Chapter 188: Danxia Temple (7)


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Chapter 188: Danxia Temple (7)

“ROOARR!!!” The livyatan finally stopped rolling and glared at Xu Yangyi with reddened eyes, recklessly charging over in spite of everything!

“Move!!!” Xu Yangyi bellowed, pulled Fang Cheng, and stepped onto the spiral staircase formed by the hawk puppets. He used his fastest speed to rush upwards! 

Under the moon, the countless hawks circled and spiraled in the cave. It was like a stairwell to heaven, yet the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua was at the peak of the staircase. A thousand meters below in the lake, the livyatan glared like a tiger watching its prey.

The places for footing were no more than half a meter, but in case one lost their footing, the livyatan’s bloody maw would be underneath! The beast had already gone mad with pain! Right now, it didn’t care about anything. The desire for murder in its bloodline took hold of everything. It only wanted to take this puny human before it and dismember his corpse into ten thousand pieces!

Swoosh swoosh! As Xu Yangyi and Fang Cheng stepped quickly onto the winding staircase formed by the hawk-puppets, rays of blue qi converged to the livyatan’s body from all around. Its body was beginning to expand again!

Immediately, a crash rang out, toppling mountains and overturning seas! Water flooding Jinshan Temple! A massive wave lifted high by no less than several dozen meters! It instantly shattered into countless water drops and shot towards everyone with the livyatan as the nexus of the assault! This was the beast’s strongest comprehended move among its elysial divine abilities! [1]

“An AOE?!” Mao Ba’er shouted oddly in fright. “Spud’s really made it angry!” Afterwards, he immediately embraced his canine head as he roved in the water. Yet just as he entered, countless whale lice began swimming over! [2]

“W-What do you guys wanna do?!” Mao Ba’er glared in fright. “Don’t come over! I’m warning you guys, don’t come over! This Young Master is pretty fierce!”

Mao Ba’er. At this moment, Xu Yangyi’s voice transmitted into his spiritual sense without the slightest mercy. Seek more fortune for yourself. These mutant whale lice are infected with demonic qi. They’ll keep on devouring until there’s nothing left.

“Fuck your #*$&... #@&*...... @!” Mao Ba’er promptly erupted with a string of dirty words. In the end, his words simply transformed into air bubbles floating on the water’s surface.

Xu Yangyi didn’t have the mind to look after the others anymore. He and Mao Ba’er had known each other for so long. He clearly understood that this fellow possessed his own killing aces.

Swish swish swish! Water drops approached at lightning speed. A suffocating impact force could even be felt among them! Without any hesitation, Xu Yangyi made a tiger’s leap and murmured, “Shadowlumen Armor!”

Bang bang bang! Infinite shadows coalesced on his person. At the same time, the bullet-like rain all hit his body, ringing chaotically with clanking sounds. He wasn’t injured one bit. However, his body under the armor felt like a bulletproof vest being struck by a salvo of bullets! Vibrations shook him so that he was unable to contain a mouthful of blood. An injury added with injury brought him to spray out another mouthful again!

This time, his internal organs had truly been wounded. From the surrounding cave walls, countless stones that had been hit crumbled down, like a baptism of bullets was being conducted!

Down below was even more miserable. The personnel of the Xingtian Legion were fine. The Zhao Clan cultivators had revealed the black barrier again, but this time it had been struck full of holes! The middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivators were still clenching their teeth and holding on, but many of the initial-stage cultivators cried out with blood-curdling screams just as they came out of the water. Blood flowed to form rivers!

Xu Yangyi’s gaze locked onto the air hole. He forced down his billowing blood and qi and the fracture-like pain of his left arm. All that remained in time… were a final three minutes! To first exterminate the enemy or pick the flower. Both sides had this choice!

On their side, they had to kill the whale first, otherwise, without the worry of the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua, they were hard-pressed to cross this vast lake. As for the livyatan, it simply wasn’t able to pick the flower first and then wipe them out! At this moment, its colossal body had transformed into its greatest inconvenience! The contrast of quantity had triumphed over the contrast of mass!

A soundless bell seemed to reverberate throughout the cave. As the lakewater bullet-rain passed, the livyatan finally moved. At its blowhole, blue light became increasingly vigorous. Presently, Xu Yangyi couldn’t see who was able to watch this scene and didn’t know where everyone was located. Through this tsunami-like divine ability, whether or not there were any wounded was uncertain!

Only he could go up!

Xu Yangyi clenched his teeth, took out a bottle of pill elixir, and downed it. In his chest, there was suddenly a burst of warmth. He didn’t wait for the pill elixir to restore him, not even knowing how long he would last if he continued to clash like this.

Right now… the livyatan hadn’t calmed at all. Granted that he went down, he was still unable to because of the spouting blowhole! And yet he was compelled to… On the livyatan’s raised head, and moreover the spouting blowhole, he could obtain the greatest effect as the Nine Bends Aqua was aligned in a straight path.

To go down or not to go down? Xu Yangyi stood on a hawk-puppet, feeling terribly complicated in his heart.

“Ribbit!” At this time, a giant toad’s cry echoed from below the water. Shortly, a one-horned toad that was tens of meters in size charged out! Without hesitation, both of its hands grabbed tightly onto the livyatan’s head, and its lone horn plunged into the creature’s eye!

“Li Zongyuan?” Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed and he yelled loudly, “Go!”

He and Fang Cheng were bereft of any indecision. In these last three minutes, no one could delay any further! They adjusted their final positions!

“Woof!!” At the same instant, a giant three-headed dog with striped black-and-white fur rumbled into view within the jade waves! It was no less than thirty to forty meters long and carried with it a large flooding wave, wetting its fur from tail to snout! It surged titanic billows! Two heads fiercely bit down on the livyatan’s fins and clamped down!

“Spud! What’re you waiting for?!” The last dog head glowered at Xu Yangyi. “Forcing me to reveal my true body! If I don’t get a drop of the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua this time, you and I are gonna have a go at it!”

This was that lowly dog?! Peony’s hand clung onto a broken shell piece from a giant tortoise puppet. She was completely stupefied.

“Master! We’re not its opponent! I-Its demon form is inherently a lot stronger than ours! W-We can obstruct it for at most a minute!” Li Zongyuan’s eyes had reddened, as well. “Take the treasure!!!!”

Xu Yangyi seemed not to have heard but rather charged straight towards the giant whale’s blowhole! At this moment, the livyatan’s blue light had already solidified!

“You want to sweep down the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua?” A bright voice was heard. At some unknown time, Gao Wuguo had returned to the water’s surface from below. He laughed eerily and both his hands converged with a golden brilliance. His complexion wan, he exhausted his full strength and slammed the ground. “Elephant-Dragon Suppression Prison!”

Rumble! The entire lake shook fiercely. The water appeared to solidify, and following a visible shock wave, the giant whale… had actually been so shaken that it jumped out of the lake! The toad and dog were no longer able to bite down on the whale. In the air, they were forcibly shaken loose, and three monstrous bodies flipped over, crashing into the water! A violent wave surged up!

“ROAAR!!!” Along with a furious roar, the livyatan’s head rushed up in the giant ripple where it had fallen. Likewise, it clearly understood that each second was extremely valuable right now!

The last two minutes!!! This battle had already arrived at a burning-white climax! The ultimate juncture! Even now, the red light of the flower was closing up by a shade! The livyatan’s giant head reared up again. At the same time it rose up… blue light jetted out from its blowhole!

“Dragon King Overturns Sea!!!” The hare leaped and the falcon descended! Following Gao Wuguo’s hoarse shout, both of his hands spread with golden light and his veins protruded! Once more, he forcefully slammed down at the water!

Meanwhile, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood and it carved out a blood-red arc in the air. Quickly, an even more frightening shock than before spread out! The entire lake soon kicked up a wild tsunami! The livyatan was sent out of the water again by Gao Wuguo’s attack!

A tremendous body rotated in midair. It was as if the beast was in disbelief that it had actually been jolted out of the water with its bulk. At the same time, a blue light erupted from its blowhole, cutting a shuddering line along the cave top, yet simply not touching the flower!

“ROAR!!!” As the creature lifted its head up from the water again, its eyes were visibly suffused with a layer of red. Countless obstructions… Hindrances from all sides… had caused it to almost go insane! Nonetheless, it didn’t have the time to care about these matters. Blue light condensed in its blowhole again!

Now! Xu Yangyi’s eyes suddenly brightened. At this moment, the livyatan’s body and the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua formed a straight line. The livyatan was currently absorbed with sweeping the flower down. The qi in its blowhole could even be said to be gentle and soft!

Without any hesitation, his body shot forth like lightning. At the same time, Fang Cheng at his side also decisively followed suit! The two figures were like rain-dragons leaving to the sea. Distinct inverted images were in the livyatan’s eyes. It clearly saw… that one of the streaks was the organism it wanted to murder! 

“Falling Moon!” Xu Yangyi roared and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade flickered into his right hand. Yet at this twinkling, the livyatan suddenly felt… that it had been locked down on! 

What was locking down on it? It didn’t know. It only knew that the aura which had emerged before and chopped down on its tail had come again! This was the final moment of life and death!

Devoid of hesitation, the whale’s giant maw extended, and an aqua-blue demon core flew out! Demonbeasts inherently possessed a demon core, but only after Form Transformation could this demon core be refined into an origin crystal! Once this demon core appeared, it represented this demonbeast’s quintessence throughout its life. It also represented… that the creature was also staking its life on everything.

Swoosh… A ray of blue qi extended high into the sky, aimed at Xu Yangyi in the air. Under this angle, escape was lost to the demon slayer!

Plop…  In the instant Zhao Wuye popped his head out of the water and saw this scene, he cried out in alarm, “You can’t! Don’t touch the demon core!”

“Commander?!” At the other side, Jun Man used countless vines to forcibly drag himself into the air and also shouted in surprise, “You absolutely can’t!”

However, it was too late!

Apart from the livyatan pulling back, Xu Yangyi and Fang Cheng would slam right against the core! The core’s might was no less than a full-powered head-on collision with the giant prehistoric beast! 

“Junior Brother!” Fang Cheng’s eyes reddened. Xu Yangyi didn’t have a sliver’s indication of change. As before, he fell down with all his might!

Xu Yangyi laughed. In this second, he made a strange motion. He… forcefully pushed apart his and Fang Cheng’s bodies. Exposed from behind… was an enchanting red light!

The livyatan’s gaze saucered in an instant! These two people… actually formed a straight line with the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua! If… If this duo moved away! Then… Then...


The final minute! In the crowd’s staring eyes, the demon core was forcibly swallowed back! The blue light between heaven and earth seemed to have never appeared. In a wink, it vanished. However… now, an extremely soft ripping noise echoed in each person’s ear.

That… was the sound of a flower breaking apart from its stem! A strange transformation unexpectedly arose! Yet at the same time, Xu Yangyi’s and Fang Cheng’s legs stepped foot onto whale’s back—a back so thick that it couldn’t be climbed and satiny like oil—for the first time!

1. “Water Flooding Jinshan Temple” This is a reference to an old Chinese story called “Legend of the White Snake”. The Main protagonist, Lady Bai, creates a lot of water to flood a temple in Jinshan to free her husband. There’s a lot more to the story, but that’s the gist of this tidbit.

2. AOE is a video game term. “Area of Effect” Denotes skills that affect a wide area.

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