Chapter 352: Addict (1)


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Chapter 352: Addict (1)

Scrape… Scrape… A lighter was fiddled with in a hand. A procession of three cars slowly drove down the mountain’s looping road. The cars at the front and back were obviously bodyguards, firmly protecting the car in the middle.

A finger painted with black nail polish lightly played around with a fine gilded lighter. Hibiscus flowers were traced on the fingernail, and the finger’s owner furrowed her elegant brows. She pursed her lips as she looked outside a pitch-black window. 

A face brimming with charm was reflected in the glass mirror, approximately seventeen or eighteen years old and with plump lips. Her brows and eyes so delicate that they seemed to be a sketch come from an exceptional brush technique. She had double eyelids, a high and straight nose, and perfectly shallow dimples. Skin so delicate that merely blowing on it would break it. 

She wore a professional hand-made woman’s suit and a lace-bordered shirt. On her ample, prominent bosom, a white flower fluttered in the wind. The woman contrasted the night like a rose in the darkness; beautiful, rich, and mellow.

She appeared young, but she gave off a strange feeling of maturity.

“Young Miss.” In the front passenger seat, an old man was seated. Although his face was wrinkled, his voice and actions didn’t have the slightest aura of age. He turned his head and said, “We’re on a winding mountain road, we’ll have to go a bit slower. We might be a bit late to the villa.”

The woman’s snow-white teeth gently bit her rosy lip, striking an alluring curve. Her slender legs criss-crossed, and a hand gently clutched at her stomach, as if she was enduring some kind of pain. Her voice was like a snowy spring spilling out from the Alps, clear and ice-cold. “Go as fast as you can.”

“Yes,” the man driving answered.

The old man looked at the woman. “Are you… alright?”

“Don’t be so troublesome!” The woman’s lips were slightly quivering. “If you don’t want me to die, then drive a little faster!”

The night was dark, but the winding mountain road was filled with lamps. The woman’s gaze swept the area around with deep worry. Sticking out her beautiful leg, she couldn’t help but softly tap it the front row of the car. “Dad made me go inspect the experiment base for him, but what do I understand? The base still hasn’t developed a new drug! And it’s strictly prohibited to bring old drugs in! Is he trying to drive me crazy on the road?!”

At this time, the car in front suddenly stopped, and their car came to a screeching halt. The woman’s pretty face nearly slammed into the back of the front-row seats.

“Uncle Long, watch how you’re driving!” An intense shock jolted her just-settled figure, and she blurted out, “It’s been so many years, but you’re still getting into these kind of situations?”

Before her voice even fell, everyone ran out from the car ahead. Moreover, each of them were holding a compact pistol in their hands.

“Young Miss.” The old man’s gaze flashed. “Something’s happened up front!”

The woman was originally scowling in anger, but she immediately calmed down upon hearing these words. She quickly crouched down… and went for the bottom of her seat out of habit. She felt around and took out a pure-white woman’s pistol.

Bang bang bang… Uncle Long opened the door for her, and the trio came out from their car. They walked ahead and saw that the four people from the first car were already formed in a very small encirclement. Four guns were aimed at a shadow in the middle of the road.

She narrowed her eyes, partially making out a tall man. The man wore camouflage trousers but seemed not be wearing clothes on his body. Was he some kind of exhibitionist?

“Who sent you?” She didn’t pull back to the rear, but walked out under protection of the old man and Uncle Long. She looked straight at the man. “The Qian Family’s corporation? The Li Family’s corporation?”

“Young Miss.” The old man’s expression was already terribly solemn, and he said lowly, “This man… is an expert.”

The woman’s gaze stirred, and she shot a stunned glance at the old man. Afterwards, she wisely stopped walking ahead. Nonetheless, her imposing manner didn’t abate. She was unlike a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, and instead like an adult. She drew out her gun for safety and said indifferently, “If you go now, I can act as if nothing happened. I won’t investigate you either, but…” The sound of her pistol cocking back echoed clearly. She held the gun without the slightest quiver and aimed at the figure. “After five seconds, you won’t be able to leave anymore. There won’t be a need for you to go.”

No one would’ve expected such words to come from a woman’s mouth. However, the figure remained static in place. Only upon hearing the words “qi capsule” did the figure seem to raise its head a little.

“Five.” The woman’s voice was like cold ice, and she leveled her pistol at the figure. Everyone else aimed over a dozen black muzzles at the figure. 


“There’s no need to be nervous,” the figure finally said. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Xu Yangyi. I’m not coming out because I don’t have any clothes on my upper body. I don’t have a habit of meeting people naked.”

Giving no answer, the woman replied without the slightest wavering in her voice, “Three.”

Xu Yangyi smiled faintly. In his eyes, these people were all mortals. They posed no threat to him whatsoever. He only wanted to fully understand what the situation was here, but he was loathe to bother with the task himself. So, after observing a few passing cars, he chose this small motorcade in the end.

These cars had undergone bulletproofing… A family that could modify such cars were undoubtedly not a simple family. On the contrary, the higher their status, the more they knew.

Rubbing his pale chin, Xu Yangyi laughed, “I only want to ask this young girl a few questions. Once I finish asking, I’ll leave, how about it?”

The old man’s brows furrowed, and he shared a glance with Uncle Long. He said in a voice that the woman basically couldn’t hear, “This person… speaks very oddly.”

“That’s right, it’s a little like the old language. Although not all of it is from the old language. A majority of it is the modern dialect. According to what I know, there aren’t any experts that speak this way. It’s pretty awkward.”

“I even thought he was a ‘spirit-master’ at first, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.”

“I’m not a young girl.” The woman showed no outward sign of reaction to these words. The gun in her hand was already gripped tightly. “And I don’t want to answer your questions.”


Uncle Long and the old man slightly arched down out of reflex. Their gazes were like direbeasts on the hunt, and they observed Xu Yangyi. With the map discarded and the dagger in sight, they feared that the other would stake everything on a gamble.

Xu Yangyi shook his head. As expected, this society… wasn’t very willing to sit down and properly discuss things, and he’d obviously already expressed such goodwill… 

Clack… His foot easily stepped forward.

The woman’s gaze was icy, and she said without a moment’s hesitation, “One.”

Bang bang bang! The sharp noise of gunfire echoed throughout the winding mountain road. Several bodyguards unloaded their magazines. Only the woman, the old man, and Uncle Long hadn’t.

There was only one bullet inside the woman’s pistol.

It was set aside for enemies or maybe herself.

“Bury him properly. Make it so that no one will be able to pick up a trail.” A trace of pity flashed at the back of her eyes, and she turned on her heels and walked away. In the instant she turned, the night wind lifted her hair in a graceful arc. And yet… in the twinkling she turned around, Uncle Long and the old man cried out in surprise at the same time. 

“No good!!!”

The sound of several thuds groaning promptly followed. A burst of wind seemed to blow behind her, and she turned around in shock. However, she was greeted with a scene she didn’t dare believe whatsoever!

In the darkness, a man walked out. He was approximately around 1.84 and 1.85 meters tall. His bare upper body was riddled with scars and bruises, and a distinct scratch was under his left eye, giving the strong and firm lines of his face an added shade of unruliness. Unexpectedly… not the slightest thing had happened to him!

The bullets had definitely hit his body. Moreover, there were over twenty places on his body that had been struck by bullets that were still rising with white smoke! The man’s skin hadn’t even lost a bit of its pale color!

“This is…” she gasped sharply, her mind racing to respond. Without missing a beat, she ran to the car at the rear! The old man and Uncle Long gritted their teeth, though, as if they were blocking a great foe in the middle of the road!

Thud thud thud… Another string of heavy groans echoed, and the eyes of all the bodyguards surrounding Xu Yangyi rolled back, and they passed out.

Yet Xu Yangyi himself hadn’t shown a trace of action at all.

“Spirit-master… he’s a spirit-master!!!” Uncle Long’s simple and honest expression had vanished without a trace, instead replaced by great caution. The pit of his chest violently heaved up and down, and his eyes were flushed blood-red. Bereft of pause, he quickly took out a box and crushed it. He grabbed the blue pill inside and jammed it inside his mouth! 

Boom! In the next second, a burst of wind pressure gushed out from Uncle Long’s body. Xu Yangyi looked on in front of him, finding the matter somewhat unexpected.


It was weak, probably just at the stage of drawing qi into the body. It was somewhat difficult to call it the initial stage of Qi Condensation. But… this person had just been a mortal without a shred of qi! Because of one pill, he’d accomplished the transformation from mortal to cultivator!

In a single second, this Uncle Long had actually achieved what countless people couldn’t for an entire lifetime! Even if this realm was so weak that it simply couldn’t be looked it.

The old man discarded his suit in one move. Streaks of oppressive qi gradually filled the air from his entire body.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a young spirit-master…” He vigilantly watched Xu Yangyi. “But if you think you’re the only spirit-master, then you’ve made a grave mistake! Although I don’t who sent you, you won’t be going back today…”

The peak of initial-stage Qi Condensation… 

Xu Yangyi didn’t even plan on taking action.

Too weak… 

In the case of Zhou Tingting and her ancestors back then, they didn’t have an inheritance because they were located in a county. In spite of this though, she was an initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivator. Her foundation was also pretty solid. But… 

His gaze brushed over the vast city of converging lights below. This place… to say it was a flourishing province wasn’t the slightest exaggeration. And the cultivators here… this was the standard?

Where in the world was this place?

He discontinued his theories and conjectures. He was better off just straight up asking.

In the next second, a terrible spiritual pressure instantly erupted from his body! It was like the rush of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, and Uncle Long’s knees slammed into the ground!

Great Circle Qi Condensation spiritual pressure!

The old man stared blankly for a second. In kind, both of his legs almost ignored his summons, and he found himself with a knee on the ground. He was soon silent, yet his gaze was lifeless and his mouth was wide ajar. He looked at Xu Yangyi, incredulously.

“De… Devil…”

His lips shivered, and he looked on helplessly as Xu Yangyi walked over. He looked on with wide eyes as Xu Yangyi picked up his suit, and looked on as Xu Yangyi put it on. He kept the same stance, shaking from head to toe. Several seconds later, both of his hands met the ground with a thud. His sweat poured like rain.

“Spirit-master… truly a spirit-master… I’ve met… the strongest spirit-master…”

“So terrible… s-so terrible… I-Is he really human?”

Knock knock knock… Xu Yangyi gently rapped the window, forcing himself to seem as gentle as possible, and smiled. “If you don’t mind, may I come in?”

Without waiting for an answer, he then sat inside.

The woman was completely dumbfounded where she sat.

She looked at Xu Yangyi, and then the old man, and then shifted to Xu Yangyi again. After ages, she said shakily, “S-Spirit-master? Such a young spirit-master? That’s impossible!”

Snap! Xu Yangyi snapped his finger in front of her, and a shiver traveled through the woman’s body. Only then did she regain her wits, but her first reaction was to aim her gun at his temple!

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