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Chapter 265: Determination

Silent, Xu Yangyi said nothing. THIS was a heavenly paradise! As expected… like what Senior Brother Jadesun had previously told him, this was enough to serve as a clan or power’s hundred-year foundation! Worthy because when the possessor swung the butcher’s blade again, those who were disloyal would all be killed!

No wonder… No wonder such a thing wasn’t recorded in cultivation history. If clans or powers of insufficient status dared to join this battlefield, perhaps those true first-rate clans would exterminate them until nothing was left! And those who dared not enter this battlefield furthermore didn’t have the qualifications to know of this matter.

In this instant, Xu Yangyi understood what he was on the verge of confronting… It wasn’t a kind of thing that stopped each person in their tracks like in Danxia Temple. Instead, even a low-grade power simply didn’t have the qualifications to know. The cultivation world’s true high society were all aware, yet this was an absolute secret they sealed their mouths for.

A single factor among these many reasons was deserving of one struggling with every fiber of their being. And as several kinds of advantages merged… 

He lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. Even now, he could imagine that the land set foot on by the clans was doomed to flow with rivers of blood in six months!

It wasn’t surprising either that several first-rate clans joined hands. Otherwise, a cultivator’s assassination occuring in the Capital was practically an unimaginable matter. A Core Formation ancestor’s spiritual sense could cover several thousand meters as they pleased! As long as they wanted to, the Capital could be under their surveillance at any time!

“Ten Greater Heavenly Lands?” Xu Yangyi set aside the thoughts on his mind. Now still wasn’t the time to think freely. Above all, he first wanted to understand all the secrets of a heavenly paradise.

“Master, you probably don’t understand it clearly. Heavenly paradise is only a collective term. Starting from ancient China to modern China, there are altogether 72 Paradises, and 36 Heavenly Lands. However, these 36 Heavenly Lands are only Lesser Heavenly Lands. Above the 36 Lesser Heavenly Lands, it is said there are also Ten Greater Heavenly Lands.”

Xu Yangyi flicked his cigarette ash and said lowly, “What are the specifics?”

“I don’t understand very well… but in these few days, I’ve come to have somewhat of an appreciate for the modern cultivation system. It is unknown why qi is so frighteningly weak. Under such qi, I’m afraid that the number of heavenly lands that can exist can only be counted on one’s fingers. Perhaps… it’s no more than a five-finger count. Even if they do exist, they should be controlled by a great cultivator clan in the present age.”

“Concerning that piece of Harpmoon Colored Glass, I only know that it came from the Dragon-God Desolace Heavenly Land among the Ten Greater Heavenly Lands. This Heavenly Land seems to be at the side of Dongting Lake. I really do not know much more.” [1]

Xu Yangyi nodded and said no more. He was thinking it over. Did the Xingtian Legion require a Heavenly Land?

Time slowly passed, minute after minute. Already, the cigarette in his hand hadn’t been smoked. The butt had accumulated over an inch of ash. It wasn’t until the tenth minute passed did he finally laugh. From his previous doubt, his expression had already become firm and resolved.

It was needed… The Xingtian Legion… required it even more than those great clans and powers!

In any case, the opponents had backgrounds that were centuries long or even a thousand years long. But he had nothing.

“Speaking of power, I have nothing at all…” Xu Yangyi watched the cigarette butt brighten and fade. “Only the Xingtian Legion is my private land, the location of my foundation… If I want to cultivate to Core Formation without my own team, there’s basically no way.”

If he didn’t have any true devoted brothers, what he would be on guard against during any secret realm journey wouldn’t be the secret realm. He would be more on watch for things… coming from behind. How great would the danger factor be?

If he didn’t have his personnel, who would handle his finances? Without wealth, how would he buy fitting divine abilities, arcane efforts, and magik treasures? Without divine abilities, arcane efforts, and magik treasures, how was he to seek destiny and explore secret realms?

“A cycle of death, eh.” This component dawned on him, and he faced upwards and started to laugh. “The strong get stronger, and the weak get weaker. There’s no way around it.”

Did everyone join the Xingtian Legion just to follow him?

No! Absolutely not! If there wasn’t generous treatment or a shining future ahead, who would join him? How long would those who joined be able to stay? If he wasn’t the “Master of the Pill Dao’s one-way connection”, would the Xingtian Legion be able to recruit people?

If he hadn’t left Danxia Temple, would a senior like Grandmaster Gao Muya treat him amicably? Would he help him mend his left arm? Would Jadesun specifically remind him about a heavenly paradise’s connection with a hundred-year foundation?

No one had the obligation to treat others well. If he wanted to make others deaden their hearts and dig their feet in the ground for him, he needed to let them see that his qualifications were worthy of such unflagging drive. 

And a heavenly paradise… was his qualification!

“Master-Ancestor, you underestimate me.” He gently extinguished the cigarette butt between his fingers. His voice seemed to mumble to himself, yet it was incomparably staunch. Standing up, he looked at the blue talismans of the Spirit Focusing Formation that covered the room and suddenly laughed, “How can I, Xu Yangyi, be a timid coward?

“I walked out from Danxia Temple. A heavenly paradise and the struggle of a couple first-rate lineages… How could I be scared?” His hand waved, and two keys floated in his hand. “Why didn’t you say anything and just let me go? Did you think I’d be afraid?”

“If you clearly told me, I would’ve definitely taken the initiative to volunteer myself for service. I’ve never thought about resigning myself to living my entire life in the Qi Condensation realm, and I haven’t even thought about hesitating in the Foundation Establishment realm…” He smiled, his grin laid-back and easy, but it carried an unspeakable resolve. “Master-Ancestor… you really don’t get me…”

His finger lightly flicked, and the two keys echoed softly in the air. He took a deep breath. “I still have six months. Just six months.”

“Grandpa Wei.” His hand hooked around the keys, and he laughed. “Can I trouble you with something?”

“Master, what are you saying? If you have a request just speak. What is there to discuss about trouble…”

Xu Yangyi raised his hand and interrupted him. The knot in his heart was completely gone. At this moment, he felt transparent from head to toe. “Take a cell phone and television, and make another trip to Danxia Temple.”

“Yes.” Wei Zhongxian finally stood up, laughing as he cupped his hands. “I too want to know very much what objects the so-called television and cell phone are.”

“Hehehe…” Xu Yangyi laughed. “Bring Peony. She’ll handle the electricity and signal questions. After this matter is complete, you’ll probably hurry over to the Thirteen Tombs, right?”

“An enlightened sage is no more than his master.” Wei Zhongxian laughed respectfully, “I still hope to see Master one day in the future.”

Xu Yangyi smiled and calmly eyed him. “Maybe I will.”

How intelligent was Wei Zhongxian? He immediately sensed Xu Yangyi’s wish to be alone for a while. He cupped his hands and said, “Master, take care of yourself. Then, shall I leave to take care of business posthaste?”

Xu Yangyi nodded noncommittally, and Wei Zhongxian’s figure slowly disappeared. In the end, the faint smile on his face vanished.

“No doubt we’ll meet…”

“Ming Guangzong… if this is how you’re hinting me to go, how can I betray your good intentions?”

Turning around, he opened the cultivation room’s door and headed straight to the statistics department. His pace was quite fast. He simply couldn’t repress his present mood. The doubts of his heart were all gone. The matter that he’d waited so long for… At long last, perhaps there would be a clue.

Bang. A door was pushed open without the slightest hesitation. The movement wasn’t quiet at all. Inside, four young cultivators were surrounding a computer. They seemed to be working, but someone had unexpectedly barged in without warning. They wanted to turn something off at once, yet a noise that was heard from the sound system quickly sold them out.

‘Meet with Zhongyuan Yidianhong.’ [2]

“Who?! Don’t you know to knock… knock… B-Branchmaster Xu?!” His face flushed red in anger, a man stood up and shouted at the door. Before he even finished speaking, he immediately gasped and loudly cried out in surprise.

Upon hearing these words, the sound of chairs rang out in the office. In less than three seconds, all the workers were standing up, cold sweat dripping from their foreheads. They clasped a fist and bowed. “We didn’t know that we would be honored by Branchmaster Xu’s presence. P-Please forgive us…”

‘Pole, steel-wire bed.’

‘That’s crazy.’

In an instant, everyone’s faces became explosively red again. They lowered their heads and mumbled, not daring to speak.

Xu Yangyi didn’t pay heed to them. Instead, he sized up the room.

It had been over five years… but this was still the first time he’d set foot here.

The room was the same as an ordinary office. There were computers, office desks, and a person-tall potted plant that was set in the corner. The only thing somewhat different from a mortal company was the humanoid machine-puppet inside the office. It was monkey-shaped and in charge of serving everyone tea, pouring water, and sweeping trash off the floor. In addition, there were four tap-like devices. They were emergency spiritual-force installations that took precautions against the occurrence of urgent situations.

“Who’s in charge?” Stowing his gaze, Xu Yangyi suppressed the hatred and expectation in his heart and asked with all the calmness he could muster.

“I…” A middle-aged man walked out and said nervously, “Branch Master, we…”

“It’s nothing. Besides, I’m not your branch master.” Xu Yangyi brushed an eye over the man. Nothing more than initial-stage Qi Condensation. He nodded. “Look up my account merits.”

In their hearts, the four people released a collective sigh of relief and immediately turned off the computer. They used the fastest speed to look up Xu Yangyi’s account.

Click Clack Click Clack… Following the light sound of a keyboard, the middle-aged man said five seconds later, “Alright, Branchmaster Xu. Your merit value is… is…”

His mouth suddenly paused, and he looked at the number on the screen, incredulously!

38,000 points!

He almost thought he was mistaken! Even Branchmaster Thousandedge’s merit value was no more than 13,000 points! And this was stored up after so many years! Furthermore, that wasn’t to mention that a Qi Condensation cultivator’s obtained-merits counted in the double digits. This was a jump to five figures! Branchmaster Xu’s Danxia Temple journey had actually given him 38,000 merit points!

“3-38,000 points…” He glanced at Xu Yangyi in astonishment. Just as his voice fell, the several people to the side gasped in concert. Their gazes swooshed over to look at Xu Yangyi. Their mouths were open so wide that a chicken egg could be squeezed in.

“Is that a lot?” This was Xu Yangyi’s first time accessing the merit system. He couldn’t help but ask upon seeing their expressions.

“Yeah… No! It’s a lot! It’s really a lot!” The middle-aged man calmed his nerves and immediately said, “Ordinarily, after a legion completes a mission, A-rank and below is thirty points. A-rank is sixty points. Specially appointed missions are a hundred… but a mission’s length might be a month or two years. If an A-rank mission is taken each month, a year will get you 1,200 points… 30,000 points…” he gulped, “is approximately… over twenty years…”

It seemed that it really was a lot… Xu Yangyi nodded and said without room for question, “Look up my merits in the Featherwood Guard’s privileges access.”

“Yes!” The middle-aged man pounded the keyboard. He read swiftly and said, “Sir, you can… look up all data marked at the Featherwood Guard’s ‘classified’ level. Furthermore, every five years you have the opportunity to go to Daomaster Ancientpine’s Heavenraiser Palace to listen to his teachings. At the same time, you can also choose to take advanced studies overseas…”

Xu Yangyi raised his hand somewhat jitterily. “Search demonbeast-rank privileges.”

“Yes.” The middle-aged man moved his fingers as if they were flying. A few seconds later, he laughed, “Congratulations, Branch Master. You can now look up all demons at SSS-rank and below. I’ll activate this for you.”

1. The concept of “Ten Greater Heavenly Lands” seems to originate from a Tang dynasty Daoist priest and fiction writer named Du Guanting (850-933 CE). The specific name of “Dragon-God Desolace Heavenly Land” come from him as well. His most famous work, The Man with the Curly Beard, is sometimes considered the earliest Wuxia novel.

2. “Zhongyuan Yidianhong” Not a very normal name. It literally means “One Red Dot in the Central Plains”. This name comes from Gu Long’s Chu Liuxiang series. Zhongyuan Yidianhong is a powerful swordsman and hitman. He is known as “One Red Dot” because he kills people by stabbing them once in their forehead.

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