Chapter 292: The Godseal Spark (2)


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Chapter 292: The Godseal Spark (2)

The sound coming from below was practically inaudible in the sky. At this moment, two silhouettes stood before the azure clouds. None of the court ladies uttered a single word, yet all of them cut a neat line as they took a knee in the air.

Gently clasping his hands, Daomaster Ancientpine said in astonishment, “Fellow Daoist, why have you come here?”

Ten thousand rays came in the form of azure light. A woman’s smiling voice passed through the clouds. “What? Is This Palace not allowed?”

“Come, come.” Titanspirit’s silhouette guffawed energetically, “We have not seen in each other in almost a century. I didn’t expect that the immortress would come here. Truly unexpected.”

The woman seemed to laugh dully, “I was passing through this place and sensed both of Fellow Daoists’ qi. It has already been close to a hundred years since the last time our true bodies have parted. The heart is touched; I couldn’t help but take the liberty to come. If the two Fellow Daoists are unwelcoming, I will leave posthaste.”

Ancientpine mumbled to himself for a moment and nodded. “Very well, I just so happen to have a pot of Jademeadow Harvest. It has been buried under the Ancient Yellow Dragon Tree in the Heavenraiser Palace for over sixty years.”

A jade-like hand lifted open the carriage’s heavy curtain, and Daomaster Hiddenscent smiled. “I dare not receive benefit in disturbance. You two are also acting as the rulers of the heavenly paradise. I’ll have a cup of tea here and leave.”

“What’s that about leaving?” Titanspirit boomed with laughter. “Since you’ve come, stay. An appointed date is no less than a chance meeting. This kid Ancientpine is pretty stingy. Getting him to make an invitation is as hard as scaling the heavens. Wouldn’t it be better for us to stay in Longsu’s sky and calmly observe the war between these kids?”

Within the cotton veil, Hiddenscent laughed softly and easily rocked her circular fan, delivering a fragrant wind to the night. “If that’s how it is, it would be impolite for me to refuse.”

Honk honk honk… Xu Yangyi watched everything in the sky, without taking his eyes away. The distance was far, far away, so far that one could only make out the carriage’s form, even with a cultivator’s vision. But now, the sound of a horn summoned him from his contemplations.

At the foot of the hotel… was a procession of SUVs all neatly parked.

“Move!” Xu Yangyi threw away the doubts in his mind, and waved at Chu Zhaonan. The duo simply didn’t care for how many people were down below as they looked. With a boom, they jumped down!

There was a pair of lovers taking photos at the side of the motorcade. The woman ate from a steaming bowl of oden in her hands when suddenly a loud rumble echoed besides her. Startled, she spilled the bowl over herself and raised her head to see two men coming down like heavenly warriors. Without a second word, her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

There was no time to care for this. Xu Yangyi and Chu Zhaonan quickly entered the car. Just as the car door opened, a centipede as thick as an arm darted out with a swoosh, right in front of them.

“It’s me.” The demon slayer mouthed as he kept on moving. Sure enough, the centipede immediately withdrew once he said these words.

“Branch Master.” Qin Xueluan softly covered her mouth. “No one recognized you. Your qi is actually completely different.”

Bereft of any additional explanation, Xu Yangyi now had the appearance of a middle-aged man with a knife-scar his face. His height, build, appearance, and voice were all different. He only nodded and said deeply, “Drive.”

With these simple words, the Xingtian Legion, the Hidden Dragon Legion, and the assisting forces traveled towards Nanzhou’s master battlefield.

From underground, a faint-blue screen of light spread freely and went straight to the horizon. Standing near it, once could even see complex runes faintly swaying within. The entire screen was like a living creature, moving up and down with the wind. It was like a super tsunami had shrouded all of Longsu.

Over a dozen cars quickly arrived in front of the gushing screen of blue qi. Chu Zhaonan and Xu Yangyi shared a glance and slightly nodded. The gunslinger took the lead to exit the car and took a knee on the ground. “The Hidden Dragon Legion and the Xingtian Legion have come to report!”

Beneath moonlight, the enormous palaces in the air resembled Vastcold Palace of legend. No one answered, and Daomaster Ancientpine gazed down at the chain of cars below, with his trouble in his eyes. As soon as the Xingtian Legion had arrived, he had known… but apart from the Xingtian Legion, which noble clan was driving? [1]

Cars were ordinarily fine as a means of transportation, but to still use cars in such a situation only illustrated that this power’s background was too shallow.

He uttered, after ages, “And Branchmaster Xu?”

Chu Zhaonan cupped his hands. “There have been no traces of Branchmaster Xu after he disappeared at Tianzi Mountain.”

“Kid.” Daomaster Titanspirit’s voice echoed. “I know you… You’re Old Man Chu’s only grandson. You didn’t have to come.”

Chu Zhaonan didn’t answer.

A few seconds later, Ancientpine said dimly, “Very well, receive command.”

Without any nonsense, a golden light suddenly flashed. In the next second, a gold command plate floated before Chu Zhaonan. It’s entire body was pure gold, and it sparkled with a bewitching radiance. There was nothing else.

“I am the ruler here.” Ancientpine’s voice was bereft of sadness or joy. “After entering, those who leave without permission will be beheaded. If your command plate is taken, you are judged having been defeated in this contest. Any questions?”


“Good…” The Shadow Emperor sighed lightly. His disciple was not here… that was good… Gone missing at Tianzi Mountain was another thread to survival… The current matter was too secretive, and his own part in this play had to be done well enough. He had bestowed upon his disciple the Taiyi Everlasting Array, but… it was nothing more than a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

His lips thinned, and he gently waved his hand. A little hole suddenly parted on the tide-like screen of blue light. From inside the car, Xu Yangyi stared ahead… right at the Linghu Clan’s Screaming Wind Legion!

The opposing party was already waiting for the moment to strike, their heads rested on spears as dawn approached, only to wait for the Xingtian Legion to enter!

Chu Zhaonan’s gaze smoldered. Without another word, he took the command plate and got back into his car. Immediately the sound of over a dozen engines rumbled and charged straight into the curtain of light, absent of any thoughts of glancing back!

I’m here… In the car, Xu Yangyi sighed in relief. I’m here… Here in this bloody killing ground. Here to play a role with the four noble clans. To stake my life and win my future. Over these dozen days of observation, the four clans have been overflowing with power. They’ve never stopped burning with the determination to seize this heavenly paradise. As of now, I’ve finally entered the killing floor.

As his eyes opened, the emotions within them were already at peace, yet carried a wisp of bloodlust. He gazed ahead at the mountainous Screaming Wind Legion.

Rumble! The car fiercely charged into the blue hole. Everything before them turned blue. It was as if they had pierced through a membrane. In the next second, over a dozen cars appeared on the battlefield, wreathed in countless threads of blue qi!

Swish!!! Everyone’s gazes turned bright. In the instant they had rushed in, a tide of rich qi had thrown itself right at them! The puppet in Mo Yeyu’s hand quickly froze, and Qin Xueluan snapped her head up. Jun Man looked all around him in disbelief.

In front of them was an expanse of white mist that completely hindered one’s line of sight!

Yet all of them were aware that this vapor was in no way white mist, but instead qi! Extremely pure qi! A qi so heavy that it seemed to return to the qi of two centuries ago!

“Heavens….” Mo Yeyu dumbly looked ahead and turned to Xu Yangyi, with a somewhat absent-minded expression. “This… This is the treasure land that Fellow Daoist Xu was talking about?”

Xu Yangyi hadn’t given a detailed explanation, merely just raising the subject. They had no understanding whatsoever concerning Xu Yangyi’s “treasure land”, but now they knew, suddenly realizing that this treasure land… was absolutely unique!

“How is this possible…” Qin Xueluan looked at the scorpion in her palm. At the same moment they entered the battlefield, they bloody marks on the insect’s back had began to madly grow! This was the sign of an imminent advancement! 

Zhan Twelve was taciturn, but his eyes likewise carried deep shock.

“Everyone.” Xu Yangyi’s voice echoed. “Is now the time to be awed?”

On the ground in front of them, golden formations creeped forward. The surrounding houses and farmlands were all covered by them!

They couldn’t see far away because there was a massive black mountain range around 2,000 meters ahead of them that was unexpectedly in the middle of the road. The towering mass firmly severed their path.

“AWOOO!!!” A melodic roar rang out from the black mountain range. Beams of red light arose from the heavy mist, accompanied from time to time by the fluctuating ripples of heavy breathing. White as death, harsh moonlight penetrated the almost cloudy qi, and shined on the black mountains, casting out flashes of blackish-green luster.

The Screaming Wind Legion!

They were garrisoned at the entrance, 2,000 meters away!

Above the gold runes of the great formation, within the heavy mist, and below moonlight, a steel flood of the ancient times intercepted steel vehicles of the modern era. At this moment, there was no wind. In this second, both heaven and earth was quiet.

Silence triumphed over sound. 2,000 meters away, black riders raised black spears in their hands, almost simultaneously. Under the moon’s glow, the edge of their spears dragged forth the mark of death.


There were no wasted words. Although there was this command, a hundred great tigers over four meters tall snarled thunderously in concert, eyes brimming with red light!


The heavy mist trembled!

The ground began to softly quake, in the next second!

Within the heavy mist, a row of giant steel mountains formed an impenetrable flood of cultivators. Not a single one ran ahead, nor did a single one fall back. All of them were like one being! The Screaming Wind Legion brought the cultivation world to a tremble with their might. With that, the Linghu Clan’s hundred jointly stormed forward!

Buzz… A white halo brightened. There was then another, then… twenty… a hundred! In less than ten seconds, the Linghu Clan’s elites trampled the earth, causing it to shake. They were a legion all separated a meter apart, as if measured be a ruler. Each of them radiated a ring of white light!

“Get out the car!” Xu Yangyi tightly clenched his fists. Such shock even surpassed Vermilion Snow’s massacre. This wasn’t the bravery of foolish men, but rather the concentrated power of cultivators! A true war!

In the night wind, such an earth-shaking, terrible might and the uniform harshness of death emitted a heart-pounding flavor, like a black tsunami was about to crash into them head-on!

“Set formation!!!” Chu Zhaonan turned his head and snarled. The tremors below his feet were gradually becoming intensifying as the black tidal wave came closer and closer. He didn’t have the spare effort to prepare for anyone else!

1,500 meters… 1,000 meters! The hundred black tigers had already reached peak speed! But now at the same time, the longspears of the Screaming Wind Legion all gathered with red half-meter-sized motes of qi!

“Iron Puppet… Chastetree Thorn!!!” Mo Yeyu shouted, not daring to hold back any reservation. He slammed both his hands down, and a puppet covered with sharp thorns immediately dove into the ground! Following a rumble, the soil around them arched up like a hundred giant burrowing earthworms! Soon, a ring of three-meter-tall black walls thrummed as they stood tall, completely surrounding the Xingtian Legion inside! There were countless holes on the surface of these walls, and moreover barbed tips!

Slick with sweat, the puppeteer sighed. Yet as he raised his head and peeped through a hole, he quickly gasped.

The enemy wasn’t slowing down!

Under moonlight, a hundred plums of dust hammered the thorny wall, with full power! They were like a hundred asteroids, bringing with them a horrific impact force!

Xu Yangyi saw this as well, but he didn’t panic whatsoever. In kind, a hundred soldiers had already formed three echelons behind him. From the lowest row to the highest, they held talisman-covered hand-cannons, forming a circus of light beams!

“I command you…” Xu Yangyi glared daggers at the steel flood in front of them, and gritted out through the gaps of his teeth, “to kill them all!!!”

BOOM!!! A hundred cannons of spiritual light thundered in chorus! Between heaven and earth, a flight of qi beams ascended!

Here, Longsu’s first battle was at last in full swing!

1. Vastcold Palace, the palace of the goddess Chang’e on the moon.

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