Chapter 34: Jade Chest (1)


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Chapter 34: Jade Chest (1)

“Ancestor, an A5 student!” The young ancestor wasn’t the only one to discover this. Others had also found out. After all, they weren’t today’s main event. They were only extras. The true core of the graduation was the students this year! Especially, the outstanding students! 

“Investigate this data!” Behind, there was a woman that was seemingly only forty-somewhat years old. Her phoenix eyes startled. “The acuity of his reaction to qi and adaptive capability! In addition, investigate the courses Heavens Law’s system should’ve had him study so far at once!”

Click clack click clack… The sound of keyboards converged into a single stream of noise. Everyone’s gazes were lively. 

“In the past, Luo Sanfeng from Zhaoping City had three A’s and two B’s. Who is this person? Five A’s?” 

“How high was his branch evaluation?”

“My god… This person is a candidate with the strength to vie over the paragonship!”

“Hehe, don’t forget about the one from Tianfeng City. No one else has four A’s. Besides a slight gap in reactions, he’s got the qualifications to contest the championship, too!”

“Isn’t Fengyi City’s Xu Shushu also four A’s and a C? His branch evaluation is frighteningly high, as well!”

“This graduation’s quality is high… All of them are good seeds. I don’t know who will look favorably upon our Fengyi’s Zhang Clan.”

High above the stage, the cauldron of voices were different. Following Xu Yangyi’s emergence, three pairs of eyes were completely fixed onto him.

“So it’s you!” Lilac sucked in deeply. Ambition was revealed in her wanting gaze. “I specially applied for privileges… Little brother, will you still run off this time?” 

“An A5 student…” At her side, Hibiscus pursed her lips. Her gaze also revealed a wisp of burning ardor. “Even if we Qi Condensation cultivators are worth jack in the eyes of a single Foundation Establishment senior, as far as students as seedlings go you’re already outstanding enough to the organizations…” 

“So excellent… that the Featherwood Guard branch specifically mentioned you…” The two of them retracted their gaze, seamlessly clashing together and withdrawing again like mild clouds and gentle winds.

In front of everything reflected in his eyes, Xu Yangyi was without the slightest waver. His body was dressed in camouflage as before, and he still wore his pair of military boots. He seemed to have restrained all of his killing god-like aura, peaceful like an ordinary person. As he slowly walked towards the arena stage, there were already tens of silhouettes there. They were students of the same realm. 

Everyone’s gazes converged onto his body. They were today’s sun. The focus of all cultivators.

He jumped easily, landing on top of the arena. He was the last. However, he didn’t fall into rank. Rather, he swept his vision past the first row of thirteen faces. It was them...

He had walked right in front of that door, yet he was forcibly pulled back… His initial charge, his first attempt, was all thanks to them. He simply disregarded everyone’s looks and swept his gaze at every single person, his eyes passing over like a knife.

At a corner of the audience stands, there was a young woman with long hair fluttering in the breeze. She looked at Xu Yangyi, somewhat spellbound. She couldn’t be considered an exceptional beauty. Her eyes weren’t large enough and her skin was inadequately white. Her lips weren’t red enough and her figure was insufficiently ample. However, she had a kind of disposition that made it hard for people to ignore her. It was like the sight of her could put one to peace. 

Donned in a simple T-shirt and a short cowgirl skirt, there was no difference between her and a trendy young girl on the street. Merely, what she wore wasn’t to reveal herself. It was nothing but a thought of comfort. She dressed comfortably, and others could also see it was comfortable.

“Don’t think about it… Little Bell.” At her side, a forty-odd-year-old man patted her shoulder and sighed. “Although we’re alchemists, the Zhou Clan is an old alchemy family with two centuries of inheritances. However… ever since China connected to the internet, our business has been wasting away day by day. The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion comprises 90% of alchemists, but right now there aren’t even ten people in our entire family. Even major mortal corporations are unwilling to partner with us. Such an A5 student…” 

He took a long sigh and shook his head. “Isn’t something our Zhou Clan can hold wild expectations for. I bet the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, Featherwood Guard, CSIB, and China’s cultivation big fish have already recruited this person in advance…”

“I know.” Little Bell’s voice was like her namesake, pacifying and leisurely. She said softly, “I… It’s just that I’m pretty sharp when it comes to people’s temperaments. I keep on feeling… this person is terrifying…” 

“Of course, he’s terrifying.” The man exclaimed, “He’s an A5 student. Our Zhou Clan’s greatest talent is initial Qi Condensation. I’m afraid not even your uncle is his opponent…”

“That’s not what I’m saying.” Little Bell shook her head, unable to restrain her trembling. “He’s really… terrifying… He’s just like an oppressive demon…” 

Xu Yangyi stood in front of all the champions and circled his gaze around, not saying a word. Silently, he walked towards his own position. A good few pitying looks were sent his way. Yesterday, all of them had come out, yet they hadn’t seen him. Everyone knew who it was that had failed to break through. It was merely that this pity contained schadenfreude. 

Becoming strong wasn’t only limited to oneself becoming strong. It was in others’ weaknesses could one also project their own strength.

“Retard.” A pockmarked youth blowing bubble gum popped his bubble and rolled his tongue up to swallow it back into his mouth. “Who you making that fuckin’ face for?”

“You’re still not gonna give him a fucking break even after he failed his breakthrough?” The youth at his side laughed, delighting in the misfortune.

At this moment, the entire arena stage suddenly went quiet. It wasn’t that none of them were speaking. Instead, as they all talked, their voices faded away. It was like god had “taken away” sound, in a twinkling moment.

Just as everyone was chatting, they immediately realized something was amiss, yet they weren’t alarmed. On the contrary, all of them shut their mouths, seemingly waiting for something. At this time, there wasn’t a sound that could be heard. It was like the calm before the storm, a frightening stillness. 

Swish… In the next second, a small palm-sized firebird flew out from an unknown place. It wobbled back and forth. In comparison to the massive arena stage, it was almost small enough to be ignored. However, to cultivators exceptionally sensitive to qi, over ten thousand fervent gazes cast themselves on this little bird.

“Big sis, this is…” At a corner, a young boy asked and looked towards a woman at his side. 

The woman glared fiercely at him, making an expression for him to shut up. Afterwards, she locked her eyes on the little bird. None had discovered that both her hands were clenched tightly. An abnormal flush graced her face, as if she was eagerly awaiting her favorite superstar.

In a split second, the little bird divided from one into two and from two into three. From three it split into a countless number of birds! In a flash, they spread over the heavens and covered the earth! They formed a maelstrom of firebirds no less than thirty meters in size! It attracted the eyes of the entire audience!

Boom! The temperature suddenly raised. Thousands upon thousands… an endless flight of firebirds dyed everyone’s eyes red and ignited their passions. Suddenly, a screech abruptly broke out! 

“Foundation Establishment… This is a Foundation Establishment Senior! This is a Foundation Establishment Senior!”

It was unknown when the silence was broken. Altogether, it was because of the hysterical, excited, increasingly ear-piercing, and wildly joyous shrieks that suddenly exploded in the entire arena!

“Foundation Establishment! This can only be the might and skill of Foundation Establishment”

“A Foundation Establishment senior’s actually come this year to attend the ceremony?!”

“Heavens… This is the first time these old bones have seen a Foundation Establishment cultivator! Which Foundation Establishment senior is it?!”

The rampant chorus of discussion and the excited cries of alarm were like a high-rising tide of human voices! However, everything suddenly went calm, in the next second. It was an orderly peace.

Ordinarily, Foundation Establishment cultivators were rarely seen. Far too many cultivators had died without ever seeing what a Foundation Establishment cultivator looked like. Presently, a great majority of people dared not even breathe. The only looked ahead with great expectation and admiration, training their eyes on the madly revolving vortex of firebirds.

Xu Yangyi looked forward as well. This was the might of Foundation Establishment?

This wasn’t the first time he had felt this. In that fleeting moment, Vermilion Snow had made him and the others feel as if they were on the edge of death. He was simply powerless to resist, yet as he felt this for the second time, it was crisp and without chaos. The firebird vortex’s spiritual force was enough for him to suffocate on and make his heart skip a beat.

Strong… Too strong! This was a cultivator! One who had arrived at such a stage was a true superhuman! Strength… He tightly clenched his fist. This recognition of strength took hold of his heart once more.

Swooosh… The vortex of firebirds spun with all of their might and transformed into a blazing current three seconds later. Suddenly, they charged towards the grandstand! A scorching wave of heat made everyone outside the channel feel as if their hair was singed. Screaming and screeching, the current charged into the centermost seating.

In that area, there were two special seats. This viewing platform was different from the stone bleachers that everyone else sat on. Instead, it was home to two specialized and beautiful thrones that were approximately two meters high! 

The base was crafted from pure gold and the cushioning was made from a demon skin that Xu Yangyi had simply never seen. It seemed similar to a crown made for a king. At the side of the throne, there were over a dozen men dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, standing with their hands lowered.

Swooosh… The vortex of firebirds descended over one of the thrones. Afterwards, a sound like thunder rang out, a tremendous echoing without boundary, a vast, intangible reverberation. It was distant yet nearly in touching distance, close yet it seemed to stretch all the way to heaven’s horizon.

“This Throne is Firecloud.”

As the firebirds gradually faded away, a rather plump middle-aged man dressed in an expensive suit had already pulled himself over to the two thrones. At this very instant, Lilac, Hibiscus, and Vulture, who were in the front row, rose in unison and bowed to the floor without the slightest hesitation!

Firecloud’s gaze contained the tides of great vicissitudes, as if he could see through human emotion. It was obvious he appeared to be at most fifty to sixty years old, yet he gave off a feeling like he was wise beyond his years. At the same time, the surrounding qi faintly trembled. The fiery wave moments ago had sent the erupting air into unrest. 

Stirring the nine heavens above, silence descended, even though it was only an elderly man dressed in a suit. Not one person spoke. There were only the burning gazes of over ten thousand men, women, and children that had reached a feverish pitch. 

“Sit.” He gently waved his hands and sat down without regard for everyone else. Everyone present glanced at each other. One after another, they looked at the worshipping, admiring, and stunned gazes that filled their counterparts’ eyes. Nearly everyone pursed their lips as they sat down. Even the faces of some mortals from the clans had become nearly gorged with blood, shivering as they could only continue to kneel. 

How was this miraculous power any different from an immortal?

However, even if their shivering was fierce, they firmly gritted their teeth. Hearing the excited chattering of their teeth, they didn’t dare speak a word. They calmly sat down as if a teacher was yelling at them in class.

“This old one is Shadowslay.” At the same time, a voice was heard from the other throne. Everyone had discovered that there was also a middle-aged man. As for when he had sat down, it was a mystery to all. The introductions of both men had been abnormally brief. They spoke loftily like snow and sat down as if all matters were nothing but whims.

“That’s a fucking cultivator! Behind Xu Yangyi, there was a student whose breathing went ragged. His tone of voice changed because of this. “A single word decreed as law beneath the heavens! THIS is a cultivator. This is a motherfuckin’ cultivator.

“It’ll be worth dying if I can be like that!” The sound of another student cracking their fist was so loud that even Xu Yangyi heard it.

“Over ten thousand people… tens of clan representatives… and their mortal entourages. A single word to make them all stand. A single word to make them all sit. The so-called wielding of heaven’s authority and the intoxication of beauties at the knees can’t be more than this!” [1]

In kind, Xu Yangyi was stirred to his core. He was likewise excited, and in the same vein, he was expectant. However, he had already buried these feelings within his heart. From the corner of his mouth, he only revealed a shred of his bloodthirsty smile.

Soon, it would begin...

The beast in his heart couldn’t wait to roar any longer...

1. 醒掌天下权,醉卧美人膝 - Chinese idiom. I think I did an okay job doing this translation. This is apparently an idea behind how one should live. Think, a monster in business and a monster in bed. Supposed to be a dichotomy of one’s prowess in professional capacity and romance.

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