Chapter 335: The Godseal Spark (45)


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Chapter 335: The Godseal Spark (45)

RUUUMMMBLEEE! On the ground, the White Tiger Hall oddly became a muddy flood, roaring as it rushed into the Transference Formation. In the wake of its ceaseless charge, the cave on the ground became larger and larger. Down below… rays of indistinct blue light surprisingly passed through!

“Huh?” The Lou Clan’s Five Honored Stars furrowed their brows. “What’s that down there?”

Xu Yangyi was reticent. His footsteps were already shifting away bit by bit from the area.

His palm was slick with cold sweat. Only he knew what was underground. More importantly, he had a guess why Fang Cheng had died!

Lord Zhao looked at him suspiciously. “What’s happening?”

“Leave this place…” Xu Yangyi said in a voice so low he couldn’t be heard. “I’m afraid… something big is going to happen here right now!”


“Listen to me!” Xu Yangyi almost growled out, his eyes somewhat reddened. “If you don’t want to die… leave now!”

Lord Zhao’s face also turned grave, but he couldn’t go!

“What about my people underground?!” He almost sprinted over and grabbed onto Xu Yangyi. “And your people? The Hidden Dragon Legion?”

“Message them and have them immediately evacuate… No!” His mind suddenly brightened. “Have them stay beside the demonheart magik; don’t go anywhere else!”

A vast and boundless curtain. Ten thousand cultivators withdrawing as the war drew near… Daomaster Ancientpine’s forced severance of memories… All of this was hidden under the grand curtain of the heavenly paradise, yet in the middle of this was some other mysterious intention!

This mysterious intention in the darkness had lead his senior brother to a violent death. Fang Cheng had even been ready to die, unwilling to tell him via spiritual sense. As for how deep the inner details within this went… he simply didn’t wish to think of it!

Right now, the demonheart magik was their best protection! Unless Xiaoqing came into the world, no one else could stave off Bai Suzhen’s demon heart!

“And us?” Lord Zhao gritted his teeth and said.

“Run… the farther the better!” Xu Yangyi answered lowly. The blue light was ever flourishing, but the restlessness of his heart continued to violently intensify!

The inside of the battlefield was concealing a devil… and someone was willing to kill all eyewitnesses because of this fiend!

“That’s…” The Crimson Rakshasa stood up confusion. Two minutes had already passed, and the blue light… was no longer hideable. Faint traces and slivers of light were visible. Were it not for the mud-like White Tiger Hall still rushing inside, perhaps the light would’ve gushed out by now!

“Nalan Cuo,” she hoarsely yelled out. “Do you know what’s down there?”

Nalan Cuo took a deep breath. Unexpectedly, two streaks of ash-gray qi in the air were sucked into his nostrils. He closed his eyes and mumbled to himself for a few seconds, but all seven of his apertures suddenly jetted out with blood!

“Clan Elder Cuo!!!”

“Elder Nalan!”

“Fellow Daoist!”

In a matter of moments, cries of alarm rose and fell. The old spider-woman drew a sharp breath, and her five fingers quickly reached out to Nalan Cuo’s spiritual sense.

His spiritual sense had been annihilated!

Swoosh! Her head jerked back to look towards the Featherwood Guard. For the first time, fear and alarm were revealed in her eyes!

There was something underground… a disastrous object was being hidden!

Nalan Cuo’s realm was inferior to hers, but they were both Foundation Establishment. Just by differentiating the object and its mere smell, Nalan Cuo’s spiritual sense had been immediately wrung to bits! She feared… that the thing underground had already reached the apex of power!

And yet, the feeling these blue lights gave her weren’t strong. Quickly, she snapped her head up and looked to the sky, at the spinning azure lotus.

“Two rulers… a Dao Master… Three Core Formation ancestors!”

“Could it be that they knew all about this early on?!”

“There’s something underground?” Zhao Zhiqiu also stood up and stared intently at the Featherwood Guard. He muttered to himself for a brief moment, and his hands weaved seals. An extremely simple bamboo tube appeared in front of him.

“Clan Elder, I can’t be certain that’s an oddity. If we don’t go, then it’ll be too late!” Zhao Zhiqiu didn’t move, but the others of the Zhao Clan were unable to hold back and continued to speak out.

“No…” Zhao Zhiqiu deeply studied the Featherwood Guard. “I do not know why… but I have always been feeling a kind of fear and trepidation…”

“The Zhao Clan’s God Request Trigram is a secret art transmitted through direct lineage. If I don’t look at it, my heart will be uneasy.”

He finished speaking and forcefully threw the bamboo tube. All of a sudden, dozens of vermilion bamboo sticks swooshed out and formed a row in the air as if they were being arranged. Yet in the next second, over a dozen sticks all shattered at the same time!

Bang bang bang!!! Crisp echos rang out, and the eyes of the Zhao Clan cultivators saucered wide in an instant, looking incredulously at the dissipating qi in the air!

“The heavens annihilated and the earth devastated!” Zhao Zhiqiu was practically lifeless and looked at the sky in shock. “The stick of sure death… that hasn’t appeared in legend?”

“How could…” Staring blankly for ten seconds, he immediately looked all around, as if countless man-eating devils were hidden everywhere. His voice warbled. “How is this possible? This place is under the watch of three Core Formation ancestors! How could the trigram of absolute destruction appear?!” 

“What is this?”

“A magik treasure? There was actually a magik treasure hiding down there?”

“Something… was buried underground?”

“I would’ve never expected it…”

Numerous cultivators were taking in everything in front of them with wide eyes and open mouths. Their minds stirring to action, they made guesses.

Their questions weren’t answered. Even now, the blue radiance below was increasingly thriving! Furthermore, this hole seemed to become a drain point. In five minutes, as far as the eye reached, all of Nanzhou City became a pure cerulean expanse!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Apart from Xu Yangyi and Lord Zhao, they were desperately escaping! They were doing their utmost to get away from the Core Formation masters, the farther the better!

Swoosh! Xu Yangyi’s foot stomped over a clump of soil. As his foot lifted up, a blue rune actually shined up from the dirt underground!

Huuummmm… It was different from a Core Formation explosion. At this moment, so long as one was within Nanzhou City, everything within the eye’s expanse was blue! On the ground, legions of runes were gradually “projected”! It was like the ground was a sheet of paper, and down below an enormous talisman was being engraved!

This talisman embraced the entirety of Longsu Province! Tens of thousands of square kilometers!

“This… is a formation!!!” The Crimson Rakshasa had already jumped up in fright. “This is a formation! Someone carved a super massive formation underneath Longsu Province for thousands of square kilometers! What do they want to do?! Who possesses such great power! How many talismancers need to be mobilized for this?! Apart from the… Apart…” Her voice continued to shrink down to nary a whisper, and she looked to the sky in disbelief.

On the azure lotus in the air, Hiddenscent’s expression was flat and rippleless. She stood at the very front of the lotus, simply not glancing behind her. Yet at her back was Daomaster Titanspirit and Daomaster Ancientpine.

In this moment, the three great Dao Masters’ true forms were like descending gods amidst the soaring tide of spiritual light that consumed the heavens and all of Longsu Province!

“Apart from…” The Crimson Rakshasa’s legs went soft, and she sat down. “A Core Formation Dao Master…”

“Until now… we’ve been fighting to the bitter death on a chessboard…” She was ignorant. The blue light. All of Longsu Province. To be exact, all of Longsu’s grand array converged in Nanzhou City! It was a super massive formation diagram that covered countless square kilometers! And two chess pieces were recklessly fleeing!

Faster! A little faster!!! Xu Yangyi was already sprinting at full power, not even hesitating to unfold his wings. At his side, talismans of infinite blue rocketed into the sky, transforming the world into nearly one of science-fiction!

There was no temperature, only icy-coldness. The vast shades of the rainbow did not exist, only pure color.

A suffocating blue!

“I remember…” Daomaster Hiddenscent finally let loose a long and deep sigh. Her eyes seemed not to see the blue talismans surging into the sky. She stepped out and floated in the air. Her visage was of absolute beauty. Her silken cascade of ebony hair fluttered in the night wind. She was like an exiled immortal come to earth. “I remember… what this smell is…”

Daomaster Ancientpine said nothing and locked gazes with Daomaster Titanspirit. He smiled, yet his smile didn’t reach his eyes. All that remained was a stretch of icy frost.

His hand softly cut down.

Titanspirit wore a smile on his face and nodded, his movements gentle. In the next second… Ancientpine’s wizened hand suddenly arced out like electricity! Countless shadows twisted upon it, and even the veins on the back of hand were stretched taut. Yet this hand was unexpectedly pointed straight at the middle of Hiddenscent’s back!

At the same time, Titanspirit’s left hand moved, and another hand actually grew out from his elbow! Along with five blood-red rays, he was swift like wind and fast like lightning, seizing out at Hiddenscent.

Presently… Hiddenscent’s back was facing the duo. She hadn’t expected whatsoever that she would be attacked now, moreover by fellow Daoists who she’d been drinking wine with in the last second!

Thud thud! Two sounds, Ancientpine’s palm and Titanspirit’s palm, linked together at the same at Hiddenscent’s stomach and dantian!

The air was sluggish, a lifeless breadth.

Three seconds later, Hiddenscent sprayed out a mouthful of blood, yet she didn’t even move. She was like a wooden sculpture.

“MY GOD!!!!!!” Down below, in this fleeting moment, Zhao Zhiqiu’s soul fled his mortal coil in sheer terror!

Within the limitless blue fireworks, two rulers had attacked Daomaster Hiddenscent!

“H-Heavens…” On top of the Lou Clan’s giant crane, the Five Honored Stars gazed above. The sky had turned azure long ago, yet the scene playing before their eyes left them with terrible dread, their bodies shaking.

“Run… Run! RUN!!!” The Five Honored Stars turned their heads back, spiritual senses completely erupting! They roared at all of the Lou Clan!

Three Core Formation Dao Masters… A battle of life and death!

In joining hands, Daomaster Titanspirit and Daomaster Ancientpine actually wanted to kill Daomaster Hiddenscent!

This scene… once it spread, no one present would live to tell the tale!

No… there was no need for it to spread. A killing ground of three Core Formation cultivators. It was no exaggeration to describe it as both heaven and earth overturning! No one would get out alive! 

“Leave this place! The Lou Clan must leave behind a successor!!!”

On the road, Xu Yangyi turned his head around and glanced, yet this brief look caused his heartbeat to slow!

How could something like this happen?

Nonetheless, he had no time to think too much! He only knew to get far away from the heart of the battlefield! This was his only path of survival!

“ANCESTOR!!!” On the azure lotus now, over a dozen of Hiddenscent’s maids seemed to wake up from a dream and shrieked! Over a dozen sharp swords were all unsheathed, and ten people leaped up like rainbows piercing through the sky! Below the azure firmament, ten different figures drew forth. Even against a Core Formation master, they still didn’t hold a trace of hesitation!

Above the blue radiance and below the moon’s splendor, the entity hiding underwater in this heavenly paradise war finally tore off its true veil!

“Begone!!!” Daomaster Ancientpine roared in anger, his voice shaking the vast sky. In an instant, all the maids vomited blood and flew back. The mighty pressure of three Dao Masters seemed physical. Not a single one of the present Foundation Establishment cultivators were able to speak. Such a feeling was like entering the water, left with no way to breathe!

Crack… Crack… BOOM!!! In the end, the floating lotus was no longer able to support these three terrible pressures. None of the Dao Masters kept the slightest reservation. After cracks spread all over the entire lotus, it shattered in an instant!

The three Dao Masters floated in the air. Hiddenscent cared not for the hands in her body and gazed at the sky. “I… remember…”

“This is that snake… the white snake… Bai! Su! Zhen!”

“It’s YOU!!!”

“What did you remember?” Ancientpine’s hand was already pitch-black like ink, and he said coldly, “Senior Xiaoqing’s incarnation?”

“Hiding for so many years in the human world really was hard on you,” Titanspirit chuckled coldly as well. His left hand shot out downwards. “Four Cardinals Heavenly Isolation Array! Activate!!!”

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