Chapter 303: The Godseal Spark (13)


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Chapter 303: The Godseal Spark (13)

Everyone directed their gazes towards Xu Yangyi. This allure was too great. Xu Yangyi’s heart was also incredibly stirred. This spirit stone even transcended Daomaster Jadewave’s origin crystal that he had taken along! At the very least, it was on the same level! And that wasn’t to mention… that another kind of legendary thing could possibly be created if he gained a supreme-grade spirit stone.

A supreme-grade Spirit Focusing Formation!

What he still used now was a high-grade Spirit Focusing Formation. Above high grade was super grade, and above super was supreme! If a supreme-grade Spirit Focusing Formation was activated in a nest of qi such as Nanzhou… the result simply couldn’t dared be imagined!

“Are we going to attack?” Eyes reddened, Chu Zhaonan looked at him. “Each party gets five years to use it?”

Within the demon slayer’s mind, heaven and man waged war. After a couple seconds… Xu Yangyi shook his head.

“We can’t.” He gritted his teeth, and cast away his heart’s desire. “Those capable of using a supreme-grade spirit stone to set down a formation can be counted on one’s fingers, in China. Regardless of what the goal is in creating this formation here, taking it will be equal to throwing a wrench into whoever’s overall arrangement this is if we take the stone and leave. Everyone…”

He eyed his fellow cultivators, and spoke no further. However, these words caused all their thoughts and feelings to cool down. Although treasures were good, one needed sufficient destiny to enjoy them.

Yes, in making such a massive formation, the plan afoot was absolutely not minor. If a loophole appeared in this mystery cultivator’s arrangements because of them, they would be left with nothing but a path to death so that preventative measures could be taken in advance.

Yet at this time, a cultivator suddenly flew away with a boom, sent back at great speed! It seemed he had been directly slammed by a gigantic palm! His eyes were open wide like copper bells, an incredulous expression coloring his face. On his forehead, there was a bloody cavity the size of a bullet hole. He hadn’t even screamed. The only thing left in the air was an eye-piercing trace of blood!

“Defend!” Chu Zhaonan’s gaze tightened. That cultivator was a new recruit of the Hidden Dragon Legion, at the peak of initial-stage Qi Condensation! Unexpectedly, he had been slammed away without the slightest hair of awareness! With a hole in his forehead, the recruit’s soul had scattered, and his spiritual sense extinguished; he couldn’t be any deader!

However… not waiting on Chu Zhaonan to finish shouting, another two cultivators screamed miserably in quick succession. Very soon, they were like ducks being held by the neck, and their cries faded away!

Boom boom! It was like an invisible goliath was firing off a bullet divine-ability in the cave. The deceased all had a hole on their forehead, and were sent flying back!

Xu Yangyi said nothing. His senses were keener than everyone else’s. Moments ago, he had saw a jade-green object moving at a nearly inexplicable speed! It was roughly just the size of an infant’s fingernail, and yet it forcibly swatted away a hundred-kilogram cultivator!

His spiritual sense was already in full swing. In the surroundings, countless magik artifacts hovered, each person guarding against this invisible reaper with a frightened look in their eyes. Only he hadn’t moved yet.

One second, two seconds… On the third second, his eyes flashed open, and Xu Yangyi yelled for everyone to dodge. Without a moment’s delay, he dashed forward! At the same instant of his charge, ribbons of qi swirled around his left arm, and the enormous never-revealed shield form of the Ketu-Rahu Sword rumbled!

“Shield!” Three dots of light soon radiated cold qi on his left arm. In a twinkling, a soft tremor of bangs echoed, and a shield of red qi, that had a radius of five meters, sprung to life in front of him. The face of a beast was carved on the shield, and endless qi ascended into the air. The demon slayer’s gaze stared dead ahead of the shield!  

Something… Something extremely small raced towards him at simply unfathomable speeds! Even the surrounding air grew fuzzy as the object wildly charged him!

Sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid, and jade-green in color. Time seemed to freeze in this transient moment. The shape of a water drop emerged in his eyes, and he was hit by what seemed to be a 10,000-catty heavy hammer in the next second! In his somewhat astounded gaze, the droplet flew over ten meters, straight at him!

Just as he was about to slam into a wall, talismans glimmered and forcibly dissolved the awful power. He back-flipped and landed on the ground.

In this instant of silence, a green water droplet quietly slid down Xu Yangyi’s shield.

BOOM!!! The droplet fell to the floor, but what answered was not the mute sound of dripping water. On the contrary, it was like the rumbling of an immense boulder! A heavy boom rang out!

“A drop… of water?” Everyone was in a state of disbelief. Simply a drop of water, a mere drop of water was actually over ten thousand catties in weight!

It was actually water that was killing them!

Chu Zhaonan seemed to recall something, a wisp of shock revealed in his eyes. However… he had no time for shock! As this unseen reaper displayed its true colors… a giant orb of water noiselessly rose up from the lakewater!

It couldn’t be considered too large, roughly over a dozen meters in size. Countless pearls of water slid down from the water ball and sunk into the lakebed below, falling down like strange hailstones! The chaotic sound of rumbling echoed ceaselessly!

“Who am I… Who am I?” A mumbling voice grew louder and louder from the lakewater. It wiggled without pause, and transformed into all kinds of humans and creatures. From the lakewater, they formed and then vanished. As the lakewater demon repeated these words over and over, its voice kept on intensifying, and the orb of water’s fluctuations also became more frenzied!

“No good…” Xu Yangyi gasped coldly, and turned back and shouted, “Set formation!!!”

One water drop’s power was as heavy as a mountain range!

At the same time, the entire lake exploded! Not in parts, but as droplets! Like a celestial maiden scattering flowers, infinite bullets were fired! It was a 360-degree attack that left no gap in coverage!

Mo Yeyu responded the fastest. At the same time Xu Yangyi shouted, a pitch-black wooden wall rumbled into existence in front of everyone. Soon, Chu Zhaonan set both of his hands on wall without the slightest hesitation and poured spiritual force in!

A crash rang out just as the wall was erected. Xu Yangyi was without a second word, his screaming no idle prattle. Both of his hands thrust forward, and spiritual force freely rushed into the wall!

A drop of water could forcibly send him flying away! Slightly worse cultivators would be immediately struck dead! Against such an omnidirectional attack… perhaps no one would survive if there was a minor error with defense!

Thump!!! A muffled sound boomed. Mo Yeyu’s mouth quickly opened wide, and he stared at his wall, incredulously! They… had actually been hammered back by a meter!

“What are you still looking at?!” Lord Zhao turned back and snarled, “Are you looking to die?!”

Before his voice even fell, both of his hands immediately pushed forward, and the other cultivators were quick to follow in regaining their wits. One pair of hands, two pairs of hands, ten pairs… In the blink of an eye, dozens of hands were all pushed up against the wall! The radiance of the black talismans on the wall shortly began to flash in bursts! A light screen of oily black was surprisingly cast in the middle of pure-blue world around them!

Outside the iron wall… an untold number of water droplets charged forwards with the momentum of surging thunder and colossal weight! Under the illumination of the shining blue talismans, each gentle-looking drop of water seemingly transformed into murderous blades glimmering with light!

An exiled immortal summoned, fountain water sprinkling on his face; the oceanic home of mermaids overturned to torrent out with fine jade! [1]

CRASH!!! In the next second, a great and terrible force clashed directly against the wall!

“Puh!” Mo Yeyu’s eyes shrunk. As the eye of the formation, he was the first to feel the immense shock within his body! His qi sea was unsteady, and he fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood! And yet, he dared not retreat! As the eye of the formation, everyone would be filled with holes like a hornet’s nest if he fell back!

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! The sound of unbroken strikes was heard from the wall. Each noise was like lightning deafening the ears! It was unlike drops of water hitting mark, but more like a legion of titans hammering against a door! Following the spread of this immense force, a cultivator wailed miserably, and a crisp noise echoed from both of his hands. He flew back and slammed into the cave wall with a crack, unknown whether or not he was dead or alive!

“Damn!” Chu Zhaonan’s eyes were flushed somewhat red. This water… was not normal! It absolutely wasn’t normal! In his mind, another legendary name had already flickered through! That had to be it, only such an object of legend could use and manipulate a supreme-grade spirit stone!

However, now wasn’t the time to think of these things! With several hundred meters worth of lake water, how long would this horrific spray last? The gunslinger dared not continue with this thought, and he suddenly drove his hand towards his chest. A necklace quickly flew out.

The necklace was a string of wooden beads. In the instant he tossed it out, boundless treasure light erupted. White rays of twilight covered the front of the wall, like another shield. Finally, the pressure lessened by a bit.

The black iron wall and screen of white light were both like small boats in the face of wind and rain. They seemed to shake, but from beginning to end on this tightrope they hadn’t fallen apart under the wild attack of the water-demon’s infinite jade-green tempest!

Boom boom boom! The sounds continued for no less than two to three minutes. Behind the wall, an untold number of cultivators had been jolted away. In less than five minutes… only a few shy of twenty actually remained behind the wall!

No one spoke, each person’s face gorged red with blood. Even the veins on Xu Yangyi’s neck were bulging. These water droplets were like giant mountains! He had never thought that a water drop could be THIS heavy!

RUMBLE! The white spiritual light outside collapsed without warning! Chu Zhaonan inhaled sharply. Just as he was about to take out another similar artifact from his storage ring, everyone suddenly felt the pressure lessen!

It had come abruptly, and left even more suddenly. At this key moment, the strange machine gun fire of rain drops had stopped.

“Huff… Huff…” Lord Zhao took a long sigh of relief, his face the color of earth. Both of his hands trembled, wanting to return, yet he discovered that they were glued to the wall. He trembled because he wasn’t sure whether he could take his hands away. The other cultivators were exactly like him as well.

“Proceed.” Xu Yangyi looked over the wall. Everyone’s faces were ashen, a curtain of cold dripping sweat. Xu Yangyi waved, and dozens of pill elixir bottles flew out, making their way towards everyone.

They watched the bottles come flying as usual, and each person opened their hands, catching a pill elixir. But at this moment, the wall in front of them thundered loudly and broke apart into countless black wooden blocks!

“This is Mind Restoration Elixir, not a pill elixir of low grade. Branchmaster Xu, you truly are willing to part with something like this…” With trepidation in his heart, Lord Zhao twisted the bottle cap, and his gaze brightened. But just as he was about to take a swig, his eyes jerked over to the scene before him, and he coldly gasped. From head to toe, he trembled uncontrollably and gazed unblinkingly behind Xu Yangyi.

Xu Yangyi’s eyes flashed, and he immediately turned his head back.

Everyone who could stand clambered up on their feet. Those who couldn’t clutched at their injuries and looked at where the lake water was, in a state of awe.

There, two “heads” were hovering in the air.

Their faces couldn’t be clearly made out, and each one was about five or six meters in size. They were both entirely formed from streams, and completely transparent. Furthermore, they flowed ceaselessly.

The left head was completely pitch-black, but its “brain” had an even darker drop of black liquid. This drop was only the size of an eye of a needle, at most, but emitted resplendent black light!

The right head… was completely snow-white, but a supreme-grade spirit stone could be clearly seen inside! In the same vein, the stone radiated a blinding light. Both sides were polar opposites, yet they seemed as great a match as life and death!

Everyone was stunned.

This step represented that this lakewater’s demonization had reached the final stage. The congealing of form was already complete… but there had never been any demon who had created two forms from one demon body!

1. This is a poem from Northern Song poet Su Shi (1037-1101 CE). 唤起谪仙泉洒面,倒倾鲛室泻琼瑰! This is poem used to describe a torrential rainstorm. In Chinese poetry, an exiled immortal is apparently a common term to refer to our favorite poet Li Bai.

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