Chapter 338: The Godseal Spark (48)


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Chapter 338: The Godseal Spark (48)

Titanspirit’s hands weaved seals at a dizzying pace. In moments, an endless number of rainbow clouds gushed out from the earth and dyed several thousand meters of land with bright colors! Those moving on the ground seemed to stroll within the peak cloud of an immortal realm!

Boundless colorful clouds stacked over each other, and turned space into a world of clouds and mist! In a pitch-black cloud, a soft noise quickly echoed.


The sound of a wooden fish!

Although the sound was light, it passed into each person’s ears with incredible clarity. At this moment, Daomaster Hiddenscent snapped her head up!

Something had come!

Something… an extremely dangerous entity, was coming at her from these clouds and mists!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! In the sky above her, bright clouds were split open. A colossal object slammed down right on her!

Boom boom boom! Clouds cleaved open! In less than a second, the leviathan-like entity already covered the top of her head! All the mystic clouds hanging above vanished!

It was a hand.

An enormous hand!

A real human hand, not manifested by qi in the slightest! It hid the sky and blotted out the moon. She could even make out the lines on the hand very clearly!

Infinite twilight cycled again and again over the hand’s five fingers. As it pressed down, Hiddenscent soon detected explosions coming from all around her!

Swish! Like a blast wave, a ring of smoke and dust flared in her surroundings. Her hair was evenly pushed down, as if she was facing a giant mountain’s descent!

While the enormous hand had yet to fall… a massive palm print had been sealed on the ground!

“HISS!!!” Hiddescent faced the sky and screamed. Three lines surprisingly grew in her eyes.

Three blade marks swiftly came together and transformed into the pattern of a flower with three snakes coiling together.

“Still Shadow Sinking Jade, Hidden Scent Floats Adrift!” A roar came from the serpent’s hiss, and over a dozen snakes astonishingly spat out from the half-nude Hiddenscent’s mouth. However… these snakes became larger and larger! In the face of the wind, they extended! In less than a second, they had actually swelled up to be half a meter thick! The snakes snapped their mouths open. This time, over a dozen half-naked women, their appearances identical to Hiddenscent, rushed out from each snake’s mouth as they giggled! Their eyes were shut and they wore mysterious smiles on their faces!

BOOM! Between heaven and earth, a violent quake rumbled. Visible to the naked eye, all the fathomless rainbow clouds in a range of several thousand meters sunk down. Very soon, the clouds everywhere were madly scattered away! A fierce hurricane seemed to scrape through the heart of the battlefield!

Swoosh! The advent was sudden, yet the clouds in the sky oddly fell apart with a bang, two seconds later. From the outside, no one could clearly see what had occurred inside whatsoever.

However, Xu Yangyi had a front-row seat.

“Cough… Cough…” He hacked out a glob of blood, his chest aching with scorching pain. He realized that several of his rib bones had unknowingly broke. Since he had slammed into that qi wall just now, his qi sea was groaning incessantly. And yet he didn’t pause, instead tightly gritting his teeth and running towards the Transference Formation.

Fortunately… the Dao Masters’ battle was hundreds of meters above in the sky. The Transference Formation hadn’t been destroyed. As long as he went in, he had a chance to survive!

Underneath was the resting place of the Demonheart Seed Magik. This was his ultimate trump!

He no longer dared to look up. Located at the very heart of the fight, he had already witnessed something awesome.

In the bright, mystic clouds, Daomaster Titanspirit had vanished long ago. Instead… he was replaced by a bare-chested vajra with glowering eyes! Metal plates hung at his legs, and he had three heads and six arms. His body was draped with a prism of color, and he gripped a magik artifact in every one of his hands. Each of his eyes were radiating several meters of spirit light!

The manifestation of a true body!

Titanspirit was no less than 300 meters tall, yet his hand was already slamming down with full force. The golden wheel atop his hand droned. Yet in the location where his hand made contact, dozens of women, their lower-halves snake and upper-halves nude woman, giggled as they embraced each of his fingers. The hand was unable to fall down any further!

Xu Yangyi saw with great clearness that the ground had already sunken in by twenty meters!

This was the power of Titanspirit’s palm just now! Moreover, this palm still hadn’t landed on the ground!

He couldn’t keep staying here, and wiped the blood at the crook of his mouth. His flushed eyes measured direction. The aftermath here wasn’t brushing up against him yet, but once it did… he would absolutely die!

“Fuck…” He looked all around, great anxiety in his heart. With bright and vibrant colors everywhere, he simply couldn’t discern his current location.

In the haze behind him, a shadow traversed the world. The path ahead was vast and boundless, but the sole opportunity for survival was left unfound! Not waiting on him to finish thinking, however, a kind of hair-raising crisis surged towards his brain!

“This…” He gasped coldly and looked at the sky in disbelief.

Over yonder, the vibrant clouds were calmly separating, but what parted was not the sky… but rather the blackness of ink!

Not the darkness of the sky, but a kind of shadowy darkness, hidden in its depth. It took the place of the clouds and the night sky, and became a blackness so heavy that it couldn’t be cleared!

Blackness swirled like a tide. In the middle, a cloud cave likewise formed. And in this cloud cave… an enormous black sword, no less than a hundred meters in size, slowly fell out from within as it rumbled!

“That’s…” Xu Yangyi gnashed his teeth. This art had the likeness of the Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment, yet it wasn’t completely the same. But with each inch this simple, giant sword, terrible qi emanating along its length, fell, it caused him, who was on the ground, to feel his qi being pushed down by a fraction!

“Damn!” His eyes reddened. Despite the tearing pain inside his body, he sprinted towards a direction with all his strength!

Xu Yangyi was unable to figure out whether the entrance to the Transference Formation was over there, but he only knew that he had to leave this place now… Three Core Formation masters were already fighting in full swing! Titanspirit’s Buddhist manifestation! If he was still around when that immense sword fell… perhaps things wouldn’t be so simple as a few broken ribs.

Crack… Just as his leg lifted up, his body was forced down! The surrounding air seemed to freeze! Above his head… Mount Tai seemed to descend!

“Extreme Shadowfiend Sword!” At this time, Ancientpine’s voice echoed through the air. The Shadow Emperor gently waved his hand, and the gentle cry of a sharp sword being unsheathed unexpectedly rang out in the clouds.

SHING!!! The sound was crisp, spreading throughout the world.

In the next instant, the massive sword rumbled down!

It was akin to a heavenly calamity!

“Fuck!” At this moment, Xu Yangyi’s mind almost blanked out. All that remained was one thought, and his body perfectly fulfilled the task. With a sudden leap ahead, his body was crawling on the ground, and his head was sticking close to the floor.

Half a second was like a century. Soon, he only sensed his ears groaning! He didn’t hear sound, but instead what might’ve been the loudest noise he’d ever heard in his life. After a roaring boom, his ears couldn’t hear anything else.

Followingly, a wave of such magnitude he’d never seen before rose up behind him like a demon!

At the horizon, the only two clans that remained were the Nalan Clan and the Lou Clan. Ten thousand meters away, the Crimson Rakshasa, the Five Honored Stars, and all the other cultivators dully watched the scene taking place.

The further away one was, the greater the majesty and awe was the view. The greater the sound that roared, the more abstruse it was in depth. Right now, they seemed not to hear anything. They could only see a shock wave of dust… just like an ocean! It was thirty to forty meters high and loudly erupted at the center of Nanzhou!

It was a sea, yet not a sea. Its wretched white bore deathly stillness. The sandstorm appeared several hundred times larger than the imperial capital! Intertwined with clouds and carried by wind, several tons of dust were madly swept into the air, then blown into all kinds of shapes by dead-silent wind. The bodies of dust were wreathed in soaring black light, and exploded like little nuclear bombs! The madness engulfed all of Nanzhou in a frenzy!

“Core Formation might…” The old-woman spider’s lips were quivering. In her heart, envy, excitement, fear, and apprehension intersected. Her body was shaking, but she still hadn’t voiced the next half of her sentence. At her side, someone was already tugging hard on her, screaming at the top of their lungs. 

“Clan Elder! GET DOWN!!!”

In the next second… 

BOOM!!! Limitless black light erupted! In all the holes inside the Bluedawn Winding Corridor and the Sky Universe Palace, the terrible blast wave, silent and still, instantly penetrated the two strongholds! The wave seemed to place the two structures in a boundless hell.

“Heavens…” Through a window, a cultivator working on the Sky Universe Palace’s power system lifelessly looked outside at the ever-approaching blast wave. Afterwards, the glass in front of him, having been strengthened by dozens of talismans, completely shattered! He was like a kite cut of its string, swallowed by the tide of black smoke with a crash.

“Save me!!!”


“Heavens! T-This is Core Formation?!”

Miserable wails rose and fell. In an instant, the spirit stones of almost all the emergency equipment inside the master control halls of both strongholds flared!

“Puh!” However, they weren’t the most tragic at all. At this moment, Xu Yangyi was clenching his teeth. On his back, the searing pain was indescribable. A thousand blades were shaving inch after inch of his flesh.

Pain, pain passing through to the heart of hearts! Even he, his fortitude so strong, now sweated profusely. His face was completely pale. He wanted to stand, but just as he braced himself up his back seemed to break. He couldn’t hold back his scream and immediately tumbled down on his stomach!

Am I going to die..?

He gazed at the dirt all around, his fingertips suddenly feeling a thread of warmth. He looked over. It was his blood. His back was already in some kind of unknown state, but his blood had already trickled down in front of him.

This was cultivation.

This was a cultivator.

Never was there assured luck and fortune. Every single moment was a walk on thin ice.

What of geniuses?

What of heaven’s chosen?

Without putting your life on the line and using your courage to run ahead, even if one was a greater genius or a chosen of heaven, they wouldn’t survive.

Stopping in Qi Condensation and then ultimately the yellow dust of eternal rest.

“But…” His hand dug into a rock. His originally clenched snow-white teeth were now scarlet-red.

“I won’t accept this!”

The sharp rock was like a razor. He sensed his defeated spiritual sense forcing him to fight for consciousness little by little again.

“I still haven’t taken revenge… There’s no way that I, Xu Yangyi… will become yellow dust in this world!”

“I’ve work so hard for so many years… I’m looking right at Foundation Establishment… How could I die here?” His vision slowly cleared. In the next second, his hand clenched, and the jagged rock instantly pierced his palm!

“Urk!” A heavy groan slipped out from his mouth and nose. With it came a vast quantity of blood.

There wasn’t time to check out his body state… His meridians had been broken an unknown number of times, but he clearly understood that if he stayed he was doomed to die!

The bright sunlit clouds still hadn’t vanished. Ancientpine’s sword fell, and the giant serpent was completely routed! However, Hiddenscent’s qi didn’t weaken by a sliver!

She still hadn’t died… not even suffering so much as an injury.

And her target… was on him!

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