Chapter 350: Harvest


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Chapter 350: Harvest

Xu Yangyi’s head was in pain, agonizing pain.

Countless memories rushed into his brain like a tide. In a short instant, he seemed to experience centuries. Images of azure seas turning to mulberry fields, extremely cryptic hand seals, and scenes of figures intertwining crammed into his head, almost causing it to explode.

In his haziness, he felt his body seemingly break away from Earth’s gravity and sink into darkness. He was like a leaf dashed into a stream. He wanted to opened his eyes, yet his eyelids were incredibly heavy. Suddenly, he sensed a bright orb well up in front of him. His body then felt as if it was being roasted by flames, and fell down with a crash.

Not too far away, there were a stretch of precision apparatuses. Each one was dozens of meters tall. There was a radar among them and all kinds of unknown objects. Below them were three short buildings. At the same time in one of the buildings, there was a middle-aged man with black hair and black eyes who happened to be chatting while drinking tea in front of a TV screen that was a full three meters in size.

Beep… Beep… All of a sudden, a soft peal of noise rang out. The man set down his tea cup, his first reaction to look at the surrounding equipment. There weren’t any anomalies… He furrowed his brows and suddenly trembled. His eyes saucered wide open, and he looked to the screen above in disbelief!

On the TV screen, an extremely small red dot had appeared. It was hurrying over with incredible speed!

“This…” He jumped to his feet, and his tea cup spilled onto him. However, he didn’t care for this at all. Like he was jacked up on adrenaline, his hands flew, operating the many devices in front of him with lightning speed.

“God… it’s actually… no! This is impossible… no! This is real!” He was already so excited that his speech was jumbled, and his facial expression twisted. In the vast room, the clicks and clacks of his work echoed. Three seconds later, he clutched at his chest and took a few steps back. His voice was shaking!

“Impact speed… one thousand meters per second. Bulk… around two meters… with signs of life! An extraterrestrial visitor… It’s actually an extraterrestrial visitor!!! God! I’m actually seeing an extraterrestrial visitor with my own two eyes!”

He stared blankly for two seconds and then snatched up a telephone as if he’d gone insane. “Department of Defense! Please immediately contact Professor Xu!!! Yes! We are here at Clearcloud aviation agency T-3274! ...Just now! There was an extraterrestrial visitor just now! No! It’s coming right now! Its target? I didn’t have time to investigate its target location! ...Yes! I’ll accurately position it at once!”

Clack! Both ends of the telephone practically hung up at the same time. Ten thousand kilometers away, a middle-aged man with an epaulet of a golden eagle jumped out of his seat. Without a second word, he ran like the wind towards a door.

“What’s up with Colonel Zhao?”

“I’m not sure… didn’t he just get off the phone with office 3274?”

“I’ve never seen Colonel Zhao lose himself like that…”

Let me through! Let me through! Let me through!

In less than five minutes, Colonel Zhao stood inside a room with security guards at all sides. In front of him were no less than ten old men. They carried the prestige of having held top leadership positions for a long time. None of them spoke, and they all focused their gazes on Colonel Zhao.

“Vice Premier. Deputy Prime Minister. Chief Cao, Chief Ma, Chief Jin.” Colonel Zhao wore uncontainable excitement on his face, but he still followed military etiquette first. 

“Get straight to it.” The vice premier stood up, the light of his eyes like electricity. Without one trace of a smile, he swept his gaze over everyone. “The guards here have already been promoted to the highest level of access. Each word is being recorded. From here on out, Colonel Zhao, you are being monitored. Without mine and the deputy prime minister’s command, you are not to contact all outsiders. Have you mentally prepared yourself?”

“Yes!” Colonel Zhao said loudly, his face flushed red.

“Good.” Likewise, the deputy prime minister’s face was solemn, and he looked at everyone and said, “Now, let’s begin.”

It was a silent half-hour. The wooden door cut off all outside perception.

After half an hour, a few top-secret orders were issued to several armies near office 3274. Without hardly any indecision, all regiments immediately set out. In less than an hour, a forbidden region was set up a thousand kilometers around office 3274.

Twenty minutes later, a modified car parked at a temporary inspection site. Although it was an inspection site, there were platoons of armed soldiers stationed at the back!

Hair already stark-white, three old men kicked open the car door with a speed that betrayed their ages. With terribly grave expressions, they rushed out. They seemed to have just left a research room, dressed in white frocks.

“Professor Xu, Professor An, Professor Chen.” A woman stepped out from the investigation site. Her attire was clean, and she appeared to maintain the most fitting smile at all times. She almost exchanged no pleasantries. “Please hurry. All the senior officials are already waiting on you.”

“How much time is left?!” an old man gritted his teeth and said. His voice was trembling because of his over-excitement.

“Half an hour,” the woman urgently replied as she lead the way. “To be exact, the extraterrestrial displaying reactions of life will officially enter the atmosphere in twenty-eight minutes.”

“Oddly, its body isn’t large—its within two meters. But… the range of influence its causing exceeds a hundred meters!”

There was no further discussion. From time to time, a modified car entered. In an instant, this unknown place became a nexus point.

Half an hour later, on the roof of a building that was already guarded so heavily that almost not a drop of water could leak through, numerous people watching the sky.

Although the sky was bright with the sun right now, a strange layer of red had already suffused over the clouds. Countless eyes gazed at the sky. Ten minutes later, the red of the sky gradually became stronger! An area of the sky, three hundred meters in scope… seemed to have been boiled!

The distance apart from the building was thousands of meters away.


“Get out of the way!” 

Several assistants tried to stop a professor hurrying over, but he sent them all away like a reckless bull. His eyes were moderately red as he stared at the sky.

“How long?” 

“Professor… you shouldn’t be here right now… The military has already prepared a more suitable observation area…”

“I asked how long!!!” The professor’s voice was raspy, the timbre of it resoundingly loud. He slammed down on a handrail. “Don’t tell me you don’t understand what this represents?! The first alien lifeform in thousands of years!”

Swoosh! It was then that a swath of surging clouds suddenly exploded with dazzling azure light. Soon, the light abated little by little!

“What happened?!” Twenty minutes later, the clouds in the sky regained their original appearance. The traces of boiling moments ago virtually weren’t present in the sky!

The three professors looked at the sky in astonishment. The exhilaration and excitement on their faces slowly turned to anxiety and apprehension. One professor’s chest rapidly heaved up and down as he snatched up his cell phone. “How could this happen?! I want an explanation! What about the satellites!!! The radar!!! Are you space agency guys eating shit?!?!”

“I’m sorry, but… but that object really did disappear…”

“Utter nonsense!” An old man forced down the disappointment and shock in his heart, and gritted out, “It already entered the atmosphere, how could it have disappeared?!”

“I don’t know…” an assistant replied, “it just… vanished from the entire detection system… not even the satellites can find it…”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

An extraterrestrial visitor that had already entered the atmosphere… There were still several minutes until it would hit contact with the surface. Yet to everyone’s surprise, it had completely disappeared en route!

As if it had never appeared!

Swoosh! At the same time, a vast stretch of distance away, an expanse of azure light flashed on the ground.

There was no violent collision. In the azure light, a figure was faintly discernible. The surrounding earth seemed to have been disintegrated, turning into small, orderly cubes. Layer after layer of ground was smashed open.

Guuurgleee… Like an ocean tide, a gentle sound rang out, causing an effect that not even a bomb could create. With the figure at the center, the surrounding earth fissured inch by inch, neat and tidy like well-cut pudding! Rings of dirt broke down into small pieces with a crash!

Swoosh… A soundless noise faintly echoed. Light as a feather, the figure’s body was placed on the ground by an invisible force. Afterwards… 

BOOM!!! A wild shock wave of qi, simply unconcealable, quickly burst from the figure’s body!

This power was not of late-stage Qi Condensation. It was even deeper! Even thicker! Furthermore… it also carried a kind of oppressive might completely different from the level of Qi Condensation!

A shred of Foundation Establishment oppressive might!

The figure in the azure light furrowed his brows. He was ignorant where this place was. He could only sense that his body seemed to undergo an endless journey, finally touching the ground. This journey was maybe a month… maybe a year. Perhaps even longer… He didn’t have a clear understanding, but controlling his own qi was totally beyond him!

Outside the azure light, one could vaguely see camouflage trousers, a naked upper body riddled with scars, and a face with an obvious scratch on it. At this moment, the figure furrowed his brows and clenched his fists. 

He, was Xu Yangyi.

Within his body, spiritual force churned and billowed again and again. He sensed that he’d never been this strong. Each revolution of spiritual force echoed within his form. And this level of power… 

Great Circle Qi Condensation… he softly uttered in his mind, bestirred with incredible emotion. 

The reason why this journey was so long was because he was being transformed by qi every moment. It was feeding his entire body. His bloodline had awakened, his hidden potential fully realized. This qi was not only his, but moreover the Wolfbane’s… and even a portion had come from Butterflymother Southflower.

His body couldn’t even so much as budge. He gritted his teeth. While the azure light outside protected him, it also imprisoned him at the same time, causing him to feel like he was inside a cocoon. He attempted to mobilize his spiritual force a little. Like a wild horse galloping in joy, his spiritual force swiftly followed his intent and surged to his fingertips.

“Like how an arm moves a finger, everything can be controlled…” he murmured inwardly, “It’s different from Danxia Temple back then. This spiritual force… seems to come from inside me. Like its now being excavated out…”

“Is this the benefit of my bloodline awakening?”

However, he wasn’t excited.

In reality, Great Circle Qi Condensation and half-step Foundation Establishment belonged to the late stage of Qi Condensation! But once the spiritual force of late-stage Qi Condensation accumulated to a peak, like himself presently… 

He took a deep breath, and his spiritual force obeyed his intent like a small, nimble serpent and entered his qi sea.

Rumble… An endless fog of white mist receded before his eyes. It was dense, roiling continuously to form a white ocean wave crested with cotton padding. In the next second… a jade-white foundation platform, no less than ten thousand meters wide, spun ceaselessly in the air. It emitted a kind of profound spiritual force. In his entire qi sea, amidst the vast cloud ocean, it was bobbing up and down!

A foundation platform!

A Foundation Establishment base!

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