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Chapter 175: The Xingtian Legion’s First Conference

Lin Chaofeng was dazed and strove to think back to his memories. What was there to say about his generation of the Eight Outer Sects…? The inheritance still existed, but there weren’t any outstanding people. He was basically this generation’s sect master of the three northeastern provinces, the Yangtze River and Pearl River Deltas, and so on. He had also heard about a good few elites of the Eight Outer Sects who’d joined international mercenary organizations. Nonetheless, in the development of science to date, those who still believed in accounts of immortal masters could perhaps be counted on one’s fingers.

Even he, if not for his father’s dying order, wouldn’t have believed in it had he not seen this today. As for who his ancestor was… he moreover couldn’t remember clearly. 

However, one of the old men dropped to his knees and softly tapped his head on the floor. He forced down his excitement and said, “This humble one heard someone say in the past… the one who left this item was an old Daoist. But…” 

He hesitated to speak. Zhao Wuye suppressed the curiosity in his heart and laughed, “You only need to worry about speaking. Fellow Daoist Xu’s status is esteemed. If you can have him take interest, while it isn’t so much as to ascending the heavens in a single bound, the benefit gained is in no way something you mortals can imagine.”

“Yes…” the old man inhaled deeply and said heavily, “My great-grandfather once told me when I was a child before he passed away… this old Daoist… He… in my great-grandmother’s photo album, saw a black-and-white photo with this old Daoist in it! That he saw he was completely the same back then!”

“My great-grandfather lived to 92 years old. As for my great-grandfather’s mother… she lived until 103… so…”

A cultivator!

Xu Yangyi and Zhao Wuye glanced at each other, making out caution in each other’s eyes. For this old Daoist to live until he was at least a 195 years old… This was surely a Foundation Establishment cultivator, no doubt!

The Eight Outer Sects… passed down from times past to now, actually still had a Foundation Establishment cultivator?

Interesting… Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and sunk into contemplation. The Animus Armament seemed to be a tremendous riddle yet shrouding its surroundings were even more complex riddles.

Is this an unintentionally planted willow or a deliberate guide? Over a hundred years ago… I wasn’t even born. How could he possibly know that I needed this final puzzle piece? And how did he know that the first cultivator who Lin Chaofeng would encounter would be me?

Xu Yangyi continued to ask these several questions to himself, but the three mortals were none the wiser. They furthermore didn’t know that Xu Yangyi’s spiritual sense had always been enveloping them. So long as the beating of their hearts appeared to speed up, their body temperatures increased, or such phenomenon… he could confirm that they were hiding something.

A slender finger gently tapped an armrest. Xu Yangyi swept an eye over the trio and sighed. Another stump of a riddle without head. Never mind it… Were there still not enough riddles about himself?

“Speak of whatever your request.”

These words were like a heavenly lyre. Lin Chaofeng and the two elderly men glanced at each other, their gazes flashing with a wisp of absolute determination. Lin Chaofeng gritted his teeth. “I hope the Immortal Master can receive me as a disciple!”

The surveillance monitor had bore witness and the people here had seen the wondrous arts as well. Even now, Lin Chaofeng understood clearly that the two divides of mortal and immortal absolutely wasn’t wind from an empty cave, a falsehood!

A snap of the fingers to birth fire and a wave of a hand to move objects. Abilities that all kinds of cultivators considered insignificant, yet it caused him, the young lord of the northeast provinces, to overflow with emotion, his heart surging with tides.

However, Xu Yangyi couldn’t possibly accept a disciple. Thinking it over, he waved over a jade slip. “In thirty years, I will come again to take a look.”

The Hundred Solutions was the most fundamental arcane effort. In the cultivation world, cultivators’ sect-exclusive arcane efforts weren’t allowed to be transmitted to outsiders. Otherwise, it would lead to the confrontation of that clan’s relentless hunt. But, Heavens Law’s Hundred Solutions wasn’t present in these ranks.

A Qi Condensation cultivator still couldn’t accept a disciple, but concerning Lin Chaofeng’s request, Xu Yangyi would come again to speak of accepting a disciple after Foundation Establishment, at the very least. 

A man of courage needed the support of three factions. In modern Cultivation Civilization, this principle was understood to a deeply penetrating extent. Even Core Formation ancestors required their own faction. If a disciple was delivered to his sect and his faction wasn’t lacking, he wouldn’t mind taking one. 

He glanced at Lin Chaofeng whose gaze was shining, seemingly with deep meaning. After thirty years, he would probably be close to Foundation Establishment or already Foundation Establishment. At that time, if Lin Chaofeng still hadn’t reached a desired realm, he would disregard accepting such a disciple. One unable to keep up with his footsteps could only be a burden.

Waving his hand again, a talisman flew to Lin Chaofeng’s bosom. “This is my contact talisman. Think it over… if you use it.”

“Yes! Thank you, Great Immortal! Thank you, Immortal Master!!!” The inside of the trio’s hearts were like a boiling river. The two old men fell to the floor and paid respects. Even Lin Chaofeng couldn’t restrain himself from bowing deeply as well.

THIS was immortal fate! An immortal fate that could only exist in a novel! Once he was able to thoroughly absorb the item given by the Immortal Master, in a few decades… he wouldn’t necessarily not rank in an immortal procession like this Immortal Master!

“In addition, keep this item close.” Xu Yangyi didn’t like owing favors, and flicked out a brocaded pouch. “There are three talismans inside. One can treat terminal illness, one can protect you from death once, and one can kill your enemies invisibly.” He eyed the other. “When I come, I don’t wish to see your grave.”

“Thank you, Immortal Master, for your generous bestowment! My thanks, Immortal Master!” The two elders’ complexions were flushed red, their voices crowing. “If you have use for the Lin Family’s territory, be it through water or fire, we will not hesitate!”

Although the names of these three talismans hadn’t been spoken of, their functions… could practically compare with miracles! To have these three talismans was at the minimum three more lives! To mortals like them, it was simply the heaven’s favor!

“Immortal Masters.” Lin Chaofeng’s mind was much faster than the speed that the two old men turned their heads. “I’m unaware if you still have some instruction. Please don’t hesitate to speak. I dare not boast for other places, but in the three northeast provinces, the places that our Azure Dragon Group’s words don’t reign supreme aren’t many!”

“Unnecessary,” Xu Yangyi said indifferently. “Take a good look at the item I left for you, otherwise, our fate shall end here.”

“I will carefully obey the Immortal Master’s command!” Lin Chaofeng’s mouth answered, but the core of his heart circulated like electricity. An extended hand couldn’t strike a smiling face… What… would be a good greeting gift for him to present?


That was inappropriate. Cultivators didn’t necessarily use mortal money. Else not, so long as the two immortal masters made a meaningful glance, he would immediately take out 2 million in cash! So he could rank among immortals, he wouldn’t hesitate to overturn every place he possessed! 


Xu Yangyi’s display just now was rather obvious. His insignificant “mortal” item had caught the other’s eye. In that case… His thoughts sparked, and he laughed as he cupped his hands. “Immortal Masters, our Imperial Grand Club is Panshan City’s most luxurious meeting place. It has been long since the two of you experienced the mundane world. Wouldn’t it be better to take a nice rest?”

“To the north is Russia and to the east is Japan. If our massage experts say that they’re second, perhaps no one in the three northeast provinces would proclaim themselves as first. You might be unaware, but when Provincial Governor Chu was here in the past, his son also came frequently.” 

Chu Zhaonan had also come frequently?

A smile tugged at the crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth. That kid… even had this side to him, eh… He deserves to be the past young lord of Mingshui Province.

“I still have minor business, so I won’t stay.” Presently, Xu Yangyi wasn’t in the mood. He stood up, straightened up, and made to leave. 

On the contrary, Zhao Wuye smiled faintly. “In that case… I’ll have to see how different this ‘top club of the northeast’ is to a cultivator’s club.”

“It will certainly please the Immortal Master!” Lin Chaofeng probed, “It’s late already. Immortal Master, wouldn’t it be better to allow the Azure Dragon Group to drive you back?”

Xu Yangyi looked at the other with a smile yet not a smile and eventually uttered, “Clever, clever. Don’t use that on me.”

Lin Chaofeng cupped his fist, cold sweat gracing his head. He originally wanted to try if he was able to track down where this Immortal Master lived, following a vine to get to a melon. However, it seemed he only ended up with an egg on his face for overreaching.

Leaving the dazzling Imperial Grand Club, Xu Yangyi couldn’t help but turn his head back and take a glance. 

Gorgeous carriages and treasure horses fill the road. The cry of a phoenix stirs and the light of jade pots turn. A night of dancing fishes and dragons. [1]

This was part of a mortal’s flamboyance. Part of the mortal world… If his parents were still healthy and alive, in all likelihood… he also would’ve been like this someday in the future… and yet he would still be eternally ignorant to the truth behind this world.

Now, within over a billion people, he had entered and become a single member among a million cultivators. Nonetheless, this price was still too heavy. Countless rueful emotions suddenly floated up in his heart. He looked at the nighttime scenery for a minute or two, gently sighed, and sat in his car.

Returning to the Featherwood Guard, he immediately gathered all the legionnaires the next day, intending to convene the Xingtian Legion’s first official meeting. It was necessary to inform them of his objective. They had to know that he had gathered geniuses not just to undertake ordinary missions. The Xingtian Legion was destined to disrupt the daily monotony with a sudden brilliant feat to amaze all!

In twenty minutes, everyone arrived. On both sides of a several-meter-wide conference table, the Xingtian Legion’s ten present combat legionnaires and the five logistics personnel of Mao Ba’er, Peony, Zhou Tingting, Cheng Jianfeng, and Li Zongyuan were impressively arranged.

The conference room had already been completely reorganized. Below, there was a soft scarlet carpet and a real wooden table emitting a faint aroma. Above, three half-meter-sized palace lanterns radiated a gentle brilliance. Each object in the room was brimming with a strong ancient Chinese style. There were four fine one-meter-tall porcelain flower vases, one at each side of the room. The interior was skirted with a pattern of powdery-gold lotuses, further causing the conference room’s ancient style to carry a sense of luxury.

There were over a dozen soft, ancient chairs, and fifteen people were already lined up and seated in them. Xu Yangyi sat in the head seat. Behind him was the Xingtian Legion’s tremendous flag which was a meter wide and two meters tall.

The ten legionnaires didn’t speak, but their gazes were bright as they watched Xu Yangyi.

Xu Yangyi picked up a cup of tea and faintly sampled it. It carried a bitter flavor that turned on his tongue, and he said calmly, “I’ve asked everyone to come today for one thing only.”

His gaze seemed tangible, and it swept over each person. “In three months, the Xingtian Legion’s first mission will be on the verge of starting.”

“In these three months, I hope everyone can make solid safety preparations. Because…” he breathed in deeply, “this mission will be extremely dangerous.”

The room was dead silent. At some unknown time, a pure, translucent knife had come out from Zhan Twelve’s hand which was wrapped in strips of black cloth. He caressed it, seemingly hard-pressed to restrain himself. An odd rustling sound rang out from Qin Xueluan’s whole body.

Yao Xintan, who was at her side, wordlessly shifted away ten centimeters.

“I’m sorry.” Qin Xueluan glared quickly at the other and smiled at Xu Yangyi. “My little friends… heard the word ‘danger’ and couldn’t hold themselves back a little…”

Jun Man chuckled, “If it weren’t dangerous, I don’t believe you would spend a great price to support us, Commander. I’m not joking, but who isn’t on the Top 100 Strongest Qi Condensation Cultivator Ranking in the Xingtian Legion? Any one of us can be pulled out and make a name, but a drifter like myself isn’t even on the list.”

Xu Yangyi laughed, “And if it’s so dangerous that only half a person will return or no one will?”

“I believe I won’t be one of those who won’t make it back.” Although Yang Xueqing was a woman, she had cultivated thunder arts for a long time. Her temper was much more explosive and fierce than a man’s. “Besides, even if I’m not lucky, my clan won’t blame you, Commander. What are you still worried about?”

She had a full head of ebony hair, and it was braided into a plait that slanted over her shoulder. However, the words she spoke were completely at odds to those of a lady’s.

“Are you worried none of us will have a body to collect?” Mo Yeyu was a baby-face. He appeared at most to be seventeen or eighteen years old, and laughed, “Relax, since the Mo Clan risked sending me to the Xingtian Legion, they won’t even bark half a word if I die here.”

1. Poem by Song Poet Xin Wenfang.

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