Chapter 321: The Godseal Spark (31)


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Chapter 321: The Godseal Spark (31)

In the sky, the boundless sea of Spirit Parasites was like a black tide. At this moment though, all of them actually drew back within the orifices of the Reincarnation Puppet’s three heads!

They wilted… bloomed… and bore fruit! Afterwards… they disappeared!

Everyone looked at this scene, sluggishly. Chu Zhaonan was the first to react. Without a second word, his dual guns merged, and a shining ray of flowing light stormed directly to the Reincarnation Puppet’s heads!

Boom!!! An explosion echoed, and bright golden light glimmered. Yet after this twinkling faded, not one injury was left on the behemoth!

No one hesitated. Immediately, six dazzling qi lights simultaneously impacted against the Reincarnation Puppet’s heads!

Spiritual light seemed to explode like fireworks, but the enemy hadn’t even been wounded by a hair!

“What the fuck is this monster?!” Luo San Feng gritted out, “Not even its skin is breaking by a little bit!”

“Have you used your strongest move?!” Gao Ye yelled.

“YEAH!!! I DID!!! Just without burning my lifespan!!!” Luo Sanfeng immediately roared back, his eyes somewhat reddened.

A chance… Such a good chance! Nonetheless, they actually couldn’t break the Reincarnation Puppet’s defense!

But at this time, rays of azure light flared from underneath the puppet’s skin! In a flash, the light illuminated the sky!

“That’s…” A middle-aged from the Hidden Dragon Legion took a mere glance, and despair revealed itself on his face. “A grand mountain-protector array…”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! From each of the Reincarnation Puppet’s pores, endless azure light gushed out! From far away, it resembled a deity! A monarch overlooking the world!

A devil-god within the blue illumination!

Huuummm… Complex runes brightened on the puppet’s entire form. Extending down from its head to hands, it had already become a talisman-covered giant in short time! 

The inside of Lord Zhao’s mouth was bitter. “Four Divisions Reincarnation Array…”

“A quasi-Foundation Establishment formation… unless a Foundation Establishment cultivator goes themself… it cannot be broken…”

Everyone was silent.

Qin Xueluan had activated her kill card to actually get the puppet’s true appearance in exchange! Yet to their surprise, a grand mountain-protector array was beneath the enemy’s skin!

“Shhaaa…” the Reincarnation Puppet soundlessly opened its maw, and golden light shimmered within. Anyone could clearly see this endless sea of magik artifacts! 

For the first time, a powerless feeling ascended in their hearts.

“Hah…” Zhao Wuye laughed bitterly, and his hand traced his storage ring again.

The situation could be said to be disastrous… 

The Mother and Child Yin-Yang Corpses, the Zhao Clan’s item in reserve… was actually going to be revealed here! Furthermore, the predicted outcome of the battle was unknown!

Below, everyone in the branch was stunned. Their hopes, having just rose up in a span of moments ago, were extinguished. Even Zhao Wuye could no longer open his mouth.

At this moment in the sky, however, Chu Zhaonan suddenly yelped out in surprise.

“Don’t you guys feel…” he asked, believing himself to be mistaken, “that the puppet… seems to be a little smaller?”

An answer was unneeded, because the puppet’s face, without mind or sensitivity to pain, instantly began to warp and twist!

“Hiss… HISS!!!” The Four Divisions Reincarnation Array on the puppet’s body rapidly twinkled! In the next second, the behemoth unleashed a world-shaking bellow!


A solid white ripple exploded from its mouth, and its entire body immediately ceased to move.

Like a rusty machine, its head hung down in the wake of an ear-piercing crack. All of its arms also powerlessly drooped.

“This…” Gao Ye stared blankly for two seconds and then exhaled sharply. His gaze quickly became fiery. “Brother Xu?!”

The sky was a stretch of silence. Three seconds passed, and Luo Sanfeng yelled out in pleasant surprise, “It was Brother Xu?! The paragon?! It was him?”

Obviously, the Reincarnation Puppet couldn’t answer. Chu Zhaonan studied it for three seconds and soon came to grips with something.

“We weren’t the ones that set off this Four Divisions Reincarnation Array,” he said deeply. 

Just as he finished speaking, Lord Zhao swiftly caught on and cried out involuntarily, “It was Fellow Daoist Xu?! This formation wasn’t defending the outside? But the inside?”

As if to confirm his words, the mountainous figure of the Reincarnation Puppet began to spasm!

Crack crack… Crack crack! Following these chaotic noises, its figure started to wildly contract all of a sudden, just like a sponge being dried out!

Strangely, its limbs, head, and body were shrinking, all extremities folding in! In addition, its entire form was dematerializing and turning into motes of blue radiance!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Not only did the prior events leave them dazed, what followed also astonished them! They were faced with an incredible reversal. The forces of the Xingtian Legion did not know of the Mother and Child Yin-Yang Corpses or the Eight Immortals Painting. They only knew that perhaps only ten-odd minutes remained of their lives. Right now, though, such an odd event had occurred!

Just before their eyes, the Reincarnation Puppet had let loose a screech it had never once made, screaming, twisting, and whirling into a ball at lightning speed! From 400 meters, it shrunk to 300! 200! 100! The process lasted no more than thirty seconds!

Eighty meters… fifty meters… thirty meters… The puppet’s enormous bulk was becoming smaller and smaller, yet blue light roiled hotter and hotter!

“Ten meters…” A cultivator below didn’t know whether to gasp in surprise concerning the titan’s instantaneous compression, or be excited because they had ultimately survived. His voice shaking, he said, “It’s actually still shrinking!”

“Does that mean… we survived?” Beside him was a female cultivator, her face deathly pale and fat beads of sweat sliding down her face. Despite this, however, her hands held tight to her Spirit Accumulation Cannon, and she gazed at the sky unblinkingly.

Behind the Featherwood Guard branch, the Screaming Wind Legion was looking at the sky in kind.

They couldn’t understand, either! This… What happened to the Reincarnation Puppet? This absolutely wasn’t the normal death method. The legion captain’s eyes were vacant. The Linghu Clan and Nalan Clan had crossed hands several times; he had in no way seen such a strange method. He didn’t even risk confirming if the puppet was dead or alive!

“What the hell is going on?!”

On the battlefield, a hundred gazes converged, each person’s heart seemingly pounding at the side of their ears. Everyone continued to watch… Eight meters… five meters… three meters… two meters!

Hundreds of meters in size, the Reincarnation Puppet had actually shrunk down to two meters! On top of that, it didn’t even have its original shape! It had warped to become a raging orb of spiritual light!

“H-Hurry and look…” A Zhao Clan cultivator’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he pointed to the sky. “Hurry and look! Hurry and look!!!”

Two meters behind, there was unexpectedly a figure in the qi light!

BOOM! It was then, at this twinkling, that the spiritual light seemed to shrink down to the utmost and completely explode!

SWOOSH!!! A wild, almost-solid wind cleared the sky! The surroundings black clouds emptied and revealed a vast sky brimming with stars. But at the orb’s original position a person was standing. A young man.

“Branch Master… That’s the Branch Master! It’s Commander!!!” Mo Yeyu’s eye sockets were sunken in deeply, his eyes were bloodshot, and his complexion was as pale as paper, yet he now rushed up from the ground and loudly cheered!

Presently, the Xu Yangyi of that instant when he was using the Thousand Illusions had “died”, having already disappeared. What appeared before everyone’s eyes was his true self! 

The man who had once shocked the world at the Heavens Law graduation ceremony and broken through Danxia Temple! At his side was a stalk of jade-green bamboo. A few short roots grew at the bottom of it. Xu Yangyi was looking at, lost in thought.

Silence, a silence like death.

In the sky, everyone was dumbly watching him.

“Junior Brother?” Fang Cheng yelled out uncertainly.

As if he had woken up from a dream, Xu Yangyi turned his head and laughed, “Senior Brother.”

Whistle… Whistle… The wind blew in the sky, accompanying everyone’s labored breathing. The sound was like a beating drum.

They had survived! This ridiculous method had actually succeeded! Contrary against rationale, the plan was within reason!

Yet in this fleeting moment, from all bounds and reaches, Foundation Establishment spiritual sense instantly descended upon Xu Yangyi’s body!

“This?!” Zhao Zhiqiu bolted up to his feet from the ground, gazing at Xu Yangyi incredulously!

Xu Yangyi was here! How could he possibly be here?!

There were so many Foundation Establishment cultivators… The four clans added all together were hundreds of seniors! They had locked down Tianzi Mountain, Chengdu’s surroundings, and Longsu’s entrance, yet they hadn’t found Xu Yangyi! They had been convinced that Xu Yangyi hadn’t entered! And now, without any tricks, he had actually appeared before them!

They had been played!

In his heart, hot rage flared with a loud rumble!

The hundreds of Foundation Establishment and the four great clans had all been played by this little Qi Condensation monkey!

Without Xu Yangyi having not arrived… the Xingtian Legion was a flight of dragons without head. When they were to be taken care of was not a question, but unexpectedly Xu Yangyi had taken down the Nalan Clan’s Reincarnation Puppet! This was something that gave them a headache!

This illustrated that the Xingtian Legion’s possessed strength was not weak! This was a deliberate show of strength by those trifling Qi Condensation insects!

This was to tell everyone… that he, Xu Yangyi, and the Xingtian Legion at his command, were absolutely not fish on a chopping block!

We have the same power to fight!

“That mongrel!!!” Of the Lou Clan’s Five Honored Stars, one man with a flame symbol between his brows suddenly slammed a table. In an instant, the structure turned into ashes. He gritted his teeth and said, “If he came early… everyone would’ve targeted him… and now is the time he comes! Everyone is fighting like crazy! Moreover… they were actually able to defeat a Reincarnation Puppet! This…”

This power was stronger than what they’d imagined! Even more powerful!

To mobilize or not mobilize?

If they took action now, the Xingtian Legion would perhaps be the best to subdue. But… 

What of the direct battlefield?

The Linghu Clan that was merely one strike away from defeat?

Being stuck between the dilemma of the fish’s fin and the bear’s paw was practically torture! [1]

“The opportunity to enter the stage is too good…” Eventually, Zhao Zhiqiu quelled the thundering fury in his heart and sat down. “Xu Yangyi has arrived… Had he not come, their fighting strength would be different. The Reincarnation has fallen to his hand… If our soldiers get devoured by them instead… It cannot be allowed, we’ll be the next Linghu Clan…”

“Not just that.” At his side, an old man suddenly spoke up, “Did you see…”


“That Reincarnation Puppet just now, what number was it?”

The old man with the flame mark pondered and soon jumped to his feet. He looked at the Xingtian Legion in astonishment. “Seven! It was the seventh Reincarnation Puppet?”

The duo’s gazes contained a trace of amazement. By chance, they both spoke at the same time. “Nalan Liusu…”

“Nalan Liusu has died…” The flame-marked elder took a deep breath, his gaze luminous as he looked towards the Bluedawn Winding Corridor. “Even though it is the enemy, This Throne still has no choice to admit that this woman is a genius…”

“Our Lou Clan does not have a genius capable of going ten rounds against her.”

Gazes settled over Xu Yangyi. It was then that he came to a sudden realization, stroking his face and laughing wryly.

Win some, lose some. Where there is gain, there is loss.

However, there wasn’t any good in continuing to hide now!

He waved his hand, and for the first time, a flag formed of qi of the Xingtian Legion was officially hoisted up from the earth!

Flap! Fierce Xingtian, the surface of the flag blood colored, the great banner fluttering in the wind’s welcome! It stood in open view of the four great clans’ vision!

1. This phrase has come up in the book now a few times. Originates from Mengzi. Meaning: you can’t have it all!

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