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Chapter 210: Danxia Temple (29)

Xu Yangyi’s and Sister Nine’s breathing were both fairly rushed. This wasn’t an ordinary destiny… This was a gift originating from Danxia Temple! It was Xu Yangyi’s affirmation at each step for breaking through alligator gars, furiously slaying a livyatan, braving the Yellow Springs Path, and finally arriving here!

Zhang Guangyao had the fortune to come out alive from the Dragon Hole, so there existed today’s Ancestor Floatingcloud. In the same vein, the Dragon Hole was one of the Eight Great Deadlands. Danxia Temple wasn’t necessarily incapable of producing another Ancestor Floatingcloud!

“This is what Fellow Daoist means by ‘not dangerous at all’?” Xu Yangyi glanced apathetically at Sister Nine. If they were late by a second, this instantaneous explosion of qi would’ve immediately smite them into flying ash!

Sister Nine snorted coldly. “That was just a rumor from the clan. How could I know about the actual situation? Besides…” Her gaze was like fire as she looked towards the light pillar. “Fellow Daoist… you think that now’s... still the time to be concerned about such a question?”

Xu Yangyi spoke no further… because everyone could feel it and everyone could see it! Inside the forty-meter-wide azure skybound pillar, there was an orb of extremely pure and boundless qi and also… a faintly visible silhouette that was bobbing up and down within.

It was unable to be compared… This azure light pillar’s qi could already be considered magnificent and limitless. However, in comparison to the object inside it… it was a difference of substance! If a comparison had to be insisted on, it could be said that the exterior was covered in a gemstone’s shell, and the inside was the true icy imperial jade!

The heart-shaking, hair-raising worldly qi began to boil, seemingly returning to the supreme purity of primordial genesis. Although the object still couldn’t be clearly seen, it was already enough to cause the duo’s hearts to madly pound without end!

“So the white, azure, and violet symbols on top… represent Danxia Temple’s opportunities?” Xu Yangyi locked his eyes fixedly on the object in the light pillar and said lowly.

“That’s right…” Sister Nine licked her lips and hoarsely laughed. “Altogether, there are nine locations. Six… white, two azure, and one violet! I am the only one that can find this azure destiny. ”

Xu Yangyi was silent, but even now he was at full alert in his heart. After an unknown passage of time… the light pillar disappeared! But now… there were already people rushing over! He could clearly sense a figure 300 meters away. It was like rushing thunder and flashing lightning, its speed unfathomable! It was charging straight towards where they were! 

And this were merely the first. There were still an untold number of people already hurrying over en route. 

“It seems… there’s going to be a fierce battle.”

Swooosh… The light pillar finally showed signs of weakening. In no more than three seconds, all that remained of the skybound azure light was a beam with an arm’s thickness. The item inside was shadowy and indistinct.

Nonetheless, its might didn’t weaken at all! Instead… it seemed to condense within this thread of spiritual light, causing one to feel that their qi sea was trembling upon taking a glance!

No one was willing to go test out its might. Xu Yangyi’s and Sister Nine’s entire bodily qi cycled to the max. They merely watched this item without averting their eyes.

As all that was left of the light pillar was a thumb-thick tendril, the object was finally rid of all veils. It completely appeared before the duo. After Sister Nine clearly saw the object within, she a cold gasp broke free of her throat. “Heavens… This… How… How could it be this item?!”

“This… is a Heavenmend Stone!”

An irregular fist-sized stone was peacefully floating three to four meters off the ground. From every angle, it was pure and sparkling. Not a single dreg of an impurity was seen. However, the opaque color it presented all over was instead kaleidoscopic.

Red, yellow, green, blue, and white, these five colors were rich and varied. An endless amount of qi lingered on this stone and wandered about incessantly. Xu Yangyi merely glanced and immediately sensed all his bodily spiritual force begin to fluctuate, akin to one hearing a sacred hymn and receiving purification.

“Heavenmend Stone?” At this unfamiliar name, Xu Yangyi asked probingly. 

Sister Nine tightly gritted her teeth as she pursed her lips. “This… is a true spirit-object… Fellow Daoist Xu, I won’t keep you in the dark… it’s no exaggeration to say that this is a SSS-rank spirit-object! Do you know… what items are above magik treasures?”

“What?” Xu Yangyi asked seriously.

“Spirit treasures!” Sister Nine’s eyes flashed. “Once a cultivator reaches late-stage Foundation Establishment, they can then use magik treasures. However… in the Dao of Artificing an absolute killing tool that surpasses magik treasures is a spirit treasure!”

“I’m unaware of a spirit treasure’s specific power, but in an ancient tome I accidentally ran across in the clan, a spirit treasure’s power can go beyond a magik treasure’s by at least tenfold! Fellow Daoist might know that regardless of magik treasure or spirit treasure, an embryo has to be looked for first. After slowly nourishing the embryo and supplementing all kinds of heavenly treasures, a grand artificer is finally sought to cast and complete it…”

“There are a few in our great clan that have started nourishing magik treasures since Foundation Establishment, but they’re at most B-rank embryos. Moreover, only the first-ranked successor possesses such distinction. This Heavenmend Stone…” Her gaze fervently looked at all that was left of the fingertip-thick light pillar, her voice fairly shaky. 

Not waiting for her to finish speaking, Xu Yangyi said heavily, “Could it be a spirit treasure embryo?”

“How can it be just that?!” Sister Nine bit her lip, her gaze scarlet-red. “Besides… this is a legendary SSS-rank spirit treasure embryo! A supreme embryo! It’s never been recorded in history! Only a rumor left in the world!” She steadied her frame of mind as much as she could and warbled out,“Truly deserving to be called the Eight Great Deadlands… The danger is extremely great, but the earnings… are absolutely worth the risk!”

At this time, the sliver of thumb-sized spiritual light spurted and finally came to and end. The instant that this eruption of heart-shaking spiritual force vanished, Xu Yangyi’s figure was like an arrow, seizing directly at the Heavenmend Stone without a wasted word!

Sister Nine moreover didn’t stop. In a twinkling, her full head of hair moved freely of the wind, its speed no less than Xu Yangyi’s. It wildly unfurled towards the Heavenmend Stone!

“STAY YOUR HAND!!!” At the same time, a golden qi arrow brightened a hundred meters away like an awakened star. It brought forth a furious roar, a murderous aura that filled the air, and supreme excitement. This arrow shot forth with the momentum of a thunderbolt dodging ear-cover! Even the air in the sky was divided into two sides by it!

“The Nangong Clan’s Falling Phoenix Arrow?” Sister Nine’s gaze flashed, and she flickered towards the side without the slightest hesitation. Yet at this time, she surprisingly saw from the corner of her eye that Xu Yangyi was without the least bit indecision. He charged towards the Heavenmend Stone!

“He’s not afraid?!” Sister Nine fell to the ground and rolled, watching Xu Yangyi in shock. The Falling Phoenix Arrow could be said to be one of the Nangong Clan’s special divine abilities! It followed the body like a shadow, restless until death! There was no such crude question of this arrow deviating from course!

In this second, time almost froze. Xu Yangyi’s face was without a shred of hesitation, instead brimming with absolute determination. His figure was like an arrow leaving a bow, painting a blurry and unrecognizable shadow in the air. Nonetheless, in the instant that he was about to grab the Heavenmend Stone, the Falling Phoenix Arrow was bound to strike his body!

Sister Nine’s stunned pupils reflected Xu Yangyi’s silhouette. This move… Its qi was so abundant. Evidently, the other party had fired this arrow with full power. She herself dared not forcibly welcome it, but Xu Yangyi did!

He wasn’t scared of his qi sea surging and billowing below this strike and being unable to battle in the following several tens of minutes? What difference was there between this and death? Or did he think… the name of the great lineages was merely a pretense? Did the full-powered blow of the Nangong Clan cause him to feel indifferent?

Swoosh! In a spark of flint, Xu Yangyi’s hand was already tightly clutching the Heavenmend Stone.

Boom! At the same time, the massive arrow directly blasted Xu Yangyi, completely striking him!

A tide of golden light exploded. The ground seemed to meet with a minor storm! Countless wilted leaves were swept up and blown away. The dust and sand that covered the ground actually formed a small tornado, gusting so much that nothing was visible!

The arrow seemed not to be large, but in fact, its length reached several meters! Under tempestuous rage, anxiety attacked the heart of the Nangong Clan’s Sixth Young Master who was already coming from far away. This arrow was the maximum strength that he was capable of! It condensed all of his qi! Even a genius Qi Condensation cultivator was bound to receive heavy wounds!

Swoosh… After several seconds, a human figure with a pair of wings on his back stopped five meters above this space. Even his arrival brought the swishing echo of wind in the air. His crimson eyes glared at the scene that was fully covered with dust.

Creeaaak… A low and grating sound of machinery echoed in the area. Sister Nine’s puppet had already come to stand besides her at some unknown time. Gloomy-faced, she surveyed everything on the ground.

She absolutely hadn’t expected… that Xu Yangyi truly dared to throw himself forward! In this place, seizing treasures was admittedly important. However, no one had ever said that those who took treasures first would be the ones to own it.

Although treasures were good, having the life to enjoy these riches was proper business.

“Get out…” The man in the air gnashed his teeth as he stared at the dust in the air. “Give the Heavenmend Stone to This Sixth Master. I promise to safely protect you for a generation.” [1]

The dust and sand in the air was scattered in the wind’s wake. However, as Xu Yangyi appeared, the man’s pupils suddenly needled. “You… How is this possible?!”

There were many tears on the clothes all over Xu Yangyi’s body and his pants, but from head to toe, he was without a scar’s trace! His qi hadn’t even weakened! At this moment, the powerful spiritual pressure of late-stage Qi Condensation was radiating all out!

Nonetheless, his hand was empty as air. The Heavenmend Stone was still in its original position.

“How could…” Sister Nine looked at Xu Yangyi in astonishment. She simply dared not believe it. There was actually someone who had come out perfectly unscathed after colliding head-on with the Falling Phoenix Arrow!

Xu Yangyi was silent, not saying a word. At the instant of collision, he had summoned the Shadowlumen Armor without a moment of hesitation. However, the greatness of this arrow’s power had exceeded his imagination!

The Shadowlumen Armor had directly crumbled apart, transforming into black tattoos. On his upper body, it formed a strange smiling demon head. It had to be continuously nourished to be used, but it had resisted the full-powered strike of the Falling Phoenix Arrow for him! 

As for the heritages of the great clans, Xu Yangyi still looked down on them somewhat. But what caused him the most pain was the Heavenmend Stone… He was unable to grasp it!

It just seemed to be in its original position. However, when his hand approached, he only felt himself grab extremely pure qi! From his fingertips, rays of qi swiftly rose up. In the blink of an eye, they then formed the Heavenmend Stone, yet it was still in its original place!

“A spirit treasure embryo’s mysticism…” he breathed in deeply and calmed his frustration.

He understood very well. The opportunity just now was only a fleeting second. If the stone wasn’t obtained, all that remained was a clash of force!

1. A generation. I’m not exactly how long a “generation” is considered for this specific term, but from what I found, it’s considered a period of 30 years. However, it might mean “the rest of one’s life”.

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Brief reminder: Heavenmend Stone is a reference to the stones that Nuwa used to repair the heavens. Another note: You might see me write things that every now and then as "This Throne", "This Palace", "This Dao Master", etc. In the text, these characters continuously use these to describe themselves as "I", but it adds another edge and sometimes a layer of information if the situation is unclear. I usually just use the "full" name thing once and then whenever I find it meaningful.

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