Chapter 355: Baizhai City


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Chapter 355: Baizhai City

“This is Baizhai City?” Inside the car, Xu Yangyi observed the brightly lit city. Even compared to Shanghai and Beijing, some of Earth’s awesome and famous commercial zones, Baizhai’s splendor radiated all around even more. The entire city was like a gorgeous jewel embedded in the vast night. 

It was just that there was no choice but to manufacture these kinds of lights because neither the stars nor moon existed. Such action was necessary. It was nothing like a move concerning recreation from Earth’s metropolises.

Presently, under the two large red characters of “Baizhai”, squadrons of military police wielding guns were lined up to form a long black dragon. They examined each passing traveler.

Xu Yangyi calmly watched all of this and suddenly furrowed his brows. With an easy wave, he casted a spell. Outsiders would see that there were only three people inside the car. They wouldn’t see him whatsoever.

“I used a little smokescreen. They won’t see me, so act natural.”

“Sir Spirit-Master, that’s not necessary…”

“Do as I say.”

He had his own considerations.

Once upon a time… Earth’s culture had been brought into this place. Likewise, perhaps there were cultivators from Earth staying here temporarily.

He’d caused such a great upheaval and forcibly locked down Nanzhou. Perhaps there was already a huge argument back on Earth, to the extent… that the government might’ve been forced to publish the existence of Cultivation Civilization. In that case, it was quite likely that some people had received orders to look for him “Inside”.

Before reaching Foundation Establishment, he didn’t want to expose anything about his whereabouts.

Screech… The car steadily parked at the entrance. Li Mingfang, who was pacing back and forth in deep worry, saw the car, and his eyes suddenly brightened. Just as he was about to rush over, though, the young man pulled him back and faintly shook his head.

“Bastard…” Li Mingfang’s eyes were somewhat flushed red, and his teeth grinded audibly. “Don’t let me find out which fucking clan it was that sent someone out… or else… even if I lose the family fortune, I’ll let them know that our Li Family isn’t so easily pushed around!”

“Inspection.” The sound of a fist rapping on the car window rang out. Uncle Long and the old man glanced at each other. Uncle Long cranked down the car window and took out an identification card. At the same time, he restrained his wildly beating heart and looked to the rearview mirror.

He’d never seen invisibility magic! He hadn’t even heard of it!

Xu Yangyi’s face was reflected in the rearview mirror, eyes closed in rest. Uncle Long’s heart tightened without reason.

He could still see Xu Yangyi! He could see him with crystal clarity! This spirit-master evidently didn’t want anyone to know! If he was discovered, then what?

Nonetheless, his thoughts came fast, but left even faster. This was because a voice suddenly echoed outside the car window, after a couple flashlights shined over. “Make sure it’s the Li Family. If there aren’t any kidnappers let them pass.”

“What…” the old man gasped coldly. In kind, he saw Xu Yangyi in the rearview mirror, yet apart from them, the many officers outside couldn’t see the mysterious spirit-master?

His body quickly spun around, but just as he was about to twist his head and look at the back row, he turned half way and rigidly stopped.

“What?” the officier outside the window said in annoyance. “The people from your Li Family are waiting over there. Wasn’t it reported that Young Miss Li was kidnapped? What kidnapper? Don’t tell me that you were playing around with us?”

Uncle Long and the old man said nothing.

The kidnapper’s sitting right in front of your eyes! Aren’t you guys supposed to be making a living with your eyes?!

“Nothing?” Another police officer tapped the car. “If there’s nothing, then hurry up and go. We got a lot of things to do. Don’t go thinking this place is your Beifeng City. Think a little longer first before you make a report to the police…”

“Shut up,” the old man snorted coldly. In his eyes, Xu Yangyi saw a miserably weak spiritual force spill out, but merely this shred caused the officer outside to promptly zip his mouth shut!

Quiet. The car’s surroundings became quiet in a flash. All that remained was the distant clamor, forming a kind of distinct comparison. After approximately twenty seconds, a police officer came over, and his voice became a model of cordiality. Even his voice was trembling. “So it was… it was Your Excellency Spirit-Master who has graced us with his presence… S-Sorry… we were truly ignorant just now…”

“Don’t waste words.” The old man’s complexion was pale. The more respectful they were of him, they more he remembered the invisible man sitting in the back row and the situation when he hadn’t even dared to make a move. He said in a cold voice, “Take us to the Li Family and then get lost.”

“Yes, let them go! Let them pass! This is His Excellency Spirit-Master’s special vehicle!”

Following peals of clamor, a special path was cleared out in less than five minutes. The police officer laughed as he nodded and bowed. “Please, p-please forgive me, sir. By all means don’t release…”

Before he even finished speaking, Uncle Long had already floored the accelerator and raced out. The officer ate a face full of smoke, but he still bowed with a wide smile across his face and said, “Take care, Your Excellency Spirit-Master!”

“Spirit-Master?” Just as the car left, Xu Yangyi’s voice, seemingly laughing yet not laughing, was heard from behind. Having just been mighty and imposing moments before, the old man’s face instantly bubbled with great embarrassment, and he coughed lightly, “Yes… sir, you might not go out often, but the status of a spirit-master is quite high these days. I’m afraid there are only several hundred spirit-masters in the entire State of Shangchen. Each one is hired by a first-rate clan…”

“How do they compare to you?”

“I do not boast, but among spirit-masters of similar age, I am considered mid-ranked,” the old man thought and said. “I have also witnessed amazing ones who might be ten times better than myself.”

Ten times?

Xu Yangyi glanced indifferently at the old man and inquired no more.

Barely ten times? And the him of back then was still mid-ranked among spirit-masters? If that was so… the realms here might’ve been lower than what he’d imagined!

The car quickly drove before a group of people. The expressions of Li Mingfang, the fat man, and the young man were solemn, and they stared intently at the car. They had always been paying attention to the intersection and naturally saw the car come. However… there was only one car!

Now, the car had actually drove over to them! Was this or was this not a kidnapper? Who in the world was the spirit-master inside? Or was Master Tian himself the kidnapper? If it was a spirit-master, the police wouldn’t risk blocking them whatsoever!

The car slowly opened, and the old man stepped out. His face was colored by shame. “Old Li… I am ashamed..”

“Don’t say that, Master Tian, I know you definitely did everything you could! What about Little Snow? How is Little Snow?”

Just as his voice fell, a wisp of strangeness flitted across Master Tian’s and Uncle Long’s faces at the same time. They said nothing, their expressions causing Li Mingfang’s heart to sink to the bottom of a ravine. His voice was shaking. “Don’t… Don’t tell me…”

“She’s alright.”

A single verse brought the rock in Li Mingfang’s heart to fall with a crash. Yet afterwards, it was hoisted up yet again. If Li Wanxue was alright, then why were they making such faces!

“What the heck happened to my niece?!?!” The fat man couldn’t hold on any longer and strode over, his voice somewhat raspy. “Brother Long! What are you saying! You could really hang a guy to death!”

Uncle Long opened his mouth, and Master Tian sighed. “That wasn’t us who just spoke.”

“Master Tian…” The fat man was already so nervous that he was about to jump. “We’ve been old buddies for decades, what does it matter whether or not you weren’t the one to speak! How is my niece?!”

Before he even finished speaking, a hand gently grabbed onto him. He looked back and saw that Li Mingfang’s gaze was flickering. There was even a kind of dread on his face. Li Mingfang pulled him far away from Master Tian and Uncle Long.

He didn’t get angry being pulled back, but he slapped away Li Mingfang’s hand. “Second Brother! What are you doing!!! How can you not care about how Little Snow is?! She’s your only daughter!”

“Li Lei!” Li Mingfang gritted his teeth and almost shouted. He muffled his voice and said, “Go… leave this place!”

“I’m not going!” Li Lei’s temper flared. “You may not care about Little Snow, but I do! If we don’t get a message today, I’ll go tonight and look for her on the mountain! How’s that?! Pass it onto the mountain, and then investigate for Little Snow! She’s only seventeen!”

“I am the one who spoke.”

“I know it was you who spoke!” Li Lei revealed his temper again. He didn’t care for whoever it was, but he sensed something was off just as the voice ebbed away this time.

His head snapped back, and he looked at Uncle Long and Master Tian. He then looked to the two other members of the Li Clan that were already ten-odd meters away. He gaped, and the fiery anger in his heart was like a spring sun turning to snowfall. He raised his slightly wavering finger and faintly pointed at Uncle Long. A few seconds later, his said in a floaty voice, “Just now… just now…”

“I forgot to introduce myself.” Xu Yangyi took in the scene before his eyes with interest. “My last name is Xu, and I’m a spirit-master, as well. I had a little misunderstanding with Young Miss Li on the mountain road, and she just happened to have a Spirit Addiction flare. I managed to save her in passing. It just so happens that I’m traveling to Baizhai City, so we took a car together to come here afterwards. Because I’m afraid of trouble, everyone else can’t see me. Do you have other questions?”

Nothing at all!

This time, Li Mingfang’s, the young man’s, and Li Lei’s hearts relaxed. But just as Li Mingfang was getting ready to speak, he fell into a sudden daze.

“Spirit Addiction?! A Spirit Addiction flare?” he inhaled sharply and quickly looked to the direction where the voice had come from. “You… s-sir, you saved her?”

One capable of bringing someone back from the throes of a Spirit Addiction was at least a high spirit-master! However, this person’s voice was very young!

“No… we can’t see him right now!” The young man beside him was also dumbstruck, eyes wide and mouth ajar. He looked all around in disbelief. “A high-level… a real high-level… heavens… a high spirit-master… Aren’t the list of names a top secret? H-How could one appear at the outskirts of Baizhai City?!”

“In that case, could you get into the car, then we’ll speak?” Xu Yangyi’s voice echoed again.

“Good… sure, no! Yes, s-sir, please!” While Li Mingfang had just recovered from his panic, he finally reacted this time. He couldn’t be blamed for losing control of himself for the entire night, but to a mortal like him, the impact of tonight’s new was too great! In an instant, his blood surged! Even now he was still reeling!

He opened the car door himself. This time, Li Lei wisened up, knowing that his temper had caused trouble. He kept quiet and obediently sat down in Uncle Long’s car. Just as he sat down, he inhaled deeply and looked at Uncle Long with wide eyes. “A high… high spirit-master? Is it really a high spirit-master?”

“I’m sure,” Master Tian said lowly. “I even suspect… he is more fierce than a high spirit-master! Perhaps… he is no weaker than a Guardian-Magus of the State!”

“Are you kidding me?!” Li Lei wiped away at his cold sweat. “A Guardian-Magus of the State… how could you guys randomly bump into a person like that in the outskirts!”

Master Tian shook his head and spoke no further. He trusted his feelings. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen high spirit-masters before, but… not even a high spirit-master made him feel like he was facing a monster!

He couldn’t forget that sensation back then. It was akin to an ocean tide, like a mountain peak, basically unstoppable!

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