Chapter 192: Danxia Temple (11)


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Chapter 192: Danxia Temple (11)

“This is a killing?” Zhao Wuye laughed, took out a jade box, and solemnly passed it over into Xu Yangyi’s hand. “In fact… a whale-demon’s entire body is a treasure. The ambergris in particular. However, although it’s said that this isn’t as precious as the ambergris, there’s no way a B-rank spirit object can beat it out.”

Everyone’s gazes burned as they looked at Xu Yangyi. Everyone knew what the item was inside. Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply and earnestly opened the box. Suddenly, an expanse of azure light flashed. A fist-sized demon core presented an illusory light-blue color and translucent form. The core’s gushing qi caused everyone’s gazes to tremble.

“This is a demon core…” Peony studied the core in fascination. Even though she was far away, she could feel the majestic spiritual force contained within!

Although Quan Ningyue took Grand Artificer Gao Muya as her master, the occasions she had seen a demon core were by no means many. At this moment, she also used a kind of artificer’s gaze to stare at the demon core with great interest. She couldn't help but murmur, “A demon core… Even if I haven’t seen many, the functionality is superb. All kinds of formations and talismans use them. Compared to normal situations, the price will probably float up by 20%. A Great Circle Qi Condensation demon core… is even rarer! Merely calculated in spirit stones, this core is at the very least 3,000 medium-grade spirit stones!”

“However, as for livyatan demon-cores, maybe this is the only one throughout the world. Not to speak of 3,000… I feel that someone might buy it for 10,000 medium-grade spirit stones or even a hundred high-grade ones.”

“Furthermore, everyone may be unaware, but a demon core’s true value lies in attachment.” Quan Ningyue straightened her body. “A demon core awakened with an elysial divine ability… The price will double at the minimum! This livyatan awakened the elysial divine ability ‘Hidden Dragon Goes To Sea’. I believe everyone knows of its might. If this demon core is taken and a special technique is applied, it can fuse together with a magik artifact. Then… a cultivator will also be able to use this elysial divine ability!”

“Even if it can’t be attached, there’s still a chance that it can allow the aptitudes of magik artifacts or magik treasures leap up a stage. Everyone might be inexperienced regarding the Dao of Artificing, but I can tell you all that magik treasures are also divided in rank. If a cultivator’s prime treasure is a C-rank magik treasure, then while it’s extremely difficult to raise it up a rank, it’s not impossible. This is one of the methods.”

“This thing can do it, too?!” Li Zongyuan gasped coldly. All of a sudden, his eyes flared with spirited light, and he looked towards Xu Yangyi!

In a wink, Xu Yangyi’s expression was stirred into excitement as well, but he immediately calmed down. He looked towards Li Zongyuan’s gaze and merely nodded in silence. In his hand… was a Core Formation ancestor’s demon core!

“If it can, it’s doable, but the conditions are pretty stringent. Not every demon core can be fused. Besides…” she pushed out her nonexistent chest and said proudly, “unless one is a grand artificer, a demon core can’t be fused!”

Xu Yangyi laughed and cupped hands. “In that case, if I find a serviceable weapon later, I’ll have no choice but to trouble Fellow Daoist Quan.” 

“No biggie,” Quan Ningyue laughed and replied courteously yet smiled in her heart. Why had her master sent her over? At first, she didn’t think it over deeply, but now she gradually understood.

Her master was one of humanity’s few Foundation Establishment grand masters. The time for him to painstakingly befriend Xu Yangyi had passed. Xu Yangyi also dared not welcome it. Gao Muya wasn’t Grandmaster Fivetastes and Grandmaster Knowledge. The two of them could still be said to invest both heart and soul towards study, but if he, a grand artificer, made relations with a master of Pill Dao, wasn’t this an intention to change professions or a scramble over territory?

It was illogical, a mismatch between status and spoken word.

However, striking relations wasn’t the only method. If Xu Yangyi was cultivating, could it be that magik artifacts were unwanted? When he reached Foundation Establishment did he not desire magik treasures? Or custom defensive weaponry? Others couldn’t give him the best, but Gao Muya could!

Likewise, Gao Muya’s cultivation needed medicinal pills, and for that, he had a speaking point. This minor point dawning on her, Quan Ningyue practically wanted to shout at these few “troubles”: Let these inconveniences become even greater!

Taking the demon core into his storage ring, Xu Yangyi ordered everyone to meditate again. They couldn’t continue the journey until they recovered optimal status. In his heart, he was silently calculating this event’s gains. The Myriad Spirits Pill, the ambergris, the demon core… and the tremendous demon body that already seemed to have no use!

In reality, though, the livyatan’s body was likewise a mountain of gold. Its flesh, bone, and fat could sell for at least 20,000 to 30,000 medium-grade spirit stones! It was just that no one could pack it. Apart from the demon body, the other three harvests could already be said to be shocking! Once he left Danxia Temple, these three items would allow his cultivation to go beyond to the next level!

“Next time, I’ll have to prepare a super-big storage ring…” He laughed, closed his eyes, and harmonized his breathing with the hidden wounds inside his body.

Another six hours passed and everyone stood up. Under the aid of pill elixir, Qin Xueluan, and meditation, each person had recovered to peak state. Xu Yangyi was the last to open his eyes, and spat out a mouthful of impure air. Without wasted words, he raised his hand. “Move out! The objective is pointed straight to the honeycomb wall!”

Everyone arrived in front of the dragon mouth-shaped structure.

In the dragon’s mouth was a tunnel hidden in depth. The end was out of sight and not a sliver of light gleamed through, as well. It was similar to a demon’s mouth, causing one to feel their body trembling at the entrance.

“Each person will carry a Shadowblink Talisman.” Xu Yangyi waved his hand, and over ten talismans flew into every person’s hand. “This talisman can allow a person to move in an instant. The movement range is within 3,000 meters. Use it as a last resort. You absolutely cannot use this item lightly because no one can guarantee where it’ll take you.”

Each person carefully took it and stored it close to their bodies. Shortly afterwards, Zhao Wuye prudently took out a small seal and placed it above the dragon’s mouth. Following an ear-piercing cracking noise, the dragon’s mouth slowly opened. Immediately, the entire tunnel made the sound of grinding machinery.

Bang! A heavy rumble rang out, and a blackish-green iron chain fell down from above. The iron chain assumed a graceful arc that extended inwards. Neither slanted nor leaning, it hung suspended, high at the center of the cave. One part was linked to the dragon’s mouth and the other was joined to the cave. It was unknown how far it extended in.

Zhao Wuye’s gaze flashed, and he extended his hand to grab onto the chain and forcefully shake it. Suddenly, a melodious swaying noise echoed from the cave tunnel. He sighed gently and formed a seal. Afterwards, the two eyes of the dragon’s mouth radiated two drizzly-white light pillars and illuminated the surrounding ten-plus meters. As for the inside of the cave, vague white light also shone. 

“This tunnel is 1,800 meters long. In total, the tap is only 900,” Zhao Wuye laughed somewhat proudly and turned his head to look towards everyone. “In any case, the Zhao Clan has operated here for centuries. How could we have just only prepared the inside?”

“There’s a tap every 200 meters. Consider it as something to use for lighting. Unless you have a Zhao Clan elder’s seal, it can’t be used. In the taps, a ray of spiritual sense is stored. Apart from members of the Zhao Clan, one will have to use strong methods to break it open, but the entire tap will explode. The power… is enough collapse this only tunnel leading to the honeycomb wall.” He laughed and pointed towards the cave top, “All the iron chains are collected in a groove above. If the tap isn’t opened, the iron chains are left unseen… Without this process, and if one hastily enters the Yellow Springs Path, there is only death.” He looked deeply at each person. “Once you enter these 600 meters… that is the Yellow Springs Path.”

Xu Yangyi wordlessly studied the pitch-black cavern. Looking from here, there was a bend ahead, and the dazzling lighting couldn’t completely illuminate it. He nodded. “Why can’t magik artifacts be used? Why use mortal mechanisms instead?”

“That’s right, why did the Zhao Clan have to set up this chain?” Jun Man’s tall figure stood at the entrance, and he extended both his arms. “The cave is no more than two meters wide. If you touch the walls and walk, you still won’t get completely lost. What’s the importance of this chain?”

Zhao Fenglai laughed, and his expression grew somber. He stroked the iron chain with some melancholy. After a long time, he sighed, “This chain… is called Deepsea Sinkmetal.”

“What?” Mao Ba’er’s ears suddenly perked up. “The Deepsea Sinkmetal that can ward off evil spirits and steady the mind?” He looked at the iron chain in disbelief and clicked his tongue in astonishment. “A kilogram goes up to 300 medium-grade spirit stones… This kilometer-plus chain is at least several tons… The Zhao Clan really has spent a pretty penny…”

“Not just that.” Zhao Wuye wore faint grievance on his face. “No less than 300 disciples died to build the only thing that can be relied on in the Yellow Springs Path.”

“Fellow Daoists, you haven’t tried it…” Zhao Fenglai stowed his gaze and looked at the crowd, bearing an extreme lingering fear. His voice was slightly trembling. “The feeling of climbing in the darkness is like walking an endless path and then there’s someone whispering softly at the side of your ear or someone behind you grabbing onto your clothes… At every moment and instant… Every minute and second… Like countless devils and shades are encircling your body… Even a shadow radiating light is another kind of creature.”

“Don’t speak of touching the walls to stand and walk,” he laughed bitterly. “Back then… I took five supreme-grade protective magik artifacts, yet when I crawled out, I was so scared that I was unable to stand. All five magik artifacts broke. As for the three true disciples that followed me in, they remained inside forever.” 

His entire body shivered and he shook his head, seemingly unwilling to think back. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the mundane cave. “The best method is to close the eyes and walk. Don’t look, don’t think, and don’t listen. Grab this chain and walk, and you’ll naturally be able to leave.”

“There’s no good in saying more… You’ll all know when you enter… This iron chain is a real, final life-saving straw… Remember, no matter when, no matter what happens, and no matter what’s heard… don’t let go at all costs… Pull it and walk. You absolutely don’t want yourself straying… Otherwise, you won’t walk out of this road…” In the gloominess of his voice, he carried grief. In grief, he carried fear. It was like he was a mournful old man speaking about his most terrible experience.

The cave was a stretch of silence. After a long time passed, he gritted his teeth, deeply breathed in a few times, and suddenly shouted, “HA!”

He then tightly grabbed onto the iron chain, closed his eyes, and walked in.

Xu Yangyi finally laughed, and he walked over and clapped Zhao Fenglai’s shoulder. Unexpectedly, the other’s entire body shivered, and he almost went soft at the legs and crouched on the ground.

“Fellow Daoist Zhao, we still haven’t even reached the Yellow Springs Path. No need to be nervous.”

Zhao Fenglai was wet with cold sweat, and he took another deep breath, laughing wryly, “Don’t blame me for losing myself… Once all of you walk it yourselves, you’ll know… that this path… cannot be walked by a man, especially the first time… A kind of experience that leaves the hair standing on edge. Once you come again, you’ll be like me, as well. To tell the truth, this is my second time walking the Yellow Springs Path. If it weren’t for the situation already being saddled on a tiger’s back, I would rather fight the livyatan again. I’m still not willing to walk here.”

“Follow me, alright.” Zhao Fenglai took a step forward, and Zhao Wuye grabbed onto the iron chain with a grim expression. He was the second to enter.

Xu Yangyi took a deep breath, raised his hand, and gently waved. The remaining people fell in line. Facing this tunnel leading to the Yellow Springs inside the cave, they continued to walk step by step.

What was inside this path? Was it truly so strange?

No one knew. The only knew that they had charged through alligator gars and killed a livyatan to walk here. Even if it was hell, it still had to be rushed through!

Otherwise, their hearts would be unwilling, their desires ill at ease, and their thoughts irrational!

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