Chapter 311: The Godseal Spark (21)


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Chapter 311: The Godseal Spark (21)

At this time, the cultivator bounded up to his feet and looked outside in disbelief! Likewise, dozens of cultivators, who were holding off the qi beam, gazed ahead in shock.

His upper body bare and a scorpion coiled on his head, a bald man seemed to become a human of gold, the tattoos all over his body shimmering. As he pointed out with his finger, all the surrounding trees in the Featherwood Guard surprisingly flew out! All of them extended towards the heart of the public square! A few seconds later, a semicircular shield shockingly appeared over the protective qi cover! On the shield, vines intertwined and giant trees banded together, the moss covered surface even blooming with flowers hanging with fruit!

“Azurewood Demon-Resister Shield…” Jun Man’s expression was grave, and his hands flipped over. As he finally joined them together, an explosion rumbled! The giant shield had seamlessly wrapped up the entire Featherwood Guard inside, along with the cover of spiritual light! Already though, his face was bloodless.

“Mo Clan Puppetry Secret Tome…” In the instant Jun Man’s shield encased them, Mo Yeyu’s hands weaved seals at a dizzying speed, not waiting on Xu Yangyi’s call to action. A qi manifestation of a book ceaselessly flipped through in front of the puppeteer. Very soon, a page fell to the ground, and white light flashed in its wake. An enormous five-headed, ten-armed ape roared as it materialized!

“Blood-Refined Vajra!”

“ROAR!!!” The Blood-Refined Vajra thundered furiously, shaking the sky. Its figure flashed and immediately disappeared. In the next instant, it had already appeared right below the qi wave of the Nalan Clan’s stronghold and the Featherwood Guard branch!

“Five treasures unite!’ In the wake of Mo Yeyu’s magik arts, his face became increasingly pale. The Blood-Refined Vajra looked up and roared, following Mo Yeyu’s words! Like the Reincarnation Puppet, its five heads jetted out a pillar of light no less than the Bluedawn Winding Corridor’s beam! In the sky, the oddities became one, unexpectedly taking the shape of a sharp golden sword! In a flash, it surged straight towards the qi wave and entered!

Powerful aid approached. The qi wave, originally being slowly pushed down, actually stabilized for the time being! 

Mo Yeyu’s face revealed an expression of extreme pain and distress. None had paid attention, but the eyes of his Blood-Refined Vajra has unexpectedly dimmed for an instant as its beam of light had shot out. Like a sculpture, it could make no move any longer.

However, his expression quickly smoothed. Because now, a group of figures were treading on the spiraling puppets and hurriedly pressing onwards to the sky!

Xu Yangyi, Quan Ningyue, Qin Xueluan, Fang Cheng, Chu Zhaonan, Gao Ye, Luo Sanfeng, the unknown cultivator, and Lord Zhao, who was holding a jade chest, took the lead without a second thought!

Yet at this moment, Xu Yangyi suddenly raised a brow. The strange cocoon in his qi sea had moved. Furthermore… an incomprehensible attraction was coming from it.

“It’s flesh and blood.” He had immediately confirmed upon arriving to the battlefield that many had died. He could clearly sense the cocoon’s yearning for flesh and blood. He could even sense that inside… the thing being nurtured seemed to need a great quantity of fleshly nourishment?

However, there was no time to consider these things. His foot tapped down on a puppet, and he swiftly dashed up even higher. His objective was the thread of spiritual light at the crown of the Reincarnation Puppet’s head!

To sever it!

Afterwards… the Featherwood Guard stronghold would be able to definitely kill or injure the behemoth!

Closer, even closer… Now, several people were following the puppet-formed flight of stairs and rushing over 200 meters into the sky! Down under, they were already like the size of ants. A single glance even caused one to grow dizzy, but no one had such a thought now. With all power, they sprinted above!

Below, each second of time exchanged by their teammates for a supreme price was valuable beyond worth! Nonetheless, the flying magik artifacts of Qi Condensation cultivators were limited to 150 meters, simply unable to fly so high!

Right now, apart from forging bravely ahead, they had no retreat!

“Ten Thousand Serpents Extend!” Qin Xueluan was the first to take action. She understood her advantages very well, and that was in disruption. Fortunately, her disruption distance was the longest among everyone!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! As her jade-like hands joined together, the inside of her sleeves shook as if they were filled with living creatures! Immediately, brightly colored vipers formed of qi darted towards the Reincarnation Puppet as if they were crazed! Their number was many, to the extent that they formed a rainbow tide in the sky!

“Hissss…” The vipers hissed, falling onto the puppet’s body in an instant. Without a moment’s hesitation, their mouths opened and bit down!

“Jade Summit Extends!” Without conclusion… Qin Xueluan’s cherry lips opened, and two solid white bees noiselessly flew out. They were only the size of a finger, yet they blurred in the wind! Just as they flew out by several meters, they grew to be three meters in size! With a droning sound similar to an airplane, they stabbed directly into the puppet’s eyes!

“Heavenly Sword Comes West, Absolute Blade Descends To Earth…” Now, the group had already dashed fifty meters away from the puppet’s head! The middle-aged cultivator’s hands joined together and separated, and a foot-long blade and sword issued the melodious cry of a phoenix. Between his hands, the weapons spun relentlessly!

“Heavenly Sword, Absolute Blade!”

Following his snarl, the sword and blade surprisingly became a several-meter-long dragon and phoenix! They swiftly plunged into the top of the puppet’s head!

Xu Yangyi was silent, but at this time he sensed a trace of strangeness. Why did things seem to be going a bit too smoothly? Even if the enemy lacked a consciousness, instinct still should’ve protected its vitals. Presently though, he, who was at the forefront, had seized a little separation? The tendrils that covered the Reincarnation Puppet’s body and its hands were swaying chaotically, yet not once was it an effective in sniping.

BOOM! A heavy noise echoed. The blade and sword hadn’t slashed into the creature’s skull. Stretching out from nowhere, a tentacle had blocked the front of its head at an unimaginable speed! Following the wild flickering of cold light, the tentacle became a shower of blood that filled the sky! The blade and sword, however, had become a fleeting edge of qi.

Whoosh… In the wake of this attack, one of the Reincarnation Puppet’s three heads spun over. High and above, the enormous head looked straight at the pack of insects before it. Afterwards, it calmly opened its mouth towards the middle-aged cultivator.

The middle-aged man’s eyes faintly narrowed. In the next second, a bolt of crimson lightning suddenly fired out of the puppet’s mouth!

“So fast!” He had no time to ponder more and dodged to the left due to his conditioned reflexes. At the same time, he felt his left arm turn cold, and a heart-rending pain welled up to his head!

The hare leaped and the falcon descended. When the middle-aged cultivator had looked at the radiance, his entire left arm seemed to have been cut off. The cut was thorough and even! Unexpectedly his arm had vanished into thin air!

Crunch… Crunch… The sound of chewing was heard in front of him. Because of pain, the middle-aged cultivator’s eyes had become blood-red, and he firmly pressed down on his left arm gushing with blood. He looked not too far away from him. At the top of the mouth of an ugly scarlet-red tentacle, rings of sharp teeth were tearing into his lost left arm.

“That’s… a Spirit Parasite!” Qin Xueluan gasped coldly and shouted, “Stay far away from it! Stay far away from that thing! The rank of the Spirit Parasites on this monster’s body definitely isn’t low!”

“Spirit Parasite…” Below, the white-armored captain of the Screaming Wind Legion laughed grimly. “Wanting to breakthrough the mobile fortress that is a Reincarnation Puppet with only this many people? Numerous warriors of our Linghu Clan died to struggle against its secret.”

“Captain, what’s a Spirit Parasite?” asked a wound-riddled cultivator of the Linghu Clan, his first time on the battlefield.

This was an organism… that could sprout out from any place on the Reincarnation Puppet’s entire body no matter what! Fast as lightning! Impossible to defend against! They only had thirty men left now, yet when they’d attacked they had more than sixty! Half of the men had died inside this organism’s mouth!

“A Reincarnation Puppet is an offensive fort.” The captain pressed a finger down on his facial armor and hefted his longspear. “Its defense relies on a kind of special parasite. They survive on qi, form groups, and reside inside the puppet’s body. Their form is not set. Any attack against their host is recognized as an attack against them. So… a Reincarnation Puppet doesn’t require defense. Because something is acting as their defense!”

“Furthermore… there are very, very few Spirit Parasites in the entire cultivation world. To the extent that their rarity is no less than a supreme-grade spirit stone! However, no one is aware of its function. The CSIB once spent a lot of effort to study this issue, yet they ended up with nothing over the course of five years. The name of something without usable value naturally won’t echo.”

“If the Xingtian Legion thinks that its weak point is that sliver of spiritual light…” His words contained a hateful teasing. “In that case… the instant they cut that thread will be their time of death and the disappearance of their Daos.”

“Go…” The captain pulled at the white tiger below him, looking icily at the not-too-distant Featherwood Guard branch. “This arrogant pack of wild disciples and dregs don’t have anymore time to take care of themselves. We’ll give them another nice, unexpected surprise!”

“Follow me… and attack!”

In the air, everyone came to a halt. The red tendril of the puppet’s mouth was different from before. The smallness and color were different, and it was even faster! Even sharper! The surface was covered with little eyes that caused one to feel numb upon looking at them. They moreover clearly sensed that this thing possessed qi!

The Reincarnation Puppet couldn’t sense qi because it was a dead organism! If it had to be asked, the spirit thread that the Xingtian Legion wanted to sever at the top of the creature’s head was the so-called defensive line formed by the Spirit Parasites! And that was because… they could already see that countless tendrils were already extending out from the orifices of one of the heads. In front of them, these appendages formed a great net of countless sharp teeth! Even now, they had been judged by the Spirit Parasites to be enemies!

No one could move. At this time, a faint build-up of sound was suddenly heard from below.

“This…” Chu Zhaonan was dazed. The current situation was already extremely distant from assuring. Yet it was said that “blessings never come in pairs, and disaster does not come alone”. At such a vital juncture, he glanced downwards. There… dozens of the Screaming Wind Legion’s riders had actually double-backed. Not… they hadn’t left! Like falcons on the hunt, they sought the best opportunity! The riders were assaulting their base!

Above, the Reincarnation Puppet was slowly oppressing the formation. Below, the Linghu Clan’s cavalry was attacking! And inside the light screen, all the elites had left! Of the famous cultivators, only Jun Man, Zhao Wuye, and Zhao Fenglai were left behind!

Presently, everyone clearly understood the power of the Screaming Wind Legion’s might!

“Those sons of bitches!” Chu Zhaonan flared with anger. “This was his plan to exterminate all of us!”

“Junior Brother, should we head back and defend?” Fang Cheng was also very worried in his heart, having once witnessed the power of the Screaming Wind Legion’s attack. He had no faith that the people inside would be able to resist for too long!

A defensive array had to have a primary and secondary. Everyone was resisting the attack from the mobile fortress that was the Reincarnation Puppet, with full power. All spiritual force would be transferred. Were they not flying in the air, Xu Yangyi and his company basically wouldn’t have seen the Screaming Wind Legion closing in and getting ready to break their defensive line in one fell swoop!

Any divine ability had advantages and disadvantages. Jun Man’s great sky-covering shield blocked the sky, but also blocked their line of sight. Likewise… no one was aware right now that a fatal dagger was already poised behind them!

“No!” Xu Yangyi grinded his teeth. This was a battlefield. Myriad changes happened in an instant. Absolute preparation was impossible! Any minor incident could draw war to another direction. In one second, a small skirmish could even become a decisive battle in the next!

For example, the Linghu Clan had lost a hundred men. They had quickly faced a combined attack of toppling mountains and overturning seas! And then there was them… a shift of trouble had come immediately, an assault planning for their total demise!

By exploiting a puppet’s lack of consciousness and exploiting its instinctive judgement… the Screaming Wind Legion had found a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity!

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