“You were monitoring us?” Zhao Wuye swiftly calmed down from ecstasy. The look in his eyes flickered, and killing intent sharply bloomed.

“This was also the Young Lord’s command.” A tall man bowed. “In addition, he requests the Immortal Masters to sit to your comfort. The Young Lord and his two great-uncles will soon arrive.”

Xu Yangyi and Zhao Wuye weren’t people of the mundane world. Naturally, they didn’t understand the principles of the dark Rivers and Lakes of the underworld. In the same vein, they moreover didn’t care. [2]

“Oh?” Xu Yangyi also laughed, his smile rather dangerous. “And if I say no?”

The several tall men didn’t speak. Their figures simply moved quickly and obstructed the entrance.

At the same time, the door of a room at the side opened, and a fat middle-aged man walked out in satisfaction. With a glance, he was lightning-fast to smartly pull back and close the door.

“Chief Hu.” Just as he shut the door, his forehead slick with sweat, a sweet voice was heard. Two soft jade hands coiled around his neck. “What’s going on? You don’t wanna leave me?”

“Nonsense!” Chief Hu gasped coldly. “Some guy didn’t grow a pair of eyes and provoked the Azure Dragon Group; outside is a big mess!”

“Oh?” the woman was stunned and said excitedly, “Who?” There’s someone who still risks provoking the Azure Dragon Group in the northeast? Outside, right? I’ll go take a look!”

“Are you suicidal?!” Chief Hu was so scared he grabbed on to her and said firmly, “You might not want to live! But I still do!” 

He paced across the whole room in confusion. This was the Azure Dragon Group… The northeast province’s underground boss. He HAD to sell them face… If there really is a big stir outside and the public security bureau intervenes, but I’m discovered here… W-What am I going to do! His heart pounded like a drum. He leaned against the door, his throat dry, and looked outside through the peephole.

In the conference room, Xu Yangyi had already sneered. As for Zhao Wuye, he was casting a sidelong glance at the crowd of men, his finger beginning to slightly bend.

“Do you want to do this or should I?” Like he was looking at dead men, Zhao Wuye observed the five obviously strictly-trained men before him. His eyes were absent of a sliver of caution, and his voice was terribly grim.

“If it’s not necessary, I don’t like seeing blood.” Xu Yangyi merely swept an eye and collected his gaze. He said indifferently, “Don’t be too heavy-handed. It’ll be no good to damage the virtue of secrecy.”

“Hehe… do we cultivators still care for the virtue of secrecy?” Zhao Wuye’s gaze chilled. With a swoosh, the men in front adopted defensive stances in unison, quickly stretching their hands into their suits. Their heads were covered in a cold sweat, and they all happened to glance at each other in alarm.

Abnormal… These two people… were too fucking abnormal! As they looked into Xu Yangyi’s and Zhao Wuye’s gazes, it was a kind of difficult-to-describe sensation, played down in light shades… so why did it seem like a deity in heaven was looking down on mortals of the secular world?

Such a temperament arose from the bodies of the duo in front of them. It was awfully unsuitable! In particular...

A bald man was at the lead, his forehead quickly exuding cold sweat. He, Qian Qi, had followed the young lord through the rough and tumble rivers and mountains for over a dozen years, hacking through alleys one blade at a time as a child. Who didn’t call him Seventh Uncle outside? How many old vagabonds had he personally chopped up? When was he ever a shred fearful? [3]

But now… he sensed an emotion he hadn’t felt for a long time, one known as fear. Noiselessly, it spread through his entire heart. His intuition was clamoring out, Don’t, no matter what don’t make a move! Leave quickly! Otherwise, you’ll die!

Yet mysteriously, his feet… were actually shivering a little bit? He, Uncle Qian Qi, was shivering?

“I’ll see you all off on a journey and make you muddled ghosts, alright? When you come into the world, remember to cast yourselves into a good fetus.” Zhao Wuye raised his hand little by little, laughing hollowly, “Don’t use guns and die in peace… That thing isn’t the slightest use against the two of us… Unless… you can produce a small missile now.”

“Immortal Masters, please show clemency!” In a spark of a flint, a young voice was heard. In the wake of hurried footsteps, a dignified-looking, young man and two elderly men rushed over with great haste.

“Young Lord?” A man looked at the person running over in shock. What was going on? The young lord’s command was to ensure that these two “Immortal Masters” stayed and also not to be rude.

However, they didn’t know anything, only understanding that these two people were very important. If the young lord definitely wanted these two people to remain, so as long they got the two people to stay and didn’t overstep their bounds, the young lord certainly wouldn’t say anything. 

They didn’t know that in a span of several seconds, they had already walked back on the line of life and death.

“Young Lord?!” In his room, Chief Hu jumped in fright, almost shouting out.

The eyes of the woman behind him brightened, and she immediately moved closer, her voice tender. “Brother Hu, the young lord’s here~ Can I go take a look?”

Chief Hu seemed not to have heard a thing, his cold sweat merely becoming more plentiful!

What on earth was the status of these two men?! To actually be capable of bringing the young lord to appear himself?!

“Immortal Masters, the lowly are insensible to rules and customs.” The young lord’s gaze was glimmering, and he walked ahead. He bowed deeply, almost at a right angle. “Azure Dragon Group’s president, Lin Chaofeng. I give my regards to the two Immortal Masters!”

He bowed and cupped his hands, yet his gesture was very odd. After he cupped his fist, the thumb and index finger of his left hand stretched out, forming the character 八. Specifically, the red blood-drop tattoo on the connecting web of these two fingers was distinctly visible.

1. “A single word worth nine cauldrons” In ancient Chinese myth, the nine cauldrons were said to be a set of three-legged cauldrons cast by Yu the Great of the Xia dynasty. Later emperors took them as symbols of authority given by the mandate of heaven. More information can be found on wikipedia. Keywords: Nine Tripod Cauldrons.

2. I just want to point out that “Jianghu” or “Rivers and Lakes” has a secondary connotation to underworld gangs and secret societies besides straight up martial arts.

3. Qian Qi, if it’s not clear already, these people are gangsters. They all have gangster names, some of them better than others. Qian Qi is literally “Money Seven”. However, it is also an onomatopoeia in Cantonese for the sound that an old worn-out boat makes. Like a creaking noise, lending to an idea of experience.

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