Chapter 305: The Godseal Spark (15)


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Chapter 305: The Godseal Spark (15)

“That’s impossible!!!” Mo Yeyu involuntarily cried out in surprise. This was one of his strongest defensive arts! Although the first wall was the weakest, it was still hard to break all the same! Now, it actually hadn’t put up a struggle for even a fraction of a second!

He was dazed for less than a second, Jun Man’s roar already coming from behind. “Get out the way!”

Jun Man had now become half-man half-plant. Through the weaving of his seals, countless thick vines stiffly twisted over the second and third walls! Mo Yeyu clenched his teeth and bit down on his finger, a drop of blood suddenly flying out! On the second wall, brilliant light swiftly radiated everywhere!

“Join…” At the same time, the hazy voice of the water-demon’s head echoed again, and everyone’s pupils needled. Unexpectedly, the hundreds of piercing arrows morphed into an arrowhead that was almost ten meters long in the air! Merged with a heavy deathly stillness, it screamed and launched towards the second wall!

It couldn’t be guarded against!

Xu Yangyi’s gaze erupted with a glint. If the situation was like that scattered strike just now, the attack shouldn’t have been a problem. But this arrow… perhaps the blow of its accumulated force would cause a large hole to instantly blow up on the second wall!

A drop of water… could jolt him flying away. Such a large arrow… The consequences were too horrible to imagine!

Crack crack crack!!! The ground was actually sunken in by the immense gravity of the arrow in the air! A half-meter-deep gorge followed the extending wake of the death god’s arrow, a devil made manifest by the support of the Grim Reaper! 

“Make way…” Without any further consideration, three dots of light on Xu Yangyi’s left arm flared with light! An orb of black fog immediately bubbled forth in the surroundings!

“Master!” Li Zongyuan coldly gasped. Xu Yangyi cared not for the consequences, using the Ketu-Rahu Sword for the second time! His spiritual force hadn’t even been completely restored! If used again now… perhaps he would injure his foundation! 

Yet if this sword wasn’t used now… would there still be an opportunity to wield it?

The toad-demon cried out for his master, anxiety overflowing his speech. However, he too didn’t know what to do.

Swoosh!!! Black fog swept the floor, and everyone around Xu Yangyi quickly shifted away. They all understood this sword’s might.

Boom! At the same time, the second wall broke. Xu Yangyi’s expression was solemn, and his clothes rippled in the wind. His left arm was already frantically shaking. Each cell of his body was warning him not to! Absolutely no!

He couldn’t control so much!

The demon slayer’s meridians were dully aching. A wave of this sword was definitely hard for his body to shoulder… however, the third wall now followed with a boom in this instant. Nevertheless, it didn’t break!

Outside, the giant arrow of flowing water was firmly nailed into the iron wall of Jun Man’s twisting flesh and Mo Yeyu’s talismans! Where it connected, magnificent light spilled everywhere!

Crack… Less than five seconds later, a soft noise followed. On the wall, a desperate crack appeared! Very soon, it spread all over the surface of the wall, like a spider web branching out!

“Fuck!” Mo Yeyu gnashed his teeth. Crossing Three Mountains hadn’t managed to hold? This move of his could resist a half-step Foundation Establishment cultivator’s strike! It was actually unable to block this arrow?!

The Profound-Nether Heavy Water… How ancient was this item? Its power was truly so horrific upon becoming a demon?

Crack… Crack… The crack became larger and larger! Xu Yangyi’s meridians throbbed so intensely that even he already felt that they were going to split open. But right now, besides this sword, there was no other strategy left to carry out!

The Heavenly Opening Six Erosions… He simply had no time to cultivate this divine ability. Even if he had cultivated it, what use was it against this fleshless and boneless being?

Core Formation power. To his surprise, a sliver of will was still so domineering and tyrannical!

And yet… in this fleeting moment of life or death, as a thousand pounds hung by a thread, an even stranger voice, one that no one had anticipated, emerged in everyone’s ears.


Xu Yangyi snapped his head up. Likewise, Chu Zhaonan, Lord Zhao, and Mo Yeyu looked on in disbelief at the third wall.

This voice… had come from the water that had fallen to the ground from midair, incapable of being even more familiar. The wall facing them was already covered in several-meter-long cracks, which were furthermore spreading very quickly. It was soon to collapse, but it came to a screeching halt.

“Burn!” Zhao Wuye was startled out of his wits and growled, a several-meter-long red light shooting out from his eyes. Yet as he laid eyes upon the scene beyond the wall, he drew a sharp breath and fell back three steps!

“What’s up?” Xu Yangyi panted for air as he asked.

“Alive… Alive!” Zhao Wuye said shakily, “It’s alive!!!”

Xu Yangyi unleashed his spiritual force without the slightest hesitation. His body was just like a fully drawn bow, and his meridians resembled a bow string, loud with the feeling of cracking. If it was someone else, they would’ve long since cried out in pain. He no time to feel this, immediately bounding onto the wall and looking beyond.

He stared blankly.

Shortly, Chu Zhaonan was the second to jump up. With a mere glance, he too fell into a daze.

The third… the fourth… dozens of people jumped up, all of them with blank expressions on their faces.

None could’ve imagined this scenery now!

“SCRAM!!!” A furious howl reverberated throughout the entire cavern! It was a living being’s roar, a roar of sovereign right! And that black head… had already awakened at some unknown time! Its mouth spreading wide open, it was fighting together with the spirit-stone head!

It was much, much more lively than the spirit-stone head, anger coloring its face in full. At the final stage of demonization, the water-demon had been forcibly split into two halves! The other half carried a strand of will that terrified its meager wisdom, firmly oppressing it. Regarding this new entity, like a turtledove occupying a magpie’s nest, it could only capture this most critical thread of an opportunity to finish a complete demon form!

It had woke up earlier, waiting for this opportunity since the beginning to make a valiant attack now! It was entangled with its other half!

Both of its eyes even emulated a blood-red smear! A great mouth of flowing water cruelly tore down without the slightest mercy; it was the master of this body! Before gaining consciousness, it was only a body of water. Once enlightened, it absolutely wouldn’t permit its existence to be deprived! 

Anyone was the same!

The spirit-stone head’s expression was apathetic. Following the crash of a tidal wave, the forehead of the head where the Profound-Nether Heavy Water was located suddenly crumbled apart! Countless streams of water gushed out!

Silence, another sudden and unforeseen event rendered the black head dumb. Its meager nascent wisdom seemed unable to understand. Why had its own forehead collapsed, yet it had swallowed the other head?

At this moment, Xu Yangyi’s eyes suddenly flashed. Without basically any time to say more, he hefted up Falling Moon in his right hand, and imposed Flying Star, Wind Brandishes Traces, and Life Sacrification together! His body nearly formed a mirage, dashing straight at the spirit-stone head!

Mo Yeyu was stunned, his gaze firmly trained on the head of heavy water. He looked again at the incredibly calm spirit-stone head, and his mind sparked alive. He screamed with enough power to exhaust his voice. “Cover! Cover Branch Master!!!”

No need for wasted words! Both of Quan Ningyue’s hands opened to assume cannon form. A sky-blue ball of spiritual light, containing a qi that infinitely approached Foundation Establishment, screamed towards the spirit-stone head!

“Spirit! Extermination! CANNON!”

BOOM!!! A deep trench was razed on the ground! Rubble flew into the air at both sides! Yet as the blast flew in midair, an azure centipede arrived first despite coming last! It darted straight towards the spirit-stone head!

The objective was always the supreme-grade spirit stone! The water puppet’s focus!

Behind them, a tsunami of qi surged up with a bang! At this moment, all cultivators of the Zhao Clan, Hidden Dragon Legion, and Xingtian Legion had magik artifacts heroically drawn and put forth! Against Core Formation will, it was impossible to leave behind any chance! Although their ranks were not high, tens to a hundred streaks of qi brought forth a spirit wave that was several meters tall and tens of meters long! The momentum afforded was impressive!

“Opportunity… only comes once!” Xu Yangyi rushed to the forefront, both of his wings flashing open! Because his speed was too fast, his entire body was leaning forward at a thirty degree angle! Even his feet were flying in the air!

The corner of the spirit-stone head’s mouth faintly stirred, seemingly sneering and seemingly mocking.

So-called will could be expressed with concise emotion. Such a notion was conveyed by how the true body treated an object. Thus in its eyes, all of this was nothing more but gold and jade from among shabby ruins. Yet because of this so-called will, it couldn’t have a strong intelligence! Otherwise, it was an avatar. It could only possess the most elementary cycle. An example was the display of the command plate. Those who didn’t have the corresponding medallion were executed. For example, if it suffered an attack… it would determine the attack intensity and decide whether or not to counter. 

Thus, it wouldn’t attach any importance to the insects charging at it. It moreover wouldn’t differentiate their magik arts! In its subconscious and this world, it was almost supreme. Regarding this current situation, it decided to first handle the Profound-Nether Heavy Water body’s will as its primary task.

Xu Yangyi’s speed was fast, and his body was already a shadow. Falling Moon had been stowed away at some unknown time, and both of his hands revealed two orbs of raging flames! Twin fire dragons seemed to twist around him! His pupils were already reflecting the silhouette of the spirit-stone head of water radiating an expanse of white light!

The corner of his mouth exposed a cold smile. In the next second, his figure had dashed in front of the head!

In this moment, not a single person at the back dared to speak. All of them collectively held their tongues, eyes dead-set on Xu Yangyi’s tall figure.

The spirit-stone head shot him an an apathetic glance, and white light suddenly burst forth. A white halo took form outside its body. It was very certain that no one would be able to penetrate this qi wall.

Immediately… Xu Yangyi vanished.

“That’s!” Lord Zhao careened forward and watched Xu Yangyi’s present actions in disbelief. Apart from Mo Yeyu who held an excited red in his eyes, Zhao Wuye, Zhao Fenglai, and the other cultivators besides Lord Zhao weren’t able to explain Xu Yangyi’s action!

What the hell was this?!

Xu Yangyi… had already unfurled both of his wings! His body flittered high in the air and leaped on top of the heavy-water head! At this moment, the spirit-stone head finally opened its eyes. A kind of deadly feeling came from its scant wisdom!

Crash! Bereft of a sliver of pause, its mouth snapped open wide! A terrible intent suddenly encroached the entire space!

Core Formation will!

Without the slightest hesitation, it released its ultimate survival move!

“Realized it?” Xu Yangyi smirked. “Too late.”

Bang! Both his hands slammed together, and he likewise glared daggers at the spirit-stone head that was over a dozen meters away from him. He uttered softly, “Spiritcleaver Pulse!”

Will and spiritual sense were one of a kind! Core Formation will was Core Formation spiritual sense. This thread was stronger than he had anticipated, but it was still spiritual sense in the end! The Spiritcleaver Pulse couldn’t possibly break Core Formation will, yet it could stagnate it by a hair!

Just this hair!

The spirit-stone head’s eyes revealed a sudden wisp of loss. In the next second, it opened its large mouth and painfully released a noiseless sound. At the same time, both of its eyes opened for the first time and gazed at the human not so far away from it in horror.

The fire dragon in the other’s hand was platinum-colored, reaching several thousand degrees of heat. In this very moment, the conflagration stormed into the heavy-water head!

“NOOOO!!!” The spirit-stone head screamed, its voice splitting and tearing at its heart and lungs! The entire cavern was sizzling loudly! Two fire dragons took direct aim at the Profound-Nether Heavy Water within the head of black water. In less than half a second, the drop of heavy water, heavy as ten thousand catties, clashed against the white fire-dragon and instantly flew into Xu Yangyi’s hand!

In this twinkling, time seemed to stop. The two giant heads of water were like machines deprived of oil at the same time, motionlessly hovering in midair.

Half a second later, the streams of water holding up the spirit-stone head were no longer able to maintain human form and poured down like a torrential rainstorm. The face cast from water resembled a melting wax figure, its original features unable to be clearly seen.

Crash! Several meters in size, the head instantly became a pool of jade-green water. Yet in the air before Xu Yangyi, all that remained was the sparkling and pure spirit stone!

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