Chapter 177: Demon Unto Heaven (1)


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Chapter 177: Demon Unto Heaven (1)

There was a giant man with a build over two meters. His entire head was covered in red tattoos and he had a great beard. Draped over him was an armor from an unknown era, corroded with stains and marks. His neck and hands were encased in several huge silver loops. Yet compared to the shriveled-up pine tree that was Daomaster Ancientpine at his side, the duo practically appeared like a youth and a bodybuilder.

At the sides of the two Core Formation ancestors, there were at least several hundred silhouettes calmly standing in the sky, treading as if they were on level ground. They were all cultivators at Foundation Establishment.

Right now, no one was laughing. In the giant tortoise palace, a giant tortoise-puppet seemed to come alive at this moment. In the puppet’s mouth, there was an immense qi orb that left one drenched in cold sweat upon looking at it, and it accurately took aim over Danxia Temple. As for the other magnificent palace, there was a sculpture of Nuwa above the entrance of its plaza. Both her eyes radiated a red glint which nailed into the ground like a shadow following the body!

“Fellow Daoist Ancientpine…” the giant man’s voice was somewhat hoarse, and his gaze was like a torch. “What’s the situation right now?”

“If the situation wasn’t urgent how could I invite Fellow Daoist to lend a hand?” Daomaster Ancientpine snorted neither lightly nor heavily, and his hand gently beckoned. A light screen flashed. “Presently… it’s already gotten to the point where the map’s been tossed aside and the dagger is in sight!”

In the center of the light screen was a red dot, yet its surroundings were all misty-white circles! At the edge of the light screen, there was also a yellow circle, however, the white circles were already infinitely approaching the yellow circle’s bottom!

“The red… is that monster… The yellow represents Danxia Temple’s surface…”

The giant man observed with rapt attention and asked, “Then the white is…”

“The white? Hehehe…” Daomaster Ancientpine reared his head back and laughed heartily, clenching his teeth. “The white… is the qi rings from this monster’s evolution!”

“Inside, I’ve already discovered magik artifacts, magik treasures, medicinal pills, demonbeasts, spirit plants, puppets, and… countless kinds of complex qi! That’s to say…” He suddenly turned his head to look at the giant man. “In case… the white breaks through Danxia Temple’s surroundings, this layer of gold… A worldly anomaly will burst everywhere! When the time comes… you and I won’t be able to keep it under control!”

The giant man was silent and eventually said, “Even with our strength united?”

“It appears like… what I said still isn’t clear enough…” Ancientpine’s face was heavy like water. He looked at the sky and sighed deeply. “A demonized secret realm with a radius of 50,000 square kilometers! In all of China, who can suppress a widespread worldly anomaly on this level?!”

“50,000?!” At last, the giant man gasped coldly. “A secret realm close to a twentieth of China’s size?! A secret realm as big as a province! Are you sure you aren’t wrong?!”

Ancientpine laughed wryly. “I’ve checked at least dozen times. How could I miscalculate?!” His eyes flared with black qi, and he looked straight at the large man. “Contact the government at once… block all vehicles entering and exiting Longsu! Ban all flights in the province! Apart from cultivators, no one is allowed to enter!”

“Alright, I’ll go look for Fellow Daoist Hiddenscent.” The large man likewise recognized the urgency of the matter. “My imperial palace will stay here; I’ll give you third-class command privileges.”

“Many thanks.” Ancientpine turned a quick eye at the surface that was already covered in red mist. “Pass on to Fellow Daoist Hiddenscent to get China’s unofficial television stations, internet medias, and newspapers to shut their mouths. Not a word is allowed to be divulged!”

“Third, summon the northwest and southwest government armies and have their commanders assemble all armed forces. Surround Longsu so that not even a drop of water can trickle through. Before the secret realm disappears, all mortals whatsoever are prohibited from entering. I don’t care what methods the army uses so long as I get a result!”

“Fourth…” He looked at the giant man. “Prepare to notify all of China, the Seven Noble Lineages, the Big Three, the Three Great Sects and as well as those hidden clans… to have all the teams in their control to get ready!” 

The giant man finally realized something and snapped his gaze onto Ancientpine. “How… much longer do you have?!?!”

“Ten days.” Ancientpine was ashen-faced. “At most the evening of the tenth day… This secret realm, no less than one-twentieth the size of China, is the largest in history… It is on the cusp of rising up to the surface!”

One day, two days, three days… In the outside world, time passed very swiftly. In each cultivation store, cultivators haggled over prices, and young cultivators happily purchased the items that they liked online. The mortal world was even more marvelous. Scientists were researching, students were studying, and employees were working… None were aware that in western China, in Longsu Province, this province that was considered undeveloped was on the verge of welcoming an enormous heaven-shocking transformation!

In the surroundings of Longsu Province, soldiers got out from vehicles and followed the provincial border to set up a string of countless tents. It took the shape of human-formed partitioning belt.

“We’re forbidden from entering? Why?” A cargo driver looked bewilderedly at the large sign for “Longsu” stationed in front of him and said angrily, “I came a long fucking way to bring these things back! If you won’t let me in, who’s gonna compensate my losses?!” 

“I’m sorry.” The station officer’s expression was bereft of the slightest movement, and he made an army salute. “This is the higher-ups’ intention.”

“Gimme a frickin’ reason! Why?!”

“This is the higher-ups’ intention.”

He wouldn’t even get a fart if he beat the guy with three clubs! The driver resentfully pulled his head back into his car because he’d taken in the situation clearly. It wasn’t just this officer… Longsu’s tollbooths didn’t even have a single employee! It was a monotone of all soldiers! But this wasn’t the only thing… Behind them, rows of soldiers armed with rifles stood calmly at the back of the station like the Terracotta Army.

“Why? We’re not allowed in?” A man in the front passenger seat took a drag of his cigarette, his entire face colored with worry. “What the heck is going on in Longsu Province? Seems like… something big is about to happen!”

November 28th, 2021. All of Longsu Province’s tollbooths leading outside the province were taken over by the two northwest and southwest armies. Outside the vehicle station, countless cars formed long queues that resembled dragons. They couldn’t enter and they couldn’t head back. The arrival of this information was too abrupt, and they were completely unaware of what to do. As everyone was terribly anxious, the electronic screen above Longsu Province’s national highway tollbooths suddenly began to flash.

“This broadcasting station is interrupting with special information just received.” A strikingly formal announcer said on the television, his expression motionless. “Longsu Province has discovered a dangerous unknown virus. Is is extremely infections. Presently, 342 people have already died as a result, and Longsu’s Nanzhou City Hospital is overcrowded. The central authorities have decided that effective today, all roads entering and exiting Longsu Province are to be blockaded to prevent the spread of the virus. Next, Longsu Province’s provincial committee secretary will address when to visit patients…”

In the wake of this news… Longsu Province had already been completely isolated! The newsman appeared ashen-faced. In an instant, threads and messages related to “Longsu Province’s super infectious virus” spammed the internet. There were even numerous instantly posted messages about donations and aid. Nonetheless, no one was any the wiser about what was about to occur here!

In a courtyard house in Beijing, an old man was rolling a steel ball in his hand. Upon hearing this news, he snapped his head up, and a spirited light twinkled in his eyes. Soon afterwards, he used a speed at odds with his age to dial a phone number. “Get Old Four and Old Seven to come over…” he said heavily, “Go ask around for me what has happened in Longsu Province!”

“Hehe… a virus is really the government’s best excuse. In Longsu… something seriously important has definitely come up… and a sudden accident, at that! There’s certainly Core Formation ancestors participating… otherwise, this surely would’ve been covered in advance. Right now, this sudden information only explains that whatever it is has come too quickly!” ”

November 30th, 2021. News broadcasted that several high-level officials of the State Council personally conveyed their sympathies to the citizens of the stricken region. This show and dance… was already being carried out!

Through the night, military vehicles and armored cars allocated the troops of the southwest and northwest armies in Longsu Province. They were almost all squeezed out on time, yet at the same time, China’s true apex clans, Core Formation Ancestors, and the Three Great Sects all received a jade slip with the imprint of an ancient pine.

November 30th, 2021. Three days had already passed since Daomaster Ancientpine’s asserted ten-day time limit. Xu Yangyi was meditating in his cultivation room. All of a sudden, a delicate paper crane flew out from the inside of his clothing and burnt to a crisp. Afterwards, an anxious voice quickly emerged at his ear side. “Fellow Daoist Xu, please leave seclusion as soon as you can. There’s been a change in plan! No… please immediately leave seclusion!” 

Zhao Wuye? Xu Yangyi opened his eyes. They’d been closed for a long time. Even the blue light inside the room caused him to feel somewhat dizzy. He finished washing himself with a Cleansing Talisman. Just as he exited the cultivation room, he quickly saw Zhao Wuye pacing back and forth at the door.

“What?” Xu Yangyi smiled. “What’s got you this nervous?”

“Fellow Daoist Xu!” Zhao Wuye’s eyes brightened. Just as he was about to open his mouth and speak, he asked cautiously, “Is it convenient to speak here?”

“It’s not.” Xu Yangyi had never forgotten that Thousandedge had received Ancestor Floatingcloud’s Black Kill Order. King Yama was capable and amiable in his affairs, yet the minor imps under his command were unreasonable and hard to deal with. Floatingcloud didn’t risk acting against him, but Thousandedge… truly couldn’t be spoken on account for. “Follow me.” He brought Zhao Wuye to his office and nodded after pouring two cups of coffee. “Let’s talk.”

“Something big is going to happen in Longsu Province!” Zhao Wuye bit his lip, and his eyes were somewhat flushed red. “I have a premonition. A big problem… has occurred in Danxia Temple! It’s not from a genuine magik treasure of an ancient cultivator, it’s absolutely the damned secret realm!”

The light of Xu Yangyi’s eyes flashed. “What happened?”

“The government started blockading all of Longsu Province’s entrances and exits two days ago! All of them! Mortals can’t get in or leave whatsoever!” Zhao Wuye picked up the coffee and downed it in a gulp. The scalding coffee caused his brows to slightly furrow, and he spat out and continued to speak, “This is a common cooperation method between the government and the cultivation world. Yesterday, the government announced that there was an infectious virus in Longsu Province… Who’re they kidding? This is the initial sign that the Core Formation ancestors have already started to control the situation!”

“Plus… this business was done too urgently. It’s obvious that this unforeseen incident is too abrupt. Even the Core Formation ancestors can’t keep it under control!” He anxiously stood up and couldn’t help but walk around. “Fellow Daoist, this happened so suddenly. We don’t have time to keep on waiting. I hope the Xingtian Legion can return to Longsu Province with me straightaway!”

Xu Yangyi didn’t speak but rather looked into the other’s eyes. “Anything else?” Not waiting for Zhao Wuye to respond, he followed, “Your clan is famous in the northwest and extremely close to Danxia Temple. I’m not convinced you don’t have any other information.”

Zhao Wuye clenched his teeth. “I’m not keeping Fellow Daoist in the dark… In the sky above Danxia Temple, there’s a violet formation right now. At the start, the clan still hadn’t clearly ascertained what formation this was, but after a full month of investigations, they discovered…” his voice carried a shred of lingering fear, “this is the Nine Absolutes Dragon Slaughtering Formation!”

“This formation can be said to be the mightiest grand formation that modern cultivators are capable of setting up! The formation eye needs a Core Formation ancestor to personally control it, and the formation base requires Foundation Establishment seniors! As for its effects…”

He gazed straight into both of Xu Yangyi’s eyes. “It can seal all demons below it! And isolate a mortal’s field of view and sense of hearing!”

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