Chapter 343: The Godseal Spark (53)


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Chapter 343: The Godseal Spark (53)

“Stupid…” Below Danxia Temple, Xiaoqing laughed heartily, “Although I do not know which old monster seized my incarnation, throughout all of history there is only one that killed such a being as Shennong. Only it… Only… Wolfbane!”

“In 5,000 years, it is the sole demon to do so! And you hold it to ordinary demons in comparison? Heh heh… what truly superficial knowledge… even if I myself was there at this moment, I would still choose to withdraw to some degree. Shennong… what kind of person was he? How could you juniors imagine it? And that’s not to mention you… This time, a Godseal Spark must be buried!”

“But it is an even greater tragedy that the spiritual sense of that little junior in himself has yet to awaken. His battle with the Godseal Spark will determine who will ultimately be the master of this body. What faces you is the spiritual senseless body of the true Wolfbane that killed a Greater Demon among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors… The level of its demon body is even above a Kun Peng! Through a hundred means of your cultivation and a thousand kinds of transformations, you still wish to survive? Hehehe…” she chuckled and said icily, “A fantasy!” [1]

“There’s no harm in you coming to watch as well, yes?” She smiled at Fahai. “It is intensely interesting… Far more delightful than looking at your cell phone.”

Fahai hesitated again and again, and gritted his teeth. A streak of his spiritual sense also rocketed up.

On the surface, everyone was dazed.

Thrum… Thrum thrum thrum! The sound of countless branches sinking into the ground boomed. Still, the madly growing plant didn’t care whether the sun had been blotted out or not. Instead… like a prison, a branch completely trapped the azure snake in an area of several tens of meters!

In the wake of these rumbling noises, the branch stabbed into the ground, and endless black earth spread forth. In an instant, the azure snake’s surroundings had become a obsidian hell. Surprisingly, Daomaster Hiddenscent didn’t even risk taking half a step over this terrifying moat!

What was she supposed to do?

“What is this poison?!?!” Hiddenscent’s eyes were somewhat crimson. Her intuition was telling her that this poison couldn’t be touched… She didn’t see the old ghosts Ancientpine and Titanspirit. Had the duo scuttled away like snakes and scorpions? In any case, she didn’t dare to use her own body to challenge the situation!

“Hidden Scent Clears Shadow!” Her entire body was surging with pain. This poison… was too terrible! Just as her voice fell, fields of petals appeared around her. An extremely rich fragrance wafted through the air. Accompanied by a wave of pink mist, the area was illuminated with a pink glow. However, under the blood moon, such pink resembled a firefly’s light.

In the mist, Hiddenscent’s half-nude figure took off from the azure snake’s body, with a screech. She struggled free of the branch and hurried out as she sharply cried out!

Thrum thrum thrum! As if they clearly understood all her intentions, the branches unexpectedly foresaw her actions! They firmly blocked the front of her path!

Rustle rustle rustle… Tree leaves moved freely of the wind, slightly shaking before her. Unexpected, she sensed a kind of mighty pressure rise from her soul.

This was not the great power of realm, but rather a truly skilled… no, an apex hunter. She, a lowly bottom-feeder, was faced with capture!

“He…” Hiddenscent’s lips quivered. “Wants to absorb me?”

“A plant… nutrient…” A dreadful thought streaked through her mind. In the next second, she fiercely grinded her teeth, but her expression instead calmed down. Her hands weaved seals at lightning speed!

Crash… The sound of a tide was heard from all around. Like a magnificent bell or great pipes, the sound echoed through space.

“The shadow of peach blossoms fall to the sword of the flying god…” Ancientpine took a deep breath. “A jade-green tide born from jade reed pipes… Fellow Daoist Hiddenscent… wants to risk it all…”

Unfathomable flowers, pink in color, rapidly solidified in the air. The sound of tides torrented and surged. As the waves grew louder and louder, the flowers suddenly transformed into pink feminine longswords. All of them were aimed at the infinitely enormous plant!

“Truly a monster…” She clenched her teeth, and her hair danced in the air. Both her hands quickly came together. “Go!!!”

Rumble! At this moment, the sound of tides had crested! The longswords shockingly transformed into boundless streaming pink light! In haste, they pierced towards the body of the enormous plant!

Yes… I do not know what your demon form is! But I am not convinced that you’ll still be able to stop me once I cut down your leaves!

Swoosh! A Core Formation divine ability executed with peak strength was in no way ordinary. On the ground, trenches, over a dozen meters deep, suddenly appeared! Flowing streaks of pink light shuttled through heaven and earth. The clang of metal and iron screeched, and a tens-of-meters-sized green leaf silently floated down.

“Fuck!” In the instant the leaf drifted down, Xu Yangyi clutched at his chest and groaned within his spiritual sense.

Pain. A sharp and abrupt pain.

Just like a chunk of his flesh was being carved out!

What in the world was going on outside? Alas, he didn’t have time to care. He only focused his complete attention on the enemy before him. This was the strangest opponent he’d encountered since he started to cultivate.

It had no form, but he didn’t either. Both sides were like two misty orbs. One side of mist formed Xu Yangyi, and the other formed a several-meter-sized butterfly.

Here, divine abilities and physical combat didn’t exist. Only the purest clash of spiritual sense.

He could no longer worry about the stabbing pain. He instead bent his leg and full-on sprinted towards the butterfly facing him!

The butterfly didn’t draw back in the slightest. It unleashed a piercing screech and likewise exhausted all of its might and collided against him!



Their voices almost echoed in sync. The familiar sensation of thunder slamming down on the crown of his head, causing him to feel as if the world was spinning, came again.

This was a clash of spiritual sense. Whoever was the last to remain would be one to devour the other. And the methods available were the most primitive bloody attacks!

Hand-to-hand combat!

Each attack was like lightning surging through his entire body, forcefully scooping out a chunk of his flesh! Whittling away at each other’s spiritual sense to see who would ultimately persevere at this level of agonizing pain!

“Son of a bitch.” Xu Yangyi gritted his teeth, shaking as he stood up. “How long can you keep this up?”

“Hiss… Hiss…” The butterfly’s wings faintly shivered, and it stood up with a speed that was likewise no slower than Xu Yangyi’s. Its hissing had never stopped, answering Xu Yangyi’s provocation.

There were no wasted words or pauses. With the next cross of swords, both sides rushed again!

Clang clang clang… Like the rain of a pipa’s melody, Hiddenscent reared her head back and snarled as legions of flowing pink light circled the massive plant while Xu Yangyi’s spiritual sense battle had reached a burning-white climax! A gorgeous scene unimaginable to mortals took form!

The moon’s glow was like blood, streaming light was like the luster of gems, and black clouds were like ink. The enormous shadow was like a great pillar raising the sky, supporting both heaven and earth.

Three green leaves responded and fell down. Hiddenscent’s gaze flickered, but she now saw all the leaves draw back layer after layer. On this leaf, a goose-yellow flower was swaying in the wind.

“This…” In the moment she laid eyes on this flower, Hiddenscent’s hair stood on edge! From this leaf… she sensed danger that she’d never once felt!

“KILL!!!” Her voice was like a clap of thunder! A thousand rays of glimmering light formed a half-circle in the air and targeted the plant’s center!

Rustle… As if answering, a yellow flower drifted down from the summit, too weak to stand up to the wind.

The flower carried a somewhat faint aroma. Yet in this moment, Hiddenscent’s complexion changed without warning. Just as she was about to cast a spell, she discovered that not a single mote of power actually existed in her entire body

“This… What is this…” A blur appeared in her consciousness in almost a wink. She knew… that this flower, this trace of fragrance… 

It was barely a trace!

“What on earth… is this demon form…”

“Its toxicity… is actually so strong… A Core Formation lord as noble as myself… actually fell to a whiff of this aroma… Still, this is truly a demon… not an… immortal…”

Her voice became smaller and smaller. Far away, everyone only saw a yellow flower fall and Hiddenscent suddenly collapse!

“A flower… a great Core Formation lord… merely a single flower…” Ancientpine gritted his teeth. “This demon… We obviously can’t sense its realm, but it is strange in its awesomeness!”

No one answered. Presently, no one had expected that Daomaster Hiddenscent would actually be defeated by a flower. She was basically no opponent!

This was Wolfbane!

An entity having once killed a Greater Demon from among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors!

Amidst deathly silence, the Wolfbane’s countless leaves twisted forth. In a twinkling, they took Hiddenscent as if she was a caterpillar and wound around her like a cocoon. She hung suspended at the center of the plant.

Soon… snow-white qi fiercely rushed out from the cocoon of leaves! The cocoon violently trembled. Everyone could clearly see that the light was dispersing qi forcibly extracted from a Dao Master!

“What a monster…” Titanspirit coldly said and solemnly observed the immense plant, tens of thousands of meters in size, that was already nearly ten thousand meters tall. 

Here and now, countless white motes of light pervaded the Wolfbane’s body. Hiddenscent’s qi, as if it was walking between caves, frantically roamed. Afterwards, all of it rushed towards the top of the Wolfbane! 

If there were people in Nanzhou, and they stuck their heads out for a glance, they would discover that there was no sky or sun above them. There were only canopies of tree leaves, mountain ranges of them. They consumed the world, obstructing the entire Milky Way!

Its stalk was like a wall with no end in sight. Its leaves were like the clouds in the sky. However, above these black “clouds”, dots of white light were akin to the twinkle of fireflies, and illuminated all of Nanzhou!

It concealed the cosmos, because it… was the cosmos!

“Gasp…” Titanspirit tilted his head up to face the view. Even he’d been so shocked that he lamented again and again. Boundless white light followed the plant’s veins and fluttered above. Were it not for the numerous corpses of animals and vegetation strewn everywhere below this plant, the landscape could truly be said to be an immortal scenery.

“Old man… you sure there’s something up with its demonic qi? This… is obviously a Pureblood Demon!”

Immortal and demon was yet between a single thought.

Silence. Deathly silence.

Ancientpine and Titanspirit faced each other in dismay. They had never heard of any plant demon with such bizarre growth.

The blood moon shined. Like a soaring sword, the plant awesomely erupted with a tide of qi! As if its total quintessence was concentrated to the surface! It was then that all the leaves trembled. On each leave, at long last, a pattern emerged that hadn’t previously manifested!

It… was a golden eye!

“Godseal Spark?!”

These two words were like a boulder thrown into a tranquil lake. A shiver traveled down Ancientpine’s body, and he said in disbelief, “No, this is impossible. The Godseal Spark is one of China’s most absolute secrets. Furthermore, there hasn’t been one for a long time!”

1. Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. Two groups of mythical rulers that allegedly contributed to Chinese society. Not only is this a group, but also a time period (thought to be 2852-2070 BCE). Includes figures such as Suiren, Shennong, Chiyou, Fuxi, Nuwa, etc.

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