Chapter 330: The Godseal Spark (40)


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Chapter 330: The Godseal Spark (40)

In the wake of Linghu Chaofeng’s command, the fifteen massacre artifacts and the white tiger manifestation in the sky took united aim towards one place!

Boom! Spiritual light glimmered, and a small hole was actually blown open on the Featherwood Guard’s screen of black light! However, the stronghold was sheltered by the water curtain in an instant.

Huuummm! The Taiyi Everlasting Array’s black screen jolted sharply. From within, one could sense that the offensive outside had suddenly increased!

“Heh…” Xu Yangyi took a deep breath and snapped his eyes open.

“Hook, line, and sinker!”

The Linghu Clan’s 3,000 ambushed the Featherwood Guard. Likewise, he was luring the opponent to come in deeper one step at a time!

“Orders to everyone! Whatever comes next, without my command, no one is allowed to act!” he turned around and solemnly ordered everyone.

“Fellow Daoist Xu!” Lord Zhao didn’t accept the command straightaway, but rather asked urgently, “I don’t understand… Why? The Taiyi Everlasting Array clearly has the ability to defend against the Linghu Clan for a long period of time! Why not use it?! They can’t drag things out, but we can!”

“One hour… no, fifty minutes! The White Tiger Hall is in peril every minute! Why don’t you activate the array?”

Xu Yangyi didn’t answer and eventually said in a calm voice, “I have my reasons.”

Lord Zhao fell into a daze, fixing his eyes on the shaking screen of black light. This was a siege… Even if the Featherwood Guard was a stronger fortress, it was still only 500 meters in size! All the Linghu Clan’s armies were attacking; were they actually not going to return fire?

“Give me a guarantee.” Three seconds later, Lord Zhao seemed to firm his resolve. His voice hoarse and eyes reddened, he said, “Guarantee… that my Zhao Clan won’t fall to a carnage of blood!”

“Alright!” Xu Yangyi was bereft of any hesitation and looked straight at Lord Zhao. “I, Xu Yangyi, am not one to make promises lightly. But once I make a commitment it will certainly be done.”

“I guarantee, barring no accidents, that not a single hair on all the cultivators present will be harmed!”

Lord Zhao stared long and hard at him for several seconds, and his tongue sternly rolled over his gums. He said nothing, turning around and leaving.

Chu Zhaonan didn’t make him promise anything, merely nodding and leaving as well.

“This is a branch master’s order! Without the branch master’s order, no one whatsoever can act without permission!” Xu Yangyi commanded, banning all private actions!

“Branch Master…” In a side palace, a cultivator watched the grand array suddenly quake. Promptly, a small hole—one could see the sky outside—was exposed, yet it vanished again in an instant. Great worry filled his heart!

How could things be like this?

The mountain-protector array couldn’t even hold up to this level of the Linghu Clan?

Hearts beating like drums, countless youths found their faces completely tinged with a nervous color. Still, not a single one of them left their post in spite of this.

“Permission to fight.” After ages, a cultivator on hand rasped out, “If things go on like this, it’ll be a slow death! We’ll have a sliver’s chance to survive, but only if rush out and fight.”

“Don’t…” Inside the room, a total of twelve Spirit Accumulation Cannons were all aimed at the main door. A cultivator gritted their teeth and said, “I feel… that the initial attack was pretty violent? But how couldn’t we have fended it off?”

“Branch Master’s command!” At this time, a paper crane flew over. Lord Zhao’s voice echoed imposingly, “Without Fellow Daoist Xu’s command, no one is to take action of their own accord. Violators will be executed.”

Silence. All of you see me, and I see you.

What kind of bizarre order was this?

Xu Yangyi was none the wiser to all the cultivator’s thoughts. The wild hope seated in his heart gradually intensified.

“Still a little bit off… still a little bit off…” His breathing was slightly labored. Was it possible that the enemy had taken note of his own self-created “rule” and the grand array’s “rule”?

Only by paying attention would the real flesh grinder display its total effectiveness!

Time ticked away by the minute and second. In the Featherwood Guard, the ground rumbled loudly, akin to a small earthquake. In silence, everyone tightly gripped the weapon in their hands and stared unblinkingly at the ceaselessly shaking light screen.

A swath of runes dimmed… and another swath dimmed as well… Xu Yangyi didn’t summon any defensive runes again. His eyes were shut, and he quietly counted in his mind.

“599… 600!” After ten minutes, he opened his eyes again, simply uncaring for the grand array’s defensive formations. At the same time, he tapped down on two trigrams.

The Li trigram! The Zhen trigram!

Zhen as thunder, and Li as fire!

Two great trigrams of attack!

“Life’s like a game, everything relies on acting ability. Since you want to practice, then you’ll get everything you can take.” He made a long sigh, his gaze deep. “The last hook… If all of you launch an all-out attack in the next ten minutes, I’ll let you see despair in Longsu Province…”

Forever, those outside would remain ignorant that the rules they had probed were all of Xu Yangyi’s doing as the formation’s focus. And this was because… there had never been a precedent of a hundred people, surrounded by 3,000 soldiers, even daring to intentionally reveal a gap! 

“We weren’t wrong!” In the outside world. Linghu Qian’s and Linghu Chaofeng’s eyes flashed brightly once again!

They weren’t wrong… 

Double-phase rules. Two attacks and two defenses, separated by a period of ten minutes. In the last twenty minutes, they had all been investigating, and in these ten minutes… heralded Featherwood Guard stronghold’s utter destruction!

“Defend!!!” Their voices were not brimming with strain, but rather completely tinged with murderous aura! Expectation!

If they resisted this wave of attacks, then the Xingtian Legion would be annihilated into flying ash and smoke in the next ten minutes!

“Bonebreak Division…” At some unknown time in the crowd, a high platform had been set up. An old man, his hair disheveled, stood on the platform and brought up both his hands as he crowed out, “Offer sacrifices to the clan-suppressor artifact! Vast Sky Flag!”

“Full activation! Leave no scrap of energy behind! Take down this fortress! The name of my Bonebreak Division will be eternally carved onto the Linghu Clan’s grand stele!”

“White Tiger, inextinguishable!”

“White Tiger! Inextinguishable!!!” Following his seemingly frenzied howl, hundreds of cultivators below the platform roared in chorus, their voices shaking the sky.

At the same, a streak of soaring green light ascended from below the platform! In the green radiance, there seemed to be celestial maidens sprinkling flowers, as if Laozi was saddled on an ox. Endless pictures, layer after layer, ultimately transformed into a dark-gray banner. [1]

It appeared ordinary, yet in the wake of the banner’s emergence, an aura of heart-chilling murder swept through the entire region!

“Bonebreak Division, prepare to act with your life on the line…” Linghu Chaofeng’s heart dripped with blood, and he faced the old man and bowed deeply.

To act without putting one’s life on the line was impossible.

There was no justification not to attack with full might.

On the horizon, the White Tiger Hall was teetering on the verge of collapse. Confronting them, however, in the wake of a surge of spiritual force just now… the flash of endless thunder was already shrouding the entire Featherwood Guard!

The Zhen trigram!

But this trigram was not alone… Outside the Featherwood Guard, a ring of violet fire rumbled to life and split the Featherwood Guard and the Linghu Clan into two sections! 

The violet color of the flames… was over 7,000 degrees, enough to incinerate someone in a split second!

“I command you…” Linghu Qian took a deep breath, her ample bosom swelling up. Afterwards, she roared with a kind of demonbeast voice, “BLOCK IT!”

“Blood Clot Division.” Elsewhere, a middle-aged man held a broken saber in his hand. Upon hearing Linghu Qian’s voice, he swiped his hand over the blade, and a grotesque eye shockingly opened on the saber, peering at the middle-aged man. “The Demon Blade possess three slashes. This is the last one.”

“We hope Senior succeeds!” 

The middle-aged cultivator and the hundreds of cultivators in the vicinity collectively kneeled.


With a strange pointed scream, the Demon Blade soared straight into the air!

At this moment, the sky was without moon. The Demon Blade ascended. Within the restraint of an expanse of blood-red moonlight spilling down, it left the moon’s glow in the sky to be indifferent.

Boom! Yet at the same time, the thunder and lightning covering the Featherwood Guard surprisingly became a violet thunder-dragon! Countless arcs of electricity pulsed on it, and it thundered and rampaged towards the Linghu Clan’s 3,000! Even the roads were all scorched!

Swoosh! Before the thunder-dragon, a dark-gray banner suddenly furled open, fluttering in the wind. In less than a second, the banner had unexpectedly rose to over a hundred meters in size! It fiercely wrapped around the dragon!

In blood-red space, a spatial crack noiselessly split open. Deeply black and fathomless, it was like a black hole in the sky, completely sweeping the thunder-dragon in!

“URK!!!” Meanwhile, all the cultivators of the Bonebreak Division shivered. At least half of the several hundred cultivators erupted with hoarse shrieks. From their seven apertures, myriad serpents of electricity transformed the Bonebreak Division into a hell of thunder and lightning!

People quietly passed away. This was a war of cultivators. The power of nuclear warheads was not present, yet the war was even stranger and even more frank in devastation.

It was unlikely that Xu Yangyi cared for these cultivators. Just like the Linghu Clan… had they ever considered not tearing his body apart by ropes attached to horses if the Xingtian Legion was defeated?

How other people treat me is how I treat others!

At the other side, the Demon Blade in the sky slashed down!


Between heaven and earth, a white line, so striking… seemed to separate the sky and the ground!

This magik artifact was shockingly a magik treasure infinitely approaching Foundation Establishment, as well! Against expectation, the sea of fire entirely disappeared in the path of this slash!

Linghu Qian reared her head back and roared. A double-phase system… Ten minutes. The attack this time is over. Next, the Linghu Clan will tear you all into shreds!

“Linghu Clan!” Linghu Chaofeng strode forward a step. With one shout, the surroundings became quiet. His voice low, he said, “Everyone, victory or defeat lays in this moment!”

“The information detail we’ve acquired is enough to crush them into pieces! But we don’t have time!” He suddenly pointed behind him. “Our clan grounds are being invading by the other three clans! Tell me, what should we do?”

Without answer, a voice simmering with killing intent thundered a second later. “Kill! Kill them all! Everything that blocks us is going to be wiped out clean!”

“That’s right! Kill them all!”


“As long as my blood doesn’t run dry, my body won’t fall in battle!”

A tide of shouts shook the surrounding area. Three thousand furious roars even caused the clouds above to withdraw,

Linghu Chaofeng nodded deeply, and his hand pointed forward like a halberd. His voice was calm like an ocean before a storm. “So… charge in.”


“ROOAAR!!!” Hordes of bellows answered him! Shadows, like demons in the night, sprinted straight at the Xingtian Legion!

Hum… A giant puppet slowly stood up behind Linghu Qian. It was a half-tiger giant that was 200 meters tall, but half of it had already been corroded so that only bones remained. It wielded a massive axe inscribed all over with runes. Amidst the world-shaking cries for murder, it was like a mobile fortress, charging towards the Featherwood Guard.

“Skyshock Division! Rise!!!” A banner swayed, and 300 half-tiger demon cultivators silently charged in the group and trailed closely behind the Skyshock Division’s banner.

Their bodies carried the bitter hint of a hundred battlegrounds. Even though their armors were all damaged, no one looked down on them. In their eyes, only killing intent existed!

This was a battle of clan extermination!

This was a war of power versus power!

After experiencing the events not too long ago, they were no longer able to disregard elevating the Xingtian Legion as a regular power.

1. Laozi is the important guy who founded the system of Daoism.

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